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With an opening concert from pop star Katy Perry and an appearance by former basketball player Kobe Bryant, China’s Singles Day sale — Alibaba’s annual orgy of consumption — kicks off this week with more glitz and money than ever before.借助流行歌手凯蒂.佩里(Katty Perry)举办揭幕演唱会和退役篮球运动员科比.布莱恩特(Kobe Bryant)出场,阿里巴巴(Alibaba)的年度消费狂欢——中国光棍节销售活动——本周以前所未有的排场和资金规模启动。The 24-hour sale, which takes place on November 11 (more graphically, 11.11) was not invented by Alibaba but the ecommerce group has made it a fixture of the retail calendar. Now the company plans to use the brouhaha around the event to launch itself beyond mainland China.这一发生在11月11日的24小时销售活动并不是阿里巴巴的发明,但这家电子商务集团已令该日期成为零售业日历中的一个固定节日。如今,该公司打算利用围绕这一活动的喧嚣,将其推广至中国境外。As a China-only event, Singles Day has aly blown America’s Black Friday out of the water. Alibaba turned over .3bn on November 11 last year, compared to the .1bn spent online in the US over the whole five-day period from Thanksgiving to Cyber Monday, which includes Black Friday when retailers kick off the holiday season with big discounts.作为一个只存在于中国的活动,光棍节已经远远超越了美国的“黑色星期五”(Black Friday)。去年11月11日阿里巴巴的营业额达到143亿美元。相比之下,从感恩节到“超级星期一”(Cyber Monday)的整个五天时间里(涵盖美国各零售商以大幅折扣启动圣诞假日销售的黑色星期五),美国的网购花销为111亿美元。The company is exploiting a trove of big data gathered through its retail, streaming and payment platforms in China, and this year it is launching a pilot programme targeting Singles Day shoppers in Hong Kong and Taiwan for the first time. Next year it plans to target Southeast Asia.该公司正在挖掘通过其零售、流媒体及付平台收集的大数据。今年,它要在香港和台湾首次推出面向光棍节购物者的试点计划。明年,该公司还打算以东南亚地区的购物者为目标。It is also expanding via mergers and acquisitions, such as its stakes in Southeast Asian ecommerce group Lazada.此外,该公司还通过并购——比如其在东南亚电子商务集团Lazada所持股份——不断发展壮大。But internationalisation is a tough ask for Alibaba, say analysts, as it is for peers Baidu and Tencent. China’s tech trinity, collectively known as BAT, have grown rapidly at home, unshackled by international competition, but have taken little more than baby steps abroad. The reverse, analysts add, is also true: Amazon has failed to make much headway in China.不过,分析师们表示,对阿里巴巴来说,国际化是一个艰巨任务——这对其国内同行百度(Baidu)和腾讯(Tencent)也是如此。这三家中国科技公司合称BAT,它们在国内因未受国际竞争约束而迅速增长,但在境外只能小步走。分析师们还表示,这一点反过来也成立:亚马逊(Amazon)在中国就未能打开局面。“There’s a tremendous challenge to take it global,” says Scott Likens, who heads PwC’s analytics and emerging technologies business in Hong Kong. “The model that works in China does not work outside China, or at least not as well.”普华永道(PwC)香港分析及新兴科技业务的负责人李敬思(Scott Likens)表示:“阿里巴巴走向全球面临巨大挑战。在中国管用的模式在国外未必有效,或至少不是同样有效。”Jack Ma, the one-time English teacher who founded Alibaba, has set a target of 2bn consumers in the next decade. In other words, come 2026, he expects roughly one in four people in the world to shop through Alibaba’s ecommerce platforms including Taobao and Tmall.曾经当过英语老师的阿里巴巴创始人马云(Jack Ma)为未来10年设定了一个20亿消费者的目标。换句话说,到2026年,他预计全球将有大约四分之一的人通过阿里巴巴的电商平台购物,包括淘宝和天猫。These global ambitions are typically immodest. Mr Ma describes his plans for a “World e-Trade Platform” as a sort of World Trade Organisation without disputes, helping “the 80 per cent of companies and developing countries that cannot participate in world trade” to sell overseas.这些全球雄心通常过于自信。马云称他的“世界电子贸易平台”计划好比一种没有纠纷的世界贸易组织(WTO),帮助“80%没有机会参与世界贸易的公司和发展中国家”在海外销售商品。