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To the people, food is the most important issue under the sky.” So says an old Chinese proverb; but if that is so, the clouds may be darkening. As the world’s population grows – and as its people grow more prosperous and more carnivorous – it will only become more difficult to provide a plentiful supply of food at affordable prices.中国有句古老的俗语是“民以食为天”。但如果它说得对,那么天空可能开始乌云密布。随着世界人口的增长,且人们变得更富足、更爱吃肉,以民众付得起的价格供应足够粮食只会越来越难。In many countries, food security is aly an urgent challenge, as the world food price crisis of 2007-08 showed. According to research by the UN Food and Agriculture Organisation, global grain production will have to increase by 70 per cent to meet the rise in food demand caused by population growth, changing dietary habits and urbanisation. The world has no shortage of fertile land and every prospect of meeting that target. But the crops will not plant themselves. Meeting the world’s need for food will require long-term investment – which, in developing countries, will have to increase by as much as 50 per cent from the current level.粮食安全现已成为许多国家面对的一项紧迫挑战,这在2007年至2008年的世界粮价危机中得到了印。联合国粮农组织(UN Food and Agriculture Organisation)的研究表明,只有把全球粮食产量提高70%,才能满足人口增加、饮食习惯变化和城市化所导致的粮食需求上升。世界不缺少良田,很有希望实现上述目标。但农作物需要人去种植。满足世界粮食需求,需要进行长期投资。在发展中国家,必须将粮食长期投资从现有水平上提高50%。Since governments everywhere are stretched, the private sector and institutional investors have a significant role to play. But it is difficult to attract small and short-term investors to this sector since crop prices are volatile, assets (once acquired) are difficult to dispose of quickly – and that is not to mention the burden of onerous regulation. While some private capital has been drawn to businesses in sectors such as agricultural supply-chain management, processing and distribution, it has by and large shunned investment in the assets most closely involved in increasing the food supply. The drought of capital afflicts the entire industry, from infrastructure, such as irrigation, to grain and animal protein production, to support services such as transport, storage and processing. This is a serious misallocation of funds. All these areas require investment if adequate supply is to be produced.由于各地政府手头拮据,私人部门和机构投资者可以从中扮演重要的角色。但这个行业很难吸引到短线小投资者,因为农产品价格波动剧烈,且资产一旦购入便很难快速处置,更别提还要承受繁重的监管负担了。尽管有些私人资本被吸引进入了农业供应链管理、加工与分销等领域,但基本不会投资与增加粮食供应密切相关的资产。资本匮乏困扰着整个粮食产业,从灌溉等基础设施,到谷物与动物蛋白质生产,再到运输、加工与存储等持性务。这是一种严重的资金错配现象。要想提供充足的粮食供应,就必须对所有这些领域进行投资。And yet, difficult as this sector is, for long-term and patient investors it can offer bounteous returns. For the past four decades, farmland in the US and other advanced markets has outperformed investments in stocks and bonds. This has attracted the attention of some of the world’s savviest investors. Pension funds in North America, the Nordic region and Australia are cultivating portfolios of agriculture investments. Some have developed their own vehicles. Others have formed consortiums with peer funds. Many are reaping handsome rewards.尽管粮食产业是个困难的投资领域,但它能给专注长线的、耐心的投资者提供丰厚的回报。过去40年,美国等发达市场国家的农田投资收益高于股票与债券投资。这已引起世界上一些最精明投资者的注意。北美、北欧和澳大利亚的养老基金开始构建农业投资组合。有些基金建立了自己的专门投资工具。也有些基金与同行组建了投资财团。许多基金开始收获可观的回报。China Investment Corp oration is a long-term financial investor with a diversified portfolio. We believe the agriculture sector offers stability, a way of hedging against inflation and a device for sping risk. We are keen to invest more across the entire value chain – in partnership with governments, multilateral organisations and like-minded institutional investors – in areas that will help to unlock the industry’s potential, increase the food supply and offer attractive returns.中投公司(CIC)是一个进行多元化投资的长线财务投资机构。我们认为,投资农业可以获得稳定回报,有效对冲通胀,并分散风险。我们希望对整个价值链进行更大投资,与各地政府、多边机构和志同道合的机构投资者合作,共同投资于那些有利于释放农业潜能、增加粮食供应和提供可观回报的领域。While we are focusing on existing assets, we are also keen to work with the right partners to invest in greenfield projects.我们不但关注于投资既有资产,而且也乐于跟合适的伙伴一道投资新建项目。Food security is a global issue that no one can afford to ignore. While CIC invests to make stable financial returns over the long term, we also strive to shore up food security in places that we invest in, and contribute our share to local job creation and economic growth.粮食安全是一个谁也不敢忽视的全球性问题。中投公司在通过投资获得稳定的长线回报的同时,也努力增进所投资地区的粮食安全,在创造就业和推动经济增长上为当地贡献我们的力量。The countries of the world must do more to make sure that their growing populations will have enough food. However, an unmet need is an investor’s opportunity. And investors everywhere will prosper if they can help the people of the world meet one of the most basic needs of all.世界各国必须加大努力,确保为不断增加的人口提供足够粮食。然而,未满足的需求对投资者来说便是机会。如果能帮助世界人口满足最基本需求之一的话,各地投资者都将收获自己的成功。 /201406/308089

