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2019年08月24日 09:14:29 | 作者:快乐社区 | 来源:新华社
More than 60 percent of travelers reported they will take short-distance trips during Qixi Festival, or the Chinese Valentine#39;s Day, which will fall on August 20, according to travel website qunar.com. Grasslands, islands and hiking spots have become popular destinations this year, according to a Beijing Youth Daily report.据旅游网站去哪网调查显示,超过60%的旅行者会在8月20日,也就是即将到来的七夕节期间选择短途旅行。七夕也被称为中国的情人节。北京青年日报还报道,草原,岛屿和远足地点成为今年最受欢迎的旅游目的地Starting last week, ;Qixi; and ;romance; have become top key search words on qunar.com. Trips lasting for two to four days make up their highest sales, said Gao Xing, CEO of the holiday department of the website.去哪网旅游部CEO高兴表示:“从上周开始,#39;七夕#39;和#39;浪漫#39;成为了去哪网搜索量最高的两个词,这一势头甚至一直保持了两到四天之久”The top three national destinations for Qixi among Beijing users are Qinhuangdao (Hebei Province), Sanya (Hainan Province) and Beidaihe (Hebei Province).去哪网的北京用户最青睐的三个国内旅游点分别是秦皇岛(河北省),三亚(海南省)还有北戴河(河北省)The top three outbound destinations are Phuket in Thailand, Bali in Indonesia and Seoul in South Korea, Gao said.而最受青睐的三个国外目的地分别是泰国的普吉岛,印尼的巴厘岛和韩国的首尔 /201508/393881The dumbest column I ever wrote was the one that suggested that if Apple wanted to sell a lot of iPhones in China it should stick with silver.我曾在一篇专栏中写道,如果苹果(Apple)希望iPhone在中国市场上大卖,就应该坚定不移地出银色版iPhone。事实明这是我错得最离谱的一次。This was just about a year ago. Rumors were flying that Apple was about to launch a champagne-gold iPhone because gold was such a prestigious color in China. I went looking for market research on national color preferences, and the closest thing I could find was a Dupont chart that showed that the best-selling automobile color in China was silver, not gold.这大概也就是一年前的事。当时传闻苹果即将推出一款香槟色iPhone,因为金色在中国是身份的象征。我查找了关于各国人色偏好的市场调研,还找到了杜邦公司(Dupont)发布的一份图表,该图表显示,在中国银色汽车最畅销,而非金色。Cars, it turns out, are not the same as phones.但事实明,汽车与手机是两码事。The gold iPhone 5S was a huge hit in China. It sold out immediately in Hong Kong and the mainland. Customers in New York City buying for export lined up around the block. Gold iPhones were soon commanding mark-ups of several hundred dollar apiece in China’s grey markets.金色版的iPhone5S在中国大获成功,很快在香港和中国大陆销售一空。在纽约,购买无锁版土豪金iPhone5S的买家排起了长队。很快,在中国的“灰市”,金色版iPhone手机每部需要加价数百美元才能买到。Apple, it seems, knew what it was doing. In December it finally cut a distribution deal with China Mobile, the world’s largest carrier. In February, China Mobile announced that iPhones accounted for more than half of the phones on its brand new 4G network. By last week, that network had grown to more than 14 million subscribers.苹果当时就似乎胸有成竹。去年十二月,它终于与全球最大的运营商——中国移动达成了分销协议。今年二月,中国移动宣布,使用该公司全新4G网络的手机中,一半以上是iPhone。截至上上周,中国移动的4G网络用户已超过1400万。“China, honestly was surprising to us,” Tim Cook told analysts last week. “We thought it would be strong but it went well past what we thought. We came in at 26% of revenue growth, including retail and if you look at the units, the unit growth was really off the charts across the board. I found 48% growth that compares to a market estimate of 24%. So growing it two times the market.”蒂姆#8226;库克日前向分析师们表示:“中国着实令我们吃惊。我们知道在中国市场的销售会很强劲,但结果比我们预想的还要好得多。我们的营收(包括零售在内)增长了26%,而如果按销售的产品数量计,可谓全面飙升,产品销量的增速高达48%,而市场预期为24%,所以实际增速是市场预期的两倍。”“Whoever proposed the champagne gold model can’t be rewarded enough for the cascading benefits Apple has enjoyed from it,” writes an American ex-pat who posts here as Jake_in_Seoul.署名“杰克在首尔”(Jake_in_Seoul)的一位驻外美国读者说:“香槟金版iPhone令苹果赚得盆满钵满,提议推出该模型的员工应该获得重奖。”Jake, as regulars here know, is a keen observer of the Asian smartphone market. In January we re-posted a letter he wrote from China that adds some color (pardon the pun) to the Chinese iPhone story:常读这个专栏的读者都知道,“杰克”对亚洲智能手机市场的观察十分敏锐。今年1月,我们转发了他从中国发来的一封信,令中国的iPhone故事更生动起来。“iPhones here are not predominant, but are ily seen, certainly in the hands of wealthy and powerful, (e.g., a local real estate tycoon), but also surprisingly owned by the likes of hotel clerks and a remarkable noodle shop girl. Ownership seems to be a state of mind.“iPhone在中国没有占据市场配地位,但用的人也不少,有钱有势的人(比如说房地产大亨)肯定都是用iPhone,但出人意料的是,饭店职员甚至面馆也可能用着iPhone。购iPhone与否,似乎取决于心态。”“I was amused in a casual conversation to hear Samsung (known in China by its Chinese/Korean character name San Xing Sanxing “Three Stars”) referred to as a “Chinese phone”… I suspect this misunderstanding may not be uncommon and hence highly aggravating to Samsung.“在一次闲聊中,我听到三星(在中国采用其汉字名称)被人称作‘中国手机’品牌,太逗了。我怀疑不少人都存在这种误解,三星肯定对此很困扰。”