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Russia is deliberately attacking civilians in northern Syria in an attempt to intensify the refugee crisis, western diplomats and politicians have warned, in a sign that a fragile ceasefire agreement for the war-ravaged country is crumbling before it begins.西方外交官和政治人士警告称,俄罗斯正故意袭击叙利亚北部的平民,目的是加剧难民危机,这一迹象表明,对于这个战乱国家而言,脆弱的停火协议还未开始执行就在瓦解了。A pivotal part of Russia’s strategy was “to exacerbate the refugee crisis and use it as a weapon to divide the transatlantic alliance and undermine the European project US Senator John McCain said in a speech at an annual security conference in Munich on Sunday.美国参议员约翰麦凯恩(John McCain)周日在慕尼黑的一个年度安全会议上发表演讲时表示,俄罗斯战略的一个关键部分是“加剧难民危机,将其用作分裂欧美同盟和破坏欧洲一体化的武器”。Two senior politicians from close US allies and a senior European intelligence official echoed Mr McCain’s remarks, reflecting the bleak mood among western defence chiefs, diplomats and political leaders gathered for the conference.来自美国亲密盟国的两名高官以及欧洲一名高级情报官员呼应了麦凯恩的言论,这反映出参加此次会议的西方国防部长、外交官以及政治领导人的悲观情绪。Moscow was “weaponisingthe refugee crisis for leverage, one of the politicians warned. According to a European official, facilities such as bakeries and hospitals were being hit in an attempt to force the local population into capitulation and increase the flow of refugees towards Turkey and Europe.其中一位政治人士警告称,俄罗斯正把难民危机“用作武器”以求讨价还价。一位欧洲官员称,为了迫使当地居民放弃一切,并增加逃往土耳其和欧洲的难民数量,面包房和医院等场所正遭到袭击。The Syrian ceasefire deal, which is set to begin on Friday, was agreed by the International Syria Support Group the collection of regional and world powers whose influence is critical in determining the outcome of the Syrian conflict at the conference last Friday.周五即将启动的叙利亚停火协议由国际叙利亚持小组(International Syria Support Group,由地区和全球大国组成,它们的影响力在决定叙利亚冲突的结果方面至关重要)在上周五的会议上达成。Moscow’s air operations have shifted the balance of power in favour of the regime of Bashar al-Assad, leaving many Washington-backed moderate opposition groups in northern Syria close to surrendering.俄罗斯的空中作战行动使得战场形势向着有利于巴沙尔阿萨Bashar al-Assad)政权的方向发展,导致叙利亚北部很多得到美国持的温和反对派组织接近投降。来 /201602/426538

South Korea says North Korea has fired a short-range missile into the sea off its east coast, in the latest response by the isolated regime to newly imposed international sanctions and ongoing joint U.S.-South Korean military drills.韩国表示,朝鲜在其东部海域发射了一枚短程导弹。此次导弹发射是朝鲜对受到的新一轮国际制裁和正在进行的美韩联合军事演习做出的最新回应。South Koreas Joint Chiefs of Staff said the missile was fired late Tuesday near the North Korean port city of Wonan and flew about 200 kilometers before hitting a target on land.韩国联合参谋本部表示,朝鲜是周二下午在其港口城市元山附近发射这枚导弹的。导弹飞行了00公里之后击中陆地上一处目标。Pyongyang fired five short-range missiles last Monday (March 21) into the East Sea from the eastern city of Hamhung. The week before it fired medium range missiles into the sea in defiance of ed Nations sanctions imposed over the Norths fourth nuclear test in January, followed a month later by a test of a long-range rocket.平壤上周一1日)在东部城市咸兴市发射了五枚短程导弹。一周前,朝鲜无视联合国针对朝鲜今年一月第四次核试验所做出的制裁,向其海域发射了多枚中程导弹,朝鲜二月份又进行了远程火箭的测试。North Korea has been threatening for weeks to initiate preemptive nuclear strikes against Washington and Seoul to protest South Korea - U.S. military drills. The North sees the drills as a rehearsal for a military invasion.朝鲜最近几周一直在威胁要对华盛顿和首尔进行先发制人的核打击,以抗议韩美军事演习。朝鲜将韩美军演视为两国军事入侵朝鲜的预演。来 /201603/434574


