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宜昌妇幼保健医院男科宜昌男健男科地址They are taking to the streets in Paris. They have secured a ban in Brussels. They have gone to court in Berlin. Taxi drivers across Europe are united against Uber – a Silicon Valley start-up, backed by Google and Goldman Sachs, whose app-based car service is being rolled out internationally.在巴黎,出租车司机走上了街头。在布鲁塞尔,他们成功迫使当局通过了一项禁令。在柏林,他们告上了法庭。全欧洲的出租车司机已经联合起来,反对基于移动应用的叫车务提供商优步(Uber)。这家硅谷(Silicon Valley)初创公司得到了谷歌(Google)和高盛(Goldman Sachs)的注资,正在向全世界推广它的叫车务。The regulation of taxi services arouses emotions. My local French driver asked recently: “What do London cabbies do when they retire?” He explained that his colleagues rely on the onward sale of taxi licences to fund their pensions. In New York, the value of a taxi medallion now exceeds m. London, however, issues licences freely to anyone who passes “The Knowledge”, the demanding test of London’s geography required of drivers of the distinctive black cabs.出租车务的监管是个容易让人激动的话题。最近在法国搭出租车时,司机问我:“伦敦的出租车司机退休时会怎么做?”他解释说,他的同事的退休金,部分来自转售自己的出租车牌照所得。在纽约,如今一块出租车牌照的价值已超过100万美元。但在伦敦,任何通过“知识”(The Knowledge)考试的人都可免费获发出租车牌照。这是一项很难的考试,考试内容是出租车司机必须掌握的伦敦地理知识。伦敦的出租车别具特色,外观是黑色的。Some regulation of taxis is necessary. The nature of the service they provide means that many of its users are vulnerable. They are disabled, or women who need a safe trip home late at night, or foreign tourists who have no idea what is a reasonable fare from the airport to the city. Beware Budapest, where taxis are unregulated, and Oslo, where even the metered fare will max out your credit card.一定程度的出租车监管是必要的。出租车务的性质决定了,它的很多乘客处于弱势地位,比如残疾人、在深夜需要安全归家的女性、或是不清楚从机场打车到城里的合理费用水平的外国游客。在布达佩斯要当心,那里的出租车是不受监管的;还有奥斯陆,在那里即便打表,打车费用也会刷爆你的信用卡。Taxi licensing illustrates regulatory capture, the phenomenon by which regulation intended to serve the public is hijacked by industry interests. As every passenger knows, drivers are voluble, and enjoy a certain solidarity; their clients, however, are diffuse and diverse. In 1978 a protest by cab drivers brought central Dublin to a halt. The Irish government responded by agreeing to freeze the number of taxis on the streets of the city. Over the next two decades the Irish economy grew strongly and Dublin became notorious for taxi queues. There was even a serious proposal to erect taxi shelters across the city, so that waiting citizens could shelter from the Irish rain.出租车牌照制反映出了“监管俘获”(regulatory capture)现象,即原本旨在务公众的监管却被行业利益所劫持。每一名出租车乘客都知道,出租车司机很健谈,并且在某种程度上团结在一起,而他们的客户却是分散化和多样化的。1978年,出租车司机举行的抗议导致都柏林市中心停摆。为应对这场抗议,爱尔兰政府答应冻结都柏林的运营出租车数量。过去20年,爱尔兰经济强劲增长,都柏林各处排队打车的景象也逐渐闻名于世。甚至有人严肃提议在都柏林各处设立出租车候车亭,让等待打车的市民有地方躲雨——爱尔兰的雨可是说下就下。The regular Christmas chaos – taxis were unavailable at times of peak demand – became a political issue. But Prime Minister Bertie Ahern stood firm in defence of the status quo. It was left to the Irish courts to declare the restrictions on numbers unlawful. Within two years, the number of cab licences in Dublin had increased more than threefold.每逢圣诞节就会出现的混乱场面(需求高峰时段根本打不到车)成了个政治问题。但当时的爱尔兰总理伯蒂#8226;埃亨(Bertie Ahern)却坚决维护现状。最终是爱尔兰法院出面,宣布限制出租车牌照数量是违法的。随后不到两年,都柏林的出租车牌照数量就增加了两倍多。So long as regulation ensures that vehicles are safe and drivers honest, it is difficult to see how the public interest could ever be served by restrictions on numbers. Britain’s Office of Fair Trading reached this conclusion in 2003 (although there are no such restrictions in London, many other local authorities impose limits). But the lobbyists prevailed; the parliamentary transport committee issued an extraordinary attack on the OFT report, and the government decided to do nothing. The Law Commission reiterated the OFT’s finding in 2012, but by the following year had modified its advice and suggested that there might be a case for restricting supply, although it gave little guidance as to what that case was.