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See the shadow, the stick has moved a bit,put a rock on the other end, and you get a line here.看这影子 已经移动了一点 放块石头在新的末端上 这样就会有条直线If you stand on that line,face the stick, youre gonna be heading north.你站在这条线上 面朝树枝 你面对的就是北方And obviously the longer you leave it,wider the line, the more accurate its gonna be.很明显 你等待的时间越长 线就越宽 方向就越准确What I dont have in my favor, though, is time.I dont want to wait in this heat any longer.Want to get moving.时间就是生命 我一刻都不想待在这大温室里了 启程Before you head out, leave a marker for rescuers to follow.在你走之前 给搜救队留个标记Use whatever you find around you to make an arrow.随便找些东西做个箭头North towards that rocky outcrop.Its hot, hot, hot.指向北方那些露出的岩石 热死我了Temperatures here are in the high 90s,but its the humidity levels that make the heat so intense.这里为温度华氏90多度 但是高温加上湿热那就令人抓狂了Keep heading north. We need to get over this.继续朝北走 我们得爬过这些岩石Humidity reduces a bodys ability to cool itself by slowing the evaporation of sweat.潮湿减缓了汗水蒸发的速度 身体散热就慢 体温降不下来The more physical the activity,the greater the chances of heatstroke.身体运动越多 中暑的可能性也越大Ill need at least a gallon of water a day to survive here.为了生存下去 我一天至少需要一加仑的水The scorching heat and high humidity levels mean thunderstorms are common here,因为这里的高温度和高湿度 意味着雷暴的频发but even natures most potent force can work in your favor.但大自然最强大的力量也可为你所用Look, you can see theres been fire here.看 那里有火烧过的迹象Probably a lightning strike hit that...Set it a light.估计是被闪电劈中之后 树被点燃了Actually, charcoal is often a good thing to take with you.炭块通常会成为你路上的好帮手Theres lots you can do with that filter water with it, even help you with fire.它可以帮到你很多忙 能够过滤饮用水 甚至还能生火You drive a spark into bits charcoal,youll often get an ember thats gonna help you get the fire lit.Lets take some of this with us.炭块只要有一点火星 就会产生余烬 这样就会帮助你生火 带走一些201612/485683。

You know, you simply cant get involved in all of these things. Its...I used to try.你不可能去参加这每一项活动…我试过这样做。This one I might go to, but I just dont know. The security could be so awful.我可能会去这个,也不一定他们的安保措施很差。First, I select a charity that will do the most good.首先,我选择慈善活动。Never looking at a guest list.我从不看来宾名单。As a matter of fact, people call up and say, ;Well, this ones coming or that one. ; I say, ;Dont bother even telling me, and dont bother sending a guest list cause Im not interested. ;但总会有人打电话跟你说;谁谁谁会来参加这个活动; 我说,不用告诉我这些,也不要给我寄来宾名单因为我对此毫无兴趣。;The Queen of Sweden, the Queen of Jordan, their Royal Highnesses;...and, uh, blah, blah, blah, blah.瑞典皇后约旦皇后…皇家…什么什么殿下bla~bla~bla~好多这样的。Im interested in what the charity does, and thats why the Times is there.我关心的是这些慈善活动具体是做什么,这才是《纽约时报》关心的要点。It really is that way.这才是正确的选择方法。People find it hard to believe. They think its a society column.有些人不理解他们觉得我做的是一个社会类专栏。Its not at all.但不仅仅是这样。It never was meant to be.才不是这样。There was a magazine. Its now deceased.有个已经停刊的杂志。They had a headline...The best magazine title Ive ever seen.做过一期的标题...是我见过的最棒的杂志标题。;You went out last night. Nobody wrote about it. Do you exist?;你昨晚出去了,没有人把这记录下来。那你真的存在么?Now thats...Thats the frame of mind that a lot of people got caught up in.哦,那是…其实很多人都带着这种心态。You kids print your names for me.你们帮我把你们的名字写下来。Wheres it gonna be? Wheres our picture gonna be?这会登在哪儿?这些照片登在哪儿?Hes New York Times. -Oh.他是《纽约时报的》。-哦。The Times have a little benefit page. Its small stuff.《纽约时报》会有一个小的版面登出来。We gotta be in it. -Unimportant.我们会等在报纸上。-这不重要。Were pretty good-looking people.因为我们穿的好看。Yeah. Thats what I thought.是的,我也这么认为。New York is about status.纽约是一个很在意身份地位的城市。201608/460721。

