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铁岭市妇幼保健医院割包皮哪家医院最好铁岭职工医院治疗男性不育哪家医院最好铁岭哪家医院可以做包皮环切手术 The true nature of Vincent van Gogh’s death continues to be a topic ripe for mystery – after a leading forensics expert has claimed that the artist was murdered.在一位法医学专家声称画家文特森#8226;梵高是被谋杀之后,梵高之死的真相继续成为了谜团解密的热门话题。The Sunflowers painter died an agonising 29 hours after taking a bullet to the abdomen in a wheat field near Paris in 1890. On his death bed he apparently revealed he had shot himself.1890年,这位向日葵画家在陷入持续苦闷的29小时之后,于巴黎近郊的麦田里朝腹部开自杀。临终时分在床上,他说是他朝自己开了。However, Dr. Vincent Di Maio, an expert on gunshot injuries, has said that he be believes the wound was “not self-inflicted”.然而,伤专家文特森#8226;迪马尤士认为这伤口“不是自己造成的”。According to Vanity Fair, Di Maio, who was a key witness at the George Zimmerman trial, said that it was highly likely that Van Gogh “did not shoot himself”.根据《名利场》杂志的说辞, 迪马尤——这位乔治齐默尔曼试验的关键目击者声称梵高很有可能“没有朝自己开”。He made the claim in response to a request by Steven Naifeh and Gregory White Smith, whose biography of Van Gogh disputes the long-held suicide theory.这是他对于史蒂芬#8226;奈芬和乔治#8226;怀特#8226;史密斯请求的回应。奈芬和史密斯的梵高传记对于一直以来梵高自杀理论的主张提出了争议。In Van Gogh: The Life, a 960-page book published in 2011, the Pulitzer Prize-winning authors claim that the artist had been shot, possibly accidentally, by a couple of boys and that he had decided to protect them by accepting the blame.在2011年出版的960页的《梵高的一生》中,普利策的获奖作家们表示:这位画家很有可能是被两个男孩出于意外射杀的;为了保护他们,画家选择抗下责任。American academic John Rewald had talked of hearing local rumours about such a theory in the 1930s.在20世纪30年代,美国学者约翰#8226;瓦尔德曾表示听过该理论的当地传闻。But Naifeh and Smith were attacked for publishing their theory and in 2013 Louis van Tilborgh and Teio Meedendorp published a critical review in the Burlington Magazine, which reiterated the suicide narrative.但是奈芬和史密斯这套理论的出版受到了攻击,且在2013年,路易斯#8226;范蒂尔赫和提奥#8226;梅登多普在《伯灵顿》杂志中发表,重申了自杀论调。Following this, Naifeh and Smith asked Di Maio to compare the two accounts and put forth his opinion.由此,奈芬和史密斯请求迪马尤比较两者说法并提出自己的见解。Van Tilborgh and Meedendorp wrote that the son of the attendant physician at Van Gogh’s death bed, Paul Junior, said Van Gogh’s wound had a “brown and purple haloaround [it].”范蒂尔赫和梅登多普写道, 保罗二世——这位梵高临终床边医师随从的儿子说过,梵高的伤口周围有一圈“棕色和紫色的晕”。According to the authors, this meant “the gun must have been fired at very close range … and was caused by the bullet’s impact.”根据作者们所言,这意味着“开范围肯定是近距离的……而且是子弹冲击的影响。”But Di Maio said: “In fact, [the purple halo] is subcutaneous bleeding from vessels cut by the bullet and is usually seen in individuals who live awhile.但是迪马尤说道:“事实上,(紫色的晕圈)是子弹中伤血管后皮下流血造成的,而且常见于中后还留有一口气的死者。”“Its presence or absence means nothing.”“它存不存在并不能说明问题。”Meanwhile, he said the brown ring is “an abrasion ring and seen around virtually all entrance wounds”.与此同时,他说道棕色的晕圈是“擦伤晕圈,并且几乎所有伤口入口都有”。Di Maio also said that if Van Gogh did shoot himself there would have been “soot, powder tattooing and searing of the skin around the entrance”.迪马尤也声称:如果梵高没有自己开射杀自己,那么伤口入口就该是“被煤烟弄脏,出现粉末的纹身样,且入口处的皮肤是灼伤的”。