“The iPhone, by contrast, is now called ‘iPhone’ (using roman letters) in every press article I’ve seen recently, and a Chinese character equivalent Ai Feng (Aifeng ‘Love Crazed’) is increasingly used only as slang in advertising, on Weibo, in blogs etc. The brand maintains its pristine foreign identity.“相比之下,在我近期看到的所有新闻报道中,iPhone都是采用本身的英文名称,而中文说法‘爱疯’日益作为俚语用于广告、微、客中。其品牌本身的外国身份很明显。“The fact that an awareness of Apple and the iPhone has so quickly and widely penetrated Chinese society is a remarkable achievement, one likely due to the perceived excellence of Apple technology and also to good timing, as cell phone culture comes of age here. As long as Apple continues to produce cool products, it will surely gain adherents in China as more and more people can afford them.”“苹果和iPhone在中国的认知度迅速广泛提升,是一项了不起的成就。这可能一是因为人们认为苹果技术卓越,二是因为时机刚刚好,因为手机文化正在中国发展到了一定阶段。随着越来越多的中国人能买得起苹果产品,只要该公司继续生产炫酷的产品,肯定会在中国获得大量拥趸。” /201408/317545Chinese are now by far the biggest foreign buyers of US real estate in terms of units, dollar volume and price paid, according to a report from the National Association of Realtors, which tracks property purchases across the country.全美房地产经纪人协会(National Association of Realtors)的一份报告称,中国人现在是美国房地产遥遥领先的最大外国买家,无论以数量、美元销售额还是交易价格衡量都是如此。该协会追踪全美各地的房地产购买交易。In the 12 months to the end of March, Chinese buyers spent .6bn on mostly residential property in the US, a 30 per cent increase from the previous year and more than two and a half times the amount spent by Canadians, the next biggest group of foreign buyers.在截至今年3月底的12个月里,中国买家在美国出286亿美元(主要用于购买住宅物业),同比增加30%,而且是第二大外国买家群体——加拿大人出金额的2.5倍多。With the Chinese economy and real estate market slowing dramatically and a vociferous anti-corruption campaign in full swing at home, Chinese buyers have been scrambling in the past few years to buy real estate abroad.随着中国经济和房地产市场大幅放缓,同时声势浩大的反腐败运动不断深入,近年中国买家竞相在国外购买房地产。As a group they have become the biggest buyers of housing in many major western cities, including New York, London, Sydney, Vancouver, Toronto and Auckland. Houses in English-speaking democracies with good education systems, excellent quality of life, strong rule of law and strong property rights are regarded by Chinese buyers as excellent stores of wealth.作为一个群体,他们已成为许多西方大城市住房的最大买家,这些城市包括纽约、伦敦、悉尼、温哥华、多伦多和奥克兰。在中国买家看来,这些地方位于讲英语的民主国家,有良好的教育体系、一流的生活质量、强大的法治和产权制度,因此这里的住房是极好的保值工具。In the year to the end of March, Chinese buyers spent more than three times the average American buyer, paying an average of 1,800 per property, compared with the national average transaction price of 5,600.在截至今年3月底的一年里,中国赴美购房者的平均出金额达到美国购房者的三倍多,平均为每套住房付出83.18万美元,而美国全国平均房产交易价为25.56万美元。For all international buyers, the average purchase price was 9,600, although the next biggest buyers — from Canada, India, Mexico and the UK — all spent less than that on average.就所有海外买家而言,平均购房价格为49.96万美元,尽管排在中国后面的最大买家群体——加拿大、印度、墨西哥和英国买家——平均出都低于这个水平。Although Chinese buyers of American property overtook Canadian buyers in total transaction volume a year ago, they only overtook them in number of transactions in the latest 12-month period measured by the NAR report.尽管中国赴美购房者的交易总额在一年前就超过加拿大买家,但就交易数量而言,中国买家只是在全美房地产经纪人协会报告覆盖的最近12个月期间才超过加拿大买家。Buyers from China (including Taiwan and Hong Kong) accounted for 28 per cent of total sales of US real estate to foreign buyers and 16 per cent of the number of transactions, compared with Canada’s 14 per cent of transactions.就出售给外国买家的美国房地产而言,来自中国(包括台湾和香港)的买家占总销售额的28%,交易数量的16%,而加拿大买家占交易数量的14%。The favourite Chinese investment destination in the US was California, accounting for 35 per cent of purchases, followed by Washington state, New York, Massachusetts, Illinois and Texas.在美国,中国人最钟情的投资目的地是加利福尼亚州,占购房数量的35%,其次为华盛顿州、纽约、马萨诸塞州、伊利诺伊州和得克萨斯州。About 70 per cent of Chinese purchases were reported as all-cash, compared with 55 per cent for all foreign purchases and 25 per cent for purchases made by domestic US buyers.据报告,约70%的中国买家购房全部使用现金,相比之下,这个比例在所有外国买家中为55%,在美国国内买家中为25%。Since China has strict capital controls that limit individuals to transferring just ,000 a year out of the country, it appears that most of the money flooding into global property markets is technically illegal.由于中国实行严格的资本管制,每人每年只能汇款5万美元到国外,涌入全球房地产市场的大部分资金看起来在技术上是非法的。While there are legal ways to transfer larger sums, several major banks in Beijing told the Financial Times they had never conducted such transactions for offshore real estate buyers. People involved in the market say the vast majority of money for overseas property purchases is transferred illegally.虽然存在汇兑更大金额的合法途径,但北京的数家大向英国《金融时报》介绍说,他们从来没有为海外房地产买家安排这样的交易。参与该市场的人士透露,绝大部分海外购房资金是非法转移的。 /201506/382306

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