With Asia-Pacific leaders gathering for a summit meeting in Beijing, forecasts that smog would envelop the capital this weekend were bad news not just for China’s leaders, who hoped to present the city in its best light for the occasion, but for officials charged with ensuring clean air.预报称,北京周末会被雾霾笼罩。由于亚太地区领导人将相聚北京参加峰会,这对于希望借此机会展现北京最佳形象的中国领导人,以及负责确保空气清洁的官员来说,都是一个坏消息。On Friday, The Economic Daily reported that 24 officials in Shijiazhuang, the capital of Hebei Province, which encircles Beijing, would be disciplined for their failure to control air pollution levels, and that five leaders of the most-polluting companies in the city would face administrative detention and fines.周五,《经济日报》报道称,在北京周边的河北省省会石家庄,24名官员将因控污工作不力遭受处分,五家污染最为严重的企业的负责人将被行政拘留,并处以罚款。Inspection tours, which were carried out on Wednesday by the Ministry of Environmental Protection in Beijing and surrounding regions to check air quality, identified dozens of workplaces in Shijiazhuang in violation of pollution control regulations. The inspection teams found that 33 enterprises in Shijiazhuang had not halted or cut back on production as directed, and that work had continued as usual at 18 construction sites. In addition, the inspectors reported that road dust in the city exceeded acceptable levels, and that the burning of trash and straw was rampant.周三,环保部派出督查组在北京及其周边地区检查空气质量,确认石家庄的几十个工作场所违背了污染控制规定。督查组发现,石家庄的33家企业未按要求进行停产、限产,18个施工场地未按要求停止施工。除此之外,督查人员报告称,石家庄市的道路扬尘超过可接受水平,秸秆垃圾焚烧问题严重。In October, in preparation for the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation meeting in Beijing, the government said it would enact stringent air pollution controls in a 200-kilometer, or 124-mile, radius of the capital, reducing traffic and industrial production from Nov. 1 to 12. Shijiazhuang, which is reported to have some of the worst air pollution in China, received special attention.今年10月,为了准备北京亚太经合组织会议,中国政府称他们将在北京周边200公里(约合124英里)的范围内实施严格的空气污染控制规定,在11月1日至12日期间减少车流量与工业生产。石家庄受到特别关注,该市据称是中国污染最为严重的城市之一。On Thursday, after the China Meteorological Administration forecast that Beijing would experience smog into Tuesday, the government extended the emergency pollution reduction measures even farther south to include Jinan, the capital of Shandong Province.上周四,在中国气象局预报称北京的雾霾天将持续至周二之后,政府将紧急减霾举措的实施范围扩展至包括山东省省会济南市在内的南部地区。In Beijing, state news media reported that the huge number of fireworks that were set off on Tuesday evening in a rehearsal for the planned Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation display might have contributed to an increase in pollution levels.官方媒体报道称,北京市于上周二晚间燃放了大量烟花,为亚太经合组织会议期间的表演活动排,这可能在一定程度上导致污染水平上升。Meanwhile, the Ministry of Environmental Protection designated Henan Province as its next target for closer supervision, after summoning the mayor of Anyang, Ma Linqing, to Beijing to discuss his city’s failures in carrying out pollution regulations.与此同时,环保部将河南省定为下一个进行严密监督的目标。环保部在此之前将安阳市市长马林青召至北京,讨论安阳市在实施污染防治规定方面出现的问题。Henan, the province south of Hebei, is a center for copper-smelting, iron and steel mills, and coking plants. According to the ministry, despite the emergency antipollution measures ordered for this week, some heavily polluting enterprises either continued production as usual or discharged pollutants at night in an effort to hide them.位于河北南部的河南省是炼铜厂、炼钢厂及焦化厂的聚集地。环保部表示,尽管政府下令在本周实施污染防治举措,一些污染严重的企业要么像往常一样继续生产,要么在夜间排放污染物,进行遮掩。 /201411/341772

Beijing#39;s big Chinese-character slogans, seen at many intersections and subway stations, have been criticized as creating confusion about the city#39;s international image。在北京很多十字路口及地铁站,大字中文标语比比皆是。这些标语因影响到北京的国际形象而受到批评。Adding to the confusion are the many foreign-language signs, mostly in English, that include mistakes, wrong information or words that might be misunderstood, said Xu Lin, the director of China#39;s overseas Chinese-language teaching program who is among the nation#39;s political advisers now meeting in Beijing。全国政协委员、中国对外汉语教学项目负责人许琳表示,北京有不少外文标志,多为英文标志,上面的错误、失当信息和偏差词汇容易引起误解,为北京国际形象增添不少干扰因素。