只要监管确保车辆安全无虞、司机诚实可靠,就很难理解为何限制出租车数量会有利于公众利益。英国公平交易办公室(OFT)在2003年得出的结论也提出了同样的质疑。(尽管伦敦对出租车数量没有限制,但英国许多其他地方当局有这样的限制。)但游说势力占了上风;国会的交通委员会(transport committee)罕见地抨击了OFT的报告,政府决定不采取任何行动。法律委员会(Law Commission)在2012年得出了与OFT相同的结论,但在次年修改了自己的建议,提出限制供给或许是有道理的,尽管它没有明确说明这个道理是什么。In Paris, cab numbers are tightly controlled and there are virtually no private hire vehicles. Taxis are mainly used by business people and journeys per head are less than a third of what they are in London or New York. Lower socioeconomic groups rarely use cabs in France – in London and New York they do, extensively – and there are large areas of Paris where a taxi service is in effect unavailable. That elitist outcome is strikingly similar to the experience of another regulated industry, civil aviation, where service was confined for many years to business travellers and the affluent, until deregulation and the internet made the emergence of low-cost airlines first possible and then inevitable. The parallels with the development of Uber are clear.在巴黎,出租车数量受到严格控制,而且几乎不存在“约租车”(private hire vehicles)。出租车的主要客户是商务人士,人均乘坐里程不到伦敦或纽约的三分之一。在法国,中低收入阶层很少打车,不像在伦敦和纽约,那里的中低收入阶层经常打车;此外,巴黎还有大片区域事实上打不到车。这种“高端化”的结果与另一个受监管行业的经历惊人的相似,那就是民航业,后者在许多年里也曾仅为商务旅客和富裕阶层务,直到去监管化和互联网使得廉价航空公司的兴起先是成为可能、而后变得不可阻挡。这显然为优步的发展提供了参照。But the problem of the French driver’s pension remains. The American economist Gordon Tullock described “the transitional gains trap”: the policy of restricting numbers is foolish but cannot be abandoned without wiping out the hard-earned savings of drivers. One might have less sympathy for investors; most New York cabbies rent rather than own licences. In Dublin, the Irish government established a hardship fund to help compensate drivers who had been counting on the value of the licence to supplement their retirement income, or had recently taken out a loan to purchase a licence. Politicians should beware of policies that are easy to implement and costly to reverse.但法国出租车司机的退休金问题依然存在。美国经济学家戈登#8226;塔洛克(Gordon Tullock)描述了“暂时性收益陷阱”(transitional gains trap):限制数量的政策是愚蠢的,但无法在不使司机辛苦攒下的积蓄化为乌有的前提下抛弃这一政策。人们对投资者或许就没这么多同情心了;纽约的出租车司机大多租用牌照,而不持有牌照。在都柏林,爱尔兰政府成立了一个扶困基金,为那些原本依靠牌照价值来补充退休收入、或刚为购买牌照而贷了一笔款的司机提供经济上的帮助。政界人士应提防那些容易执行、但要付出高昂成本才能撤销的政策。 /201405/295246宜昌二医院看男科怎么样 A Royal Dutch Shell-led consortium is close to selling several Nigerian oilfields for about bn to domestic buyers, as foreign companies retreat from sub-Saharan Africa’s oldest oil industry.由荷兰皇家壳牌(Royal Dutch Shell)牵头的财团即将把几座尼日利亚油田售给国内买家,价格约在50亿美元左右,显示外企将撤离撒哈拉以南非洲历史最悠久的石油产业。The price tag for the four oilfields and a key pipeline co-owned by Shell, Total of France and Eni of Italy has doubled since initial estimates towards the end of last year. The rise highlights the financial muscle of a cluster of Nigerian oil companies that have emerged as prominent players in the country’s hydrocarbon industry.这4座油田和1条重要管线为壳牌、法国道达尔(Total)和意大利埃尼(Eni)共同拥有,它们的标价比去年底的初步估计增加了一倍。价格上涨凸显了尼日利亚石油企业的财务实力,它们已成为该国油气产业的强大竞争者。The sales are the latest move by oil and gas supermajors to reduce their onshore presence in Nigeria, in the face of theft and sabotage and long delays to a government bill setting out new terms for operators.面对盗窃、蓄意破坏和政府长期拖延出台新的针对作业方的法案条款,石油和天然气行业巨头正寻求缩减在尼日利亚的陆上业务,此次出售是它们在这个方向上的最新动作。Buyers for the four blocks have been selected, but two bidders are still negotiating their contracts. A deal is expected in the next few weeks, but it will require all potential buyers to get government approval.4个油田区块的买家已选定,但2个投标者还在谈判合约。交易预计将在未来几周内达成,但会要求所有潜在买家获得政府批准。Two people familiar with the situation shared details of the sale that could amount to .2bn, but they warned the figure could still change as the companies negotiated the final details.