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成都市第五医院专家成都市前列腺炎多少钱成都市第十一人民医院收费好不好 South Korean President Park Geun-hye on Tuesday called for a rapid resolution of the wartime sex slavery issue with Japan in her first remarks on it after meeting with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe in Seoul about a week earlier.韩国总统朴槿惠在周二呼吁日本迅速解决战时性奴问题,这是她在一周前与日本首相安倍晋三在首尔举行会面后首次提起该话题;(I and Abe) held a (South) Korea-Japan summit meeting and agreed to speed up talks for rapid agreement on the comfort women issue. I hope the issue be resolved at an earliest possible date,; Park said during a cabinet meeting.朴槿惠在内阁会议上说,“(我与安倍)举行了韩日首脑会议,同意加快对慰安妇问题的快速协商。我希望这个问题能尽快得到解决。”Park and Abe met in Seoul on Nov. 2 on the sidelines of the trilateral leadership meeting with Chinese Premier Li Keqiang that was held in Seoul the previous day for the first time in more than three years.11日,在中国总理李克强参与的三方领导人会议前一天,朴槿惠与安倍晋三在首尔进行了双边会面,这是三年来的首次会议。It was the first-ever one-on-one summit between Park and Abe as Park had refused to sit down with Abe amid historical disputes especially over Japans sex slavery of Korean women during World War II.这是有史以来朴槿惠和安倍晋三第一次一对一的会面,因为朴槿惠拒绝在有历史纠纷时和安倍坐下来谈话,尤其当日本二战时期的韩国慰安妇问题还未解决时。South Korea has called on Abe to make a ;sincere; apology and properly compensate for Korean comfort women, who were forced into sex slavery for Japanese military brothels during the devastating war.韩国呼吁安倍做出“真诚”的道歉并适当补偿韩国慰安妇,这些女性在这场毁灭性的战争中被迫成为日本军妓院的性奴。Japan, however, has claimed that the issue was resolved in a 1965 treaty that normalized diplomatic ties between Seoul and Tokyo. Several rounds of diplomatic talks have been held for the issue, ending up with no fruits.然而,日本声称这一问题在日韩外交关系正常化965条约中得到了解决。这一问题已经举行了几轮外交谈判,没有取得任何谈判成果。South Korean historians estimate that more than 200,000 women, mostly from the Korean peninsula, were forced to serve as sex slaves during the devastating war. Surviving sex slavery victims are gradually passing away as their age averages nearly 90, with only 47 being alive in South Korea.韩国历史学家估计,超过二十万名妇女在那场灾难性的战争期间被迫充当性奴,其中大部分来自朝鲜半岛。幸存的性奴制度受害者正逐渐去世,她们的年龄平均接近90,韩国只7人仍然健在。Park said that the sixth round of the trilateral summit between Seoul, Beijing and Tokyo has a historical meaning as it opened a place for bilateral and trilateral talks.朴槿惠表示,三方会议的第六次会谈对中日韩有重要的意义,因为它为双边和多边会谈提供了平台。The president urged cabinet officials to strengthen diplomatic efforts to maintain such momentum of trilateral cooperation down the road.总统敦促内阁官员在外交上更加努力,以保持这个方向上三边合作的势头。来 /201511/409517阿坝州第一人民医院咨询

都江堰市儿童医院官网A U.S. Navy salvage team is preparing to launch a remotely operated submersible to confirm that wreckage discovered near the Bahamas is that of the cargo ship El Faro, lost in a hurricane last month.美国海军一救援队准备展开一个遥控海底搜索行动,以实在巴哈马群岛附近发现的残骸是否属于上月在一场飓风中失踪的灯塔号货轮。The 790-foot El Faro vanished on October 1 with 33 crew members during Hurricane Joaquin.长度90英尺的灯塔号0号遭遇“华金”飓风后失踪,船上有33名船员。Authorities said they aim to survey the wreckage and hope to locate a voyage data recorder the ships ;black box; - that could yield clues as to what happened.有关当局说,计划对海底残骸进行调查,希望能够发现航行数据记录器,从中发现失事船只的线索。If human remains are encountered during the submersible operation, the Navy will attempt to recover them, National Transportation Safety Board spokesman Peter Knudson said.美国国家交通安全委员会发言人努德森说,如果在海底搜索行动中发现遗体,就将设法打捞。El Faros captain made a distress call before the vessel disappeared, saying the ship had lost engine power during its voyage from Jacksonville, Florida, to San Juan, Puerto Rico.灯塔号失踪前,船长戴维森曾发出求救信号,表示货轮在从佛罗里达州杰克森威尔驶往哥斯达黎加的圣胡安途中引擎发生故障。An extensive search by the U.S. Coast Guard found only floating debris and one body in a survival suit, which was not recovered.美国海岸警卫队进行了大范围搜索,但只发现了一些漂浮的碎片和一具穿着救生衣的尸体,而且未能成功打捞。来 /201511/407450内江市人民医院龟头炎症 自贡第三人民医院的营业时间