  Imagine that Britain’s Labour party had replaced Gordon Brown or Ed Miliband before they contested a general election. 想象一下,假如英国工党(Labour party)在大选之前把戈登.布朗(Gordon Brown)或埃米利班德(Ed Miliband)换了下来,In all likelihood, there would have been no Tory government, and therefore no referendum on the EU and therefore no exit from it.那么很可能,现在的英国政府将不会是保守党政府,退欧公投就不会举行,英国也就不会退欧。Imagine that Hillary Clinton had swung 100,000 votes across three US states Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania that elected and re-elected Barack Obama. 想象一下,如果希拉克林Hillary Clinton)在威斯康星州、密歇根州和宾夕法尼亚州这三个在上两次大选中都投票持巴拉克.奥巴Barack Obama)的州多赢得了10万张选票,The world would now be stifling a yawn at the resilience of mainstream politics against reactionary stresses.那么,世界现在将有些索然无味地目睹坚韧的主流政治又一次抵挡住了反动压力。Those of us who follow politics are suckers for the epic: when electorates do strange things, we want to believe we are living through a kink in history. 我们这些追踪政治动态的人都有史诗情结:当选民做了奇怪的事情,我们想相信自己正在经历着历史的转折。When the world’s two stablest democracies vote for change, it must be the end of liberalism or the hollowing out of the middle class or something comparably grandiose at work. 当世界上两个最稳定的民主国家投票持改变时,这一定是自由主义的终结、中产阶层空心化、或其他什么同样宏大的因素在起作用。To blame it on particularities, such as the left’s saintly patience with mediocre leaders in recent years, is somehow unsatisfying.把这怪罪到一些特殊状况(例如近年来左翼对平庸领导人表现出来的圣人般的耐心)的头上,似乎不能令人满意。Maybe this year will turn out to be a lasting twist in the world story from liberalism to non-liberalism. 今年或许将标志着世界历史从自由主义到非自由主义的一次持久转折。But the grounds for believing so amount to one close referendum and one even closer election. 但是,这一观点所基于的理由,也只不过是一次很悬的退欧公投和一次更悬的美国大选。The first is yet to be implemented, or even defined, and the second, whose implications are as ambiguous as the views of Donald Trump, that big-government free-marketeer, that Keynesian Reaganite, is reversible in four years time. 退欧尚未付诸实施,甚至尚未得到界定;而美国大选的影响尚不确定,唐纳德.特朗Donald Trump)这位大政府和自由市场、凯恩斯-里根主义的信奉者也可能在四年时间里转变观点。Americans have just elected a man who wants to cut taxes and repeal financial regulations. 美国人刚选出一个想减税和废除金融法规的总统,米利班德已由此推断出,旧的经济安排——他指的是自由主义——已经死了。From this, Mr Miliband has inferred that the old economic settlement, by which he means liberalism, is dead.The only intelligible lesson of 2016 is that William Goldman’s verdict on Hollywood Nobody knows anything, said the screenwriter applies to matters of state. 2016年唯一明白易懂的教训就是,编剧威廉.戈德William Goldman)对好莱坞的评判——没人懂任何事情——也适用于国家事务。Forecasting political events is as inexact a science as picking a commercial hit out of a dozen submitted screenplays, and less fun. 预测政治事件是一项不精确的科学,就像从十几个提交上来的剧本中挑一个能火的剧本一样,而且更不好玩。Having failed to predict these events, we should leave it a while before extrapolating from them the end of the postwar order of trading nations secured by American military guarantees, or even the post-1979 move to globalisation.如果没有预测到这些事件,我们应该暂且把它们放下,不要马上就由这些事件推断战后相互贸易的国家由美国保障的秩序走到了尽头、甚979年后开始的全球化进程走到了尽头。This confident account, aired as though it had aly happened in the days after Mr Trump’s election, has western nations tumbling like dominoes to autarky and a suspicion of all foreigners bar certain favoured strongmen. 这种自信的描述——似乎它描述的事情在特朗普当选之后的这些天里真发生了一样——导致西方国家像多米诺骨牌一样一个接一个倒向了自给自足、倒向了对所有外国人的怀疑——只除了某些受青睐的强人。