He said: “These would have been grossly evident. None of this is described [in any of the forensic accounts]. This indicates the muzzle was more than a foot or two away (closer to two rather than one).”他说:“这些本该是充分的据。但没有一条在任何法医学条目中被描述出来。这说明了开点距离一英尺或者两英尺以外(更有可能是两英尺)。”In conclusion he said: “It is my opinion that, in all medical probability, the wound incurred by Van Gogh was not self-inflicted. In other words, he did not shoot himself.”在结论中他说道:“我的见解是这样的,在所有医学的可能性中,梵高的伤口不是自己造成的,换而言之。他没有朝自己开。”However, it may take more than Di Maio to sway academic opinion.然而,要去撼动学术界的观点,有了迪马尤的持还远远不够。A curator at the Van Gogh Museum told Naifeh and Smith in an email. “I think it would be like Vincent to protect the boys and take the ‘accident’ as an unexpected way out of his burdened life.梵高物馆的馆长在一封邮件中告知奈芬和史密斯,“我觉得很有可能文特森他为了保护男孩们,把这次意外当作自己不堪重负的一生所意想不到的终结。““But I think the biggest problem you’ll find after publishing your theory is that the suicide is more or less printed in the brains of past and present generations and has become a sort of self-evident truth. Vincent’s suicide has become the grand finale of the story of the martyr for art, it’s his crown of thorns.”“但是我认为你们会发现一个大问题:你们出版了自己的理论后会发现,自杀论或多或少已在过去人的脑海中根深蒂固了,并且通过代代相传成为了某种意义上不言而喻的事实。梵高的自杀已成为艺术殉道之路上伟大的终章,这是他的荆棘之冠。” /201411/345147铁岭早泄治疗费用大概多少

开原市人民医院电话预约铁岭男性专医生 Gout, a form of arthritis, is extremely painful and associated with an increased risk for cardiovascular problems. But there is a bright side: It may be linked to a reduced risk for Alzheimer’s disease.痛风是关节炎的一种,它很折磨人,而且与心血管疾病风险增加有关。但它也有好的一面:它可能与老年痴呆症风险降低有关。Researchers compared 59,204 British men and women with gout to 238,805 without the ailment, with an average age of 65. Patients were matched for sex, B.M.I., smoking, alcohol consumption and other characteristics. The study, in The Annals of the Rheumatic Diseases, followed the patients for five years.研究人员花了五年时间对英国的59204名痛风患者和238805名非痛风患者进行比较。他们的平均年龄为65岁,在性行为、体重指数、吸烟、喝酒等方面都比较接近。这项研究发表在《风湿病疾病纪事》(The Annals of the Rheumatic Diseases)上。They found 309 cases of Alzheimer’s among those with gout and 1,942 among those without. Those with gout, whether they were being treated for the condition or not, had a 24 percent lower risk of Alzheimer’s disease.他们发现,痛风患者中有309个老年痴呆症病例,非痛风患者中有1942个病例。不管是否正在接受痛风治疗,痛风患者得老年痴呆症的比例比另一组低24%。The reason for the connection is unclear. But gout is caused by excessive levels of uric acid in the blood, and previous studies have suggested that uric acid protects against oxidative stress. This may play a role in limiting neuron degeneration.这种联系的原因尚不明确。不过,痛风是由于血液中尿酸过多,之前的一些研究表明,尿酸能防止氧化应激。它可能有助于延缓神经老化。“This is a dilemma, because uric acid is thought to be bad, associated with heart disease and stroke,” said the senior author, Dr. Hyon K. Choi, a professor of medicine at Harvard. “This is the first piece of data suggesting that uric acid isn’t all bad. Maybe there is some benefit. It has to be confirmed in randomized trials, but that’s the interesting twist in this story.”“这是个两难境地,因为尿酸被认为是有害的,与心脏病和中风有关,”这项研究的高级作者、哈佛大学医学教授崔玄圭士说,“这是第一组表明尿酸不完全有害的数据。尿酸可能也有益处。我们必须通过随机试验来确定,不过这是痛风研究中的一个有趣转折。” /201503/363033铁岭博大医院能检查精子吗