Think about how your favorite stories hook you.想想你最喜爱的故事是如何吸引你的。;When he was nearly 13, my brother Jim got his arm badly broken at the elbow.我兄弟吉姆在他13岁左右时胳膊受伤了,挺严重的。When it healed, and Jims fears of never being able to play football were assuaged,伤口恢复后,他对以后都不能踢球的担心也减缓了,he was seldom self conscious about his injury.;他自己几乎没有意识到自己的伤。;All this happened, more or less.所有的一切,或多或少都发生过。The war parts, anyway, are pretty much true.但是战争那部分内容是千真万确的。One guy I knew really was shot in Dresden for taking a teapot that wasnt his.;我认识的一个朋友在德累斯顿真的被射中了,就因为他拿了个不属于他的茶壶。;My fathers family name being Pirrip, and my Christian name Philip,我父亲姓皮日普,我的教名是菲利普,my infant tongue could make of both names nothing longer or more explicit than Pip.我在小时候两个名字都叫不准,顶多叫成;皮普;So I called myself Pip, and came to be called Pip.;所以我叫自己皮普,后来就真的成了皮普。Imagery, intrigue, emotion: each introduction makes you want to more.富含想象力,情节,情感因素的引言,都会让你想读下去。If you have an assignment to write a literary analysis, your introduction will be just as important.如果你有一篇文学作品分析的作业,引言也一样重要。There will be four elements in your essay: your introduction, thesis statement, analysis and conclusion.你的文章需由四部分组成:引言,主题论述,分析和结论。If you begin writing a literary analysis with the introduction, you may be discouraged.如果你的文学分析和引言一起开始写,那你可能会大受打击。Heres a tip for writing a great introduction: Write it last, and write your thesis first.以下是写好一篇引言的技巧:先写论题,最后写引言。Figure out what you want to analyze before you actually analyze it.在你真正进行分析前,明确你想要分析什么。Your thesis is the foundation for the rest of your essay, including your introduction.你的论题是文章的基础,包括引言在内。So how do you find your thesis? Start by asking questions.那么,如何确定论题呢?由问问题开始。To Charles Dickens you may ask, ;why do you draw attention to characters hands?;拿查尔斯·狄更斯来说,你可能会问,;你为什么专注于描写角色的手呢?;;Whats up with their names?; ;Pumblechook? Really?;;他们的名字有什么寓意?;;彭波契克,真的吗?;To narrow your concept for analysis, answer the questions yourself.试着缩小主题分析的范围,自己来回答问题。;Estella ridicules Pips hands, Jaggers constantly washes his hands,;埃斯特拉嘲笑皮普的手,贾格斯不停的洗手,Pip insufferably burns his hands, Mrs. Joe brings Pip up by hand.;皮普难以忍受地灼烧双手,乔伊亲手带大皮普。;Are there patterns in your answers?这有你要的吗?Estellas comments smack of cruelty, while Jaggers cleanses his immoral conscience.艾斯黛拉的带有冷酷的味道,然而,贾格斯却掩盖他邪恶的良心?Pip finds a second chance, while Mrs. Joe abuses a child under the guise of love and dedication.;当乔夫人在爱和奉献的伪装下虐待一个孩子时,皮普找到了第二次机会。What can you analyze with this pattern?你从这个图案中分析到什么?;Hands symbolize social class inequities, and through Dickens criticism,手象征社会阶级不平等,通过狄更斯的批判,he exposes the dire need for reform in Victorian London.他揭露了在维多利亚时代的伦敦的改革的必要性。What you will do next, which is an entirely different lesson, is to draft and revise your analysis.接下来你要做的是完全不同的课程,那就是设计并修正你的分析。Only after you write your analysis, return to your introduction.只有在你写出你的分析之后,才能回到你的引言Like authors earlier, try to intrigue and inspire your er.就像早期的作者,试着去激发和鼓励读者Avoid starting with famous ations, dictionary definitions or rhetorical questions.避免用名人名言、字典的定义或夸张的问题来开头。Consider the historical context of your topic, or an anecdote or some larger idea or concept. Heres an example:仔细想一下你的主题的历史背景、趣闻,或一些大的想法或观点。举个例子;27 bones in the hand and wrist allow humans to concurrently create and destroy.手上和手腕的27块骨头,使人们能够同时创造和破坏。Thousands of hands have been behind historys astounding creations.成千上万只手能够创造出历史上惊人的作品。Hands represent a powerful symbol, one that was not lost on Charles Dickens.在查尔斯·狄更斯笔下,手一直是强有力的象征。In Great Expectations, Dickens uses hands to symbolize social class inequities,在《远大前程》一书中,狄更斯用手来象征着社会阶级的不平等and through his criticism, he exposes the dire need for social reform in Victorian London.;通过批判,他揭露了维多利亚时代的伦敦的社会改革的必要性。Take time crafting and revising your thesis and introduction.花些时间制作并修改你的论点和引言Remember, if you are bored while writing, your er will be bored while ing.记住,如果你在写作时感到厌烦,那么你的读者也会在阅读你的作品时感到无聊。By the way, did you notice the introduction to this lesson?顺便说一下,你注意到本课的引言了吗?It didnt start with ;heres how to write a thesis and introduction. Would that have hooked you?它并不是以怎样写论点和引言开始的。如果是的话,那还会吸引你吗?201706/514834。

