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汪峰抢头条遭遇五连败?No no no是六连败,网友高呼,汪峰天生就不是上头条的命,但是还是觉得世界欠汪峰一个头条,并且全民帮汪峰上头条。下面和小编一起来看看帮汪峰上头条事件的经过。 1.September 13, When he declared that he had divorced his former wife, the news that Faye Wong and Li Yapeng broke up took the headline.9月13号,在微宣布离婚碰上“菲鹏”婚变。 /201312/269046

American men still don't pull their weight when it comes to housework and child care, but collectively they're not the slackers they used to be. The average dad has gradually been getting better about picking himself up off the sofa and pitching in, according to a new report in which a psychologist suggests the payoff for doing more chores could be more sex.The report, released Thursday by the Council on Contemporary Families, summarizes several recent studies on family dynamics. One found that men's contribution to housework had doubled over the past four decades; another found they tripled the time spent on child care over that span."More couples are sharing family tasks than ever before, and the movement toward sharing has been especially significant for full-time dual-earner couples," the report says. "Men and women may not be fully equal yet, but the rules of the game have been profoundly and irreversibly changed."Some couples have forged partnerships they consider fully equitable."We'll both talk about how we're so lucky to have someone who does more than their share," said Mary Melchoir, a fundraiser for the National Organization for Women, who — like her lawyer husband — works full-time while raising 6-year-old triplets."He's the one who makes breakfast and folds the laundry," said Melchoir, 47. "I'm the one who fixes things around the house."Joshua Coleman, a psychologist from San Francisco and author of "The Lazy Husband: How to Get Men to Do More Parenting and Housework," said equitable sharing of housework can lead to a happier marriage and more frequent sex."If a guy does housework, it looks to the woman like he really cares about her — he's not treating her like a servant," said Coleman. "And if a woman feels stressed out because the house is a mess and the guy's sitting on the couch while she's vacuuming, that's not going to put her in the mood."In the U.S., time-use diary studies show that since the '60s, men's contribution to housework doubled from about 15 percent to more than 30 percent of the total. Over the same period, the average working mother reduced her weekly housework load by two hours.Between 1965 and 2003, men tripled the amount of time they spent on child care. During the same period, women also increased the time spent with their children, suggesting mutual interest in a more hands-on approach to child-raising. 如今,美国男性在做家务和照看孩子方面仍然不够尽职尽责。但总的来说,他们不再像过去那么爱偷懒了。一项最新报告显示,普通男性在分担家务方面的主动性逐渐提高。一位心理学家在报告中提到,男性多做家务能得到更多“性福”。现代家庭学会于本周四公布了这项报告。该报告总结了几项有关家庭动态的最新研究。其中一项研究发现,在过去四十年中,男性所做的家务量增加了一倍;另一项研究表明,男性照看孩子的时间在这一时期内增加了两倍。报告指出:“与以前相比,如今有更多的夫妇共同分担家务,而且这一趋势在双职工家庭中尤为明显。可能男性和女性之间仍然没有达到完全的平等,但游戏规则已彻底改变。”而有些夫妇之间则形成了他们所认为的一种“完全平等”关系。全国妇女组织的资金筹集人玛丽#8226;梅尔考尔和她的丈夫都是全职律师,他们同时还要抚养六岁的三胞胎。玛丽说:“我们都会感慨自己很幸运,因为我们都尽量多分担一些家务。”47岁的梅尔考尔说:“他负责做早餐和叠衣。我负责收拾房间。”来自旧金山的心理学家、《懒丈夫:如何提高男人做家务和看孩子的积极性》一书的作者约瑟华#8226;科尔曼说,两人平等分担家务有利于婚姻幸福,并能让男性得到更多“性福”。科尔曼说:“如果丈夫做家务,会让妻子觉得对方真的在乎她——没把她当成佣人。如果妻子看到房间里乱糟糟而感到紧张,但她在打扫房间时,丈夫却若无其事地坐在沙发上,这会影响她的情绪。”美国的“时间使用日记”调查显示,从上世纪60年代至今,男性所分担的家务活比例翻了一番,从约15%增长至30%多。而在这一时期内,普通职业妈妈每周料理家务的时间则减少了两小时。从1965年至2003年,男性照看孩子的时间增加了两倍。女性照看孩子的时间在这一时期内也有所增加,这说明父母双方都越来越注重“亲自育儿”。 /200803/30007

