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德兴市小腿减肥多少钱上饶市做激光脱毛多少钱Sometimes in the thick of a messy and awkward prenuptial agreement negotiation, Laura A. Wasser, a Los Angeles-based family lawyer, reminds her clients: “This is not someone you got into a fender bender with. This is someone you want to spend your life with.” So be nice, for starters. Wasser pushes clients to sign all the paperwork at least a month before the wedding, but she suggests broaching the subject much earlier. “Sit down to talk with a good bottle of wine, but don’t drink so much that you end up drunk and fighting,” she says. “Bring it up when things are good, not when you’re bickering.”有时,在一场混乱而尴尬的婚前协议谈判进行到最激烈的阶段,洛杉矶的家庭事务律师劳拉·A·瓦塞尔(Laura A. Wasser)会提醒客户:“对方不是与你发生车祸纠纷的人,而是你想要共度一生的人。”所以,首先要友善。瓦塞尔强烈建议客户在婚礼的至少一个月之前签署所有的文件,而开始讨论这个话题的时间更应早得多。“坐下来伴着一瓶上好的葡萄酒来谈,但别喝太多,免得最后喝醉了争吵起来,”她说。“在气氛愉快的时候提出这个话题,不要在发生口角的时候提。”If the idea of a prenup does not go over well, blame someone else: your parents or, if you have lawyers and business managers, your advisers. Before you hire a lawyer, though, learn about your state’s marriage and divorce laws. “It is amazing how many people go into the contract of marriage — and it is a contract — without knowing the terms,” she says.如果婚前协议的想法没有得到良好反馈,就把责任怪到别人头上:你的父母,或者,如果你有律师或业务经理人的话,也可以推到他们这些顾问身上。不过,在聘请律师之前,首先要了解你所在州的婚姻和离婚方面的法律。“有太多人不了解条款就缔结了婚姻的契约——这的确就是一份契约——这可真让人不可思议。”Keep your proposed arrangement simple. “You hear about prenups that say, ‘If you don’t lose the baby weight, I get to divorce you,’ or, ‘If you cheat on me, I get this much money,’#8201;” says Wasser, whose clients have included Angelina Jolie and Britney Spears. Her firm refuses to include so-called lifestyle clauses — curtailing visits from in-laws or how often you have sex — because they are largely unenforceable in court.让你提出的条件简单明了。“有的婚前协议甚至会说,‘如果你不减掉婴儿肥,我就跟你离婚,’或者‘如果你对我不忠,我就会获得多少钱,’”瓦瑟尔说。她的客户包括安吉丽娜·朱莉(Angelina Jolie)和布兰妮·斯皮尔斯(Britney Spears)。瓦瑟尔的律所拒绝在协议中纳入所谓的“生活方式条款”——比如限制亲家串门次数或是规定做爱的频率——因为这些在法庭上基本无法执行。Even if you and your betrothed are penniless or view prenuptial agreements as a sordid elevation of capital over love, all couples should make the time to talk about the big questions that prenups answer up front. “Who is paying for what? How much do you save? Are you going to go back to work after you have children? What happens when one of us dies?”即使你和未婚夫或未婚妻穷得身无分文,或者认为婚前协议是把金钱置于爱情之上的丑陋之举,所有的情侣也都应该花时间谈论婚前协议会直接解答的那些重要问题:“谁来负担哪些开销?存多少钱?女方生完孩子要继续工作吗?一方离世了该怎么办?” /201503/366456上饶婺源县注射丰唇一针多少钱

上饶韩美整形美容医院去老人斑怎么样信州区妇幼保健人民中医院祛眼袋手术多少钱In 2012 it was rumored that a Taiwanese teen died after gaming for 40 consecutive hours. Death by ;Diablo 3;? As it turns out, the tabloids may have gotten one thing right about that story -- apparently when you sit for extended periods of time, the Grim Reaper sits beside you.2012年有传闻称台湾一位青少年在连续打了40个小时的网络游戏《暗黑破坏神III》后猝死。少年是否真的死于网游,我们无从得知,但有一点是显而易见的,长时间保持坐姿会损害我们的健康,死神也会离你越来越近。When you indulge in just 30 minutes of TV watching -- not even close to 40 hours at a time -- you burn about one calorie per minute (that#39;s the estimate for a person weighing 155 pounds) -- and that#39;s not much; in comparison it#39;s only about a third of the calories that would be used if that time were spent walking, and pretty close to the amount burned during a 30-minute nap (about 23 calories). While the amount of calories burned may seem pretty similar between the two activities, sleep is important for good health and memory, and sitting, well, as it turns out it may be hurting you.如果坐着看电视30分钟,一个体重155磅的成年人大约每分钟消耗1卡路里的热量,相当于走路所消耗热量的三分之一,小睡30分钟大约消耗23卡路里,与看电视消耗的热量相近。但是,睡觉有助于人体健康和增强,坐着却会损害人体健康。