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成都不孕不育权威医院有哪些四川省中医药中医医院属于几级?崇州市妇幼保健院上环咨询 绵阳不育不孕医院有哪些

四川妇幼保健医院地址Fitbit and some of its shareholders hope to raise up to 8m in its initial public offering, giving the wearables maker additional fuel to race against rivals from Apple and Samsung to Jawbone and Xiaomi.可穿戴设备制造商Fitbit及其部分股东希望通过首次公开招股(IPO)筹集4.78亿美元资金,为自己与从苹果(Apple)和三星(Samsung)到卓邦(Jawbone)和小米(Xiaomi)的各类竞争对手赛跑加油。In a key test of public-market investors’ appetites for new consumer device makers, the maker of fitness trackers set an initial pricing range of - yesterday, after filing to go public last month.这家健身跟踪设备制造商在上月提交了上市申请,并于昨日确定了初始发行价区间为每股14美元到16美元。这场IPO将测试公开市场投资者有多大的兴趣投资新创消费设备制造商。Fitbit intends to sell 22.4m shares, raising up to 8m for general corporate purposes, at the top end of the range, while existing investors, including the company’s founders, will sell 7.5m shares for up to 0m.Fitbit计划发行2240万股,按照上述定价区间的高端计算,将可筹集3.58亿美元资金用于一般性企业用途。同时,包括创始人在内的现有投资者将出售750万股,最高套现1.2亿美元。The IPO could value Fitbit at more than bn, putting it on a par with Jawbone, one of its main rivals in the market for fitness wearables. It raised 0m in debt from BlackRock about a month ago.按照IPO发行价计算,Fitbit的估值可能超过30亿美元,与卓邦不相上下——后者是Fitbit在可穿戴健身设备市场的主要对手之一。大约一个月前,Fitbit还曾通过向贝莱德(BlackRock)举债,筹得3亿美元。But the flotation comes as the listings market has slowed dramatically. US-listed IPOs total less than bn year-to-date, the slowest pace since 2010.不过,目前新股上市节奏已经明显放缓。今年迄今,美国市场上的IPO融资总规模还不到150亿美元,为2010年以来的最低水平。Fitbit’s pitch to prospective investors shows it is profitable and growing fast, with plans to expand into broader consumer-health services.在针对潜在投资者的宣传中,Fitbit自称是一家具有盈利能力、增长迅速的企业,并计划将业务拓展至更大范围的消费者健康务领域。 /201506/378734成华区妇幼保健医院做全身检查要多少钱 成都妇科不孕咨询

青羊区治疗内分泌多少钱 Google and Samsung sought to stake out their claims to dominate the market for software that powers internet-connected television at the annual Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.谷歌(Google)和三星(Samsung)在举行的年度消费电子展(Consumer Electronics Show)上展开较量,寻求主宰联网电视机的软件市场。The duelling announcements intensified a tech rivalry as the “internet of things” picked apart the close partnership that the two companies have used to rule the smartphone market.带有决斗意味的宣布加剧了科技巨擘之间的一场角力,“物联网”拆散了两家公司联手统治智能手机市场的密切合作伙伴关系。The US technology group announced that Android TV, its latest attempt to break into smart TV software after the flop of its initial Google TV technology, would be shipped on sets made by three manufacturers this year — Sony, Sharp and TP Vision, the former TV division of Philips. Reinforcing its deepening alliance with Google in living-room technology, Sony also said it would sell speakers embedded with Google Cast, enabling users to stream music direct to speakers. Google’s Cast technology was developed to stream to TVs, but the company announced partnerships this week to extend it to music, rivalling Apple’s Airplay technology.美国技术巨头谷歌宣布,Android TV将搭载在3家制造商——索尼(Sony)、夏普(Sharp)和TP Vision(原飞利浦(Philips)电视部门)——今年生产的互联网电视上。在最初的Google TV技术失败后,Android TV成为谷歌进入智能电视软件行业的最新一次尝试。索尼正在加强与谷歌在起居室技术上的联盟关系,该公司还表示,将出售搭载Google Cast的音箱,让用户将音乐以流播形式直接传送至音箱。谷歌Cast技术的研发目的本来是将视频发送到电视上,但该公司本周宣布了几项合作计划,将其扩展至音乐,与苹果(Apple)的Airplay技术展开竞争。Meanwhile, Samsung highlighted plans to put its Tizen operating system on all of the internet-connected TVs it makes this year. The software was developed for smartphones as a way to reduce Samsung’s reliance on Google’s Android operating system, but has yet to make a mark in the handset business.同时,三星重点介绍了将在今年生产的所有联网电视上搭载Tizen操作系统的计划。该软件原为智能手机研发,以此降低三星对谷歌Android操作系统的依赖,但至今未能在手机业务上打开局面。Instead, it has been included in other connected devices, including a version of Samsung’s Gear smartwatch. But including Tizen in smart TVs marks its first use in a mass-market device.相反,Tizen已经在其他连接设备上应用,其中包括三星智能手表Gear的其中一款。但是,Tizen应用于智能电视,标志着该软件首次用于大众市场设备。Compared with the smartphone world, which is dominated by Google and Apple, the nascent market for software for smart TVs has aly become fragmented. LG, Samsung’s South Korean rival, laid out plans at CES to focus on its smart TV software, the WebOS operating system it acquired from Hewlett-Packard in 2013.与谷歌和苹果主宰智能手机世界相比,为智能电视而设计的软件的新生市场已经呈现割据的格局。LG是三星的韩国竞争对手,其在消费电子展上宣布了将专注研发其智能电视软件WebOS操作系统的计划,该系统是2013年LG从惠普(Hewlett-Packard)收购的。Samsung accounts for about a quarter of annual smart TV sales, according to Strategy Analytics, compared with the roughly 15 per cent market shares of LG and Sony.据Strategy Analytics的数据,三星占智能电视年销量大约四分之一,而LG和索尼的市场份额大致为15%。 /201501/352916成都性激素六项检查多少钱达州那家医院复通手术好



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