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武侯区处女膜修复哪家医院最好的四川省第八人民医院上环Today in History: Saturday, May 18, 2013历史上的今天:2013年5月18日,星期六May 18th, 1980 “It’s erupting like it never has before, I’m not sure, #39;cause from where I’m standing I can’t see the top of the mountain. But I see the whole eruption coming from it. It’s big.”In Washington State, Mount St. Helens explodes, blasting away the top 13 hundred feet from its volcanic peak. The eruption leaves 57 people died or missing, flattening forests and spewing volcanic ash for hundreds of miles.1896. The U.S. Supreme Court endorses what it calls “separate but equal racial segregation” with its decision in Plessy versus Ferguson. That ruling remains a law of the land, until the Court overturns it nearly 16 years later in Brown versus Board of Education of Topeka.1920. “May Christ give you his grace and his peace.” Pope John Paul II, the first non-Italian pontiff in more than 450 years is born Karol Wojtyta, in Wadowice, Poland.1897. Movie director Frank Capra whose films include It’s a Wonderful Life and Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, is born near Palermo, Italy.And 2003. Let him live, bring him homeIn New York, Les Misérables, Broadway’s third longest-running show closes after more than 16 years and 6,680 performances.Today in History, May 18th. Camille Bohannon, the Associated Press. /201305/240406青羊区儿童医院看病贵不贵 This is designed to show you how to be more feminine. Follow these tips as it guides you on appearance, hairstyle, make-up and all the important things necessary for being more feminine.本视频向你展示如何更加具有女性特质。遵循以下简单的建议,从外观,发型,妆容和所有必要的方面做出改进,让你更具女性魅力。And now, some tips for how to be more feminine. Being feminine is very much a uniqueness for us females and we can use so much of what we have got to be more feminine when we choose to be - your appearance, your hair, your make-up, your accessories, your clothes - so let#39;s look at some of those things. With your hair, always make sure that it is really well-looked after, that just means making sure that you go to a hairdresser to have them cut in shape.现在为大家提供更具女性魅力的一些建议。女性魅力对我们女性来说是独特的,我们可以充分利用这一点打造我们心目中的理想形象——通过外观,发型,化妆,饰品,装等等——所以,让我们来看一下这几个方面。头发,一定要经常打理,这意味着经常去发型师那里,恰当地修剪。If you have cut it, done, do that on a regular basis. Part of the way that we present ourselves as women and look feminine is in how we look and our hair plays a very big role in that. Your make-up, with make-up, it does not need to be anything heavy or over the top.如果你剪短了头发,一定要经常修剪。我们作为女性,展现女性魅力的部分方式就是外表,而头发在其中发挥了很大的作用。化妆不需要太着重太夸张。Your make-up can be very simple and very natural, and you can use your make-up to emphasize just a particular part of your face and particular features, may be just your eyes or your cheeks or your lips. You choose just one particular thing that makes you stand out. To be more feminine, you can use some very simple accessories.妆容可以非常简单,非常自然,可以只用化妆品强调面部某个部位或特征,可以是眼睛,脸颊或嘴唇。只需选择能让你脱颖而出的某个部位。为了更具女性气质,可以佩戴一些非常简单的饰品。Again, simplicity is often the key. It could be a pair of earrings or a necklace or bracelet, something with a little bit of colour, something that adds to whatever outfit you are wearing that particular day. It#39;s these little things that make us different from men; it#39;s these small additions, colour, jewellery, make-up, our hair that really enables us to be more feminine.再次强调,简单是关键。可以是一副耳环或一条项链或手镯,有一点点颜色,可以和当天穿的外套相互辉映的颜色。正是这些小物品让我们和男性有所不同;这些小小的附属品,颜色,珠宝,妆容和发型让我们更有女性魅力。And then, there is another aspect, it#39;s how we present ourselves. Look at some very famous feminine women like Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly. If you ever study them and look at how they hold themselves, how they present themselves, look at how they would look at the camera if you see them in film, how they would interact with men or people around them.还有另外一方面,我们展现自己的方式。观察一下那些非常著名的女性,例如Audrey Hepburn,Grace Kelly。如果你曾经研究过她们,观察过她们展现自己的方式,可以看一下她们在镜头前和电影中是怎样表现的,看她们如何与男性以及周围的人沟通。Be graceful, not always, just sometimes just to accentuate your femininity. Also, your clothes, maybe a pair of heels or maybe a skirt or maybe a belt just to emphasize any part of your body, that is very feminine, it does not need to be all of those things, just from time to time, maybe just one or two of those things when you really want to be more feminine. .偶尔优雅一点,只是为了强调你的女性特质。同时,你的装,或者一双高跟鞋,或者一条裙子,或者一条腰带,强调身体的任何部位,这都是非常女性化的。不需要所有这些物品,只需要偶尔的一方面,就可以让你更具女性魅力。Thanks for watching How To Be More Feminine.感谢收看“如何更具女性魅力”视频节目。视频听力由。 Article/201312/269387巴中市做无痛人流多少钱