His claims to be overturning the concept of ecommerce are equally bold. Alibaba is becoming a “consumer-to-business” company, rewriting the retail rule book, it says, so that shoppers, through big data, tell retailers what they want to buy.他提出的颠覆电商概念的言论同样大胆。阿里巴巴称,该公司正变成一个“消费者对企业”的公司,重写零售业规则,让购物者通过大数据告诉零售商他们希望购买什么。“We will become the future of new retail,” says Daniel Zhang, Alibaba chief executive. “Product design and manufacturing will move in the direction of truly being driven by big data.”“我们将变成新型零售业的未来,”阿里巴巴首席执行官张勇(Daniel Zhang)表示,“产品设计和制造将沿着真正由大数据推动的方向发展。”In essence, this means Alibaba using past shopping and browsing habits to anticipate what consumers are interested in and to curate pages accordingly.本质上,这意味着阿里巴巴正利用过去的购买和浏览习惯,据此预测消费者感兴趣的商品和管理网页。Alibaba’s interests give it a much bigger trove of data on customers than that collected by international rivals such as Amazon. A Chinese consumer can (and does) spend a sizeable chunk of time in Alibaba’s web. Its 450m monthly mobile users spend an average 20 minutes per day on a personalised Taobao app, streaming service Youku Tudou has 580m subscribers, and Alibaba part-owns the payments platform Ant Financial.阿里巴巴广泛涉足各类业务,令其获得了远超亚马逊等国际竞争对手的顾客数据。中国消费者可能(也确实)在阿里巴巴网站上花费大量时间。其4.5亿月度移动用户平均每天在淘宝个性化应用上逗留20分钟,流媒体务优酷土豆(Youku Tudou)的用户达5.8亿,阿里巴巴还持有付平台蚂蚁金(Ant Financial)部分股权。“As a digital company they collect your behaviour,” says Steven Lu of Bain amp; Co’s technology practice in Shanghai. “And they’ve started to monetise that through the core business.”“作为一家数字公司,他们会收集用户行为,”贝恩公司(Bain amp; Co)驻上海技术业务主管Steven Lu表示,“他们已开始通过核心业务将其货币化。”Providing more data to merchants means Alibaba can charge higher commissions, which on Tmall typically range from 0.4 to 5 per cent.为商户提供更多数据意味着,阿里巴巴可以收取较高佣金,天猫的佣金费率一般介于0.4%至5%之间。Typical ecommerce models are predicated on there being a physical product on a shelf with a price sticker attached, says PwC’s Mr Likens: customers select from the products on offer and pay the set price.普华永道的李敬思表示,一般的电商模式基于货架上有一个贴有标签的实物商品:顾客从商家提供的商品中进行选择,然后付确定价格。“But in the new world of BAT that doesn’t need to be the case,” he says. “The infrastructure is there, the data are there, the analytics are there. It’s just a matter of pulling them together. So pricing could be dynamic, as we have seen in other industries such as airlines and hotels.”“然而,在BAT鼎立的新世界里,情况不需要如此,”他表示,“有基础设施,有数据,有分析工具。只是一个把这些集合在一起的问题。因此定价可以是动态的,就像我们在航空公司和酒店等其他行业看到的那样。”Data also help with logistics and inventory planning, adds Mr Lu. For example, shoppers can put their selected items in virtual carts ahead of Singles Day to assure delivery.Steven Lu补充称,数据还为物流和库存规划提供了帮助。例如,购物者可以在光棍节之前将自己选定的商品加入虚拟购物车,以确保商品能够送达。By analysing how many times shoppers refresh their carts and refill them, Alibaba can measure the likelihood of purchase. That data can helping merchants estimate how much inventory they need and where.通过分析购物者刷新和装满购物车的次数,阿里巴巴能够衡量他们的购买几率。这些数据可以帮助商户估计他们需要多少库存,这些库存应该部署在哪里。That in turn can help make logistics more efficient and, for merchants, reduce the time that capital is tied up, Mr Lu says.Steven Lu表示,这进而可以帮助提高物流效率,而且对于商户还可以缩短资金占用时间。While shoppers race to snap up bargains, merchants and industry players will be parsing the numbers to see if Alibaba can pull off a seventh year of turbocharged growth.