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Navy officer Allen Parton suffered a severe head injury while on active duty in the Gulf War.海军军官艾伦·帕顿在海湾战争中役时脑部曾受重伤。It left him confined to a wheelchair, unable to talk, and he lost half of his lifes memories.伤病将他困在轮椅上,无法说话,还失去了半数人生的记忆。I cant remember my childrens first steps, their first days at school, their being born.我不记得孩子们的第一次学步,他们上学的第一天,他们的出生。And I was there for all those occasions, but sadly those are memories robbed of me.而这些我都曾亲身经历,但很悲哀,伤病夺走了我的这些回忆。But more than this, Allen didnt even recognise his children.不仅仅如此,艾伦甚至不认识自己的孩子。He had no idea who the lady was that he had apparently married, and he lost the ability to feel any emotion.他也不认识自己的妻子,还失去了感受一切情绪的能力。I had two attempts at suicide in rehabilitation because Id lost my past, Id lost my future and really in a psychologically bad place, as well as physically.康复过程中,我游走在自杀的边缘,因为我失去了过去,也失去了未来,身心都遭到重创。But that all changed with a chance encounter with a dog named Endal, who was failing his training to be an assistance dog and needed a home.但一场偶遇改变了一切,他认识了恩多,恩多没能通过训练,不能成为协助犬,还需要一个家。At the time there was this one-year-old Labrador up there that had health problems and a huge attitude problem.当时那边有只一岁大的拉布拉多健康有问题,态度也很不好。And bless him. He saw something on the floor by my wheelchair, trotted across the training centre, picked it up and put it in my lap.上帝保佑他,他看到我轮椅边的地上有东西,便一路小跑穿过训练中心,把它捡起来放在我膝盖间。He didnt get a reaction; he didnt get a treat; he didnt acknowledged. And this really hacked him off.它没能得到回应、奖励或者肯定。让他觉得十分沮丧。This was the dog that didnt do anything for anyone and hed done it for me and he wanted a treat, a reward, praise, anything, and he got the stone wall.这只不会为任何人做任何事,却为我做了,还希望得到奖励、奖赏或者夸赞,什么都行,但却碰了一鼻子灰。Then he trotted over to the mock-up supermarket, took a tin off the shelf, put it in my lap, didnt get a reaction.之后他小跑去了模拟超市,从架子上拿了个罐头,放在我腿上,还是没反应。To cut a long story short, I was disappearing under a mound of stuff and just before I completely disappeared, the brain switched on and I smiled for the first time in a long time.简而言之,各种事情的重压下,我的自我意识正在消失,但就在我的意识完全消失前,大脑启动了。长久以来,我第一次笑了。And it was the start of our relationship.这就是我们关系的开始。Endal became his 24-hour companion, aiding with every practical aspect of his life.恩多全天候陪伴着他,在生活的方方面面给予他帮助。He even helped Allen reconnect with his family and in 2002, Allen remarried his wife with Endal as his best man.他甚至帮助艾伦和家庭重新建立了联系,2002年艾伦和妻子复婚,恩多是伴郎。But this dog had to show his true devotion when, in the dead of night, Allen and Endal were both hit by a car.在一个深夜,这只表现了他的忠诚。艾伦和恩多都遭遇了车祸。But though I was knocked unconscious out of the wheelchair and Endal had been stunned by the vehicle as well, he got up, pulled me into the recovery position,我摔出了轮椅,人事不知,恩多也被车撞得晕晕乎乎。他爬了起来,把我摆成恢复体位he retrieved his blanket from under my wheelchair and covered me with it.他从我轮椅下把毯子扯出来盖在我身上。And in the dark he found my mobile phone which had jettisoned off in the impact, and he brought it to my face and then he made the brave decision to limp off to a nearby hotel and raise the alarm.摸黑找到了我的手机,那手机当时被撞得飞了出去。他把手机放到我脸边后,做了个勇敢的决定。他一瘸一拐走到附近的旅馆,发出警报。And for that he won the Victoria Cross for Animal Bravery.他因这一英勇行为获得了维多利亚十字勋章。That dog had saved my life, my marriage, and brought me back to my children.那只拯救了我的人生、我的婚姻,将我带回孩子们身边。201506/378778。