龙泉驿区中医院客服咨询If you work in a business environment, the time is going to come when you will be asked to take minutes at a meeting. Impress your colleagues by aly knowing how by following these steps.如果你是在企业工作,你就应该学会在商务会议中作记录。遵循下面的建议,为你的同事留下深刻印象。You Will Need你需要Notebook笔记本Pen or pencil钢笔或铅笔A meeting agenda会议日程Laptop (optional)便携式电脑(可选)Steps步骤STEP 1 Bring a notebook1.携带笔记本Bring a notebook to the meeting with you. If you will be writing minutes often, you may want to buy a good notebook to keep your minutes in rather than a cheap one.随身携带一本笔记本参加会议。如果你经常参加会议,最好买一本质量比较好的笔记本。If you have a laptop, you should use it to save time later.如果你有便携式电脑,可以直接用来记录,以节约时间。STEP 2 Send around a sign in sheet2.分发签名单Create a simple sign-in sheet that has columns for name and contact information and pass it around. You will be able to refer to this record in order to document attendance.制作一张简单的签名表格,分别由名字,联系方式等栏目,分发。可以根据该表格来记录出席情况。Find out who was supposed to be there and make sure you include the people who did not attend in the minutes under regrets.查明应该出席会议的都有哪些人,确保记录那些没有出席会议的人。STEP 3 Begin note-taking3.开始记录Begin note-taking by noting the date of the meeting and the time the meeting was called to order.开始记录,写下会议的日期和召开时间。STEP 4 Record old business4.记录以往的业务Record old business, which is anything that needed a follow up from the last meeting. Note anything that was done or not done and by whom.记录以往的业务,追踪上次会议的内容。记录下完成或未完成的任务,以及相关责任人。STEP 5 Record new business5.记录新的业务Record new business. For example, when someone has an issue to address they will make a motion. Note exactly what they said along with who seconded the motion and whether or not the motion passed.记录新的业务。例如,当有人有问题需要解决时,他们会有相应的提议。准确记录他们说了什么,谁持该提议,以及该提议是否通过。STEP 6 Finish notes6.结束记录Write down any action items or things specific participants agreed to do, but don#39;t transcribe word for word debates or discussions. End the notes with the time the meeting adjourned and the date of the next meeting.记录下任何条款或者与会者一致同意的事情,但是不要全文记录言语之争或讨论。记录会议结束的时间和下次会议的日期。STEP 7 Type and distribute7.打字,分发Type up the minutes as soon as possible after the meeting so it#39;s fresh in your mind. Once you have typed them, distribute them to members for review and approval at the next meeting.会议结束后立即将会议记录打印出来,因为此时记忆比较深刻。打印出来后立即分发给与会人员进行查看。During one day, there is an average of 17 million meetings in America.一天之内,美国平均有1700万场会议。视频听力译文由。 Article/201407/311639金牛区第一人民医院做全身检查要多少钱 Line-dry your washed clothes and linens to keep them from wearing out, and save money on your energy bill at the same time.自然晾晒衣物和亚麻制品不仅可以防止损坏,同时还可以节约电费。You Will Need你需要A clothesline晾衣绳Wooden clothespins木质晒衣夹Clothes衣物Good weather晴朗的天气Hangers (optional)衣架Steps步骤Step 1 Snap clothing1.甩衣Snap each piece of washed material before your hang it to help prevent wrinkles.晾晒每一件衣物之前用力甩一下,可以避免褶皱。Step 2 Turn clothing inside out2.反过来Turn your clothing inside out for faster drying and to prevent fading.把衣反过来,这样衣可以干的更快,也可以防止褪色。Step 3 Pin to clothesline3.夹在晾衣绳上Pin your articles to the clothesline with wooden clothespins.用木质晒衣夹把衣夹在晾衣绳上。You can also hang your clothes on hangers and hang them on the line to dry.你也可以用衣架把衣撑起来,然后挂在晾衣绳上晾干。Step 4 Dry according to light4.根据光线凉晒Dry silk, synthetic, and fine fabrics in the shade. Dry linen in the sun for fewer wrinkles.丝绸,合成纤维和比较精细的布料在阴凉处晾干。亚麻布在阳光下晒干,这样可以防止褶皱。Step 5 Hang shirts5.倒挂T恤衫Hang your T-shirts on the line upside down.T恤衫倒挂在晾衣绳上凉晒。Step 6 Throw articles in dryer6.放入烘干机Throw your towels or clothing in the dryer for a minute or two if they’re still damp or stiff from hanging.如果仍然潮湿或因悬挂而僵硬,把毛巾或衣物丢进烘干机一两分钟。Step 7 Enjoy7.享受Enjoy the fresh smell, lower electric bill, and environmental benefits of line-drying your articles.现在可以享受自然晾晒的衣物带给你的新鲜气味,低成本的电费和环境效益了。According to the Energy Information Agency, clothes dryers account for 5.8 percent of home electricity usage.根据能源信息局(Energy Information Agency, 简称EIA)的资料,衣物烘干机的耗电量占家庭用电总量的5.8%。视频听力由。 Article/201310/260891邛崃市做无痛人流哪家医院最好的

成都治疗性病的公立医院And they#39;ve taken it quickly.他们迅速把球传至前场。It#39;s a corner.是个角球。Free header.头球攻门。Liverpool are level,1-1.利物浦队把比分扳平,一比一。Goal-scorer for Liverpool,number 25,Igor Biscan.利物浦队进球,二十五号,比斯坎。重点词汇:corner 角球例句:David Beckham#39;s corner kick is a threat to England#39;s opposition.贝克汉姆的角球对英格兰的对手构成了一定的威胁。 Article/201406/306172 温江区看男科好吗邛崃市妇幼保健医院男科咨询



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