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A woman who checked into a hotel the night was left gobsmacked - after she realised the outfit she was wearing matched the colours in the hallway of the venue.一女子入住一家旅馆过夜却发生了瞠目结舌的事情,因为她发现她穿在身上的衣和走廊的墙壁竟然撞衫了Imgur user Wickensworth, from the US, posted an image along with the caption: o my friend checked into a random hotel, and then this happened. The post, which has been seen more than three million times, attracted many comments from people asking who wore it better?, the friend or the hotel.来自美国的Imgur用户Wickensworth发表了一个文并配图: “我的朋友随机入住了一个酒店,然后就发生了这种情况” 目前,这篇照片已经被点击了300多万次,很多人饶有兴趣的问,“所以这件到底是谁穿着好看?是你的朋友还是墙壁?”The picture shows Wickensworth friend in a T-shirt with a peach top section, a black stripe and then a duck-egg blue lower half. The hotel hallway also had a peach painted half, a dark-coloured border and the same coloured blue bottom half. The user friend appeared to be very confused by it too judging from her expression.照片中可见,Wickensworth的朋友穿了一件顶部搭配桃色,中间有黑色的线条,下半部是鸭蛋青色的T恤而这个酒店的墙壁上半部正好也漆成了桃色,中间是暗黑色的边线,下面一样也是鸭蛋青色而从表情上判断,Wickensworth的朋友看起来似乎非常困惑The image, which has been viewed 3,,000 times since it was posted yesterday, saw plenty of jokes on the unusual occurrence.这张图片昨天刚被发上来,仅仅一天时间点击量就超过了300次,人们对这个小概率事件开了很多玩笑Imgur user TheDarkCanuck wrote: Well one of us is going to have to change and Spune posted: Is the hotel made of shirt or is her shirt made of hotel?Imgur用户TheDarkCanuck留言说道:“看来我们中的一个得换身衣了” Spune留言说道,“是这个旅馆模仿了她的T恤,还是她的T恤模仿了这个旅馆呢?”And user ChaosOne seemed to think it was a sign of something spooky to come.用户ChaosOne 则认为这可能预示着一些灵异事件的发生MissAndain pointed out the strange happening could be worse. There could be twin girls on trikes behind you, in reference to The Shining.MissAndain指出这个怪现象“可能会更糟身后有可能是电影《闪灵中骑在三轮车上的双胞胎女孩”In the 1980 Stanley Kubrick film, Jack Nicholson agrees to become a caretaker the Overlook Hotel in the Colorado Rockies, and takes his wife Wendy and son Danny along the ride. Danny later sees two murdered girls appear in the corridor in front of him while riding on a tricycle.在1980年斯坦利·库布里克拍摄的这部电影里,杰克·尼科尔森主演的角色同意负责看管科罗拉多州深山中的远望旅馆,并带着他的妻子温迪和儿子丹尼一起搬了进去之后,丹尼看到了两个被谋杀的女孩骑着三轮车出现在旅馆走廊 5383。

A: Hi. Im looking pots and pans.您好,请问炊具柜台在哪边?B: That section is right over there.就在那边A: Thank you so much.谢谢B: Perhaps youd like to sign up our store credit card.您要不要申办一张本店的会员卡?A: No, but thank you. I have plenty of credit cards.不用了,谢谢我有好多会员卡呢B: Our credit card saves you percent instantly on all purchases.我们的卡在这里消费可以打九折哦A: Well, that does sound nice.那倒是挺划算B: Just fill out this m and youll get your discount immediately.只要填写这张表格就可马上享受优惠A: You know, Ill pass on it today.现在先不用B: No problem. These ms are also at the front of the store on your way out.没事儿,您一会儿出去的时候也可以在前面拿 80。