Think about how often you sit during the day; at the desk at the office, in meetings, in class, at home in front of the TV or game console -- and don#39;t forget about all the time spent sitting in your car or during your daily commute. All those hours add up, and in recent years it#39;s estimated we spend nearly eight hours sitting every day on average -- and some research suggests we actually may be sitting as much as 15 hours every day. Considering we need about eight hours of sleep every night, that leaves some of us with only about an hour on our feet. Excessive sitting, more than two hours a day, is referred to as #39;sitting disease#39; among health professionals, and is associated with some major -- and perhaps surprising -- health problems, as well as an overall shorter life expectancy.回想一下,每天我们有多少时间是坐在书桌旁、办公室、会议室、教室、在家里看电视玩游戏,再算上在车里或是其它交通工具上坐着的时间。据估计,把近几年所有这些时间累积起来,平均每天有8小时是坐着的,还有研究显示,实际上我们每天坐着的时间长达15个小时。如果每天睡觉8小时,就只剩下1小时是站立的。专家认为,每天保持坐姿超过2个小时就是“久坐症”,这可能引发一些严重的健康问题,甚至会折寿。10.It#39;s Ruining Your Posture10.健康隐患Poor posture is a headache -- literally. And a shoulder ache. And a neck ache. And we can#39;t overlook the back problems associated with a sedentary lifestyle. You might be sitting too much, and during all the time spent seated, you might be sitting the wrong way. Sitting improperly not only causes tight muscles and muscle pain, it also increases your risk of developing an inflexible spine and herniated lumbar disks, as well as conditions such as kyphosis, which is a rounded or hunched upper back, and lordosis, which is a swayback.毫不夸张地说,不良坐姿会引起头痛、肩膀和脖子酸痛。我们要重视久坐引起的各种背部问题。你可能所有的时间都在坐着,或者坐姿错误。错误的坐姿不仅会使肌肉长期处于紧张状态导致酸痛,还会增加罹患脊椎僵硬和腰椎间盘疾病、驼背和脊柱前弯症的风险。So if slouching and slumping don#39;t meet the gold standard of sitting, what does? Good posture means your body is well-aligned, and well-aligned means your weight is evenly distributed, your shoulders are aligned over your hips, hips over knees -- you get the idea. It#39;s pretty much the opposite of slumping over your desk.低头和趴在桌子上的坐姿都达不到黄金坐姿的标准,那么什么样的才是达标的坐姿呢?身体平衡,体重分布均匀,臀部均衡承受背部及肩膀的重量,膝盖均衡承受臀部的重量。这与趴在桌子上的情况完全相反。9.Muscle Atrophy9.肌肉萎缩When you sit more frequently than you exercise, your muscles weaken – and quickly. A sedentary lifestyle causes what#39;s called disuse atrophy (that#39;s opposed to muscle atrophy due to neurogenic causes, such as muscular dystrophy). Basically, that means when you don#39;t use your muscles you lose your muscles. Muscle fibers lose their flexibility and become stiff, they lose bulk and mass, and they gain fat storage instead of turning those fats into muscle energy.当你经常性坐着不运动,肌肉就会迅速退化。久坐会引起废用性肌萎缩(这不同于由于神经引起的肌肉萎缩,比如肌肉营养不良)。肌肉得不到锻炼基本上就会导致肌肉退化。肌肉纤维灵活性降低,变得僵硬,重量和体积都会减少,同时脂肪会在体内存积起来,无法转换为肌肉。Additionally, when you#39;re in a sitting position you#39;re basically training your muscles to be better-suited for sitting. Your glutes and your leg muscles, for example, shorten compared to if you spent similar time standing -- and that means aches, pains and balance issues. Sitting weakens the muscles you use for posture and the abdominal, pelvic and spinal muscle groups, as well.另外,当你坐着的时候,肌肉也会向更适合坐姿的方向发展。比如同样的时间内,坐着时臀部和腿部的肌肉要比站立时的肌肉更短,这也就意味着肌肉会出现酸痛和平衡问题。久坐会使肌肉弱化,尤其是腹部、骨盆和脊柱的肌肉群。8.It Weakens Your Bones8.伤害骨骼As many as half of adult Americans are affected by bone loss. Ten million live with osteoporosis, and even more -- about 43 million more -- have lost enough bone mass that they#39;re at a high risk of developing osteoporosis, according to the National Osteoporosis Foundation. To strengthen your bones and prevent osteoporosis, you need to stand up. Bones need to support your weight -- or some weight -- regularly in order to stay strong; otherwise they lose their density and become brittle and weak.