It holds out hope for high-minded Germany as the point of fixity in the storm, like one of its classy midfielders decorating a mindless game of football with some cultured passes.这种描述寄希望于高尚的德国能在风暴中保持岿然不动,就像优秀的德国中场球员用优雅的传球装点一场心不在焉的足球赛那样。This assumes rather a lot: that Mr Trump, who has aly softened his line on various subjects, meant what he said over the past 18 months; that what he said had a consistent anti-liberal theme; that EU exit will leave Britain less not more open as an economy; that European populism, from France to Italy, will break through over the coming year; that statist change in the west will not be offset by market reforms elsewhere. 这里包含了太大的假设成分:要假设已在各个不同问题上软化了自己立场的特朗普,会对自己在过去18个月里说过的话说到做到,并且他说过的话包含一以贯之的反自由主义主题;要假设退欧会让英国成为一个更封闭、而非更开放的经济体;要假设从法国到意大利的欧洲民粹主义,将在未来一年取得突破;要假设西方的国家主义变化不会被其他地方的市场改革所抵消。It is even presumptuous on the upside. 它寄以希望的地方看起来甚至是冒昧的——It counts on Germany, which was upset by revelations of American espionage two years ago, volunteering for the ugly burdens that are the lot of a hegemon.它指望对两年前披露出的美国间谍活动感到心烦的德国,主动承担起一个霸主必然免不了的讨厌负担。These hunches might be vindicated by events but what justifies the certainty in which they are couched? Who in 2008, as banks fell and governments acted, knew that right-of-centre parties would dominate the rich world eight years later? Why be sure of the shape of the rich world eight years from now?这些预感可能会被后面发生的事件实,但现在有什么理由把话说得如此确定呢008年,当纷纷倒下、政府采取行动时,谁知道中右翼政党将在八年后主宰富裕世界?现在凭什么能肯定八年后富裕世界会是怎样的状况呢?Perhaps the worst will happen. 或许最坏的情况确实会发生。Or perhaps mainstream politicians will crib enough from the populists to neuter their electoral appeal without changing the fundamentals of our societies. 抑或主流政治人士会从民粹主义者那里借鉴足够多的东西,在不改变我们社会基本面的情况下,平息选民的吁求。This implies less low-skilled migration and a further gumming-up of the aly glacial work of agreeing trade deals. 这暗示着低技能移民变少,原本缓慢的达成贸易协议的进程进一步陷入胶着。Or maybe America, which gave Mrs Clinton more votes than her opponent and gives Mr Obama lavish approval ratings, will revert to the mean in 2020 even without these accommodations.又或者,020年,即便没有这些调整,给了希拉里多于对手的普选票数、也给了奥巴马很高持率的美国,将回归中庸。There are many plausible futures and liberals seem to reach for the bleakest one as self-punishment for their hubris 关于未来会怎样,目前存在许多种有道理的可能性,而自由主义者们似乎触及的是其中最暗淡的一种,作为对冷战后骄傲自大的自我惩罚。After the cold war, when Francis Fukuyama sensed the endpoint of mankind’s ideological evolution. 冷战之后,弗朗西福山(Francis Fukuyama)感觉到了人类意识形态发展的终点。In jeering his account of history as something that stopped in 1989, we have exchanged one teleology for another: the triumph of liberalism for its impending extinction.在嘲讽他的历史在1989年终结的说法时,我们把一种目的论换成了另一种目的论:把自由主义取得胜利换成了它即将消亡。Yes, he erred. 是的,福山错了。But the lesson was the importance of predictive humility. 但是,这个错误带给我们的教训是,在预测未来时保持谦卑非常重要。It was the cue to accept human affairs as more of a dog’s breakfast than a knowable epic, not to sell our shares in the distressed asset called market democracy. 它提示我们要接受现实,即人类的事情就是乱糟糟的一团、而不是一部可知的史诗,不要急着抛售我们在一份名为市场民主的不良资产中持有的股份。There is no end of history and there is no end to our hysteria.历史没有终点,人类的歇斯底里也没有终点。来 /201611/480015。