China#39;s scandal-tainted dairy industry took another step toward consolidation on Wednesday when its largest milk producer raised bought a bigger stake in the country#39;s biggest dairy farming company.丑闻不断的中国乳制品行业周三进一步走向合并:中国最大的乳制品制造商收购了中国最大牧业公司的更多股份。Milk producer China Mengniu Dairy Co., involved in a 2008 melamine scandal, said it had increased its stake in China Modern Dairy Holdings Ltd. from 1% to 28%. It did so to #39;secure both quality and quantity of raw milk sources,#39; Mengniu Chief Executive Sun Yiping said.中国蒙牛乳业有限公司(China Mengniu Dairy Co.,简称:蒙牛乳业)说,该公司已经把持有的中国现代牧业控股有限公司(China Modern Dairy Holdings Ltd.,简称:现代牧业)的股份从1%增加到了28%。蒙牛乳业的首席执行长孙伊萍说,这样做的目的既是保生牛乳原料的质量,也是为了保数量。蒙牛乳业曾卷入2008年的三聚氰胺丑闻。China#39;s dairy industry, which has seen multiple scandals in recent years, still relies on networks of small farmers, and analysts say consolidation would improve oversight. Even as China#39;s biggest dairy farmer, for example, Modern Dairy#39;s total output accounts for only a fraction of Mengniu#39;s demand. In 2011, it sold 97.5% of its raw milk to Mengniu--less than 7% of Mengniu#39;s needs.最近几年丑闻不断的中国乳制品行业目前仍然依赖小奶农网络,分析人士说,企业间的合并将有助于监管。即使作为中国最大的牧业公司,现代牧业的总产出也仅占蒙牛乳业需求的一小部分。2011年,现代牧业把生产的97.5%的生乳卖给了蒙牛乳业,但这还不到蒙牛乳业需求的7%。In 2008, Mengniu was the most prominent company whose baby formula was discovered to have contained the chemical melamine. In all, six infants died and another 300,000 got sick, prompting the government to seek to overhaul the industry by pushing companies to consolidate.2008年,蒙牛乳业的婴儿配方奶粉被发现含有化学品三聚氰胺,并因此成为关注的焦点。含有三聚氰胺的奶粉共造成六名婴儿死亡,30万婴儿患病,这促使中国政府寻求通过推动企业合并来整顿乳制品行业。Mengniu once again found itself thrust into an unflattering spotlight in 2011, when officials found excess levels of the chemical aflatoxin, a carcinogen, in its milk. The company has made steps to regain trust from consumers. In the aftermath of the 2008 scandal, for example, it set up consumer hot lines and offered apologies to customers.2011年,蒙牛乳业再一次成为不光的关注焦点,有关部门在蒙牛乳业的牛奶里发现了过量的致癌化学物质黄曲霉毒素。蒙牛乳业已经采取一些措施重新赢得消费者的信任。例如,2008年的三聚氰胺丑闻发生后,蒙牛乳业设立了热线,并主动向消费者道歉。Mengniu bought its initial stake in Modern Dairy last year in a move that was expected to help it increase control over the quality of its raw materials. The two companies have a close relationship. Modern Dairy#39;s chairman, Deng Jiuqiang, was a co-founder and former vice president of Mengniu.蒙牛乳业去年首次收购了现代牧业的股份,希望此举能够帮助公司加强对原料质量的控制。蒙牛乳业和现代牧业关系密切。现代牧业的董事长邓九强是蒙牛乳业的联合创始人和前副总裁。In another move expected to help improve the quality of Mengniu#39;s products, Denmark#39;s Arla Foods bought a 6% stake in the company in June, making it Mengniu#39;s second-largest shareholder.丹麦的爱氏晨曦(Arla Foods)去年6月收购了蒙牛乳业6%的股份,成为蒙牛乳业的第二大股东,外界当时预计,此举有助于改善蒙牛乳业的产品质量。 /201305/239271

It seems that despite the advances humans have made in practically every field and interest, stress and stressful situations can never be completely eliminated. If anything, the faster phase by which humans lead their lives these days only exacerbate the stress.There are two types of stress. The short-term or acute stress brought about by immediate stressors or factors or the chronic or long-term stress resulting from on-going stressors. The gravity by which a stressor can affect a person all depends on the person’s capacity to deal with stress. Some factors may easily stress out one person and not affect another.External