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I don’t understand discrimination. To me, it’s evil. How can you not think that all people are the same? It doesn’t matter what kind of discrimination it is, it’s all terrible. People who discriminate because of other people’s race, sex or age should be named and shamed. I think there should be really strong laws against all forms of discrimination. Racism is horrible. What difference does it make what colour your skin is? The thing that surprises me is that even in the most cosmopolitan cities, racism is everywhere. Sexual discrimination is also stupid. Sexist people have sisters, mothers, wives, daughters; but they still treat women as being less able. I wonder if we'll ever live in a world where we’re all equal. Article/201104/131791

Roofer 02房顶工人 02  A few employees were huddled right outside of the building afraid to enter. When they saw me emerge from the building they called security and soon I was taken to the campus clinic. By the time I arrived I my left ankle was swollen and discolored and I could not put any weight on it. As I described the accident to the attending physician I could not account for the way I was injured since I was out in the open and completely removed from any objects.  Later as I drove myself home to Whittier I began to see more damage along the streets. It turned out that the epicenter of the earthquake had been in Whittier and my neighborhood looked like a war zone. Since aftershocks follow the larger earthquakes I decided to drive to Las Vegas, Nevada to visit a friend for a few days.   In the early morning darkness of my first night the doorbell rang, waking my hostess and me. As she turned on the porch light neither she nor I could see anyone from the front window. We then shrugged and went off to bed. A couple of minutes later the doorbell rang again. This time we repeated our steps much more quickly in order to see if a prankster might be lurking about. Again we returned to our rooms only to hear the ringing repeated.  一些员工聚在楼外不敢进去。看到我出来,他们叫了保安,接着我便被送到了学校诊所。到诊所的时候,我的左脚踝已经水肿,都变色了,完全不能撑身体重量。我向主治医师描述事故经过的时候,没办法说清我受伤的原因,因为我是站在开阔的空地的,周围没有任何东西。  晚些时候,我开车回惠蒂尔,沿途看到了更多的地震造成的破坏。原来地震的震中就在惠蒂尔,我家附近看起来简直就像个战场。因为地震之后会有余震,所以我决定开车到内华达州的拉斯韦加斯,到我朋友那住几天。  我在朋友家住的第一晚,天还没亮的时候门铃就响了,把我和女主人都吵醒了。她把手电打开,我俩从前边窗口望出去,没看见外边有人。我们觉得莫名其妙,便耸耸肩膀又上床睡觉了。几分钟之后,门铃又响了。这次,我和朋友迅速走到窗边想看看是不是有人在恶作剧,仍旧一无所获。但当我们回到卧室后,门铃再次响起。 Article/200811/56283

Two mayors made a bet on the outcome of the Vegetable Bowl, the annual football game between their high school teams. If Arvada’s team lost, the mayor of Arvada would send the mayor of Boulder ten pounds of sliced potatoes, y for frying. If Boulder’s team lost, the mayor would send ten pounds of sliced tomatoes, y for sandwiches or salads. Unfortunately, before the game started, the mayor of Boulder overheard the Arvada mayor tell someone: “They grow the worst tomatoes. If they lose and send us their tomatoes, I’m going to give them all to my pig.” The mayor of Boulder was upset to hear this, because he thought Boulder’s tomatoes were the best in the state. So he gave the matter some thought. The following week, the big game was played. Boulder lost its star quarterback in the first half when he tripped over a cheerleader and sprained his big toe. The quarterback glumly watched the rest of the game from the bench. His team ended up losing, 38 to 12. The two mayors shook hands after the game, and the Arvada mayor said, “I’m really looking forward to those tomatoes.” As the Boulder team left the stadium, some unhappy fans threw ripe tomatoes at them. A week later, the mayor of Arvada received a package of beautifully sliced tomatoes. He took them straight to his pig, which gobbled them right up. That night the mayor of Boulder asked his wife if Arvada’s mayor had called. “No,” she said. “Why?” “Because I mixed a pint of hot sauce into the tomatoes and I wanted to know how his pig’s doing.” Article/201106/141259

有声名著之螺丝在拧紧 Chapter1英文原著:《螺丝在拧紧The.Turn.of.the.Screw》文本下载 相关名著:有声名著之查泰莱夫人的情人有声名著之简爱有声名著之呼啸山庄有声名著之傲慢与偏见有声名著之儿子与情人有声名著之红与黑有声名著之歌剧魅影有声名著之了不起的盖茨比有声名著之远大前程有声名著之巴斯史维尔猎犬 Article/200810/52968

Ichiro: Shining out of Japan 引"郎"入室,一棒定江山Baseball may be known as America's favorite pastime, but the truth is Americans do not have a monopoly on the game. The popularity of baseball has sp with the American empire and is now played in ballparks from Toronto to Taipei, from Seattle to Seoul. And ever since the major leagues allowed non-whites to play, some of the best players in the game have come from outside the ed States. So why all the fuss about one Japanese player Ichiro Suzuki (just plain "Ichiro" to his fans) joining the American League and playing outfield for the Seattle Mariners. Maybe part of it is the inherent human dislike of change. Every major innovation in baseball has brought howls of derision and protest from fans, players, and critics; having an all-star player from Japan play in the major leagues represents change. However, there is also the inherent nationalistic pride that Americans feel about their game, their players, and their league. Japan was supposed to be the place where American professional players went when they could not make it in the big leagues; Japan was never supposed to be the place where major league all-star players came from. So one should not be surprised at the reaction generated by "Ichiro the Hero" when he signed a contract to play for "America's Baseball Team, the Seattle Mariners. In one fell swoop,it seemed, he changed everything Americans believed about baseball. Ichiro Suzuki was born in Aichi Prefecture, Japan, on October 22, 1973. By the time he got to high school, he was aly playing in Japan's national baseball championship. After high school, he was drafted by the Orix Blue Waves of the Pacific League and played with them for the next nine years. While with the Blue Waves, Ichiro set individual records left and right and won seven batting titles in a row. The three-time Most Valuable Player also helped his team win the league championship title in 1998. For the kid from the sticks, this was the big time. Still, he dreamed of playing in the majors. Then, last year, the Seattle Mariners did a US million deal with the Blue Waves to get Ichiro. Despite the protests from fans and sports writers that Japanese players could not cut it in America, Seattle obviously thought the deal made sense. They needed a player who could score on the field and score with the fans. In Ichiro, it seemed, they would get what they needed. So how has the diminutive Ichiro fared in the big American show? His .350-plus batting average and multi-game hitting streaks have made him an all star and silenced most of his critics, his fielding has made him a regular feature on TV sports highlight shows; and his fan appeal has made the Mariners' owners very, very happy. Not bad for a small Japanese import. Article/200803/29365

幸运的是这只小魔术瓶的作用已经发挥完了,她不再长了,可是心里很不舒,看来没有可能从这个房子里出去了。 Alas! it was too late to wish that! She went on growing, and growing, and very soon had to kneel down on the floor: in another minute there was not even room for this, and she tried the effect of lying down with one elbow against the door, and the other arm curled round her head. Still she went on growing, and, as a last resource, she put one arm out of the window, and one foot up the chimney, and said to herself `Now I can do no more, whatever happens. What WILL become of me?' Luckily for Alice, the little magic bottle had now had its full effect, and she grew no larger: still it was very uncomfortable, and, as there seemed to be no sort of chance of her ever getting out of the room again, no wonder she felt unhappy. Article/201012/120441

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