清河医院治疗阳痿多少钱 NEW DELHI — For thousands of years, fathers in India have arranged the marriages of their children, and Garima Pant — like an estimated 95 percent of her millennial peers — was intent on following this most Indian of traditions.新德里——几千年来,印度的父亲们一直替子女包办婚姻,千禧一代加里马·潘特(Garima Pant)本来也打算遵循这项最具印度特色的传统。据估算,她95%的同代人都是这样的。Her father found a well-educated man in her caste from a marriage website that features profiles of potential mates and presented his choice to her. And that was when her rebellion began.她父亲在一个发布速配对象信息的婚恋网站上找到了一个跟她同一种姓、受过良好教育的男人,然后把他挑中的人选给女儿看。她的反抗由此开始。“I don’t think so,” responded Ms. Pant, a 27-year-old special education teacher, after seeing a picture of a man with streaks of color in his hair. So her father picked another profile. “Are you kidding?” And another. “Ugh.” And dozens more.27岁的潘特是一名特殊教育教师。她看到照片上的男人有几缕挑染头发后说,“我不喜欢。”于是她父亲又挑了一个。“您在开玩笑吧?”再换一个。“呃。”后来又挑了几十个。When a profile of a man who intrigued her finally appeared, Ms. Pant broke with tradition yet again, finding the man’s cellphone number and secretly texting him.当吸引她的男人的档案最终出现时,潘特再次打破传统,找到这个男人的手机号,偷偷给他发短信。Her boldness made the match. By the time the fathers discovered that their families were of the same gotra, or subcaste, generally making marriage taboo, their children had texted and emailed enough that they were hooked. Months later, the couple exchanged vows with their fathers’ grudging blessings. Theirs was one of a growing number of “semi-arranged” marriages in which technology has played matchmaker, helping whittle away at an ancient tradition, but with a particularly Indian twist.她的大胆成就了这段姻缘。等双方父亲发现两家属于通常禁止通婚的同一个次种姓时,两人通过发短信、写邮件已经有了感情。几个月后,在两家父亲勉强的祝福下,他们结婚了。如今,印度出现越来越多这样的“半包办”婚姻,网络技术扮演媒人角色,帮助削弱古老的传统,不过带着浓重的印度特色。In a society where marriage is largely still a compact between families, most parents, especially fathers, are in charge of the search for a mate, including by scouring the now ubiquitous marriage websites for acceptable candidates. But a growing number, especially in India’s cities, now allow their children veto power. Even siblings have begun weighing in; Ms. Pant’s younger brother became an early booster of the man she would eventually marry after seeing his profile photo with a black Labrador retriever.在印度社会,婚姻在很大程度上仍是两个家庭之间的契约,大多数父母,尤其是父亲,负责为子女寻找配偶,包括在如今无所不在的婚恋网站上寻找合适的候选人。不过,如今越来越多的父亲允许子女行使否决权,尤其是在印度的城市里。甚至连兄弟也开始参与进来:潘特的弟弟在看完她最终结婚对象的档案照片(他和一只黑色拉布拉多寻回犬的合影)后,成为他最早的持者。Human rights activists have welcomed the evolution as a significant change in the status of women worldwide and are hoping even poor, rural families begin to allow marriages based on choice.人权活动分子欢迎这种进步,认为它反映出全球女性地位的重大提高。他们希望连贫穷的农村家庭也能开始允许子女参与婚姻选择。Each year, they note, roughly eight million mostly teenage brides marry men chosen entirely by their parents, with many meeting their grooms for the first time on their wedding day. Refusals can be met with violence and, sometimes, murder. In one case last November, a 21-year-old New Delhi college student was strangled by her parents for marrying against their wishes.