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President Obama, in taped remarks, sends his warmest wishes to those celebrating the Lunar New Year, here in America and around the world:Download Video: mp4 (30MB) | mp3 (1MB) Here's the transcript:Michelle and I send our warmest wishes to Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders, the people of Asia, and all those around the world who are celebrating the Lunar New Year. As people of all cultures and faiths welcome the Year of the Tiger, let us all give thanks for family, the wisdom of our ancestors, and the company of our friends and neighbors.Here in the ed States, the Lunar New Year will be marked by festivals in Houston and lion dances in Los Angeles; parades in Chicago and celebrations large and small in communities across our nation. Americans of Asian descent will continue the rich traditions of the past and begin new ones with their own families. Together, they serve as a reminder of the richness and diversity that make our country great.So to all those celebrating the Lunar New Year, may you be blessed with peace, prosperity and good health – now and in the year ahead.201002/96655

The President gives remarks before hosting a dinner celebrating Ramadan and highlighting the contributions of American Muslims in the State Dining Room. September 1, . (Public Domain) President Obama Speaks Before Ramadan Celebration Dinner from White House on Vimeo.09/83397

While keeping our alliances and friendships around the world strong, ever strong,我们要在全世界加强与盟友的关系,发展友谊,使之永远牢不可破;we will continue the new closeness with the Soviet Union,consistent both with our security and with progress.在此同时我们将继续密切与苏联的联系,使之符合我国安全和进步的要求。One might say that our new relationship in part reflects the triumph of hope and strength over experience.有人或许会说,我们这种新的关系部分地反映了希望和实力对经验的胜利。But hope is good, and so are strength and vigilance.但希望总是美好的,实力和警惕也是一样。Here today are tens of thousands of our citizens who feel the understandable satisfaction of those who have taken part in democracy and seen their hopes fulfilled.今天在场的我国公民成千上万,他们都感到,那些已加入民主行列并且看到自己的希望得以实现的人们所抱有的喜悦心情,是完全可以理解的。But my thoughts have been turning the past few days to those who would be watching at home,但过去几天以来,我却一直在想着那些正在家里观礼的人们想着那种见到国旗就会自动行礼的老人,to an older fellow who will throw a salute by himself when the flag goes by, and the women who will tell her sons the words of the battle hymns.想着那种会把战歌的词句传授给自己儿子的妇女,I dont mean this to be sentimental.我并不以为这是感情用事。I mean that on days like this, we remember that we are all part of a continuum, inescapably connected by the ties that bind.我的意思不过是说,在像现在这样的日子里,我们要牢记我们都是一个有机整体的组成部分,都不可避免地为一条纽带所连结起来。Our children are watching in schools throughout our great land. And to them I say, thank you for watching democracys big day.全国各地的孩子们都在学校观看这一典礼。我要对他们说,感谢你们观看民主的盛况。For democracy belongs to us all, and freedom is like a beautiful kite that can go higher and higher with the breeze.因为民主属于我们大家,而自由则像一只美丽的风筝,能够随着微风越飞越高。And to all I say: No matter what your circumstances or where you are, you are part of this day, you are part of the life of our great nation.我还要对所有的人说,无论你们处境如何以及身在何处,你们都是今天的一部分,你们都是我们伟大祖国生活的一部分。A President is neither prince nor pope, and I dont seek a window on mens souls.一个总统既不是什么王子,也不是什么教皇,因而我并不奢望看透“人的心灵之 窗”。In fact, I yearn for a greater tolerance, an easy-goingness about each others attitudes and way of life.实际上我渴望更大的宽容,盼望人们相互之间在态度和生活方式方面更加易于相处。03/438061

