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Situation 61情景 61For the time being.目前暂时What did you do before you came to this country?你在还没来这国家之前从事什么工作?I was an accountant.我是个会计师。What do you do now?你现在做什么呢?For the time being Im working at a bank as a janitor.目前暂时在一家做清洁工。Im sure youll be very successful in the future.我相信人将来一这会非常成功。Thank you.I hope so.Once I learn the language.谢谢你,我希望如此。只要我学会这种语言。Why are you riding the bus?你为什么搭公共汽车?My cars in the garage again.我的车子又进修理厂了。I thought you were going to buy a new car.我以为你要买一部新车。I was ,but I cant afford one right now.我是要买,但是目前我还付不起。What are you going to do for transportation?你的交通问题如何解决?For the time being Ill have to ride the bus.目前我必须搭公共汽车。Has Jack found a job yet?杰克找到工作了吗?No.Hes still looking.没有,他仍然在找。Hes been out of work for a long time.他失业已经好久了。Yes.Hes getting discouraged.是啊,他开始感到气馁了。Wheres he living now?他现在住哪里?For the time being hes staying with his parents.暂时和他的父母同住。 /201208/192970经典句型:What happened? 发上了什么事?A:What happened?甲:发上了什么事?B:I dont know.乙:我不知道。A:Lets stop and have a look.甲:我们停下来去看看吧。B:Dont waste time.乙:别浪费时间了。A:Im curious about that.甲:我很好奇。B:But its none of our business.乙:但那不关我们的事。经典句型:Why are there so many people? 那儿怎么那么多人呢?A:Why are there so many people?甲:那儿怎么那么多人呢?B:It seems like a traffic accident.乙:好像是交通事故。A:Those people are quarrelling.甲:那些人在争吵。句型讲解:It seems…意思是“好像…”。如:It seems you object to the plan.你好像反对这个计划。It seems like rain.好像要下雨。 /201403/2800041. Do you have plans for this evening?你今晚有安排吗?还能这样说:Are you free this evening?Are ou available this evening?应用:a plan for doing sth. 做某事的计划;think out a plan 想出一套计划;draw up a plan 制订计划;according to plan 按照计划;plan out 安排,筹划2. Thanks for inviting me.谢谢你邀请我来。还能这样说:Thanks for the invitation.I appreciate your invitation.应用:Small thanks I got for it. 我费力不讨好。Thank you for nothing. 得了,别瞎起劲!3. How about having dinner with me?和我一起吃晚饭,好吗?还能这样说:Will you join me for dinner?Would you like to have dinner with me?应用:I wont have it. 我不能容忍这样的事。Let him have it. 给他一点颜色看看;狠狠地收拾他。4. Lets go out for a drink.去喝一杯吧。还能这样说:Lets get a drink.Lets go for a drink.应用:drink sth.in 看得或听得出神;drink sth. down/up 喝光,饮尽;drink sb. under the table 灌醉某人5. Will you be our guest?请你做我的上宾好吗?还能这样说:We would like to invite you.Would you like to be our guest?谚语:A constant guest is never welcome.常客招人嫌。6. I hope you can come.我希望你能来。还能这样说:I will be glad if you can come.I wish you come here.谚语:If it were not for hope, the heart would break.人是靠希望活着。7. I am willing to.很乐意去。还能这样说:I would love to.I am glad to.8. Lets do it another time.再找时间吧。还能这样说:Could we plan it for another day?Some other time.应用:Tell me another! 我不信!哪有这种事儿!You are another. 你也不例外;你也是。9. I have something else to do.我有别的安排。还能这样说:I aly made plans.I have some other arrangement.谚语:Ask much, know much.闻多识广。 /201210/206343

