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We here at VideoJug show you how you can fit in exercise around your work and social life. Follow our guide and finally fit exercise into your busy schedule.VideoJug这段视频向你展示怎样在繁忙的工作和社交生活之余进行体育锻炼。跟随我们的指引,学习怎样在繁忙的日程表中融入体育锻炼。Step 1: Put It In Your Diary1.写入日记中Exercise is good for your health and makes you feel and look great and is a very valuable use of your time. You should therefore treat the time spent exercising in the same way you would any important social or work engagement and put it in your diary. Once you have written it down it will be a constant reminder to you, of your intention to do regular exercise. Do this on a Sunday evening so if anything else crops up during the week it will have to fit it in around your fitness plans. Once you have given training priority, it will soon become part of your everyday life and youll wonder how you ever lived without it.体育锻炼对健康有益,让你感觉非常舒适,看上去精力充沛,非常值得花费一点时间。因此,你对待体育锻炼应该像对待重要的社交活动或工作安排一样,写到日记里。一旦写下来,这就会经常提醒你,让你有决心经常运动。在周日晚上写下来,这样的话,就算接下来的一周突然有其他安排,也要根据你的锻炼计划来调整。一旦优先考虑体育锻炼,这很快就会成为你日常生活的一部分,你就会想,以前没有体育锻炼的日子是怎么过的。Step 2: Walking2.步行You are aly leading a hectic lifestyle, so fitting in some exercise, even if it does mean being a bit creative with your schedule, should be no problem. Walking is the easiest way to increase your physical activity so find ways you can add more of it into your daily lifestyle. Put your smart shoes in your bag and wear trainers for your commute to work, this will allow you to be a bit more athletic during this key time everyday. If you get the bus, get off a stop early and walk the rest of the way, use the stairs rather than escalators and if you work on the 5th floor, get off the lift at the 3rd and climb the remaining stairs to your office. Dont rely too much on the car, if you can walk there in 10-15 minutes it will be time well spent. All of this extra walking will burn body fat, increase your health and fitness and boost your energy levels.你的生活非常繁忙,所以加入一些体育锻炼,就算仅仅是让你的日程安排稍微有点创意也好。步行是增加体育活动最简单的方法,所以在生活中尽量想办法多多步行。把高跟鞋装进包里,穿运动鞋走路去上班,这会让你在一天中的关键时刻更加充满动感。如果你乘坐公交车去上班,提前一站下车,剩下的路程步行,爬楼梯上办公室,不要乘坐电梯。如果你在五楼工作,可以在三楼下电梯,剩下的两层走路上去。不要太依赖汽车,如果能够在10至15分钟内步行到达,就不要乘汽车了。这些步行活动会燃烧脂肪,促进健康,让你的精力更加旺盛。Step 3: In Your Lunchtime3.午餐时间Lunchtimes are precious and put to good use can be a vital part of your exercise routine. Get organised, bring a packed lunch to work, then put those trainers back on, attach your pedometer and head out for a 20 minute power walk. Make a note of how many steps you take, in two weeks youll notice more steps and this will continue as you keep getting fitter. Once you can see how much you are progressing it will give you the motivation to keep going. Now enjoy that sandwich.午餐时间非常宝贵,所以这段时间对你的体育锻炼也是非常关键的。提前安排好,带便当去公司,再把运动鞋换上,带上步程计,出去步行20分钟再回来。记录一下你走了多少步,两周之后你会看到自己的进步。因为你的身体越来越好,你的进步会更大。一旦看到自己的进步,这就会激励你一直继续下去。现在就可以享用你的午餐了。Step 4: Get Your Family And Friends Involved4.让亲人朋友加入你的行列By incorporating exercise into your social activities and home life you combine it with spending quality time with your friends and family, now thats what I call creative. So involve them in your exercise plans, whether its swimming, a game of tennis or football with the kids. It all adds up and their sure to enjoy it too. The weekend offers two days of opportunity,find the time to go out for a run and if youre feeling good do some muscle toning exercises like sit-ups and press-ups as well. Housework is another great way to get physically active and so is getting your hands dirty in the garden.