在消费者纷纷抢购低价商品之际,商户和行业参与者将梳理数据,看阿里巴巴能否连续第七年实现迅猛增长。“They’ve crushed every record every year, so how long can they sustain that?” asks Mr Likens. However, “the story has been good so far so I would not bet against them”.“他们每年都打破纪录,这种情况能持续多久?”李敬思问道。然而,“迄今的情况非常好,所以我不会看空他们”。 /201611/476878Vegans have substantially lower death rates than meat-eaters, a major study has found. The study has been published in the JAMA Internal Medicine Journal and reignites debate around increasingly popular vegan diets over their impact of proponents#39; health.一项重大研究发现:素食者比肉食者的死亡率低很多。该研究结果已刊登在了美国医学协会国际医药杂志上,这也引起了人们的争论:争论越来越流行的素食饮食对持者健康的看法。The research was undertaken by scientists at Massachusetts General Hospital, who monitored health and diet records of more than 130,000 people over the course of thirty years. They found every three per cent increase in calories from plant protein was found to reduce risk of death by 10 per cent. The figure rises to 12 per cent for risk of dying from heart disease.马萨诸塞州综合医院的科学家进行了该项研究,他们的研究过程长达30年,在此期间监控了超过13万人的健康饮食记录。他们发现每从植物蛋白中摄入3%的卡路里,就能将死亡率减少10%,而且能降低因患有心脏病而死的几率,降低12%。By contrast, raising the share of animal protein in one#39;s diet by 10 per cent led to a two per cent higher risk of death from all causes. This increased to an eight per cent higher chance of dying from heart disease.相比之下,如果多摄入10%的动物蛋白就会增加死亡率,增加2%。而因心脏病而死的几率会增加8%。Substituting eggs for plant protein led to a 19 per cent reduction in death risk and eliminating unprocessed red meat saw a drop of 12 per cent.如果吃鸡蛋代替植物蛋白,死亡率会减少19%,而不吃未加工过的红肉则会减少12%。As would be expected, the risk was found to be most pronounced among people who also engaged in other unhealthy activities, including having a history of smoking, drinking heavily or being obese.不出所料,还有其它不健康活动的那些人死亡率最高,这些活动包括:抽过烟、酗酒或肥胖。However, caution should be exercised when interpreting the results, as other more complex social and environment factors could affect the results rather than being solely related to diet. For instance, vegans are more likely to be younger than the general population and therefore have much lower mortality rates. Similarly, vegans can be more likely to come from socially affluent backgrounds, which can also influence mortality risk.然而,在解读结果的过程中还是应当注意,因为其它的社会和环境因素可能也会影响结果,而不单单只是因为饮食。例如,素食者往往都比普通大众更年轻,因此死亡率本身就更低。同样的,素食者往往都比较富裕,这同样也会影响死亡率。Lead scientist Dr Mingyang Song said: #39;Overall, our findings support the importance of the sources of dietary protein for long-term health outcomes. While previous studies have primarily focused on the overall amount of protein intake - which is important - from a broad dietary perspective, the particular foods people consume to get protein are equally important.#39;首席科学家宋明阳(Mingyang Song)士说道:;总的来说,我们的研究结果表明饮食蛋白质的来源对于长期的健康结果十分重要。虽然早前的研究主要是关注蛋白质摄入的总量--这也是很重要的--从一个广泛的饮食观点来看,研究人们为了获得蛋白质而摄入的特定食物也一样重要。;;Our findings suggest people should consider eating more plant proteins than animal proteins, and when they do choose among sources of animal protein, fish and chicken are probably better choices.;;我们的研究结果表明人们应该摄入更多的植物蛋白质而非动物蛋白质,当我们选择动物蛋白质来源时,鱼和鸡肉可能是更好的选择。;译文属 /201610/470671Getting into sweat-breaking exercise only on the weekends, known as ;weekend warrior; physical activity patterns, may also be enough to significantly reduce risks for death, a new study said.一项新研究称,所谓的“周末战士”身体活动模式,即只在周末做出汗运动,可能也足以显著降低死亡风险。