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青岛可视打胎费用青岛孕前检查哪些项目青岛无痛引产哪做的好 The UK will simplify visa applications for Chinese visitors through a new partnership with Belgium which allows travels permits for Britain and the European Schengen area countries to be processed in the same centre.英国将通过与比利时缔结新的合作伙伴关系,简化中国游客的签申请。相关安排将让中国公民在同一个中心申请英国和欧洲申根区国家的签。The move follows lobbying from UK retailers and business groups who complain that London is missing out on high-spending Chinese visitors who can shop in Paris, Milan and Berlin using just one visa covering the 26 nations of Europe’s border-free Schengen zone. Britain is not part of Schengen.此举出台之前,英国零售商和商业团体进行了游说,它们抱怨称,伦敦与花钱豪爽的中国游客擦肩而过,这些游客只需一个覆盖欧洲申根区26个国家的签,即可在巴黎、米兰和柏林购物。英国不是申根协议的一部分。The new UK-Belgium agreement means that Chinese tourists and business people will be able to obtain a visa for Britain and the Schengen area through a single visit to one of three joint application hubs in Beijing, Guangzhou and Shanghai.新的英国/比利时协议意味着,中国游客和商务人士只需跑一趟北京、广州或上海的联合申请中心,就能获得英国和申根区签。Last summer Theresa May, home secretary, streamlined the system by allowing Chinese visitors to use the same website to apply for a British and a Schengen visa. However, this still fell short of a true joint application system, since those requiring a UK permit were still required to visit a dedicated British visa centre in person to process their biometric data.去年夏天,英国内政大臣特里萨#8226;梅(Theresa May)精简了手续,允许中国游客使用同一个网站申请英国和申根签。然而,这仍算不上真正的联合申请系统,因为需要英国签的人士仍必须亲自跑一趟专门的英国签中心,以便处理他们的生物特征数据。Under the pilot programme, which will open on July 1, Chinese travellers will be able to apply and pay for both UK and Belgian visas online using just one set of supporting documents, then book a single visa appointment to complete the process.根据7月1日启动的试点方案,中国游客将可以在网上申请英国和比利时签并缴费,使用一套明文件,然后获得一个签预约以完成整个过程。Despite the current obstacles, the number of UK visitor visas issued to Chinese tourists and business people increased by 10 per cent in the year to March. The benefits of collaboration with Belgium may be relatively slim, given that relatively few Chinese visitors travel there.尽管目前存在种种障碍,但在截至今年3月的一年里,英国发放给中国游客和商务人士的旅游签数量增加了10%。与比利时合作的好处可能相对较小,因为前往该国的中国游客相对较少。In 2013, France admitted 335,961 Chinese visitors, while the figure for Italy was 333,705, and for Germany 268,404. The UK issued 291,919 Chinese visitor visas that year, compared to Belgium’s 14,223.2013年,法国迎来33.5961万中国游客,而意大利的这个数字是33.3705万,德国是26.8404万。英国在那一年向中国公民发放了29.1919万个旅游签,而比利时只发放了1.4223万个签。 /201506/382359青岛六院官方网站