他们指出,每年约有800万新娘嫁给了完全由父母选择的男人,其中大多是十几岁的少女,其中很多新娘直到结婚当天才初次见到新郎。如果她们拒绝,可能会遭受暴力,甚至丢掉性命。去年11月,新德里一名21岁的女大学生因违背父母意愿结婚而被父母勒死。The shift away from fully arranged marriages is being driven in good part by simple market dynamics among Indians who have long seen marriage as a guarantor of social status and economic security.人们之所以不再遵循完全的包办婚姻,很大程度上是单纯受到市场驱动,因为印度人长期以来一直把婚姻视为社会地位和经济安全的保障。For centuries, fathers sought matches among their social connections, often with the help of local matchmakers who carried résumés door to door. But village-based kinship networks are fading as more families move to cities, and highly educated women often cannot find men of equal standing in those circles. Under such strains, families have sought larger networks, increasingly through matchmaking sites.几个世纪以来,父亲们在自己的社交圈中寻找合适的人选,经常借助当地媒人的帮助,他们挨家挨户送简历。但是,随着越来越多的家庭搬到城市里,以村庄为基础的亲戚网正在衰落,高学历女性往往在这些圈子里找不到同等条件的男性。在这样的压力下,父亲们开始搜索更大的网络,越来越多地依靠婚恋网站。The websites — India now has more than 1,500 — nationalize the pool of prospective spouses, giving parents thousands more choices while still allowing them to adhere to longstanding restrictions regarding caste and religion. (Candidates who fail to identify their caste get far fewer responses, matchmakers and marriage brokers say.)印度现在有1500多个婚恋网站,它们把潜在婚配对象的范围扩大到了全国,让父母们多了上万个选择,同时仍能遵循长期以来的种姓和宗教限制(媒人和婚恋顾问说,没有说明种姓的候选者得到的回应要少得多)。The system works, analysts say, because India’s young people remain exceptionally open to their parents’ input on mates.分析人士称,这种方式之所以可行是因为印度年轻人仍对父母参与选择配偶保持特别开放的态度。“Intergenerational relationships in India aren’t hostile. Our teenagers don’t have angst. They don’t rebel or misbehave with their parents,” said Madhu Kishwar, a prominent feminist author and a professor at the Center for the Study of Developing Societies in Delhi. “And the reason marriages in India are more stable than those in the West is because families are actively involved.”“在印度,父母与子女之间没有敌意。我们国家的青少年没有忧虑。他们不会违抗父母,或对父母不敬,”著名女权主义作家、德里发展中社会研究中心(Center for the Study of Developing Societies)教授马杜·基什沃(Madhu Kishwar)说,“印度的婚姻之所以比西方社会的婚姻更稳定,是因为双方家庭都积极参与。”Still, by allowing the Internet to nudge its way into the marriage equation, parents are increasingly surrendering control. On BharatMatrimony.com, which says it helps nearly 50,000 people in India get married each month, 82 percent of male profiles are posted by the prospective grooms rather than by their parents, up from 60 percent five years ago, said Murugavel Janakiraman, the site’s founder and chief executive. Among women, the share of self-postings is at 56 percent, up from 30 percent five years ago.不过,父母们开始允许互联网在婚配选择中发挥作用,逐渐放松对子女婚姻的控制。婚恋网站BharatMatrimony.com自称,每月帮助近五万印度人找到结婚对象。网站创始人、首席执行官穆鲁加韦尔·贾纳基拉曼(Murugavel Janakiraman)称,82%的男性简历不是父母发布的,而是求偶男性本人发布的,五年前这个比例是60%。自己发布简历的女性占56%,五年前是30%。“Twenty years ago, parents chose the matches,” Mr. Janakiraman said of those who have embraced technology in the marriage hunt. “Now parents are largely playing supporting roles, and the brides and grooms are in the driver’s seat.”