  The US broke its long drought of large technology initial public offerings on Thursday as shares in Snap soared more than 40 per cent in their market debut despite questions about corporate governance and profitability at the owner of vanishing messaging service Snapchat.美国周四结束了很久没有大型科技公司首次公开发行(IPO)的局面。Snap的股票在上市首日飙升44%,尽管人们对阅后即焚务Snapchat所有者的公司治理和盈利能力存在疑问。A pack of traders huddled around the desk of Snap’s designated market maker for more than an hour after the opening bell at the New York Stock Exchange to strike the opening price, when cheers rang out across the floor. The IPO was priced at , above the indicated range of to , with the shares opening at .纽交所(NYSE)开盘后报出开盘价时,交易大厅里响起了欢呼声。随后的1个多小时里,一群交易员围拢在Snap指定做市商的办公桌周围。IPO定价7美元,高4美元6美元的指导价区间,而开盘价4美元。Shares rose above in afternoon trading, valuing the group at close to bn.最终,Snap股价4.48美元报收,公司估值接90亿美元。At that valuation Snap is worth two and a half times social media rival Twitter, and about the same as food manufacturer Kellogg, games maker Electronic Arts and electronics company Panasonic. But it is dwarfed by its two main rivals for advertising dollars: Google, at 0bn, and Facebook, at 0bn.Snap的这一估值是社交媒体对手Twitter.5倍,跟食品生产商Kelloggs)、发行商电子艺界(Electronic Arts)和电子产品公司松Panasonic)相当,但在Snap在与其争夺广告出的两大对手谷歌(Google)和Facebook面前相形见绌。谷歌与Facebook的估值分别为5900亿美元和4000亿美元。Some 75m Snap shares traded hands at 11.35am New York time, when it began trading, the highest volume of any stock worth more than m on US exchanges, according to data from Bloomberg.彭(Bloomberg)数据显示,截至纽约时间上15分,Snap股票交易量已达到500万股,是美国交易所估值高000万美元的上市公司中最高的。The enthusiasm came despite the decision by some portfolio managers to shun the stock over concerns about the company’s decision to issue shares with no voting rights, a first in the US, and to ensure control for the co-founders even if they leave the company.投资热情高涨的背景是,一些投资组合经理决定避开该股,原因是担忧该公司决定发行无投票权的股票。这是美国首次发行不附带投票权的股票,此举为共同创始人确保了控制权,即使他们离开公司也是如此。In addition, some analysts questioned whether an app with no profits and fierce competition from other social media groups warranted such a lofty valuation. Last year the company recorded a net loss of 5m, up from 3m in 2015, on revenue of 5m.此外,一些分析师质疑,一个没有利润且面对来自其他社交媒体集团激烈竞争的App,是否配得上如此高的估值?去年,该公司实现营收4.05亿美元,而净亏损.15亿美元,015.73亿美元的净亏损有所增加。来 /201703/496571

  Wisconsin’s electorate deserves a vote of thanks. It is too early to declare that the Republican tide has turned or that Donald Trump’s weaknesses are finally being exposed. They should always have been obvious. But Mr Trump’s defeat to Ted Cruz offers a glimmer of hope that the electorate may finally be awakening to his flaws. 威斯康星州的选民值得感谢。现在就宣告共和党的潮流已经转向——或者说唐纳#8226;特朗Donald Trump)的弱点终于暴露——还为时过早。他的弱点应该一直都是显而易见的。但特朗普败在特#8226;克鲁Ted Cruz)手中让人心生一线希望:选民对他的种种缺点可能终于醒悟过来It would take an improbable series of results in the coming weeks for Mr Cruz to overturn Mr Trump’s delegate lead. Even then, a Cruz nomination would offer Republicans no greater hope of regaining the White House. But Mr Trump is a preposterous candidate. The longer this fissiparous Republican primary goes on, the more voters see what a President Trump would stand for. It is not a pretty sight. 要推翻特朗普在党代表票数上的领先优势,克鲁兹将需要在未来几周获得一连串不太可能的大胜。即使这能做到,提名克鲁兹也不会让共和党有更大胜算夺回白宫。但特朗普是一个荒谬的候选人。共和党这场四分五裂的初选拖得越久,选民们就越能看清“特朗普总统”将代表着什么。那不是一幅众人乐见的画面As ever, Mr Trump is happily supplying the evidence himself. In the past fortnight his stream of gaffes has become a torrent. By unfavourably contrasting the looks of his wife, Melania Trump, to those of Heidi Cruz, his opponent’s spouse, Mr Trump provoked women to turn out against him in even greater numbers. It also gave Mr Cruz, no Mr Nice Guy, the chance to humanise his message. 