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哈市妇保医院处女膜修复平房区妇女儿童医院挂号预约哈尔滨妇幼保健医院好的无痛人流多少钱 Hollywood film Iron Man 3 has premièred in China. The movie took in a reported 130 million yuan on the first day on Wednesday, for a box office record. And the director has tailored a special version for this special market. The story comes courtesy of Reuters.好莱坞电影《钢铁侠3》于本周三在中国首映,上映首日票房1.3亿人民币,创造了票房历史纪录。导演为了迎合中国市场,还制作了一个特殊的版本。以下是来自路透社的报道。Ironman 3 is about to rocket into the China market, two days before it opens in the U.S. And it has a couple of secret weapons. Actor Wang Xueqi will help save Ironman. And actress Fan Bingbing makes a special appearance in a made-for-China-only version. Film consultant is Shao Gang.《钢铁侠3》早于美国2天在中国上映,开始进军中国市场。它还带来两个秘密惊喜。男演员王学圻在片中成为托尼的救命恩人。在“中国特供版”中,有范冰冰的特别演出。邵刚担任电影顾问。Shao Gang, Consulting Director, Entgroup Consulting, said, ;Its a new tactic Hollywood studios have been using to avoid violating rules on co-production in China by using Chinese actors and filming in China. The upcoming Transformers 4 and World War Z have done the same thing.;艺恩咨询总监邵刚说:好莱坞启用中国男演员,还来中国取景拍摄,这样的合作是好莱坞电影公司的一个新策略。即将上映的《变形金刚4》和《末日之战》也会这样做。In last years Looper an entire section filmed in Shanghai with a Chinese actress was inserted into a China version. Yang Tianshu gave that part thumbs down.去年的《环形使者》在上海拍摄的场景和中国女演员部分,这些都加到中国版本了。作为一个影迷,杨天舒认为这样渗透中国元素是一个败笔。Yang Tianshu, Movie Fan, said, ;I like Chinese themes in movies like Kungfu Panda because theyre a key element of the film and not just thrown in - which makes it feel awkward. I prefer to watch the original movies with their original flavor.;杨天舒说:我喜欢像《功夫熊猫》这样以中国元素为题材的电影,这才是电影的重要元素,而不仅仅是有中国演员的加盟,这样的中国元素很尴尬。A lot of Chinese on social media seem to feel the same way. Still, if special made-for-China content is what it takes to appease the authorities, expect a lot more to come.从许多中国人在社交媒体上的反应来看,他们似乎也深有同感。如果为中国特别制作的内容是为了迎合大众,他们还是希望电影中能渗透更多的中国元素。Last year, China surpassed Japan to become the worlds second largest film market, and Pacific Bridge Pictures estimates it will overtake the U.S. in the next five years.去年,中国超过日本成为全球第二大电影市场。市场研究机构Pacific Bridge Pictures估计,在未来五年,中国将超过美国。201305/238220How To Become a Professional Makeup Artist on HowcastGetting into the makeup artist field requires perseverance as well as talent. If you have these, you’ll be packing your bags for Hollywood before you know it.You Will NeedOccupational knowledge Willingness to volunteer Training A computer with internet access Perseverance An IMATS ticket Step 1: Understand the realities of the field(了解化妆师这个职业)Understand the competitive and demanding nature of this field. In addition to having talent, you need to be willing to work long hours on an episodic schedule.Many makeup artists only work sporadically and 70-hour weeks can be typical.Step 2: Volunteer for student films and small theaters(免费为学生电影和小剧院提供化妆)Offer your skills as a makeup artist for free on student films and for community theater productions to strengthen your resume.Step 3: Take makeup artist classes(报一些化妆班)Enroll at a reputable school that offers makeup artist classes. Note that most of the top schools are in the Los Angeles area.Check out some schools before making a selection. You can find many on the web.Step 4: Enroll in an animatronics school(去专门的学校学习电子动画学)Enroll in school for an animatronics degree. Because of the growing demand for movie special effects, this training can give makeup artists a competitive edge.Step 5: Attend the International Makeup Artist Trade Show(参加国际化妆师潮流展)Attend IMATS, the International Makeup Artist Trade Show. This is the premier annual event for the makeup artist industry. At IMATS, you’ll have networking and educational opportunities.Step 6: Enter the Student Competition at IMATS(参加国际化妆师比赛)Enter the student competitions at IMATS, if you’re currently enrolled in school. Student winners of either the Beauty/Fantasy or the Character/Prosthetic competitions get industry-wide recognition.In 1981 Rick Baker won the first-ever Best Makeup Oscar for An American Werewolf in London. He then recreated his werewolf for the Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” .201006/105122哈尔滨可视微管无痛人流的价格

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黑龙江森工总医院妇科Show your pillowcases the same care and tenderness they show you, and youll both rest easy.像你的枕头套为你提供的务一样,你也应该给它同样的关心和呵护,两者都可以得到舒适的休息。You Will Need你需要A pillowcase in need of folding待折叠的枕头套A clean, flat surface干净平整的表面Steps步骤Step 1 Arrange pillowcase1.将枕头套铺平Arrange the pillowcase lengthwise in front of you on the flat surface with the closed end at the top and the open end at the bottom (nearest to you).将枕头套在你面前的平面上纵向铺平,封闭的一端在上,开口的一端在下(靠你最近)。Step 2 Fold left side2.折叠左边Fold the long left edge of the pillowcase just past the center of the pillowcase, lining up the top edges.将枕头套左边折叠到刚过中心,上下对齐。Step 3 Fold right side3.折叠右边Fold the long right edge of the pillowcase to the left side, covering the left edge. Youve created a long narrow rectangle one-third the width of the original.将枕头套右边缘折叠到左边,把左边缘覆盖。这样就形成了一个狭窄的长方形,宽度是原来的三分之一。Step 4 Fold in half4.对折Fold the long narrow rectangle in half from bottom to top, so the open end of the pillowcase is now at the top.将这个狭窄的长方形上下对折,这样,枕头套原本开口的一端就折叠到了上方。Step 5 Fold in half again5.再次对折Fold the resulting rectangle in half again, this time lifting at the center and sliding the bottom edge underneath, so the open end remains as the topmost layer. Put the pillowcase in your linen closet and wish it sweet dreams.再次对折,这次将枕头套的中心提起,让下边缘滑到底下,这样,开口的一端仍然在最外层。将枕头套悬挂在被室中,希望它有一个甜蜜的美梦。To spend more hours awake, some people practice polyphasic sleeping, which trades in your nighttime slumber for 15-30 minute naps scattered throughout the day.为了拥有更多清醒的时间,一些人尝试多相睡眠,将晚上熟睡的时间改变为白天分散多次进行15至30分钟的小睡。视频听力栏目译文属。201303/230345 中国发现世界最小庙宇 201302/225923哈尔滨市医科大学第四医院做孕检多少钱大庆市第五医院开展无痛人流吗



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