Im in a swollen Chinese river,trying to fight my way out of the jungle.这里是中国 我在急流中挣扎 努力渡河 走出丛林The storm is still overhead,and the water level keeps rising.阴风怒号 大雨倾盆 水位不断增高We need to swim nice and steady across this river.要稳住 慢慢游过去A hell lot of rain. Sun was covered all up.Okay, stay with me.Well get out into the main flow.雨下得好大 天也阴着 跟紧我 要进主干急流了Just watch out for stuff going downstream.小心漂下来的东西Logs and whole trees are flying past me on all sides,brought down by the typhoon.被台风卷下的树枝树干 不断从我身边漂过Ive just got to keep moving here.Watch out for this one.我必须赶快渡河 小心 看这树干粗得Its not the stuff on the surface you want to watch out for.Its the ones under the water.不仅要小心漂浮的杂物 水底的也要小心The danger, just the amount of flow coming down.You get pinned against branches thats underneath.被砸中了会很危险 树枝上可能带着钉子Fighting the current and dodging the debris is exhausting.Ive got to use something to keep me afloat.对抗水流 躲避杂物让我筋疲力尽 我得借力浮游Just gonna grab this.Use this branch to give me a bit of buoyancy.要抓紧这树干 这样游省力点Im quite struggling in this.Lets get in to the shore.真够费劲的 上岸吧Im pretty beat from that river.Kind of draining, you know?过河累死我了 一点力气都没了Its a mix of cold water and adrenaline and concentrating.水特别冷 只能一鼓作气 靠意志游过来And a healthy amount of fear in there, as well.说实话 还是挺害怕的I want to try and find some food and get the energy levels back up a bit.现在得找点东西吃 希望恢复体力Caves, actually, like this are never bad places to look,if we can have a look in that.山洞里一般都有吃的 我们进洞看看But before I go in, I need a light source.但进洞前 我需要照明201607/454731。