And, beyond this general resolve, we are called to act a responsible role in the worlds great concerns or conflicts除了这个总的决心之外,我们还负有使命在世界重大的事件或冲突中认真负责地发挥作用。whether they touch upon the affairs of a vast region, the fate of an island in the Pacific, or the use of a canal in the Middle East.不论这些事件或冲突所涉及的是广大地区的事务,还是太平洋中一个岛屿的命运,或是中东一条运河的使用。Only in respecting the hopes and cultures of others will we practice the equality of all nations.只有尊重其他国家的愿望和文化,我们才能平等对待所有国家。Only as we show willingness and wisdom in giving counsel—in receiving counsel and in sharing burdens, will we wisely perform the work of peace.只有在我们提出忠告、接受建议和分担负担时表现出自觉和智慧,我们才能明智地执行和平的任务。For one truth must rule all we think and all we do. No people can live to itself alone.我们的一切思想和行为都必须受到一条真理的制约一一即没有一个民族可以在孤立隔绝中求得生存。The unity of all who dwell in freedom is their only sure defense.对所有生活在自由之中的人来说,团结乃是他们唯一可靠的保障。The economic need of all nations—in mutual dependence makes isolation an impossibility;所有国家均已相互依存。其松选占邀需要使得团关直守绝无可能;not even Americas prosperity could long survive if other nations did not also prosper.蛆呈其他国家不能繁荣昌盛,甚至美国的繁荣昌盛也难以持久。No nation can longer be a fortress, lone and strong and safe. And any people, seeking such shelter for themselves, can now build only their own prison.单独一个国家已不再可能成为一个强大而安全的堡垒石一个民族如果为自己寻求这种避难所,只不过是作茧自缚而已。Our pledge to these principles is constant, because we believe in their rightness.我们要对这些原则始终奉守不渝,因为我们相信这些原则的正确性。We do not fear this world of change.我们并不畏惧这个变动的世界。America is no stranger to much of its spirit. Everywhere we see the seeds of the same growth that America itself has known.美国对其精神大多并不陌生。美国所熟知的能结出同样果实的种子,已经撒遍全球各地。The American experiment has, for generations, fired the passion and the courage of millions elsewhere seeking freedom, equality, and opportunity.数代人以来,美国的实验已经燃起世界其他地方数百万人的和勇气,激励他们去寻求自由、平等和机会。And the American story of material progress has helped excite the longing of all needy peoples for some satisfaction of their human wants.而且,美国取得物质进步的经历有助于激起一切贫穷人们的热望,以力图稍微满足他们作为人的各种需求。These hopes that we have helped to inspire, we can help to fulfill.这些希望既然已由我们所激发,我们就有能力帮助其实现。In this confidence, we speak plainly to all peoples.怀着这种信心,我们坦诚地对世界各国人民宣告:We cherish our friendship with all nations that are or would be free. We respect, no less, their independence.我们珍惜同那些已经获得自由或即将获得自由的所有民族的友谊。我们同样尊重他们的独立。And when, in time of want or peril, they ask our help, they may honorably receive it;当他们在贫困和危难中向我们寻求援助时,他们可以不失尊严地得到帮助;for we no more seek to buy their sovereignty than we would sell our own. Sovereignty is never bartered among freemen.我们自己既然不会出卖主权,也就不会谋求收买他们的主权。在自由人之间,是决不会用主权做交易的。We honor the aspirations of those nations which, now captive, long for freedom.我们尊重那些至今仍受人摆布但又向往自由的国家的期望。02/437540