两名知情人透露了这笔销售的细节,其售价可能会达到52亿美元,但他们提醒说,这个数字仍可能随着有关企业敲定细节而发生改变。“It is a lot of money,” said a banker involved in the process. “It is a great display of the strength of the Nigerian indigenous oil industry.”“这是一大笔钱。”参与交易的一位家说,“这是尼日利亚本土石油工业实力的生动展示。”Nigerian oil traders-cum-producers Taleveras and Aiteo have offered .6bn for the largest oilfield, known as Oil Mining Licence 29, according to the people familiar with the situation. The 60-mile Nembe Creek Trunk Line, a key oil transport artery that has been regularly attacked by oil thieves, is being sold as part of this package.知情人表示,尼日利亚石油贸易商暨生产商Taleveras和Aiteo已对最大的油田——石油开采许可第29号——出价26亿美元。60英里长的嫩贝溪(Nembe Creek)干线管道将随此次交易一并出售,这条石油运输的关键动脉一直频遭石油偷盗者攻击。Domestic oil and gas companies have expanded aggressively since 2008 and have bought assets worth bn from the world’s biggest energy groups.尼日利亚国内石油和天然气公司自2008年以来积极扩张,它们已从全球各大能源集团购买了价值50亿美元的资产。 /201408/324678The recent killing of a popular lion named Cecil by an American dentist in Zimbabwe sparked considerable outrage on social media and elsewhere against safari hunting. The event has also brought to light the role that airlines play in transporting trophy kills as cargo, and may have contributed to changing airline policy.近期,美国牙医猎杀明星狮子塞西尔(Cecil)一事在社交媒体和世界各地激发了人们对狩猎的愤怒。此事也暴露了航空公司把遭到猎杀的动物作为货物运送的事实,或将有助于转变现有的航空政策。On Monday, Delta Air Lines became the latest carrier to change its rules about transporting hunting trophies. Its announcement came as a group of airlines including Air France, KLM, Iberia, I Cargo, Singapore Airlines and Qantas signaled last week they would ban the transport of trophy-hunting kills, according to Paul Ferris, the campaign director at SumOfUs.org, a consumer-based petition agency in Brooklyn, which has pressed for changing cargo policies.周一,达美航空(Delta Air Lines)成为最新一家针对运送猎物的运输规定作出修改的航空公司。总部位于布鲁克林的消费者请愿机构SumOfUs.org的活动总监保罗·费瑞斯(Paul Ferris)表示,除达美外,法国航空(Air France)、荷兰皇家航空(KLM)、西班牙国家航空(Iberia)、国际航空集团(I Cargo)、新加坡航空(Singapore Airlines)和澳洲航空(Qantas)在上周均表示将禁止运送猎物。SumOfUs.org致力于推动货运政策的修改。“Airlines and other large travel corporations would be foolish to ignore the public reaction to the killing of Cecil the lion, and growing concern about the plight of endangered species,” Mr. Ferris said.“如果无视公众对塞西尔被杀的反应和对濒危物种面临的困境与日剧增的担忧,航空公司和其他大型旅行公司无疑是愚蠢的,” 费瑞斯说。Such a ban was initiated by South African Airways in April, and Emirates, Lufthansa and British Airways later joined. These airlines pledged not to carry big game trophies, including elephants, rhinos, lions and tigers as cargo.这样的禁令最初是由南非航空(South African Airways)在今年4月发起的,随后阿联酋航空(Emirates)、汉莎航空(Lufthansa)和英国航空(British Airways)也加入其中。这些公司承诺不会再运输大型猎物,包括大象、犀牛、狮子和老虎。One major holdout had been Delta, which has direct service between the ed States and countries in Africa. But bowing to pressure from some travelers and activists, and an online petition on Change.org, Delta changed its position too.之前,其中一个拒不让步的公司就是达美。这家公司拥有美国和多个非洲国家之间的直飞航线。不过,面对来自旅客和活动人士的压力,还有在Change.org网站上的请愿行动,达美也让步了。“Effective immediately, Delta will officially ban shipment of all lion, leopard, elephant, rhinoceros and buffalo trophies worldwide as freight,” according to a statement by Morgan Durrant, a Delta spokesman. “Prior to this ban, Delta’s strict acceptance policy called for absolute compliance with all government regulations regarding protected species. Delta will also review acceptance policies of other hunting trophies with appropriate government agencies and other organizations supporting legal shipments.”“达美航空将正式在全球范围内禁止以货物形式运输任何狮子、豹、大象、犀牛和水牛,立即生效,”达美航空发言人根·达兰特(Morgan Durrant)说。“在此项禁令之前,达美严格的货物收寄政策完全遵守了各国政府对保护物种的全部规定。达美也将与相关政府机构和其他组织一起审核其他猎物的收寄政策,以持合法运输。”