把体育运动融入社交活动和家庭生活,和亲友一起度过有质量的时间,这就是我说的创造性。现在让他们加入你的锻炼计划,无论是游泳,网球,还是和小朋友一起踢足球。他们一定会喜欢的。周末有两天的时间,抽出一点时间来出去玩一下,如果你感觉比较好,可以做一些肌肉锻炼,例如仰卧起坐。家务活动和整理花园也是不错的体育活动。Step 5: Theres Always Time5.总有时间Remember there is always time for exercise and any minute exercising is better than nothing, so try not to convince yourself otherwise. Five minutes walking around the block, before you get back in your car or go into your flat is better than nothing and if you can do five why not six. Most of all be realistic, find the time, stick at it and be proud of yourself.记住,只要你想锻炼,总是能找到时间的,任何时间的运动都好过不运动,所以不要找借口。回到汽车或公寓之前在办公区步行5分钟,总好过什么都不做。只要你能走5分钟,为什么不走6分钟呢?这些目标都非常现实,找一点时间,坚持锻炼,为你自己感到自豪。Thanks for watching How To Fit Exercise Into A Busy Schedule.感谢收看“繁忙生活怎样进行体育锻炼”视频节目。201210/206543。

Todays ;Shoutout; goes out to all the students and teachers who watch our show around the globe.今天的“大声喊出来”去到全世界所有看我们节目的学生和老师们。In what city will you find the worlds busiest airport?世界上最繁忙的机场是哪里?If you think you know it, shout it out! Is it London, New York, Tokyo or Atlanta? Youve got three seconds, go.如果你觉得你知道,那么大声喊出来!它是伦敦,纽约,东京还是亚特兰大?你有三秒钟的时间,开始!More planes take off inland at Atlantas Hartsfield Jackson Airport than any other airport in the world.在亚特兰大哈兹菲尔德-杰克逊国际机场起飞的飞机比其他任何机场的都多。Thats your answer, and thats your ;Shoutout.;那就是你的,那就是你的“大喊”。Whether it was by plane, train, automobile or ship, 2012 was a record breaking year for travel.不论是坐飞机,火车,汽车还是穿,2012年是旅游破记录的一年。According to the UNTO, the ed Nations World Tourism Organization, more than a billion people traveled outside their countries this year.根据联合国世界旅游组织,今年有超过10亿多人出国旅行。Richard Quest breaks down the numbers on where these travelers from, where theyre going to, and why that matters.理查德从旅行者从哪里来,去哪里和那为什么重要几个方面来分析了这些数字。 /201301/218121。

美国总统贝拉克#8226;奥巴马29日说,已选定普林斯顿大学经济学家艾伦#8226;克鲁格出任白宫经济顾问委员会主席。奥巴马定于下周发表重要讲话,公布促就业方案。不过,国会共和党人对新的刺激方案持质疑态度,意味奥巴马的促就业方案可能难获跨党派持。 Under pressure to spur job growth, US president Barack Obama has chosen Princeton University's Alan Krueger as the White House's new top economist. The president is also set to announce a new jobs-plan next week. In a Rose Garden ceremony with Krueger at his side, Obama said he would rely on the economist to help bring down the 9.1-percent jobless rate and restore growth to the struggling economy. Obama described job creation as an urgent challenge, and said he would outline a plan next week to put more money in Americans' pockets and get construction crews working. Many analysts have interpreted this as a sign the administration will go ahead with plans to propose an extension of a payroll tax cut and seek money for infrastructure improvements. Republicans have taken a dim view of new stimulus spending, which means Obama could have trouble gaining bipartisan support.词汇学习:1. spur n. 刺激(物),激励 vt. 激励,鞭策,促进固定搭配:on the spur of the moment 一时冲动之下例句:The aim of this agreement is to spur economic growth around the world. 这项协议的目的是促进世界经济增长。2. bring down 使落下,打倒;降低,减少3. outline n. 提纲;外形,略图 vt. 概述;描绘……外形例句:We outlined our main objections to the proposal. 我们扼要地说明了反对该建议的意见。4. payroll n.工资表,在职人员名单;工薪总额例句:The general manager is trying to meet the payroll. 总经理在设法筹措款项付工资。5. have trouble in doing sth. 做……有困难201108/151845。