Slogans painted in Chinese in public places stem from the political campaigns of half a century ago. They are usually ideologically charged and don#39;t fit Beijing#39;s current identity as an open, dynamic international city, said Xu, director-general of the Confucius Institute headquarters, or Hanban, and a member of the National Committee of the Chinese People#39;s Political Consultative Conference。许琳指出,公共场所的中文标语源于半世纪前的政治斗争。这些标语大多充斥着某种意识形态,与北京当前开放、活力四射的国际化都市身份不符。许琳是孔子学院总部(汉办)总干事。Xu, a scholar who has earned honorary titles from universities in many countries, said Beijing#39;s slogans don#39;t contribute to a good environment because they don#39;t paint an international image true to the change in the Chinese people#39;s everyday lives。许琳身为一名学者,曾获得多个国家大学的荣誉称号。她认为,北京的标语没能如实描绘中国人民日常生活变迁,树立北京的国际化形象,因此不能营造良好的环境。China#39;s image depends heavily on Beijing because it is host to more than 100,000 foreign residents, more than 4.2 million overseas visitors, and many multinational corporations and international businesses。北京住着超过10万外国移民[微],接待420多万外国游客,不少跨国公司和国际企业在此设立分公司。因而北京的形象很大程度上影响着中国的形象。;Some of my foreign friends have said they felt uncomfortable seeing the red banners painted with words that have different, if not negative, connotations in their home countries。“我的一些外国朋友曾说,那些红色横幅上的字在他们的国家虽然不算有负面含义,但意义可以说是截然不同,他们看着就觉得不自在。”;Others have pointed out such confusing slogans seen in public as #39;Chinese Dream, Subway Dream#39;. Posters and banners of this sort don#39;t help others understand Beijing and the country,; Xu said。“我的其他外国朋友指出,公共场所里像‘中国梦,地铁梦’一类标语也常常让人丈二摸不着头脑。这种海报和横幅难以让人真正了解北京和中国,”许琳说。Even worse, she added, some slogans send wrong messages, failing to convey the message about the freedom and democratic rights that the Chinese people have. Some of them even ;make China appear as if it is a country pursuing international hegemony,; Xu said。更糟的是,一些标语传递出了错误信息,不能展现中国人民拥有的自由和民主权力。有一些标语甚至还“让中国看起来像是个追求国际霸权主义的国家,”许琳说。She proposed that the Beijing municipal government should make rules and offer guidance regarding posters and banners in public places, phasing out those that are highly ideological or confusing. ;We should learn from the successful experience of other international cities in the world.;她建议,北京市政府应制定相关规定,指导公众场合宣传画及横幅展示,去除那些高度意识形态化及高度干扰性的宣传画及横幅。“我们应当学习世界上其他国际化都市的成功经验。”Alistair Michie, adviser of the Foreign Experts Advisory Committee under the State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs, said he agrees that the Beijing municipal government should improve the ways it boosts the city#39;s image and communicates with the city#39;s foreign residents and visitors。国家外国专家局外国专家咨询委员会委员阿利斯泰尔·米基说,他也认为北京市政府应当改进宣传城市形象的方式,改善与外国移民、游客交流与沟通的方法。;I have often thought that the use of campaigns in English to promote #39;core socialist values#39; leaves a negative impression among foreign visitors,; Michie said. ;Those words make no sense to foreigners because they do not understand the context.;“我常觉得用英文提倡‘社会主义核心价值观’的运动给外国游客留下了负面印象,”米基谈道。“这些用语对外国人来说毫无意义,他们根本就不明白上下文背景。”;Beijing, like China, has a great story to tell - but the lack of clever and creative communication means that foreigners cannot get to know the reality,; Michie added。“北京如同整个中国,历史寓意丰富,但因交流方式不够巧妙、没有创意,导致外国人根本无法了解它的真实情况,”米基进一步说道。Ding Junjie, a professor with Communication University of China, said the problem is not only about slogans but, more important, about the way to express and communicate China#39;s political ideas。中国传媒大学[微]教授丁俊杰认为,问题不仅仅在于标语,更重要的是,在于表达和传递中国政治理念的方式。;The root cause lies in communication skills,; Ding said. ;Some people simply use goals as content. For example, #39;to build a harmonious society#39; is a goal, but you have to tell a story to convey this idea instead of simply putting those words on a banner.;“根本原因在于交流技巧,”丁俊杰说。“有些人干脆把目标当内容了。举个例子,‘建设和谐社会’是一个目标,但你得讲述一个故事来传递这个理念,而不是直接把这句话写在横幅上。”Michie added that the Chinese capital should adopt a new approach to showcasing its qualities and attracting an overseas population。米基补充道,中国首都应采取新形式展示本土特质,吸引外国移民。;The municipal government should recruit a team of foreigners and let them advise it about what overseas visitors may be interested to learn,; he said. ;And that may be vastly different from what may appeal to domestic tourists.;“市政府应当招募外国咨询团队,向他们征询外国游客可能感兴趣的内容建议,”他道。“他们的兴趣可能和国内游客的兴趣截然不同。”Additionally, Michie said, ;Greater attention is also needed in using foreign languages properly.;除此之外,米基补充道,“要更加注意外语的正确使用。” /201503/363760

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