Still resistance to change can run deep. South African Airways initially banned trophy cargo after a shipment of elephant tusks marked as machine parts bound for Kuala Lumpur was discovered during a stop in Australia. But since July there have been reports that SAA lifted the ban and has resumed shipping trophy kills.当然,对于变革的顽强抵抗还是存在的。南非航空起初发起对猎物运输的禁令,是因为运往吉隆坡的一单货物标记为机械部件,但在澳大利亚经停时被发现是象牙。不过,从7月开始就有报道称,南非航空已经取消禁令,又开始重新运输被杀的猎物。Americans make up the bulk of non-African hunters. About 15,000 American tourists visit Africa on hunting safaris every year, according to Conservation Force, a nonprofit group that advocates responsible hunting. Currently, 11 African countries issue lion-hunting permits, including Zimbabwe, South Africa, Namibia and Tanzania.在来自非洲之外的猎人中,美国人占了很大一部分。根据倡导良心狩猎的非营利组织“保护力量”(Conservation Force)提供的数据,每年有1.5万名美国游客前往非洲进行狩猎游。目前,有11个非洲国家颁发猎狮许可,其中包括津巴布韦、南非、纳米比亚和坦桑尼亚。Of those, South Africa’s hunting industry is the biggest, estimated to be worth around 5 million, according to the Professional Hunters Association. And just as important, it is woven into the luxury sector of the travel industry, with fees that can reach ,000 to hunt lions, for example.按照职业猎人协会(Professional Hunters Association)公布的数据,在这些国家中,南非的狩猎行业规模最大,估计产值在6.75亿美元左右。同样重要的是,狩猎还与豪华旅游业结合了起来。比方说,猎狮的收费可达5.5万美元。Many of the ranches in Africa where big game is hunted have their own luxury accommodations. Such is the case with Bushman Safaris, the outfitters used by Walter Palmer, the Minnesota dentist.非洲的不少大型动物猎场配有豪华住宿务。猎杀塞西尔的明尼苏达牙医瓦尔特帕尔默(Walter Palmer)采用的装备供应商布须曼游猎公司(Bushman Safaris)即为一例。Luxury hotel chains do not condemn trophy hunting or ban hotel guests from big-game hunting, even though it does little for the local economy. Less than 3 percent of the revenue from trophy hunting goes to local guides, business owners or people living in communities near the animals, according to a report by the think tank Economists at Large.连锁豪华酒店并不会谴责为了获得纪念品而进行的狩猎活动,也不会禁止宾客猎杀大型动物,尽管此类活动对当地经济贡献寥寥。根据智库“自由经济学人”(Economists at Large)发布的一份报告,狩猎活动的收入中,不到3%流向了当地导游、企业主或是居住在临近动物领地的社区里的民众。Many conservationists are concerned that the laws regulating trophy hunting can be ambiguous and often lead to poaching.许多动物保护人士感到忧心忡忡,他们认为规范狩猎活动的法规措辞模糊,而且往往会导致偷猎。African lion population numbers vary, but many estimate there were about 100,000 a century ago. Today, there are around 35,000. Lion populations had been stable, but because they dropped noticeably in the last three years, the ed States Fish and Wildlife Service has proposed listing the lion as a threatened species.各方对非洲狮种群规模的估算不一,不过许多说法认为一个世纪前约为10万头。目前的数据则为3.5万头左右。狮子的种群规模曾经较为稳定,但在过去三年里显著缩小,因此美国鱼类和野生动物(ed States Fish and Wildlife Service)提议将之列为受威胁物种。While this would not eliminate trophy hunting, it would regulate it through a permit system for importing sport-hunted trophies into the ed States. Opponents to the listing are concerned that the agency’s proposal would hamper conservation funds raised by the fees collected for trophy hunting. A decision is expected by January 2016.尽管进入名录并不会消灭狩猎行为,但会使其接受监管,方式是推出将猎取的动物运入美国的进口许可制度。反对把狮子列入名录的人士担心,的这项提议会阻碍通过狩猎来筹集保护基金。有关这项建议的决定将于2016年1月做出。But while the pace of federal regulation moves slowly, conservationists said airlines like Delta and other travel corporations are in a much better position to press for change.不过,尽管联邦监管方面步伐缓慢,动物保护人士表示,在推动变革上,达美等航空公司和其他类别的旅游企业所处的位置要有利得多。 /201508/390844宜昌市中心医院有治疗前列腺炎吗