How to Behave with Class on Your Birthday on HowcastFeeling too old to get wild and crazy on your birthday? Make this year’s event memorable in a good way by practicing proper etiquette on your special day.在你的生日聚会上对狂野的做法感到过时了?在那个有特殊意义的日子里练习下合适的礼仪,让你的生日聚会更有纪念意义。Step 1: Keep a positive attitudeKeep a positive attitude. Keep laughing and having a good time. Only one day a year is all about you.要有积极的态度要有积极的态度。要一直笑并开心地玩。一年中只有这一天主角都是你。Step 2: Shrug off disappointmentsShrug off disappointments. If one of your friends doesn’t show or your dinner isn’t just the way you want it, forget about it. Enjoy the things that are going right.不要失望如果有个朋友没有出现,或是生日聚会举办的方式不是你想要的那种,忘了那些吧。享受那些进行顺利的事。Step 3: Keep things simpleKeep things simple. Don’t invite too many people to dinner and avoid picking an extravagant venue that your guests might not be able to afford. Your birthday guests will probably pitch in and pay for your part of the bill and you do not want to put anyone in an awkward position.第三步:一切从简一切从简。不要邀请太多的人来参加生日聚会,不要选择那些朋友们承受不起的奢侈的聚会场所。来参加聚会的人很可能一起行动并付你应该花钱的那部分。你不想将朋友置于尴尬的境地。Tip:If you have a larger number of friends who want celebrate with you, plan a trip to the bar after an intimate dinner with your closest circle of friends.小贴士:如果有很多朋友想和你一起庆祝,在和你最亲密的朋友聚完后可以去酒吧聚会。Step 4: Never ask for giftsNever ask for gifts. If your friends want to bring you a gift, they will. Don’t make them feel obligated to do so or they may not show up at all.第四步:从来不要要礼物从来不要要礼物。如果朋友们想给你带礼物,他们一定会的。不要让他们感觉必须给你带礼物,否则他们可能根本不会来参加聚会。Tip:Gift giving is not mandatory at an adult’s birthday.小贴士:在成人的生日聚会上送礼物不是必须的。Step 5: Thank your guestsThank all your birthday well wishers, even the ones who sent you a quick e-mail. They still remembered you on your special day! Formal thank-you cards are not necessary, but are a nice touch for anyone who went out of their way to make your day extra-special. Just remember to act the way you’d want your friends to behave if they were in your shoes, and you’re sure to have all the class you need.第五步:感谢你的客人感谢所有祝福你生日的人,包括那些给你发电子邮件的人。他们仍然记得你的生日。不用寄正式的感谢卡,但要提及令你的生日变得特别的那些人。你想要朋友如何对待你,你就要如何对待他们,要换位思考,那样你肯定会有你需要的朋友。201012/120833。

Relieve a Toothache. Learn five ways to ease the suffering before you reach the dentists chair. Eases the pain with simple steps.缓解牙痛。在去看牙医之前,先学会用五种方法来缓解痛苦,用简单的方法来缓解牙痛。Step 1: Clean mouth and teeth1.清洁口腔和牙齿Wash your mouth with water or mouth wash to get food and sugar out and clean other teeth with tooth paste, as much as the pain allows.用清水或漱口水清洁口腔,清除糖份和食物残渣,然后用牙膏刷牙,当然要在疼痛可以忍受的情况下。Step 2: Painkillers2.止痛片Painkillers recommended by your doctor or dentist may help to reduce the pain.医生或牙医建议的止痛片或许可以帮助缓解疼痛。Step 3: Make yourself comfortable3.让自己舒Try lying down, if this is uncomfortable then sit more upright using pillows.试着躺下来,如果不舒,可以垫高枕头坐直一点。Step 4: Apply a hot water bottle4.用热水敷Try easing the tooth ache with a hot water bottle wrapped in a towel and held where the pain can be felt.用毛巾包住一个装满热水的瓶子,敷在疼痛的地方。Step 5: Clove oil5.丁香油Try soaking a bit of cotton wool in clove oil and holding it against the painful tooth. This may help to ease the pain temporarily as well as plug the cavity.向丁香油中浸入一些棉花,敷在疼痛的牙齿处。这样可以短暂地缓解疼痛,也可以堵塞龋齿。Step 6: See your dentist6.看牙医Remember tooth ache is a sign of tooth decay or infection, both of which will need a dentist ASAP.记住,牙痛是牙齿腐烂或感染的征兆,两种情况都需要尽快看牙医。Thanks for watching How To Relieve A Toothache.感谢收看“怎样缓解牙痛”视频节目。 /201212/212154。