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mer prime minister's memoir nominated prize dedicated to clumsy erotic scenes in fiction  Tony Blair has received a double insult from the Literary Review, with the nomination of his bestselling autobiography, A Journey, its bad sex award. The slight is not only to his skill at bedroom prose, but also to his claims to historical accuracy, since the award is dedicated to clumsy clinches in fiction  The magazine's deputy editor Tom Fleming today confirmed the genre-busting nomination the prize, which celebrates "poorly written, redundant or crude passages of a sexual nature". According to Fleming it is the first time a work of non-fiction has been up the award. "It's absolutely unprecedented," he said. "He's groundbreaking in every way."  The mer prime minister is nominated a purple passage about the night spent with his wife Cherie following the news of the Labour leader John Smith's sudden death. "That night she cradled me in her arms and soothed me; told me what I needed to be told; strengthened me. On that night of May 199, I needed that love Cherie gave me, selfishly. I devoured it to give me strength. I was an animal following my instinct," Blair wrote  Although the judging process is at an early stage, Fleming suggested that Blair would be a strong contender in a "good year" the award, with Ian McEwan's Solar and Martin Amis's The Pregnant Widow aly under consideration the shortlist  The shortlist the Bad sex award is due to be announced next month, with the prize no author wants to win due to be awarded on 9 November  Blair's nomination is not the first time that his autobiography has been classified as fiction, as bookshops have reported customers with anti-war sympathies repeatedly reshelving the book into the crime section, following a Facebook-led campaign. Now it seems, A Journey may be moving into erotic fiction 60In order to inject realism into her acting, Zhao Wei revealed that she suffered blood blisters on her face from being slapped by her ;Three; co-star, Louis Koo.为了让镜头看起来更真实,赵薇近日透露,在拍摄电影《三人行时,她被合作演员古天乐狂抽耳光,脸都起血泡了As reported on Singtao Headline, the actress, who attended the premiere of the aementioned Johnnie To movie recently, stated that the incident happened during the filming of a scene, where Louis inspector character ced Zhao (who plays the doctor in the movie) to kill a patient during an operation.据《星岛日报头条报道,赵薇日前在参加杜琪峰执导的新片《三人行首映式时曝料,这一事件发生在古天乐饰演的警察逼迫饰演医生的赵薇在做手术时杀死一名病人Zhao said that her character refuses to kill her patient, which sparks the fury of the inspector. Louis then was required to slap her in the face five times. While it was five slaps on paper, the two stars had to redo the scenes five more times to get different camera angles.赵薇表示,她饰演的角色拒绝杀死病人,这使得该警察大怒之后导演要求古天乐打赵薇五记耳光尽管名义上是五下,但为了不同角度的拍摄,两位演员重复的次数远多于五次;He slapped me so hard that it began to swell. I had to put ice on my cheeks in between takes to prevent it from getting worse,; said Zhao. However, Zhao said that she still asked Louis not to fake his slaps in order to get a real reaction.赵薇表示:“古天乐下手非常狠,我的脸都肿了我不得不在脸颊敷上冰块,防止其恶化”不过,为了让场景更真实,赵薇表示她仍要求古天乐不许作假;After five slaps, Louis suddenly shouted ;Stop filming!;, and told me that I had a blood blister in the corner of my eye. The director saw it and postponed the shooting to tomorrow,; she said.她说道:“在打了五下之后,古天乐突然大叫停止拍摄,并告诉我,我的眼角出现了一个血泡导演发现后于是就暂停了拍摄,并延期到第二天再拍”tunately, the injury wasnt serious, and Zhao quickly returned to filming the day after.幸运的是,伤口并不是很严重,赵薇第二天又迅速的投入拍摄中;I made a joke to the scriptwriter that I should slap Louis as retaliation. When I got my script the next day, the scene was aly in. It was excellent!; Zhao laughed.“我跟编剧开玩笑说,被古仔打完之后,能写一场戏给我打回去吗?第二天当我拿到剧本时,真的有了这样一场戏这感觉真不错”Co-starring Wallace Chung, Lo Hoi Pang, and Timmy Hung, ;Three; is currently showing in cinemas.