宜昌那家男性专科远安县包皮手术多少钱 A few years ago, the Chinese writer Murong Xuecun had the kind of career most novelists dream about. His eight books had sold two million copies in China, and he had amassed more than eight million social media followers.几年前,中国作家慕容雪村取得了大多数小说家梦寐以求的事业成就。他写的八本书在中国卖出了200万册,他的社交媒体账户吸引了逾800万名粉丝。But in 2011, he decided to stop publishing. He was afraid of running afoul of Chinese censors, and was even more concerned about the self-censorship that had crept into his work. Now he wishes he had never published some of his earlier books, which tiptoed around political issues.但在2011年,他决定停止出版书籍,他担心与中国审查机构起冲突,甚至更担心已经侵入他作品的自我审查。他现在想,自己当初不应该出版某些早期的作品,那些作品小心翼翼地避开了政治议题。“When I look back on them, I feel ashamed of myself,” said Mr. Murong, 41, who lives in Beijing and whose real name is Hao Qun.今年41岁的慕容雪村说,“当我回过头看这些书时,感到很惭愧。”慕容雪村住在北京,本名郝群。Mr. Murong was among a handful of writers who gathered on the steps of the New York Public Library on Wednesday night to protest the limits on free speech and expression in China. The gathering, organized by the PEN American Center, was prompted by the presence of a large delegation of Chinese publishers at BookExpo America, a major publishing trade event taking place in Manhattan this week.周三晚间,数名作家聚集在纽约公共图书馆(New York Public Library)的台阶上,抗议中国限制言论自由和表达的举措,慕容雪村也在其中。庞大的中国出版商代表团来到曼哈顿,参加于本周举办的重要出版业活动美国书展(BookExpo America)。中国代表团的到来,促使美国笔会中心(PEN American Center)组织作家参加这次集会。The juxtaposition was striking. This week, thousands of booksellers, librarians, publishers and authors mingled at BookExpo, at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center, where Chinese publishers were being feted as international guests of honor. To mark the event, the Chinese government sent a 500-person delegation from 100 publishing houses, and 26 of its top authors. Chinese publishers claimed close to 25,000 square feet of floor space at the hall and planned 50 events around the city, including poetry ings, film screenings, author panels and presentations from its largest publishers.两种活动的并置产生了鲜明的反差。本周,数以千计的书商、图书馆负责人、出版商和作家汇聚在雅各布·K·贾维茨会议中心(Jacob K. Javits Convention Center)参加书展,中国出版商作为国际贵宾受到盛情招待。为了庆祝这一活动,中国政府派出了由100家出版公司的500名人员及26名顶级作家组成的代表团参展。中国出版商在展厅中占据了大约2.5万平方英尺(约合2300平方米)的展位,还计划在全市各地举办50场活动,包括诗歌朗诵、电影放映、作家座谈及大型出版商的展示活动。Not many blocks away, Mr. Murong stood on the library steps and aloud from an open letter he had written to Chinese censors in 2013, after his social media account was blocked and its contents deleted. “You treat literature as poison and free speech as a crime,” he said.在距离该中心几个街区远的地方,慕容雪村站在图书馆的台阶上,大声朗读2013年自己的社交媒体账号被禁,内容被删除后写给中国监管机构的公开信。他说,“你们把文学当成毒药,把言论当成犯罪。”He was joined by prominent American writers like Jonathan Franzen, Paul Auster, Francine Prose and A. M. Homes, and by the China-born novelists Ha Jin and Xiaolu Guo. They took turns ing works by Chinese authors who are in prison or under house arrest for their writing, including the Tibetan poet Tsering Woeser, the writer Liu Xia and her husband, the poet and Nobel Peace Prize winner Liu Xiaobo, who is serving an 11-year prison sentence for subversion.与他一同抗议的有乔纳森·弗兰岑(Jonathan Franzen)、保罗·奥斯特(Paul Auster)、弗朗辛·普罗斯(Francine Prose)和A·M·霍姆斯(A.M. Homes)等美国作家,以及在中国出生的小说家哈金和郭小橹。他们轮流朗读因为写作而被监禁或软禁的中国作家的作品,比如藏族诗人茨仁唯色(Tsering Woeser),作家刘霞及丈夫——诗人、诺贝尔和平奖得主刘晓波。刘晓波以颠覆国家罪被判11年监禁,目前正在刑。“There are all of these writers in China who are in jeopardy for expressing themselves, and if you have a government-sanctioned delegation, you’re only getting part of the story,” said Suzanne Nossel, executive director of the PEN American Center, an organization that promotes free speech.美国笔会的负责人苏珊·诺塞尔(Suzanne Nossel)表示,“有那么多中国作家因为自我表达而陷入危险,如果请来一个政府持的代表团,那你只能听到故事的一部分。”该组织提倡言论自由。BookExpo’s organizers called China’s featured role at the expo an unprecedented and historic meeting between the world’s two largest publishing industries.书展的组织者称,中国在书展上扮演重要角色,代表着世界上两大出版产业前所未有的历史性会面。“We’re going to remember this for a generation, because it’s going to be the beginning of opening some doors,” said Steve Rosato, the event director for BookExpo. He said the event was not an appropriate forum to address censorship.书展活动总监史蒂夫·罗萨托(Steve Rosato)说,“整整一代人都会记住这场活动,因为这将是开启某些大门的起点。”他表示,该活动不是讨论审查问题的恰当场合。