“20年前,父母为子女选择配偶,”贾纳基拉曼提到那些运用网络技术寻找配偶的人时说,“如今,父母们大多当配角,新娘新郎唱主角。”But even as social mores shift, relatively few young Indians, including those who demand more of a say in their marriages, are straying too far from tradition. Dating — or at least openly dating with parents’ consent — is still relatively rare. And many of those who choose semi-arranged marriages say that romantic love, the head-spinning Bollywood kind, is not their goal. Compatibility is, as is a sense of control over one’s destiny.不过,尽管印度的社会习俗在改变,但是远远偏离传统的年轻人仍相当少,那些要求对自己的婚姻拥有更多发言权的人也不例外。约会——哪怕是经父母同意公开约会——仍然非常少见。很多选择半包办婚姻的人说,宝莱坞电影里那种让人目眩神迷的浪漫爱情不是他们追求的目标。他们追求的是和睦,以及能掌控自己命运的感觉。“I wouldn’t say that I’m head-over-heels madly in love with my husband,” said Megha Sehgal, a flight attendant. “But he gives me a lot of comfort, and I see a friend in him.”“我不能说,我狂热地爱上了我的丈夫,”空乘员梅卡·塞加尔(Megha Sehgal)说,“但他给了我很多安慰,我把他当朋友。”The percentage of semi-arranged marriages has grown to an estimated quarter of all marriages in India, according to a survey, while just about 5 percent of matches are considered “love marriages,” in which couples unite with little parental consent. The survey was conducted by the International Institute for Population Sciences and the Population Council.国际人口科学研究会(International Institute for Population Sciences)和人口理事会(Population Council)的一项调查发现,半包办婚姻在印度婚姻中的比例估计已增长至四分之一,而只有约5%的结合被认为是“爱情婚姻”,即几乎没有经过父母首肯的婚姻。Indeed, many families involved in both old and new forms of arranged marriages see falling in love before marriage as threatening. Those with money sometimes hire private investigators to ensure that a prospective spouse does not have any ill intentions or has not aly fallen in love then broken off that relationship in favor of an approved match.实际上,很多经历过旧式和新式包办婚姻的家庭把婚前恋爱视为一种威胁。有钱人有时会雇佣私人侦探去调查未来的配偶是否存在不良企图,或者之前是否有过恋爱史,分手后才选择父母包办的婚姻。“Fifteen years ago, most of my investigations revolved around checking out the family,” said Sanjay Singh, a private detective in Delhi. “Now they’re mostly concerned with whether the other person is aly involved with someone else.”“15年前,我的调查主要围绕家庭背景进行,”德里桑贾伊·辛格(Sanjay Singh)说,“如今,他们主要担心对方是否和其他人有过恋情。”For poor, rural women, the notion of even semi-arranged marriage is still mainly out of reach — a fact that human rights activists say leaves girls especially vulnerable.对贫穷的农村姑娘来说,甚至连半包办婚姻也显得遥不可及。人权活动分子认为,这种情况让女孩们处于特别不利的地位。“Marriage is the single biggest risk to Indian girls,” said Joachim Theis, chief of child protection at Unicef in India, which says that the country has a third of the world’s child brides. “They drop out of school; they lose their freedom; they are under the control of their husbands and mothers-in-law; they lose their social network; and they are more likely to die and are 10 times more likely to be victims of sexual violence than unmarried adolescent girls,” he said.“婚姻是印度女孩唯一最大的风险,”联合国儿童基金会印度儿童保护机构负责人约阿希姆·泰斯(Joachim Theis)说。该机构称,印度童养媳占全球的三分之一。“她们辍学,失去自由,受丈夫和婆婆控制,失去社会联系,死亡率更高,遭受性暴力的可能性是未婚少女的10倍,”他说。