与以往一样,特朗普本人乐于提供据。过去两周里,他一次接一次的失言已经从小溪变成洪流。他把自己的妻子梅拉尼亚#8226;特朗Melania Trump)的相貌与对手的配偶海#8226;克鲁Heidi Cruz)进行对比,促使更多女性站到他的对立面。这也使本来并非“好好先生”的克鲁兹有机会让自己具有人情味Likewise, Mr Trump’s assertion promptly withdrawn that women who undergo abortions should be punished sparked outrage even from the most militant opponents of abortion. It added to the impression that Mr Trump is making things up as he goes along. The same applies to his advice that Japan and South Korea should develop their own nuclear deterrents a comment that elicited unusual rebukes from Tokyo and Seoul. Then he threatened that a Trump-led US would walk away from Nato. And so on. 同样,特朗普有关堕胎的女性应该受到惩罚的断言(即便很快被收回)激起民愤,就连最激进的反对堕胎者也表示愤慨。这件事强化了这样一种印象,即特朗普一直在即兴胡扯。他发表的有关日本和韩国应该自行发展核威慑的建议同样是奇葩——他的“高见”招致东京和首尔不同寻常地作出驳斥。接着特朗普又威胁称,由他主政的美国将舍弃北约(Nato)。诸如此类It is quite possible that Mr Trump will shake off these doubts and go on to win the more important primary that will take place in New York state later this month. A large chunk of the Republican electorate is impervious to Mr Trump’s general election weaknesses. By voting for him, they intend to send a stark message to the Republican establishment. 当然,特朗普很有可能将摆脱这些疑虑,在本月晚些时候赢得更重要的纽约州初选。很大一部分共和党选民对特朗普在大选中的弱点无动于衷。他们投票给他是要向共和党体制内阶层传递一个刺耳的信息It is also still likely that Mr Trump will head into the Republican convention in July with the largest share of delegates behind him. But the result in Wisconsin exposed two of Mr Trump’s biggest vulnerabilities. First, Mr Cruz’s campaign is light years ahead of Mr Trump in terms of organisation. This could make a big difference as the contest turns increasingly to a ground game where the ability to garner more delegates will be decisive. The race is turning into a logistical war of attrition that will accentuate Mr Cruz’s strengths. 同样很有可能的是,在7月共和党举行全国代表大会时,特朗普将拥有最大比例的党代表票持。但是威斯康星州的初选结果暴露了特朗普的两大脆弱性。首先,克鲁兹的竞选团队在组织方面遥遥领先于特朗普。随着这场竞赛日益变成一场短兵相接的角力(其间争取更多党代表票的能力将起到决定性作用),这一点可能带来很大的不同。目前两人之间的竞赛正在演变成一场比拼后勤实力的消耗战,这有利于克鲁兹发挥自己的强项Second, the US media have scented blood. Stung by criticism they have provided Mr Trump with too much free airtime about bn worth according to one estimate the television networks are keen to make amends. Mr Trump’s celebrity appeal still attracts lots of eyeballs. But TV executives are discovering that his downfall could also make for compelling viewing. Megyn Kelly, the Fox News anchor whom Mr Trump has repeatedly denigrated, has seen her ratings soar. Having lived by the sword, Mr Trump may also die by it. 其次,美国媒体闻到了血腥味。批评人士曾称,媒体给了特朗普太多免费上镜时间(有一个估计是这些时间价值约20亿美元)。受此刺痛,各大电视网络都热衷于作出弥补。特朗普的名人魅力仍然吸引大量眼球。但电视高管们现在发现,他的下坡路也可能提振收视率。特朗普一再诋毁的福克斯新Fox News)主播梅根#8226;凯利(Megyn Kelly)现在收视率飙升。在依靠刀剑声名鹊起之后,特朗普也可能“死”于刀剑之下That, at least, is the hope among Mr Trump’s opponents. The reality is still likely to be messy. In all probability, Republicans will be unable to avoid a contested convention in July. 至少,这是特朗普的对手的期待。现实仍然很可能是乱七八糟的。最有可能的情况是,共和党将无法避免7月份的“僵局代表大会contested convention)When Mr Trump burst on to the scene almost a year ago, conventional wisdom dismissed his early poll numbers as a passing fad. It went on far longer than anyone expected. A majority of Republicans continue to oppose Mr Trump’s nomination. It is not too late for others to follow suit. 