“We’re not in the position to do anything around that,” he said when asked about PEN America’s objections. “China is a significant market and they represent a significant trade opportunity.”“我们不适合针对那个问题做任何事,”他在被问及美国笔会的目标时说。“中国是一个重要的市场,他们代表着重要的贸易机会。”China’s prominence at this year’s BookExpo highlights both the growing interplay between Chinese publishers and the international literary community, and the difficulties of doing business when standards for freedom of expression differ significantly.中国在今年书展中的显著地位突显了中国出版商与国际文学界日益加强的相互作用,以及在言论自由标准存在巨大差异的情况下开展商业合作的难度。China has accelerated its effort to export books and authors as part of a broader strategy to exert “soft power” by raising its cultural profile internationally. Chinese publishers have heavily promoted their catalogs at the London and Frankfurt book fairs in recent years.为了在国际上提升文化形象,从而发挥“软实力”,中国加快了出口图书、推广作家的步伐。中国出版商最近几年在伦敦及法兰克福书展上都大力推广他们的书目。Major deals are taking place between American and Chinese content companies. Earlier this year, the American e-book distributor Trajectory signed a deal with a Chinese digital company, Tencent, to distribute Tencent’s catalog of 200,000 Chinese e-books in North and South America.美国和中国的内容出版公司进行了一些重大交易。今年早些时候,美国电子书经销商Trajectory与中国数码公司腾讯签订了一项协议,打算在北美和南美销售腾讯的20万本中文电子书。“Western publishers are interested in getting access to the Chinese market, and the Chinese government is interested in getting more authors known in the West,” said Jeffrey N. Wasserstrom, a history professor at the University of California, Irvine, and author of “China in the 21st Century.”加州大学欧文分校的历史教授华志坚(Jeffrey N. Wasserstrom)说,“西方出版商有进入中国市场的兴趣,中国政府也想让西方了解更多的中国作家。”华志坚著有《21世纪的中国》(China in the 21st Century)。Some American publishers say that their business is booming in China and that they have not faced significant government interference.一些美国出版商称,他们的业务在中国得到了迅猛发展,而且他们并未受到政府的大力干涉。“The Chinese appetite for Western books is really impressive,” said Niko Pfund, president of Oxford University Press. “I’ve been amazed and pleasantly surprised by how smooth and uncomplicated it has been.”“中国对西方图书的兴趣真的令人印象深刻,”牛津大学出版社(Oxford University Press)社长尼科·丰德(Niko Pfund)说。“事情的顺利和便捷让我又惊又喜。”The Chinese book business has ballooned into an billion industry, the second largest after the ed States. Chinese publishers released 444,000 titles in 2013, up from around 328,000 in 2010. The country is adding around 20 million new English speakers a year.中国的图书产业迅速发展成了一个价值80亿美元(约合496亿元人民币)的行业,其规模仅次于美国,在世界上排名第二。2013年,中国出版商推出了44.4万本书,而2010年仅有大概32.8万本。每年,中国都会新增约2000万名会讲英语的人。Chinese publishers have been eagerly acquiring Western titles, especially by British and American authors. In 2013, they bought the rights to more than 16,000 foreign books, including nearly 5,500 from America, more than double the number purchased a decade earlier. HarperCollins exported around 9,700 English-language titles to China in 2014, and cites China as one of its fastest growing international markets. Business books and children’s books are among the most popular categories, it says.中国出版商一直在积极引进西方图书,尤其是英国和美国作家的书。2013年,它们购买了16000余本外国图书的版权,其中将近5500本来自美国,与10年前的购买量相比增加了一倍还多。2014年,哈珀科林斯(Harper Collins)向中国输出了大约9700本英文图书,并指出中国是它增长最快的国际市场之一。它说,商业书籍和儿童图书最受欢迎。Penguin Random House said that it exported more than 50,000 of its English-language print and e-book editions to China annually.企鹅兰登书屋(Penguin Random House)称,它每年会向中国出口5万余本英文纸质书和电子书。“Chinese people are very curious about culture in other countries,” Wu Xiaoping, president of Phoenix International Publishing Group, said in an interview through a translator after appearing on a panel at BookExpo. “There will be more and better relationships between Chinese and U.S. publishers.”“中国人对外国文化非常好奇,”凤凰国际出版公司(Phoenix International Publishing Group)总经理吴小平在书展的一场讨论会结束后,通过翻译接受采访时说。“中国和美国出版商之间的关系会愈发密切和友好。”