Donny 在北京学汉语,他的中国朋友要是遇到了不知道用美语怎么说的词,就会来请教他。今天吴琼是要问的:人气。Donny: Hi, Wuqiong, do you want to go to this concert with me?WQ: 演唱会?让我看看是哪个歌星开的。哇! 这个人现在是人气天王! 我当然愿意跟你去啦。哎?人气在英文里怎么说?Donny: 人气就是受欢迎的程度。So you can use the word ;popularity;, p-o-p-u-l-a-r-i-t-y, popularity.WQ: popularity 就是人气。这个词就是 popular 的名词形式嘛。Donny: Exactly. Ive heard about this singers rising popularity. Thats why I want to go to his concert.WQ: 演唱会的表演嘉宾,guest stars,都有谁?Donny: Well, heres the guest star list. Most of them are popular too, but whos this person on the bottom of the list? 我怎么没听说过。WQ: 让我看看,让我看看。哦,这个女明星几年前很红,可后来过气了。Donny: No wonder Ive never heard about her. Shes a has-been. The word ;has-been; means someone who is no longer popular.WQ: has-been? has 和 been放一起就是过气的人,过时的东西。This guest star used to be famous and popular, but now shes just a has-been.Donny: 对。WQ:这么说,她可能想借着当嘉宾的机会重新走红喽?Donny: Thats possible. This concert will be a good opportunity for her to stage a comeback.WQ: comeback, c-o-m-e-b-a-c-k, comeback 就是东山再起,咸鱼翻身的意思吧?If this singer makes a comeback, she will regain her popularity!Donny: Exactly. Now lets see what youve learned today!WQ: 第一:人气叫 popularity; 第二:过气、过时的人或物是 a has-been; 第三:东山再起是 a comeback. /201303/231510

经典句型:Im looking for some books on education. 我要找一些有关教育的书。A:Can I help you?甲:需要帮助吗?B:Im looking for some books on education.乙:我要找一些有关教育的书。A:Those books are over there.甲:那些书在那边。B:But there are so many bookshelves.乙:但是那边有那么多书架。A:Oh,let me see.The books you want are in section D.甲:哦,我看看,你要的书在D区。经典句型:You can check for more information using the computer. 使用电脑可以查询到更多的信息。A:You can check for more information using the computer.甲:使用电脑可以查询到更多的信息。B:But Im afraid I cannot use the computer.乙:但是恐怕我不会用电脑。A:Dont worry.Ill help you.甲:别担心。我会帮你的。句型讲解:图书馆传统的查询方式是目录查询,现在,用电脑查询既方便又快捷。可以通过title catalogue书名目录author catalogue著者目录subject catalogue主题目录等找到你想要的书籍。 /201401/272027

今天分享的这个词组是“pull it out of my ass ”,意思是“doing something difficult in the last minute 临时瞎编,临时凑合做某事”。精台词:So I did what any writer would do , I pulled an idea out of my ass. 所以我做了所有作家都会做的事情。我随口瞎掰了一个故事。双语例句:My boss just came and asked me for the summary of customer info and I had to pull it out of my ass. 老板刚突然过来问我要客户资料汇总,我只能临时凑给他。I pulled this report out o f my ass .这个报告是我临时瞎写的。今天分享的这个词组是“wiped out ”,意为“extremely tired or having no money 身体上精疲力竭或者经济上窘迫没钱”.精台词: Carrie, It’s Charlotte.I’m sorry , but I ‘m going to have to cancel .Yeah, I’m totally wiped out.凯莉,我是夏绿缇。抱歉我要取消我们的约会了。是的,我今天太累了。双语例句:You should take a rest ,you look wiped out .你应该休息一下啦,你看上去精疲力竭。I lost a lot of money in the stock market .I am wiped out now .我做股票输了很多钱,我现在身无分文了。 /201411/337847

13. Its easy to keep cacti.仙人掌很好养活。还能这样说:Cacti can be easily kept.Its not difficult to keep cacti alive.应用:in bad keep 保存得不好;in good keep 保存得好;keep from 避开;禁止;隐瞒;keep on with 继续14. Can you give me some advice about how to plant camellia?关于养茶花你能提些建议吗?还能这样说:Could you tell me how to grow camellia well?Can you teach the methods of growing camellia?谚语:Many receive advice only the wise profit by it.得到忠告的人很多,唯智者能从中受益。15. We have a grassy lawn in our garden.我们的花园里有绿草如茵的草坪。还能这样说:You can see a green turf in our garden.Our garden is covered with grassy lawn.谚语:The neighbors lawn is green.邻家的草坪绿(老婆别人的好)。16. Keep off the grass, please!请勿践踏草坪!还能这样说:Youre not supposed to walk on the grass.You are not allowed to walk on the lawn.应用:cut ones own grass 自食其力;cut the grass from under sb.s feet 妨碍某人;拆某人的台;hear the grass grow 特别敏锐17. The flowers have withered away.花谢了。还能这样说:The flowers have fallen and scattered about.The flowers have sicken.应用:the flower of the youth of the country 国家的优秀青年;no flowers (by request) 花圈敬辞;as welcome as flowers in May 极受欢迎的 /201303/229106

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