stressors such as the environment may also bring about stress. Internal factors such as intense worry may also affect a person. Some stressful stressors include: hunger, extreme weather conditions, noise, crowding, isolation and hunger. Chronic stress may be the result of long-term abusive relationships, a high-pressure career, financialworries and even high expectations.Financial worry is one of the most common causes for stress. Financial obligations often cause strain in both the personal and professional life of a person. When a person cannot make ends meet, he often becomes dissatisfied with his life and the kind of work he does. Stressful romantic relationships are also common. Sometimes, relationships do not even have to be abusive to be stressful, just meeting a partner’s expectations can cause stress. Being let down causes stress. Even the most well behaved children can occasionally cause strain in the relationships of couples. The divorce of parents may affect children negatively. Sometimes something as tragic as an accident or a loved one’s death can cause immediate and long-term stress. Both women and men may struggle with body image, which can cause them to stress.For acute stress, just avoiding the environment or situation can ease the stress. Being in a crowded, noisy place for example can cause one’s blood pressure to slightly increase. But the answer to this problem is simple- avoid noisy and cramped places. For chronic stress such as a highly pressurized work environment, it may not be easy to just quit or walk away. These types of stress need to be dealt with and there are a number of ways to limit the stress or to lower the stress level.For some just taking a break from the stress can make a great difference. This means taking a short break at work to eat or . Sometimes a person needs to take a 2-day leave or even a month long vacation to de-stress. Other ways to deal with stress include listening to relaxing music, talking to friends or just watching a feel-good movie. Training one’s self to accept disappointments, increase the self-esteem and develop a positive outlook in life is also a big help in conquering stressful situations. One of the best ways still to limit the stress in one’s life is by leading a healthy lifestyle and exercising regularly. Exercise is known to release endorphins in the body that in turn reduces anxiety and depression. 似乎不论是处在任何领域或行业中的先进者们,都不能完全摆脱各种压力和紧张的境遇.而这种压力在人们的生活中也与日俱增.压力分为两种类型.短期或急性的压力来自于直接的刺激或因素,而持久或慢性压力则来自于持续进行中的紧张和刺激.刺激的严重性可使得一个人耗费所有精力去解除这些压力.而一些因素导致的压力有时也可在不防碍其他人的情况下把一个人击垮.一些外部的刺激如环境等因素可以令人产生压力.而例如过度的忧虑等内在因素也可以影响到人们.一些可以令人产生紧迫感的刺激包括:饥饿,极端恶劣的气候, 噪音,拥挤现象,孤立和欲望等.慢性压力则可能源于长期的复杂关系,一种高压职业,财政恐慌,甚至是他人强烈的期望.财政恐慌是导致压力最普遍的原因之一.财政危机可使得一个人产生个人生活和工作上的双重压力.如果一个人不能做到收相抵,他就会对自己的生活和所做的工作感到不满.令人产生压力的复杂关系也普遍存在.这种关系会使人产生紧迫感,有时仅仅是为了达到伙伴所期望的结果变可产生压力.而失望也可导致压力的产生.甚至一直表现良好的孩子也会由于父母的关系而产生过度疲劳和紧张.父母的离异会对孩子产生消极影响.有时一些悲剧的发生,如意外事故或爱人的死亡会引起直接的长期压力.另外,男女之间为了极力保持和提升自己的个人形象,也会使他们产生压力.对于急性压力,仅以改变环境或局势便可逐渐减轻压力的程度.例如,处于拥挤和吵杂的场所会使人的血压升高.然而解决这个问题其实很简单--那就是尽量避免去吵杂和狭窄的地方.而对于长期处在高压工作环境造成的慢性压力,最简单的方法就是离开职位或外出散心.这几种类型的压力待于解决,而且有许多方法可以限制这些压力或减轻压力的程度.然而,要想真正摆脱这些压力却有很大差别.这就意味着要暂时离开工作而去吃东西或进行阅读和学习.有时一个人需要离开两天甚至是一个月之久去解除压力.还有其它解除压力的方法包括听轻松的音乐,与朋友们交谈或看一部令人愉快的电影.而训练自己承担失望的勇气,提升自信心以及积极地展望生活前景也对战胜窘迫的困境有极大帮助.减轻压力的最行之有效的方法就是采取健康的生活方式并且持之以恒.众所周知,运动就是排解体内有害物质从而缓解忧虑和沮丧最好的方式. /200803/32753

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