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2019年07月21日 13:30:26 | 作者:家庭医生面诊 | 来源:新华社
乌克兰民众希望季莫申科参与总统竞选 5 :58:1 乌克兰民众希望季莫申科参与总统竞选Ukrainian opposition leader Yulia Tymoshenko has accepted an invitation from German Chancellor Angela Merkal to be treated a back problem inGermany.Tymoshenko's Batkivshchyna party announced her decision on its website. It says Tymoshenko will go to Berlin's Charite Hospital after attending theEuropean People's Party congress, which starts in Dublin on March 6th. Hours after the removal of her bitter rival, Viktor Yanukovych, the mer primeminister was released from the hospital where she had been held under prison guard. She’d been there most of the time since her conviction abuseof office in .Tymoshenko addressed antiYanukovych protesters on Kiev's Independence Square from a wheelchair on Saturday evening. She's widely expected to run ina presidential election on May 5th, but she has not said what her plans are.年大学英语专业八级改错专项训练1 01 :9:57 年大学英语专业八级改错专项训练1  One important outcome of the work on the expression of genes in developing embryos is sure to be knowledge that can help preventing birth defects. Just as promising (6) is the possibility of unraveling the complicated writing (7) of the brain. A mechanic gets valuable insight how an () automobile works by rebuilding car engines; similarly, neuroscientists can learn how the brain functions from (9) the way it is put together. The next step pursuing the (30) goal is to find out how the blueprint genes, the home box genes, control the expression of other genes that create the valves and piston of the working cerebral engine.   The protein encoded by the latter genes could change the (31) stickiness of the cell surface, the shape of the cell or its metabolism to create the characteristic peculiar to, say, neurons or neuralcrest cell. Surface proteins may be the (3) mechanism, whereby similar programmed cells stick together to m specific structures; they might also sense (33)the local environment to help the cell decide what is to do.   Clarifying those mechanisms will engage the best talents in () embryology and molecular biology some times to come. (35) What is perhaps the most intriguing question of all is if the brain is powerful enough to solve the puzzle of its own creation.   参考:   6.preventing改为prevent   7.complicated改为complexion   .sight后加into   9.neuroscientist改为a neuroscientist   30.pursuing后加in   31.later改为latter   3.similar改为similarly   33.去掉is   .times改为time   35.if改为whether然而,表情符号在竞争平台上可以看上去非常不同;;例如一个舞者的表情符号在LG手机上是一个芭蕾舞演员,在三星设备上却是男人跳迪斯科舞,在安卓上是一个手臂举起的黄色一团,在 iOS上是弗拉门戈舞蹈家At the same time, the world has to curb the sp of terrorism mindset, stay alert against the “lonely wolf” attacks, and increase efts to solve religious confrontations and geopolitical competition that tend to be manipulated by terrorist groups. In order to prevent “demons”, all of the nations should come together to fight against terrorism.

Meanwhile, European union eign ministers were scheduled on Tuesday to discuss further penalties against Russia, but the most they are expected to do is to speed up implementation of sanctions against individuals, and possibly companies, agreed in principle last week bee the plane was brought down.

BANGKOK Thailand braced a "shutdown" of its capital on Monday by protesters who want to topple Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra and install an unelected government, as fears grew that the southeast Asian country could be heading civil war.

南非新闻自由受到威胁 7 19:9:51 南非新闻自由受到威胁South Africa’s press freedom under threat

Mr Trump, speaking to a crowd of ,000 people, was typically robust in his response to the protesters.

  The May disclosures jeopardised an international intelligence operation and put lives at risk, officials said.

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