特朗普在近一年前登上舞台时,传统智慧曾对他早期的民调数字不以为意,称其为昙花一现。这朵“昙花”的耐久性远远超出任何人的预期。多数共和党人继续反对特朗普获得提名。其他人现在效仿还不算太迟。来 /201604/436308Germany is to push for progress towards a European army by advocating a joint headquarters and shared military assets, according to defence plans that could ricochet into Britain’s EU referendum campaign.德国防务白皮书中的计划显示,德国将努力推动欧盟建立一欧洲军队,它倡导欧盟各国建立一个联合司令部、共享军事资源。这些计划可能会影响到英国的退欧公投运动。Although Berlin has long paid lip-service to forming a “European defence union the white paper is one of the most significant for Germany in recent years and may be seized by anti-integration Brexit campaigners as a sign where the bloc is heading.尽管柏林方面早就倡导打造“欧洲防务联盟”,但对德国来说,这份白皮书是近些年来意义最重大的白皮书之一。反欧洲一体化的英国退欧运动人士可能会抓住这份白皮书,将之作为表明欧盟发展方向的一个迹象。Initially scheduled to emerge shortly before the June 23 referendum vote but now probably delayed to July, the draft paper seen by the Financial Times outlines steps to gradually co-ordinate Europe’s patchwork of national militaries and embark on permanent co-operation under common structures.白皮书原定在63日英国退欧公投前夕公布,但如今很可能会推迟到7月发布。英囀?金融时报》看到的白皮书草案罗列出了一些举措,来逐渐协调欧洲零散的国家军事力量、并在共同框架下展开永久性合作。In this and other areas, its tone reflects Germany’s growing clout and confidence in pursuing a foreign policy backed by elements of hard power. Initiatives range from strengthening cyberwarfare abilities to contentious proposals to relax the postwar restrictions on army operations within Germany.在上述及其他领域,白皮书的腔调反映出,德国在追求硬实力元素撑的外交政策方面,影响力和信心日益增强。白皮书列出的举措涵盖方方面面,包括加强网络战能力,以及一项有争议的提议——即放松二战后对军队在德国境内开展行动施加的限制。“German security policy has relevance also far beyond our country,the paper states. “Germany is willing to join early, decisively and substantially as a driving force in international debates#8201;.#8201;.#8201;.#8201;to take responsibility and assume leadership“德国的安全政策影响重大——而且其影响范围远超出我们的国家。”白皮书称,“德国愿意作为一推动力量,尽早、坚决而切实地加入到国际辩论中来——承担责任并发挥领导作用。”Jan Techau, a former defence official at Carnegie Europe, said: “This is the time of a new Germany. This is probably the first time a German defence white paper is something like important.”前防务官员、卡内基欧洲(Carnegie Europe)的扬#8226;特绍(Jan Techau)表示:“这是一个新德国的时代。德国防务白皮书很可能是第一次具有某种程度的重要性。”At the European level, the paper calls for “the use of all possibilitiesavailable under EU treaties to establish deep co-operation between willing member states, create a joint civil-military headquarters for EU operations, a council of defence ministers, and better co-ordinate the production and sharing of military equipment.在欧洲层面,白皮书呼吁“利用(欧盟条约提供的)一切可能性”在有意愿的成员国之间建立深层次的合作,创建用于欧盟行动的联合司令部(即各国国防部长组成的委员会),并更好地协调军事装备的生产与共享。“The more we Europeans are y to take on a greater share of the common burden and the more our American partner is prepared to go along the road of common decision-making, the further the transatlantic security partnership will develop greater intensity and richer results,the paper states.“我们欧洲人越是准备好承担更大份额的共同责任,我们的美国伙伴越是准备好沿着共同决策的道路继续前进,跨大西洋安全合作关系就越有可能变得更加强大和取得更丰富的成果,”白皮书称。Resistance to serious defence integration is well entrenched in many EU states and has hobbled efforts to make meaningful progress in common defence. Co-ordinated hard military power in Europe remains largely the preserve of Nato.在很多欧盟国家,对正式防务一体化的抵触是根深蒂固的,这种情绪削弱了在共同防务方面取得重大进展的努力。在欧洲协调军事硬实力基本上仍是北约(Nato)的特权。Liam Fox, former UK defence secretary and Brexit supporter, said that “many in the European project see Nato as an impediment to ever closer union英国前防务大臣、退欧持者利亚姆#8226;福克Liam Fox)表示,“许多投身欧洲一体化计划的人士,把北约视为阻碍建立更紧密联盟的一个因素”。Mr Fox added: “Their every instinct is to move towards European defence co-operation. The problem is that while they are unwilling to spend money, it is a dangerous fantasy that diverts money away from Nato.”他接着说:“他们内心深处想的是促成欧洲防务合作。问题在于,他们不愿意投入资金,指望把资金从北约抽调过来是一种危险的幻想。”来 /201605/441134