President Barack Obama spoke on Sunday about the mass shooting at a gay club in Orlando that killed at least 50 people and gravely injured dozens more, calling it an “act of terror and an act of hate.” 奥兰多一同性恋夜店发生大规模机事件,造成至少50人死亡,数十人受伤,周日奥巴马称其为“恐怖和仇恨行为”。The massacre now stands as the deadliest mass shooting in US history. 此次大屠杀是美国历史上最致命的大规模击事件。Making a statement from the White House, Obama said at this point, they are not sure exactly what the shooter’s motivation was, but that he was clearly “a person filled with hatred.” 奥巴马就此在白宫发表声明说,他们并不确定手的动机是什么,但显然他是“一个充满仇恨的人。”He added the FBI is investigating the incident as a terrorist attack. 奥巴马补充道,联邦调查局正以恐怖袭击调查这一事件。Authorities have identified the man as 29-year-old Omar Mateen, who went into the club around 2AM and opened fire. 当局确认手是29岁的奥马尔·马丁,他凌晨2点左右到达夜店,然后开火。He was later shot and killed by the police.随后他被警方开击毙。译文属。 /201606/448998。


North Korea says its almost y to test its first intercontinental ballistic missile. 朝鲜表示准备测试第一枚洲际弹道导弹。North Korea gaining the technology to fire a long-range missile means a nuclear bomb could reach the continental U.S.朝鲜获得发射远程导弹的技术意味着核弹可以打到达美国大陆。The isolated nation has been threatening the U.S. for years, but North Korea leader Kim Jong-uns latest speech comes as Donald Trump prepares to take office on Jan 20. 这个孤立的国家已经威胁美国很多年了,朝鲜领导人金正恩最新讲话之际,唐纳德·特朗普正准备于1月20日就职。And the Norths other top adversary South Korea is dealing with political turmoil, as President Park Geun-hye was recently impeached.朝鲜的另一对手韩国正在处理政治动荡,朴槿惠总统最近被弹劾。Experts say Kim is taking advantage of this political unrest, trying to assert North Korea as a nuclear power.专家表示,金正恩正利用这一政治动荡,试图声称朝鲜是一个核大国。National Intelligence Director James Clapper called nuclear capability ;a ticket to survival; for North Korea and the Kim dynasty. 国家情报总监詹姆斯·克拉珀称核能力是朝鲜和金氏王朝的“生存之票”。译文属。201701/487186。

A new study found the octopus population is on the up and up, and climate change could be helping those numbers.一项新的研究发现章鱼的数量正在上升,气候变化可以能有助于这些数据。In addition to octopuses, the study in Current Biology looked at other types of cephalopods — a category of marine life that includes cuttlefish and squid.除了章鱼,现代生物学研究其它类型的头足类动物,一类包括乌贼和鱿鱼的海洋生物。The group is really good at adapting. Researchers say even with the effects of climate change on sea temperatures and the documented decline of some fish populations, cephalopod numbers have increased overall in recent decades.该组真的善于适应环境。研究人员表示,尽管气候变化对海水温度产生影响,有记录一些鱼类种群下降,头足类动物的数量在近几十年整体增加了。In a statement, the lead author explained it this way: ;Cephalopods are often called weeds of the sea as they have a unique set of biological traits, including rapid growth, short lifespans and flexible development.;在一份声明中,首席作者是这样解释的:“头足类动物,通常被称为海草,他们有一套独特的生物学特性,包括快速增长、寿命短和灵活进化。”Researchers looked at catch rates from 1953 to 2013 from ;all major oceanic regions.; Even though researchers found growth in cephalopod populations, the study actually grew out of concern over declining numbers of giant Australian cuttlefish. 研究人员考察1953年至2013年所有主要海洋区域的渔获率。尽管研究人员发现头足类种群在增长,实际未能关注巨型澳大利亚乌贼下降。In a press release, a researcher said since the study that cuttlefish population is actually bouncing back.在一份新闻稿中,研究人员表示乌贼种群其实在反弹。The impact of the growing numbers of cephalopods is complex. Researchers describe the bunch as ;voracious; predators, so the growth might not be great for prey fish. 头足类动物日益增长的影响是复杂的。研究人员将其描述成“贪婪的”捕食者,所以对于捕食鱼增长可能不大。And even though researchers suggest climate change could help explain the growth, the study says the consequences of human activity, like ocean acidification, could negatively impact the group in the future.尽管研究人员认为气候变化可能有助于增长,但研究指出人类活动的结果,如海洋酸化,可能在未来会产生不利影响。译文属。201605/445920。

TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想201608/457833。