青岛中医院是国家医院吗青岛药流价格一般花多少钱 A notorious dog meat festival in southwest China has sparked an outcry among the nation’s growing ranks of pet lovers, who say the event has spurred an illicit trade in stolen pets.在中国南方声名狼藉的肉节,引发了正不断增多的宠物爱好者的公开抗议。这些宠物爱好者表示,肉节活动刺激了被窃宠物的非法贸易。Dog meat is a popular winter food in parts of China and Korea, where the rich meat is believed to help keep people warm. But the Yulin Dog Meat Festival, which will be held this weekend in Guangxi near the border with Vietnam, has caused domestic and international outrage, with opponents saying many of the animals are cruelly treated and illegally obtained.在中国和韩国部分地区,肉是一种很受欢迎的冬季食品,其丰富的肉质被视有助于保暖。然而,将于本周末举办的玉林肉节(Yulin Dog Meat Festival),已经引起了中国国内甚至国际上的愤慨。该活动将在毗邻越南的中国广西自治区举办。反对者表示,在该活动中许多动物遭到了残酷对待,它们的获取途径也是非法的。The festival has for several years been galvanising China’s animal rights movement, which has arisen as the number of prosperous middle-class pet owners has grown. Many activists plan to travel to Yulin to protest against the festival, where an estimated 2,000 dogs a day are slaughtered.在中国拥有宠物的中产阶级人数不断壮大之际,中国的动物保护组织也随之崛起。多年来玉林肉节的举办,令这些组织深感震惊。许多动保人士计划赶赴广西玉林,抗议这一肉节活动,预计肉节的日屠数量达2000条。Originally a summer solstice celebration, the local government began promoting the event as a dog meat festival in 2009. The Yulin government began to distance itself last year amid an outpouring of online criticism.玉林肉节最初只是夏至的庆祝活动。2009年,当地政府开始以肉节的品牌宣传这一活动。去年,由于网上出现的大量批评声,玉林政府开始放弃自己原本的宣传定位。“Average people are not aware of the cruelty that dogs experience in the process of dog meat production. If they knew, they wouldn’t be saying this is simply a question of whether you love dogs or not,” said Zhang Yuanyuan, a volunteer who plans to travel to Yulin from Shenzhen in an attempt to persuade often-hostile locals to ditch the practice.计划赶赴玉林的志愿者张媛媛(Zhang Yuanyuan,音译)表示:“普通人不知道肉生产过程中,所经历的残酷对待。如果他们知道,他们不会说这只是你爱不爱的问题。”张媛媛计划从深圳赶赴玉林,试图劝说当地人放弃这一行为。不过,当地人对他们往往充满敌意。A four-year study by Hong Kong-based group Animals Asia documented networks of dog traders that bring strays or stolen pets to northeast, central and southern China, especially during the winter months when dog meat is popular. The investigation found that stolen or stray dogs were so cheap that breeding dogs for meat was unprofitable.总部驻香港的亚洲动物基金(Animals Asia)开展了一项为期四年的研究,对肉交易商组成的网络做了记载。这些肉交易商将走失或失窃的宠物运往中国的东北、华中和华南——特别是在肉受欢迎的冬季。该调查发现,被窃或走失的太过廉价,致使饲养肉变得无利可图。A survey conducted by Animals Asia in rural areas found that 70 per cent of Chinese villagers had lost at least one dog to thieves.该组织在中国农村地区开展的调查发现,70%的村民丢失过至少一条。“A lot of the animals that we see in these trucks are in such horrendous condition that by the time they get to the ultimate trade markets a lot of them have died,” said Mary Peng, whose veterinary business in Beijing has treated dogs rescued from trucks bound for slaughterhouses.Mary Peng在北京拥有多家兽医店,曾治疗过从前往屠宰场的卡车中救出的小。她说:“我们在这些卡车上看到的许多动物,都处于极其可怕的生存状态,导致它们中的许多在抵达最终交易市场时已经死去。”Some of the activists travelling to Yulin may unwittingly be encouraging the trade in dogs by paying to rescue them from dog dealers. Last year saw ugly scenes of dealers in Yulin mistreating dogs in front of crowds of tourists and activists to spur them into buying the injured animals.部分前往玉林的动保人士,可能会由于掏钱从贩手中救下小,无意中鼓励了贩活动。去年,玉林曾出现过贩在游客和动保人士面前虐,以刺激他们买下受伤小的丑陋场景。The practice of buying the dogs has split the Chinese animal rights community, with many believing it is counter-productive. “I am completely opposed to this,” said Ms Zhang, arguing that it simply adds to the market for dogs. “You can’t just look at how many dogs are being eaten but also the violent capture and transport of these dogs.”买下小的行为也在中国的动物保护界产生了分歧,许多人认为这么做会产生反作用。张媛媛声称,这么做只会扩大贩市场的规模。她说:“我完全反对这么做。你不能只关注人们吃了多少,还要关注对这些的暴力捕获和运输过程。” /201506/382343青岛市市立医院专家咨询

青岛妇幼保健概况Now that#39;s vintage! World#39;s oldest cheesediscovered on the chests of 3,500-year-old Chinese MUMMIES.这才叫古老!3500年之久的中国木乃伊身上发现世界上最古老的奶酪。Plenty of cheeses get better with age, butcrumbs discovered on the necks and chests of Chinese mummies are now thought tobe the world’s oldest vintage - although their taste may be questionable.时间越久,奶酪的品质越好,但是中国木乃伊脖子和胸部上发现的奶酪屑被认为是世界上最古老的奶酪——尽管其味道令人怀疑。The cheese dates back to 1,615 and wasessentially vacuum-packed with the bodies of the mysterious Bronze Age peoplewho were buried in the Taklamakan Desert, making it the oldest ever recovered.该奶酪可追溯至公元前1615年,真空包装在神秘的青铜时代的人物身上,被埋葬在塔克拉玛干沙漠中,这是目前为止发现的最古老的奶酪。While the strange discovery was made in the1930s, scientists have only just analysed the proteins and fats in the clumpsof 3,600-year-old food to reveal its age and ascertain that it is not butter ormilk.虽然发现于1930年代,科学家才只分析了这个块状物中的蛋白质和脂肪成分,才查明已有3600年之久,而且不是黄油或者牛奶。Chemists at Germany#39;s Max Planck Institute of Molecular Cell Biology andGenetics found that the cheese is a lactose-free variety that was quick tomake.德国普朗克分子细胞生物学与遗传学学院的化学家发现这块奶酪不含乳糖,而这种不含乳糖的奶酪可快速制成。It might have been responsible forsping dairy farming across Asia in the Bronze Age, the said.所以他们认为,青铜器时代的亚洲就是靠这种奶酪而大力发展了乳品业。‘We not only identified the product as theearliest known cheese, but we also have direct evidence of ancient technology,’analytical chemist and study author Andrej Shevchenkotold USA Today.“我们不仅确定了这个奶酪是已知的历史最悠久的奶酪,我们还获得了古老技艺的直接据,”分析化学家和研究作者Andrej Shevchenko对《今日美国》如是说。The method of making the cheese was cheapand would have been used by common people, he said.制作这种奶酪的方法很廉价,普通人可能都会做,他说。The cheese survived because of the unusual conditions of River Cemetery NumberFive in the Takalamn Desert in north western China – the final resting place ofthe mummies.这块奶酪之所以可以保存下来,是由于塔克拉玛干沙漠中五号河墓的特殊条件导致的——也就是这些木乃伊的安息之地。They and the cheese were laid to rest onsand dunes near a river under large wooden boats wrapped so tightly in cow-hidethat the bodies were essentially vacuum-packed.这些木乃伊和奶酪被放置在靠近一处河流的沙区上,被安放在大型的木船下,用牛皮紧紧包裹着,所以基本上尸体是真空包装的。 /201403/278496 崂山女子医院哪里好点青岛医院好点的无痛人流



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