成都市人民医院心功能科A key security adviser to Russian president Vladimir Putin has accused the US of seeking to drag Russia directly into war inUkraine through a possible plan to arm Kiev, underlining the seriousness with which Moscow would greet such a move.俄罗斯总统弗拉基米#8226;普京(Vladimir Putin)的一名主要安全顾问指责美国可能通过武装乌克兰的计划,试图将俄罗斯直接拖入乌克兰的战争,此言凸显了莫斯科方面将强势回应美国军援乌克兰的举动。“The Americans are trying to draw the Russian Federation into an interstate military conflict, to achieve regime change through the events in Ukraine and to ultimately dismember our country,said Nikolai Patrushev, head of the Kremlin’s security council.“美国人试图把俄罗斯联邦拖入一场国家间的军事冲突,试图通过乌克兰发生的事件促成政权变更,最终瓦解我们的国家,”俄罗斯联邦安全会议(Security Council of the Russian Federation, 简称SCRF)秘书长尼古拉#8226;帕特鲁舍Nikolai Patrushev)表示。The warning represented Moscow’s first high-level comments on the intensifying debate in Washington about supplying lethal weapons to a Ukrainian militaryat war with Russia-backed separatists.对于是否要向正在和得到俄方持的分裂分子作战的乌克兰军方提供致命性武器,华盛顿展开的辩论日趋激烈,帕特鲁舍夫的警告代表莫斯科高层首次对这一事态做出。The start of such arms supplies would be “one more confirmation that the US is a direct participant in the conflict,Mr Patrushev added, warning that if Washington took this step, the conflict would “escalate only further此类军援将是“美国直接参与这场冲突的又一明,”帕特鲁舍夫补充道。他警告称,如果美国采取这一举措,这场冲突“只会进一步升级”。Mr Patrushev is one of Mr Putin’s closest associates a former head of the FSB intelligence agency that succeeded the KGB, and one of the security officials with whose help the president runs the country.帕特鲁舍夫是普京最亲密的副手之一,也是帮助普京统治国家的安全官员之一。他曾担任俄罗斯联邦安全局(FSB)局长。FSB的前身是克格KGB)。His comments add to an accelerating drumbeat of bellicose warnings that have convinced many in Moscow the Russian leadership is preparing the country for a wider war. But others interpret the ratcheting up of rhetoric as a bluff to strengthen Moscow’s hand in ongoing peace talks.他的给俄罗斯方面越来越频繁的带有挑衅意味的警告又添一笔,这些警告让莫斯科许多人相信,俄罗斯领导层正在让举国上下为一场更大范围的战争做好准备。但另一些人的解读是,加大措辞的尖锐程度不过是虚张声势,目的是在正在进行的和谈中为莫斯科争取更有利的条件。Dmitri Trenin, head of the Moscow Carnegie Center, an arm of the US think-tank, is in the former camp. A move by the US to supply the Ukrainian army with lethal weapons would be viewed as “a real game changerby the Russian government, he said.美国智库卡内基中Carnegie Center)的莫斯科分负责人德米特#8226;特列Dmitri Trenin)同意前一种观点。他表示,在俄罗斯政府看来,如果美国向乌克兰军队提供致命性武器,那将“真正改变游戏规则”。来 /201502/359393 成都市第四医院四维彩超价格锦江区治疗早泄多少钱



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