Watch me eat: an online craze in South Korea南韩网路新风潮:看我吃东西Park Seo-yeon lays a Korean feast in front of her computer. Then she turns on the camera, she eats, and thousands of viewers watch her.Park Seo-yeon在她的电脑前摆上一桌韩式大餐。接着她打开视讯、她用餐然后上千位观众看着她。This is the latest fad in South Korea: gastronomic voyeurism in a country with one of the best Internet connectivities in the world.这是南韩最新的风潮:美食偷窥症,在一个拥有世界上最好网路连线之一的国家。Park, known as ;The Diva,; broadcasts herself eating in her apartment for up to three hours every day. Viewers can chat with her or send virtual balloons that translate into cash.Park,以“天后”为人所知,播放她自己在家里吃东西,每天高达三小时。观众可以和她聊天,或是寄送转换成现金的虚拟气球。People enjoy the vicarious pleasure with my online show when they cant eat that much, or dont want to eat food at night, or are on a diet.当他们不能吃那么多、或不想在晚上吃东西、或在减肥时,人们透过我的线上节目享受替代的乐趣。She earns more than 9,000 U.S. dollars a month doing this and has quit her job at a consulting firm.她这么做一个月赚超过九千美金,并已经辞掉她在顾问公司的工作。There are about 3,500 people in South Korea doing such online programs—some sponsored by restaurants. Some say it makes eating alone feel less awkward.在南韩有大约三千五百人做这种线上节目--有些是由餐厅赞助。有些人说这让独自用餐感到比较不尴尬一点。It feels as if Im eating that much food with her. I think thats what the show is about. And probably, its comforting for people who eat alone.感觉好像我正和她一起吃那么多食物。我认为那是这节目的宗旨。也许,对于独自用餐的人是很欣慰的。In South Korea, one-person households could comprise one-third of the population in 15 years, the fastest rate among developed countries.在南韩,十五年内一人家庭会构成三分之一的人口,在已发展国家中速度最快的。201503/362179。

A shooting in rural Washington has left five people, including the gunman, dead.华盛顿乡村击事件已造成五人死亡,其中包括手。We received a 911 call that this individual had shot four people and that he had a gun to his head.我们接到911报警电话,这个人已经杀了四个人,然后爆头自杀。Initial reports said the suspect had shot four people, possibly including his wife and children, in a home near the town of Belfair.最初的报道称,在贝尔费尔镇附近的家中,犯罪嫌疑人杀了四人,可能包括他的妻子和孩子。When confronted by deputies, authorities say, the suspected shooter killed himself.当面对警官时,当局称这名嫌犯手是自杀的。A teenage girl was also found on the property; she had no serious injuries but was taken to the hospital as a precaution.当场还发现一名十几岁的女孩,她没有严重受伤,但被送往医院作为预防。Officials are still searching the property and have not released the names of the shooter or victims.官员仍在搜索其住宅,并没有公布手或受害者的姓名。译文属。201602/428339。

Abes website hacked in protest安倍网站遭黑客攻击A hacking group has claimed responsibility for crashing Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abes official website to protest against the countrys plans to hunt whales.日本首相安倍晋三的个人网站当天遭黑客攻击,据信是为抗议日本近期强行恢复南极海域捕鲸活动。Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga said that one of Abes websites has been inaccessible since early Thursday and police were investigating.菅义伟在当天例行记者会上通报说,安倍个人网站遭黑客袭击后无法登录,技术人员随后展开修复,目前已经恢复安倍个人网站的部分功能,并着手评估相关损失。He acknowledged the Anonymous hacker group has posted a Twitter message claiming responsibility, but added authorities had not singled out the group as a prime suspect.国际黑客组织“匿名者”10日认领这起袭击,声称其目的在于抗议日本捕鲸活动。该黑客组织在“推特”微客网站上发布多条消息,反对日本捕鲸并呼吁安倍勿食鲸肉、改为吃素。Despite protests from anti-whaling groups, Japan resumed its annual Antarctic whale hunt last week under a revised plan after the International Court of Justice found its earlier programme unscientific.不顾国际法院的禁令和动物保护组织的抗议,一由4艘船组成的日本捕鲸船队12月1日在政府巡逻船护航下启程前往南极海域,恢复“科研捕鲸”。 译文属201512/415244。