The study, published online by the JAMA Internal Medicine, showed that compared with inactive adults, weekend warriors who performed the typical recommended amount of 150 minutes of moderate or 75 minutes of viGorous activity in one or two sessions per week had lower risks of death.这项被《美国医学会杂志·内科学卷》发布在网上的研究显示,与不运动的成人相比,每周进行一两次、通常推荐的150分钟中等强度或75分钟高强度运动的周末战士的死亡风险更低。The results were based on an analysis of 63,591 British adults who were followed between 1994 and 2012.研究结果基于对1994-2012年间追踪调查的63591名英国成年人的分析。The researchers found that the risk of death from all causes was about 30% lower among weekend warrior adults compared with inactive adults, while the risk of cardiovascular disease death for weekend warriors was 40% lower and the risk of cancer death was 18% lower.研究人员发现,与不运动的成人相比,成年周末战士因各种原因死亡的风险低约30%,因心血管疾病和癌症死亡的风险分别低40%和18%。;The present study suggests that less frequent bouts of activity, which might be more easily fit into a busy lifestyle, offer considerable health benefits.; the researches wrote.该研究称:“目前的研究表明,没那么频繁的运动,可能更容易融入到繁忙的生活方式中,提供了相当大的健康益处。”;A particularly encouraging finding was that a physical activity frequency as low as one or two sessions per week was associated with lower mortality risks, even in the insufficiently active.;“一个特别令人鼓舞的发现是,身体活动频率比较低,比如每周只要运动一两次,也会与死亡风险下降存在关联。” /201702/490756

When I first met Sean Rad, back in 2013, Tinder was a blossoming dating app. It was known primarily for, how shall I put it, casual relationships.追溯到2013年,当我第一次遇见西恩·拉德的时候,Tinder还只是一款在起步初期的约会APP。它主要有名在,怎么说呢,能让人们随机约会。Back then he told me Tinder was ;good for humanity;, a line I instantly latched onto as being faintly ridiculous, and wonderful for a headline.当时他告诉我Tinder是“为了人类的利益”的时候,我的第一反应就是这有点儿可笑,但是会是个精的头条。But now when I think of how Tinder has impacted my life, and those of several people close to me, I start to see what he was getting at.但现在想想Tinder是怎么影响我的生活的,想想那些因此而接近了我的人,我慢慢开始理解他当年所说的东西。Life-changing things have happened to millions of people thanks to that simple swipe-yes-swipe-no interface.当今简便易操作的电子设备界面已经改变了数百万人的生活。I know people who have married their Tinder matches. I know many others who are in serious relationships.我认识一个人,她就嫁给了在Tinder上匹配到的一个人。And yes, I know many people who have had casual hook-ups and one-night stands. Yet why that last point is seen as a negative to be joked about I#39;ll never know. People have been doing that in bars for well over 100 years.我知道有许多人会认真对待一段感情,我也知道有许多人喜欢拈花惹草四处找一夜情。但我不知道为什么后者会一直以来成为人们贬低嘲笑的对象。人们在酒吧里像那样做已经有一百多年了。Anyway, Tinder is growing up. It#39;s now a serious technology company tackling one of life#39;s most important matters, and is by far the most popular dating app worldwide.但无论如何,Tinder正迅速地发展着。一个非常强大的科技公司正试图介入影响人们的终身大事,正是靠这款到目前为止风靡全球的约会APP。Mr Rad is the chairman of both Tinder and Swipe Ventures, the arm of the company designed to buy other dating-related technologies.拉德先生现在是Tinder和Swipe Ventures两家公司的董事长,它们是开发与约会相关的技术的两家巨头公司。One of which is artificial intelligence. And its collision with dating might be the most intriguing application of AI yet.其中一家公司开发的是人工智能,它与约会这种事碰撞产生的火花,或许会让这款智能APP变得极为有趣。Still, even though it can be difficult to admit, dating really is a numbers game, and right now the data Tinder uses is primitive: age, location and mutual friends - as well as a few mutual interests as defined by what you ;like; on Facebook.即使我们不愿意承认,但约会的确就像一场数字游戏,Tinder只是考察最简单最原始的条件:年龄,住址和共同好友 - 就像Facebook通过你点赞的内容从而确定你的兴趣一样。Why not add a few parameters and make it even more likely you will click?为什么往其中不多加几个因素呢?这样我们就更有可能点开匹配给我们的约会对象了。 /201703/496277