  President-elect Donald Trump met with another possible candidate for secretary of state Monday, and one who is likely to raise some tough questions from the U.S. Senate -- former CIA chief and retired general David Petraeus.美国当选总统川普星期一会晤了另一位可能的国务卿人选-前中央情报局局长戴#8729;彼得雷乌斯,不过彼得雷乌斯如果被提名,将面临参议院的严肃质询。Before leading the CIA, Petraeus was top U.S. commander in Iraq and led NATO forces in Afghanistan.彼得雷乌斯担任中央情报局局长前是美国驻伊拉克最高指挥官,并曾在阿富汗领导北约部队。But he was forced to resign from the CIA in disgrace in 2012 after leaking classified information to his biographer, with whom he was having an affair.2012年彼得雷乌斯因向他的传记作者和情妇泄漏机密而被迫辞去中情局局长职务。Despite Petraeus past, Trump tweeted that he was ;very impressed; with the retired general.不过川普表示,他对彼得雷乌斯的资历感到非常敬佩。Republican officials say Trump has also decided on another cabinet appointment - the secretary of health and human services. His choice is said to be Georgia Representative Tom Price, who has been a leading critic of President Barack Obamas health care law, commonly known as Obamacare.共和党官员透露,川普决定任命来自乔治亚州的联邦众议员汤#8729;普莱斯担任卫生与公共务部部长。普莱斯议员是奥巴马医保的坚定反对者之一。Trump has pledged to repeal Obamacare, although he has indicated that there are certain parts of the program he believes should be retained.川普曾表示要推翻奥巴马医保,不过他透露,奥巴马医保中的有些条款可以保留。In addition to Petraeus, Trump is reported to be considering several other politicians and diplomats for the secretary of state post. They include former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani, former U.N. Ambassador John Bolton, Republican Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee Bob Corker, and former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney.除彼得雷乌斯外,川普考虑的国务卿人选还包括前纽约市长朱利安尼,前美国驻联合国大使尔顿,参议院外交委员会主席、共和党参议员鲍#8729;考克和前马萨诸塞州长罗姆尼。来 /201612/481139


  Donald Trump has promised “to shake the rust off America’s foreign policyand seek better relations with Russia and China “from a position of strength 唐纳#8226;特朗Donald Trump)承诺要给美国外交政策“除锈”,并“凭借实力地位”寻求改善与俄罗斯和中国的关系In a carefully prepared speech aimed at reassuring a Washington foreign policy establishment alarmed by his populist campaign, the property mogul said the US should not get involved in nation building but should focus on promoting stability in the world. However, he said, the US should be more unpredictable to make it harder for its enemies. 华盛顿的外交政策体制内人士对这位房地产大亨的民粹主义竞选立场感到震惊;在旨在让他们放心的精心准备的讲话中,特朗普表示,美国不应该介入国家建设,而应该聚焦于促进世界稳定。不过,他表示,美国应该更加不可预测,使敌手的日子更难过The Republican frontrunner was speaking the day after he won five primaries and declared himself the party’s presumptive nominee for November’s presidential -election. 在发表讲话的一天前,这位共和党总统候选人领跑者在五个州赢得了初选,并宣告自己是该党11月份总统选举的假定被提名人Mr Trump said the US had “veered badly off courseafter the cold war and that the nation needed a new world approach. 