President Bush Discusses Colombia Free Trade Agreement   THE PRESIDENT: Thank you. Please be seated. I want to thank members of my Cabinet for joining me here today. Madam Ambassador, thank you for coming. I appreciate those who support free trade and fair trade for joining us on this important occasion. In a few minutes, I will sign a letter to Congress that will transmit legislation implementing the ed States' free trade agreement with Colombia. This agreement will advance America's national security interests in a critical region. It will strengthen a courageous ally in our hemisphere. It will help America's economy and America's workers at a vital time. It deserves bipartisan support from the ed States Congress.   During the 16 months since the Colombia free trade agreement was signed, my administration has worked closely with the Congress to seek a bipartisan path for considering the agreement. We held more than 400 consultations and meetings and calls. We led trips to Colombia for more than 50 members of the Congress. We worked closely with congressional leaders from both parties -- including the Speaker, Leader Hoyer and Chairman Rangel, Minority Leader Boehner, Ranking Member McCrery, and Senators Baucus and Grassley.   On May 10th last year, my administration and congressional leaders concluded a bipartisan agreement that provided a clear path for advancing free trade agreements, including the agreement with Colombia. As part of that agreement, we included the strongest labor and environmental provisions of any free trade agreement in history. These provisions were negotiated with -- and agreed [to] by -- by the leadership of Congress -- like the Democratic leadership in Congress.   For the last 16 months, we've worked with congressional leaders to set a schedule for the consideration of the Colombian free trade agreement. While we'll continue to work closely with Congress, the need for this agreement is too urgent -- the stakes for our national security are too high -- to allow this year to end without a vote. By statute, Congress has 90 legislative days to complete action once I transmit a bill implementing this agreement. Waiting any longer to send up the legislation would run the risk of Congress adjourning without the agreement ever getting voted on.   Transmitting the agreement is neither the beginning nor the end of our cooperative efforts, but instead an important milestone. My administration is eager to work with members from both parties to make sure the vote is a positive one. Congress needs to move forward with the Colombian agreement, and they need to approve it as quickly as possible.   Approving this agreement is urgent for our national security reasons. Colombia is one of our strongest allies in the Western Hemisphere. They are led by a very strong and courageous leader, President Uribe. He's taken courageous stands to defend our shared democratic values. He has been a strong and capable partner in fighting drugs and crime and terror. And he's delivering results. The Colombian government reports that since 2002, kidnappings, terrorist attacks, and murders are all down substantially, as is violence against union members.   Despite this progress, Colombia remains under intense pressure in the region. It faces a continuing assault from the terrorist network known as FARC, which has seized hostages and murdered innocent folks -- including Americans -- in an attempt to overthrow Colombia's democracy. Colombia also faces a hostile and anti-American regime in Venezuela which has met with FARC terrorist leaders and deployed troops to the Colombian border as a means of intimidating the Colombian government and its people.   President Uribe has stood strong against these threats. And he has done so with the assurance of America's support, because his fight against tyranny and terror is a fight that we share. President Uribe has told members of Congress as me -- and me, as well, that approving the free trade agreement is one of the most important ways that America can demonstrate our support for Colombia. People throughout the hemisphere are watching to see what the ed States will do. If Congress fails to approve this agreement, it would not only abandon a brave ally -- it would send a signal throughout the region that America cannot be counted on to support its friends. As Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper has said: "If the U.S. turns its back on its friends in Colombia, this will set back our cause far more than any Latin American dictator could hope to achieve."   Approving the free trade agreement will also strengthen our economy. Today, almost all of Colombian exports enter the ed States duty-free, while American products exported to Colombia face tariffs of up to 35 percent for non-agricultural goods and much higher for many agricultural products. In other words, the current situation is one-sided. Our markets are open to Colombian products, but barriers exist that make it harder to sell American products in Colombia. I think it makes sense to remedy this situation. I think it makes sense for Americans' goods and services to be treated just like Colombia's goods and services are treated. So it's time to level the playing field.   As soon as it is implemented, the agreement I'm sending Congress will eliminate tariffs on more than 80 percent of American exports of industrial and consumer goods. Many products in key American sectors such as agriculture and construction equipment, aircraft and auto parts, and medical and scientific equipment will enter Colombia duty-free. If you're an American farmer, it's in your interest that this agreement get passed -- after all, farm exports like high-quality beef, cotton, wheat, soybeans and fruit will enter duty-free. And in time this agreement will eliminate tariffs on all American exports to Colombia.   Level [sic] the playing field for American exporters is especially important during this time of economic uncertainty. Last year, exports accounted for more than 40 percent of America's total economic growth. With the economy slowing recently, we should be doing everything we can to open up new opportunities for growth. More than 9,000 American companies, most of them small and mid-sized businesses, export to Colombia. Approving this agreement will help them increase their sales and grow their businesses and create good high-paying jobs.   The economic effects of expanding trade in goods and services are overwhelmingly positive, but trade can also have a negative impact for some of our citizens. In those cases, government has a responsibility to help workers obtain the skills they need to successfully reenter the workforce. My administration is actively engaged in discussions on legislation to improve and reauthorize Trade Adjustment Assistance program. We're committed to advancing those discussions as quickly as possible. I look forward to completing an agreement on trade adjustment that draws on many of the good ideas contained in bills introduced in the House and the Senate -- I look forward to signing a good bipartisan piece of legislation.   In discussions about the Colombia free trade agreement, some members of Congress have raised concerns about the conditions in Colombia. President Uribe has addressed these issues. He's addressed violence by demobilizing tens of thousands of paramilitary figures and fighters. He's addressed attacks on trade unionists by stepping up funding for prosecutions, establishing an independent prosecutors unit, and creating a special program that protects labor activists. He's made clear that the economic benefits the agreement brings to Colombia would strengthen the fight against drugs and terror, by creating a more hopeful alternative for the people of Colombia.   If this isn't enough to earn America's support, what is? President Uribe has done everything asked of him. While Colombia is still working to improve, the progress is undeniable -- and it is worthy of our support.   There is a clear model for members of Congress to follow as they move forward with this agreement. Just last year, Congress considered a trade agreement with Peru that was almost identical to this one. The only difference between them is that the Colombian agreement has even greater economic potential because Colombia is a larger market, and even greater national security importance because of Colombia's strategic location. Congress passed the Peru agreement with strong bipartisan support, and should do the same with this agreement with Colombia.   The stakes are high in South America. By acting at this critical moment, we can show a watching world that America will honor its commitments. We can provide a powerful rebuke to dictators and demagogues in our backyard. We can expand U.S. exports and export-related jobs. We can show millions across the hemisphere that democracy and free enterprise lead to a better life. Congress's path is clear: Members should have a healthy debate, hold a timely vote, and send the bill implementing the Colombia free trade agreement to my desk, so I can sign it into law.   And now I would like members of my Cabinet who are here today to join me for the signing of the letter.   (The letter is signed.)   Thanks for coming. (Applause.) 200806/41451

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