An Austrian model has claimed she#39;s the most popular person on Tinder ever.一名来自澳大利亚的模特宣称,她是Tinder上最受欢迎的人。Jazz Egger, 19, has amassed over 5,400 matches which she believes is a world record. 19岁的女孩贾兹·伊戈,已经积累了将近5400名成功匹配者,她相信这是个世界纪录。The teenage model is originally from Austria but now lives in London, where she#39;s clearly spoilt for choice - she#39;s matched with celebrities including the singer Conor Maynard. 这位青年模特来自澳大利亚,现居住在伦敦。在伦敦她大受青睐--她与很多名人成功配对,包括歌手康纳·梅纳德。;I downloaded Tinder some months ago and I think I might have reached a world record,; Egger told the Mail Online. 伊戈在接受《每日邮报》的采访时说:;我在几个月前下载了Tinder,我想我的匹配人数可能已经达到了这个软件在全世界范围内的记录;。She explains how she gets so many #39;Super Likes#39; every day that she can#39;t keep up (every Tinder user can Super Like one person a day, so they must use it wisely). 她解释了她每天得到这么多让她无法继续下去的;超级喜欢;的原因,(每个tinder用户一天只可以;超级喜欢;一个人,所以他们都会十分谨慎地抉择)。Egger says she swiped right in return on every man who Super Liked her, but then realised she didn#39;t have time to talk to each one - she added a line to her bio saying: ;Sorry this is getting out of hand. I can#39;t answer everyone anymore. I only reply if your message is super interesting. Hope you understand.; 伊戈说她对所有;超级喜欢;了她的男人都会以;右滑;此人作为回报,但是后来他发现她没有那么多时间去和所有人聊天--于是她在个人资料里添加了这样一句话:;我很抱歉,目前的情况有些失控,我根本不能回复所有人,所以我只回复一些特别有趣的信息,希望你们能够理解。;Adding the message, however, only made her even more in-demand - men then started conversations using extra creative opening lines and offered to take her on particularly exciting dates in an attempt to woo her. 而没想到的是,因为这一句话让她变得更加受欢迎--男人们纷纷用更加意想不到的创意作为开场白,并且提出带她去特别刺激的约会来引诱她,从而取得她的欢心。One man, for example, invited her to spend a week on his yacht in Greece. She declined.例如,有个男人曾经邀请她去希腊,在他的游艇上一同度过周末。但她拒绝了。Egger says she#39;s been on 20 dates with men from Tinder and has matched with well-known actors, musicians and YouTubers. 伊戈说,她在Tinder上被男人们邀请参加的约会已有20次,而且成功匹配了许多知名的演员、音乐家还有;油管人;。She has nearly 20,000 followers on Instagram and says although she hasn#39;t fallen for anyone she#39;s met on Tinder, she has had ;many interesting conversations.; 在Instagram(一款图片分享应用)中,她有将近20000的粉丝。据说,她没有对任何人倾心过,但她依旧有;许多有趣的对话;。Egger also says she#39;s managed to get herself some modelling jobs through the dating app. 伊戈还说,她曾希冀通过这类约会APP获得一些模特方面的工作。While she undoubtedly has a lot of matches, she doesn#39;t specify how long she#39;s been using the app. And of course, we don#39;t know how picky she#39;s being - surely if you swipe right on everyone and spend enough time doing so, you#39;ll be able to amass thousands of matches. 毋庸置疑,她拥有很多匹配者,而她也无法确切说出她到底使用了这款APP多久。当然,我们不知道她做这些时多么吹毛求疵--我相信如果你;右滑;所有人,并且花足够的时间去做这些事情,那么你也可以积累上千的匹配者。That said, having been modelling since the age of 13 and appeared on Germany#39;s Next Top Model, Egger obviously knows how to take good pictures. 这或许只能说明,从13岁开始从事模特职业、并出现在德国超模之中的伊戈,显然知道怎么照出好看的照片。We don#39;t know what she says in her bio, but her pictures are clearly doing the trick.我们不知道她的个人资料真实度如何,但是她的照片确实具有一定的欺骗性。译文属 /201702/492547

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