When asked whether certain topics were off limits for writers and if his publishing house adhered to government guidelines, he replied, “No comment.”当被问到一些话题的写作是否受限,以及他的出版社是否需要遵守政府规定时候,他回答道,“无可奉告。”In China, censorship — and, more commonly, self-censorship — has long been a feature of the publishing industry, which is controlled by the ruling Communist Party. The government’s roughly 580 state-run publishing houses ensure that domestic fare does not broach so-called sensitive topics: gay rights, the discontent of China’s ethnic minorities, and the bloody crackdown on pro-democracy protests of 1989.在中国,审查——以及更为常见的自我审查——一直是出版行业的特色。该行业一直处于执政党中国共产党的控制之下。中国政府共有大约580所国有出版社,可以保国内出版的书籍不提及所谓的敏感话题,如同性恋权利、中国少数民族的不满,以及1989年针对民主抗议活动的血腥镇压。“Chinese censorship works before the writer even starts writing,” said Bao Pu, publisher of the New Century Press in Hong Kong, who participated in the PEN event. “Why write a piece that you know will never get published?”“甚至早在作者动笔之前,中国的审查过程就开始了,”参加笔会活动的香港新世纪出版社出版人鲍朴称。“人们为什么要写明知永远无法出版的作品呢?”Western writers who publish their work in China are not immune to the country’s more rigid standards. Some, like the scholar Ezra F. Vogel, have reluctantly cooperated with publishing house censors. The mainland Chinese version of his biography on Deng Xiaoping omitted a number of adjectives about Mao Zedong and entire passages about Deng, but Mr. Vogel has said that the deletions were necessary to reach an audience hungry for mostly unexpurgated history about their country.在中国出版作品的西方作者也无法逃脱中国更为严苛的标准所带来的影响。例如,学者傅高义(Ezra F. Vogel)就不情愿地与出版社的审查者进行了合作。他写了一本邓小平传记,但这本书的大陆版省略了一些关于毛泽东的形容词,还删节了一整段关于邓小平的内容。但傅高义表示,为了让那些对本国基本完整的历史如饥似渴的读者读到这本书,这些删节是必要的。In a few cases, writers have backed out of publishing deals rather than submit to censorship. Evan Osnos, the author of “Age of Ambition,” a book about economic and social change in China, decided not to publish a translation in mainland China after editors there told him they would delete references to the artist Ai Weiwei and Mr. Liu, the jailed Nobel Peace Prize winner. “To me, making those cuts wouldn’t be engaging Chinese ers, it would be isolating them,” he said in an email.少数情况下,作者没有向审查屈,而是选择了放弃出版交易。《野心时代》(Age of Ambition)的作者欧逸文(Evan Osnos)决定不在中国出版此书的译本,因为编辑此前告诉他,他们要删去关于艺术家艾未未和仍处于监禁之中的诺贝尔和平奖得主刘晓波的内容。这本书讲的是中国在经济和社会方面的变化。他在一封电子邮件中说,“在我看来,删除这些内容并不是在与中国读者交流,而是会把他们孤立起来。”Other writers were never consulted about changes made to their work, and learned only after publication. The writer Andrew Solomon was infuriated to learn that “The Noonday Demon,” his book about depression, had been altered without his approval, omitting his references to being gay.还有些作者在作品出版前根本不知道作品内容的变动,直到作品出版后才知道。当《正午的恶魔》(The Noonday Demon)一书——这是一本关于抑郁症的书——的作者安德鲁·索罗门(Andrew Solomon)得知自己的书在未经他允许的情况下被更改之后十分生气,更改后的版本删除了他提到自己是同性恋的内容。“I think there’s a suggestion that because China is an enormous market, we have to defer to the Chinese internal standards of censorship,” Mr. Solomon said. “It’s somewhere between na#239;ve and hypocritical to engage with China and not acknowledge the severity of this problem.”“我认为,有人会建议,因为中国是个巨大的市场,所以我们必须遵守中国内部的审查标准,”索罗门说。“讨好中国,不承认这个问题的严重性的做法,说好听的叫天真,说难听的叫虚伪。” /201506/378294宜昌哪儿有男子医院

宜昌市医院包皮手术多少钱Indian bridegroom dumped over failed maths test印度新郎算不出15+6遭新娘悔婚An Indian bride has walked out of her wedding after her bridegroom-to-be failed to solve a simple maths problem, according to police in Uttar Pradesh.印度北方邦警方透露,因准新郎未能解出一道简单的算术题,印度一位新娘毅然悔婚。The bride asked the groom to add 15 and six. When he replied 17, she called off the marriage.这位新娘让新郎算出15加6等于多少,新郎回答“17”。听到后,新娘取消了这段婚约。Reports say the groom#39;s family tried to convince the bride to return, but she refused saying the man was illiterate.有报道称,新郎的家人力劝新娘回头,但她断然拒绝,称未婚夫是个文盲。Local police said they mediated between the families, and both sides returned all the gifts given before the wedding.