此外,联合主演了《三人行的还有钟汉良、卢海鹏和洪天明该电影目前正在各大院线热映 51The Scottish border town of Gretna Green has an influx of visitors, and not just the human kind.It seems locals and tourists alike just can't get enough of watching millions of starlings converge on the sky on sunset as the birds search a safe place to roost.Hundreds of spectators have been treated to the amazing sunset display, which has left them mesmerised by the huge flock's sweeping aerial acrobatics.Dozens of people watch in awe as millions of starlings return to roost at dusk near the Scottish border town of Gretna GreenDrivers on the A7M, the main motorway between England and Scotland, have been stopping in their droves to witness the sight.But the shear mass of birds is causing a distraction to commuters and truck drivers who are urged to take extra care when pulling over and parking to watch the display.And while it may look like the birds are on a kamikazi mission, the logic behind their aerial acrobatics makes much more sense.Every winter, the birds take to the skies after a long day spent feeding in nearby reed beds.As they take flight during the last minutes of daylight, the starlings fly quick and fast in a bid to confuse waiting predators such as sparrowhawks and buzzards. The swirl of starlings was clearly visible in the early evening skyThe sheer number of starlings appears to turn the sky blackThe tiny birds must converge, fly and squawk, in an attempt to confuse their predators, reaching speeds of more than mph, with few if any crashes.Scientists say the secret behind their amazing spatial awareness is that each starling tracks seven other birds enabling the group's cohesion.The naturally occurring event is a spectacle which takes place only during the winter months.A farmhouse can just be seen in the distanceThe spectacular winter sight has mesmerised nature loversStarling numbers have halved in the last 5 years and they are now red-listed as an endangered species.Experts say the starlings are a mix of British and European birds and will leave Russia in February and March.Nature lover Jon Tait, , said: 'It's amazing to see the natural world like this. The shapes and movements they make are beautiful - Hollywood special effects couldn't make it more breathtaking.'Whenever I get the train I have to dive undercover at the station when they come because they leave a bit of a mess, but it's worth it to see them in the sky. The starlings put on a permance every night as they come to roost in the area bee leaving Russia苏格兰边境小镇格里特纳格林迎来大批“访客”,只不过它们不是人类数百万只星椋鸟聚集在格里特纳格林镇的上空,寻找安全的栖息之地,在夕阳西下的映衬下显得格外显眼,令当地人和游客们目不暇接数百名观众目睹了这一黄昏奇景,大群星椋鸟变戏法的奇特飞行让他们看呆了为了观看这一绝美景观,驾车行驶在英格兰和苏格兰之间的A7M主路上的人们不由地停下来但是,雾般的这些鸟儿也给上班族和卡车司机带来麻烦,他们被要求停靠路边格外小心这些鸟儿看起来象在执行“神风”任务,它们的飞行逻辑使得队形妙不可言每年冬天,星椋鸟会在附近的芦苇荡中觅食,一天活动之后,它们就会飞上天空结伴飞行在夕阳的余晖中,在领头鸟的带领下快速而聚集飞行,以迷惑食雀鹰和秃鹰之类伺机等候的捕食者为了迷惑它们的天敌,这些小鸟一定是聚集一起,盘旋飞行,并发出叫声它们的飞行速度超过每小时英里,而且,很少发生碰撞科学家称,星椋鸟令人惊讶的空间意识的秘密是为了保聚集一起,每只鸟跟踪另外7只鸟这种自然奇观只发生在冬天的几个月内 80Bengali Refugee, Bangladesh, 1975"Child of catastrophe, a Bengali girl waits relief food during a famine that wracked Bangladesh last autumn. Her beleaguered nation, one of the most densely populated on earth, lives in the shadow of chronic hunger, which, many experts fear, may threaten the entire world." —From “Can the World Feed Its People,” July 1975, National Geographic magazine 一个大灾难后的小女孩在等待救济粮去年秋天,一场饥荒摧毁了孟加拉国她遭到灾难围困的国家是世界上人口最密集的地方,长期受到饥荒的困扰许多专家担心饥荒可能会威胁到整个世界 ——摘自1975年《国家地理杂志7月号《世界能够供给人们食物吗 作者: Steve Raymer 来源: 《国家地理杂志 778

Abu Dhabi has apirations to become the capital of the international art scene. Star architects have been commissioned to build avant-garde museums in the desert metropolis. 如今的阿联酋迪拜正在变成一个世界艺术建筑的大都会世界上许多著名的建筑师都云集到迪拜这座沙漠中的城市,并设计了各种前卫的物馆 Jean Nouvel's proposal a museum involves buildings of various types clustered directly by the sea. 法国建筑师让·努维尔设计的坐落在海边的物馆,这个物馆由许多样式各异的建筑集群而成 98

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