5.Silence of the lambs 199.《沉默的羔羊——上映1991年Silence of the lambs is the best psychological horror ever made. An exception picture, it won an Oscar the best movie. Featuring Antony Hopkins in the role of Hannibal Lector, a highly intelligent serial killer who also has the weird custom of eating his victims, and Jodie Foster as the young detective that must solve a murder case with the help of Lector, this intense movie will keep you breathless until the end.《沉默的羔羊是有史以来最优秀的心理恐怖电影,意外获得奥斯卡最佳影片奖安东尼·霍普金斯饰演汉尼拔·莱克特,他智商极高却又高度变态,是个食人狂魔朱迪·福斯特饰演一名年轻警探,为解决一桩谋杀案而求助于汉尼拔整个影片情节紧张,让人喘不过气来.Alien-1979.《异形——上映1979年What is it with the 70s that so many memorable scary movies were done back then? This movie, the original Alien, is without a doubt, terrifying and the idea it was completely new and shocking. Today, after having seen so many Alien sequels, as well as many other vicious extraterrestrial creatures, we can say, without a doubt, that they are nothing when compared with the original Alien.回顾七十年代,哪部影片从那个年代的恐怖电影中脱颖而出呢?毫无疑问,就是第一部《异形,该影片除了恐怖之外,想法也十分新颖独特、震撼人心今天,我们看过许多《异形系列电影和各种凶残的外星生物,但是我们可以坚定地说,与第一部《异形相比,前面提到的那些影片根本不值一提3.Jaws – 19753.《大白鲨——上映1975年Even if you never saw Jaws (improbable), I am sure you heard about it. One of the scary movies which do not need any presentation, this horror by Spielberg turned white sharks into mass murderers soon after its apparition. Decades passed bee humans finally came to their senses and remembered that sharks do not actually see humans as their main course…你即使没看过《大白鲨(虽然可能性很小)也一定听说过它无需多说,这是一部恐怖电影在斯皮尔伯格的镜头下,大白鲨成了如幽灵般闪现的连环杀手几十年后,人类终于醒悟并且铭记——人类并不是鲨鱼的主菜,它们只是搞错了对象…….Psycho -196.《惊魂记——上映1960年This classic is not only one of the movies that made cinematography an art and one of the horror movies to watch in a group. Directed by-who else than- the legendary Alfred Hitchcock, Psycho is the story of Marion Crane, a young thief who encounters two serial killers with serious mental issues. The poor woman will pay dearly her crime.这部经典影片不仅是一件艺术品,更是一部不宜独自观看的恐怖片《惊魂记由传奇导演阿尔弗雷德·希区柯克执导,影片中一个名叫玛丽安·克莱恩的女人携款私逃,在途中遇到两个患有严重精神疾病的连环杀手这个可怜的女人为她一时的贪念付出了沉重代价1.The Exorcist – 19731.《驱魔人——上映1973年No good list of this kind is allowed to exclude the exorcist. It is so scary that no one guarantees you that you will be able to sleep without sleeping pills weeks. Of course, since this is no recent movie, most of you may know it aly. What was your experience after watching the exorcist?任何一个经典恐怖电影的榜单都少不了《驱魔人它实在太恐怖了,在之后几周里,你恐怕要借助安眠药才能入睡当然,由于这是一部老电影,所以你们大多数人可能已经经历过这种痛苦说一说你在观看《驱魔人之后有怎样的感受?审校:阿饭 编辑:橘子 来源:前十网 073。

A: Good morning, how are you doing today?B: I have been feeling pretty good, Dr. Smith. A: So, I can see by your chart that you are here your annual physical.B: Yes, I am playing on the tennis team this year, and they are requiring me to get a physical exam.A: We are basically going to check your heart, lungs, blood sugar levels, and eyes, ears, and nose.B: I’ve kind of been having problems being out of breath. Can you look at that?A: Yes, I will check you asthma, and maybe we can check you allergies later.B: Thank you. What will the blood test tell you?A: We will be checking blood sugar, cholesterol, and white blood cell count.B: I have been working hard to stay healthy. I hope the tests turn out well. 539。

Ask details 询问细节A: I’ve just visited your showroom. You surely get a lot of fancy bedsheets, I like them very much.B: I’m glad you like them. They are all made of silk. Here on display are all the most popular and favorite products. What items are you particularly interested in?A: A is very colorful and feels nice. I’d like to start with it. Is it pure silk? B: Yes, it’s the latest product and is highly recommended because of its fine design and quality. You certainly have an eye good things.A: Thank you saying that. But what’s the price?B: Here is the catalogue and the price list. You can take a look.A: The price seems acceptable. Can you supply the bedsheets now if we order some?B: No problem.A: That’s fine. Then let’s sign a contract. A: 我参观了你们的陈列室你们确实有很多相当好的床单,我非常喜欢B: 我很高兴您能喜欢我们的产品它们都是丝绸做的这儿展出的全是最时髦也是最受欢迎的产品您对哪款最感兴趣呢?A: A颜色不错,手感也好就从这一款开始吧它是纯真丝的吗?B: 是这是我们厂的最新产品,它由于设计好、质量高而广受好评您可真有眼光A: 谢谢您的夸奖它的单价是多少?B: 这是商品目录和价格表,您看看吧A: 价钱看来还可以接受如果我们现在订的话,你们可以提供现货吗?B: 没问题A: 那太好了,我们来签份合同吧 5。