当地警方已介入进行调解。双方已将婚礼前送抵的礼退还。Most marriages in India are arranged by the families, and it is common for a bride and groom to get married without spending time in each other#39;s company.在印度,大多数婚姻都是由父母一手包办。新郎新娘还没好好处对象就结婚的现象比比皆是。A police official of Rasoolabad village where the incident happened told B Hindi that local resident Mohar Singh had fixed his daughter Lovely#39;s wedding to a man called Ram Baran.事发所在地拉索拉巴德村的一名警官说,当地居民莫哈·辛格原本为女儿拉弗里与一名叫兰姆·巴朗的男子定下了婚约。;But just before the marriage ceremony Lovely came to know that Ram Baran is illiterate and she refused to marry,; he said.“但婚礼前拉弗里得知兰姆·巴朗是个文盲,然后她就悔婚了,”他说道。Mohar Singh told the Associated Press news agency that the ;groom#39;s family had kept us in the dark about his poor education;.莫哈·辛格表示自己一直被新郎的家人蒙在鼓里,完全不知道兰姆是个文盲。;Even a first grader can answer this [the maths test],; he said.“哪怕是一年级小学生都能算对这道(数学)题,”他说道。Last month, another bride in Uttar Pradesh married a guest at her wedding after her groom-to-be had a seizure and collapsed.就在上个月,北方邦的另一位新娘在准新郎癫痫发作晕倒后与婚礼上的一位客人结了婚。Reports said the groom was epileptic and he had kept the information from the bride and her family.据报道,那位准新郎是个癫痫患者,但他一直向新娘及其家人隐瞒自己的病情。 /201506/384023 Investigators were on Tuesday night preparing to examine a black box flight recorder recovered from a remote mountainside in the French Alps where a German airliner crashed, killing all 150 people on board.一架德国客机在法国阿尔卑斯偏远山区坠毁,机上150人全部遇难。调查人员在周二晚上准备检查从坠机地点找到的一个黑匣子飞行记录器。The Airbus A320 jet operated by Germanwings, the budget airline owned by Lufthansa, was en route from Barcelona to Düsseldorf when it began to lose height rapidly, descending more than 30,000ft in eight minutes before crashing in the southern French Alps.这架空客(Airbus) A320飞机属于汉莎(Lufthansa)旗下廉价航空公司德国之翼(Germanwings),它在从巴塞罗那飞往杜塞尔多夫的途中突然开始迅速降低高度,8分钟内下降超过3万英尺,最后坠毁在法国南部阿尔卑斯山区。The French authorities launched a vast recovery operation, involving 600 gendarmes and 10 helicopters, but were hampered by the inaccessible terrain. The crash site, north east of Dignes-les-Bains in Haute Provence, is 7km from the nearest road and at an altitude of 1,600 metres.法国政府发起大规模搜寻工作,出动了600名国家宪兵和10架直升机,但由于事发地点交通不便而受到阻碍。坠机地点在上普罗旺斯阿尔卑斯省(Alpes-de-Haute-Provence)迪涅莱班(Digne-les-Bains)东北方向,距最近的道路为7公里,海拔1600米。Bernard Cazeneuve, the French interior minister, said investigators would examine the black box recorder overnight to shed more light on the reasons for the crash. They will hold a press conference on Wednesday afternoon.法国内政部长伯纳德#8226;卡泽纳夫(Bernard Cazeneuve)表示,调查人员将连夜检查黑匣子记录器,以查清坠机原因。他们将于周三下午举行新闻发布会。Speaking at the French National Assembly, Manuel Valls, the prime minister, said that no hypothesis could be ruled out.法国总理曼努埃尔#8226;瓦尔斯(Manuel Valls)在法国国民议会(National Assembly)发言称,目前还不能排除任何假设。“It’s a tragedy,” President Fran#231;ois Hollande said in a television address, adding that the circumstances of the crash led the government to believe there may not be any survivors.法国总统弗朗索瓦#8226;奥朗德(Francois Hollande)在电视讲话中表示,“这是一场悲剧”。他还说,考虑到此次坠机的具体情形,政府认为可能没有任何幸存者。The flight was carrying 144 passengers and six crew. Among them were 67 Germans and 45 Spaniards. The passengers included 16 students and two teachers from a German school. The Spanish government has announced three days of national mourning.这架飞机上载有144名乘客和6名机组人员,其中有67名德国人和45名西班牙人。乘客包括德国一所学校的16名学生和两名教师。西班牙政府已宣布举国哀悼三天。Mr Hollande spoke to Angela Merkel, the German chancellor, to express his condolences. Ms Merkel and Mariano Rajoy, the Spanish prime minister, will join the French president at the crash scene on Wednesday, the Elysée palace said.奥朗德与德国总理安格拉#8226;默克尔(Angela Merkel)通话表示哀悼。法国政府表示,默克尔和西班牙首相马里亚诺#8226;拉霍伊(Mariano Rajoy)周三将与法国总统一同前往坠机地点。 /201503/366474宜昌男健医院割包皮费用是多少宜昌点军区割包皮手术



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