Many of the deaths are linked to disputes over dowries demanded by the grooms’ families.很多死亡事件与男方家庭索要嫁妆引发的纠纷有关。Those urbanized Indians shifting to semi-arranged marriages say the change could not have happened nearly as quickly without the growth of matrimonial websites and the proliferation of cellphones, which have given young Indians a way to converse away from the prying ears of their families.印度城市里转向半包办婚姻的人说,如果没有婚恋网站的发展和手机的普及,这种变化不会发生得这么快。手机给了印度年轻人一个交流渠道,可以避开家人偷听的耳朵。As prospective brides and grooms increasingly take a role in their courtships, the marriage websites’ formulas for suggesting possible mates have had to change, said Gourav Rakshit, chief of operations at Shaadi.com, the largest such site.印度最大的婚恋网站Shaadi.com的首席运营官古拉夫·拉克什特(Gourav Rakshit)说,准新娘新郎越来越多地参与求偶过程,婚恋网站推荐潜在配偶的方法也必须随之改变。“We have seen marked shifts in people using compatibility factors for their searches instead of only the more restrictive parameters of the past,” like wealth and caste, Mr. Rakshit said.拉克什特说,“我们发现了一些显著的变化,人们现在使用匹配性因素搜素,而不是过去那些限制性条件”,比如财富和种姓。In the end, Garima Pant, whose cellphone became a tool of rebellion, mainly got her way. She insisted on meeting her future husband, Manas Pant, alone before making a decision, a once-rare demand that is now routine in semi-arranged marriages.把手机用作反抗手段的加里马·潘特最终算是如愿以偿。她坚持要求在做出决定之前,可以单独会见未来的丈夫马纳斯·潘特(Manas Pant)。这种要求一度极为罕见,如今却已经变成半包办婚姻的惯例。A date was set for Café Turtle in New Delhi’s upscale Khan Market, and Ms. Pant agreed to drive Mr. Pant (whose surname was coincidentally the same as hers).约会地点定在新德里高档购物中心可汗市场(Khan Market)的海龟咖啡厅(Café Turtle)。加里马·潘特同意开车去接马纳斯·潘特(他们碰巧是同一个姓氏)。Mistake.这是个错误。“I was 20 minutes late picking him up, and he hates it when people are late,” Ms. Pant said.“我迟到了20分钟才接上他。他最讨厌别人迟到,”加里马·潘特说。Mr. Pant, 28, a marketing professional for technology companies, had a slightly different take: “Actually, she was 25 minutes late,” he said. “Then she hit a car.” But he was aly committed to marrying her, and she was impressed by his reaction.28岁的马纳斯·潘特是科技公司的市场营销专家,他的说法略有不同。“其实,她迟到了25分钟,”他说,“后来,她还跟别的车蹭上了。”不过,那时候他已决心娶她,他的反应给她留下了深刻印象。“He said, ‘Well, we’re off to a good start,’” she said. “It was a joke, and I thought, ‘O.K.’ I’m not saying I heard bells or anything, but it was the right thing to say.”“他说,‘嗯,我们开局不错’,”她说,“他是在开玩笑,当时我心想,‘是不错啊’。我不是说当时听到了命运的钟声什么的,不过他的话很合时宜。”After a two-hour date, she dropped him off and drove home, where her father, mother and brother were eagerly waiting in the living room.约会两个小时后,她把他送到地方,然后开车回家。她的父亲、母亲和弟弟正在客厅里急切地等她。That night, Mr. Pant texted: “I’m telling my father to go ahead. OK?”那天晚上,马纳斯·潘特发来短信:“我打算告诉爸爸,让他继续推进这件事。好吗?”It was the equivalent of a man in the West going down on bended knee. The families would still have to meet, and horoscopes would have to be consulted. But in a monumental change, nothing could happen without Ms. Pant’s approval.这就相当于西方男人单膝下跪求婚。当然,两家人还得见面,还得咨询占星师。不过,一个重要的变化是,如果加里马·潘特不同意,这一切都不会发生。She texted back, “Yes.”她回了一条短信:“好。” /201505/374478铁岭高新开发区治疗前列腺炎哪家医院最好铁岭哪家医院看男科最厉害



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