几乎近一半的美国成年人都会骨质流失。根据美国国家骨质疏松症基金会(the National Osteoporosis Foundation,NOF)的数据显示,美国有一千万人患有骨质疏松,更严重的是,四千三百多万人流失了应需的骨量,他们都是患骨质疏松的高发人群。为了强健骨骼并预防骨质疏松,你需要站起来了!骨头需要撑全部或是部分的体重来保持强壮,否则会丧失密度而变得脆弱。Daily walking will help you make strides against osteoporosis, as well as both weight-bearing exercises and resistance training. Exercises that put a little pressure on those bones keep bone loss at bay (and it#39;ll also build muscles and keep you flexible, too).每天散步、进行负重运动或抗阻力训练可以帮助你远离骨质疏松。锻炼对骨骼施加一定的压力,以此来防止骨质流失(锻炼也可以强健肌肉,让你的身体更加灵活)。翻译:郑静 /201507/384712上饶市中医院打瘦腿针多少钱How rich is the Queen?王室资产大揭秘 英国女王究竟多有钱News that the Crown Estate returned record profits of £285m last year means the Queen is expected to receive a further £2m in public funding next year. But just how rich is the Queen and where does her wealth come from?有消息称英国皇家财产管理公司去年利润创历史记录,达2.85亿,也就是说,英国女王明年有望公共基金再多入200万英镑。但女王到底多富有?她的财富从何而来?According to the Sunday Times Rich List 2015, her estimated fortune is £340m, up £10m from last year.《星期日泰晤士报》一份富豪榜称,女王财富估计有3.4亿英镑,较去年多1000万英镑。What is known about the Queen#39;s wealth can be broadly divided between her private income and funding given to her, as the reigning monarch, by the government.据了解,女王的财富来自私人收入和政府拨给在位君王的款项。The Crown Estate owns Ascot race course.The main source of the Queen#39;s public income comes from the Sovereign Grant - a fixed percentage of the profits made by the Crown Estate.皇家财产管理公司拥有英国皇家赛马会。英国女王的收入来源中,占大头的是君王拨款--来自皇家财产管理公司占固定百分比的利润。The Crown Estate dates back to 1760 when George III reached an agreement with the government that surplus revenue from the crown#39;s lands would go to the Treasury.皇家财产管理公司可以追溯到1760年,当时乔治三世和政府达成协议,君王土地多余收入归财政部。Under the current funding arrangement, all profits from the estate are paid to the Treasury and 15% of this money is then given to the Queen.在现行的财政持安排之下,所有地产的利润都付给财政部,其中的15%给女王。This funding is known as the Sovereign Grant and is used to support the Queen in her official duties.Last year the Sovereign Grant was £37.9m - of which the Queen spent £35.7m. That money pays for staffing costs, property maintenance, travel, utilities and housekeeping, among other things.这一财政持即为君王拨款,用以撑女王的官方事务。去年官方拨款是3790万,女王用了3570万。这笔钱用于付人工费、房产维护、旅游、公共设施、家政等等。The privy purse is a private income for the Queen, which is primarily used to pay for expenses incurred by other members of the Royal Family.私用金是女王;私房钱;来源,主要用以付皇家其他成员的费用。Funds for the privy purse come mostly from the Duchy of Lancaster, a portfolio of land, property and assets owned by the Queen which is managed separately from the Crown Estate.私用金的资金大多来自于兰开斯特公爵领地,是集土地、房产和资产于一身的投资组合,属于女王,而实际由皇家财产管理公司单独经营的。The extent of the Queen#39;s private income is less well known.According to the Sunday Times, she has an investment portfolio consisting largely of shares in blue-chip British companies, which it valued at £110m.英国女王到底有多少私人收入就不那么为人所知了。据《星期日泰晤士报》称,女王的投资组合大部分来自于英国公司的蓝筹股,值1.1亿英镑。The Queen also owns personal property including Sandringham House in Norfolk, Balmoral Castle in Aberdeenshire and other smaller houses.女王私人所有的地产包括诺福克桑德林厄姆庄园和阿伯丁郡的巴尔莫勒尔堡还有其他一些小型的房产。Other personal goods include the royal stamp collection, art, jewels, cars, horses and the Queen Mother#39;s legacy, which all add to her personal fortune.It is kept between a number of locations, such as Hampton Court Palace and Windsor Castle.其他私人物品包括皇家邮票收藏、艺术品、珠宝、豪车、马匹和伊丽莎白一世的遗产,都算入女王的个人财富。女王的私有财物分散在多处,如汉普顿宫和温莎城堡。 /201506/383981上饶割双眼皮需要哪家医院好

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