特朗普表示,美国在冷战结束后已“严重偏离航线”,需要新的全球思路Speaking, unusually, from prepared notes, Mr Trump said US allies in Europe and Asia should contribute more to their alliances with Washington. Otherwise the US would be forced to make them fend for themselves. He said he would call separate summits of Nato and Asian allies to discuss a “rebalancingof the US financial commitment to their defence. 在这次讲话中,特朗普不寻常地使用了预先准备的发言稿。他说,美国在欧洲和亚洲的盟友应该为其与华盛顿的同盟关系做出更大贡献。否则,美国将不得不让它们自己保卫自己。他说,他会呼吁分别召开北约(NATO)和亚洲盟国的峰会,以探讨“再平衡”美国对它们防务的财务承诺Dozens of senior Republican foreign policy experts had -previously signed a letter -raising their concerns about Mr Trump’s stance. 此前,数十名资深共和党外交政策专家联署一封信件,提出了他们对特朗普立场的担忧Thomas Wright, a foreign policy expert at the Brookings Institution, said the speech would “do nothing to dispel world alarm at the prospects of a Trump presidency 布鲁金斯学会(Brookings Institution)外交政策专家托马#8226;赖特(Thomas Wright)表示,这一讲话“不会驱散世界对特朗普担任总统前景的震惊” /201604/440180。

  China has successfully carried out its first in-orbit refueling test, which observers say means it can now prolong the life span of its satellites and spacecraft.近日,我国首次卫星在轨加注试验取得圆满成功。观察人士称,这意味着我国现在能够延长卫星和航天器的在轨寿呀?Tianyuan 1, the countrys first in-orbit refueling system for satellites, was lifted into space by a Long March 7 carrier rocket on June 25. The mission also marked the first use of Chinas fourth and latest space launch center in Wenchang, Hainan province.“天源一号”是我国首个卫星在轨加注系统,于65日搭载长号运载火箭进入太空。该任务还标志着位于海南省文昌市的中国第四个、也是最新的航天发射中心的第一次使用。Tianyuan 1 has conducted nine in-orbit tests including the control and refilling of liquid in microgravity and accurate measurement of propellant, according to the National University of Defense Technology in Changsha, Hunan province, which developed the system.据该系统的研制单位、位于湖南省长沙市的国防科技大学介绍,“天源一号”进行了微重力条件下流体管理与加注、高精度推进剂测量等9项在轨试验。The spacecraft recorded and data when it filled three types of propellant tanks. The results of these tests showed Tianyuan 1 has met designers requirements, the university said, adding that the system features a high level of automation and stability.“天源一号”获取了3种贮箱加注全过程的完整视频和相关试验数据。国防科技大学称,试验结果表明,“天源一号”满足设计指标要求,而且自主性强、稳定性好。Refueling with 60 kilograms of fuel can prolong a satellites service by about 12 months, generating nearly 100 million yuan in revenue, the university said.该院校表示,如果给静止轨道上的卫星补0公斤燃料,即可延长卫星寿2个月,创造近亿元的经济价值。Wu Peixin, an aerospace industry observer in Beijing, said that due to the technological complexity involved, only a handful of nations, including the ed States and the former Soviet Union, have performed in-orbit refueling tests.北京一位名叫吴培新的航空航天工业观察者表示,由于技术的复杂性,只有包括美国和前苏联极少数的国家进行过在轨加注测试;One of the major factors that determines a satellites life span is the fuel it carries and when it is used. Many satellites were abandoned because their fuel was burned out even though their equipment could still function well,; Wu said. ;Therefore, in-orbit refueling technology is needed to enable satellites, spacecraft and space stations to work longer. This technology will also allow us to increase the operational range of space probes, helping to realize manned missions to Mars or asteroids.;吴培新说道:“确定卫星寿命的主要因素之一是它携带的燃料和燃料的使用时间。许多卫星因为燃料用尽而被遗弃,尽管它们本身其实功能完奀?因此,轨道燃料加注的相关技术是能够满足使卫星、宇宙飞船和空间站工作更长时间的需要的。这项技术也将使我们能够增加太空探测器的操作范围,有助于实现对火星或小行星的载人飞行任务。”来 /201607/454196



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