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东风襄樊医院属于公立还是私立襄樊人民医院肛肠医院Oh, nice!好球They need to figure out how far他们要根据the ball needs to travel depending on where the receiver is.外接球手的位置判断球应当扔多远How fast the receivers running in that direction.还要考虑外接球手的移动速度Most quarterbacks dont sit down and calculate that on paper.四分卫可没时间坐下来拿纸算Set, go!准备 开始Its all done in their head他们不用多想instinctively without thinking about it.而是下意识地做出动作For spacecraft,对航天器而言we do it on paper, or these days, on computers.我们就得用纸算了 现在是计算机算The other thing a quarterback does四分卫还要干的一件事is put spin on the ball.就是让球旋转Spiral so that the ball flies in the correct trajectory.旋转使球保持正确的飞行轨道So we also are spinning our spacecraft,我们同样也会让航天器旋转so it maintains its attitude...这样它才能保持姿态and so that we can point the solar rays back at the Sun使太阳能板朝向太阳and communicate back to the Earth.并与地球保持通讯And so, the actual rotation of the ball所以其实橄榄球的旋转is similar to the rotation of the spacecraft.和航天器的旋转很相似They make it sound simple,听起来很简单but firing a spacecraft across the solar system但是让一个航天器在太阳系中穿梭involves some really complex ballistic calculations.涉及到极其复杂的弹道学计算重点解释:1.figure out 算出;想出例句:The boy cant figure out the algebra problems.这个男孩做不出这道代数题。2.sit down 坐下例句:Move your stern, I want to sit down.你把屁股挪一挪,我想坐下。3.similar to 跟 ... 类似的例句:A plantain is similar to a banana.大蕉类似于香蕉。 201512/418219枣阳妇幼保健院看男科好吗 Demonstrations have taken place around Poland to protest against a new public media law. Media managers will now be selected by the Treasury Minister and can be recalled at any time.波兰出台新公共媒体法引发全国示威游行。现在媒体管理者将由财政部长选择,并且可以随时被撤销。The European Commission, has expressed concern the decision threatens media freedom. Poland’s government, the eurosceptic Law and Justice Party, or PiS, has warned Brussels not to get involved based on “biased and politically-engaged reports.”欧洲委员会对威胁媒体自由的决定表示关注。波兰政府,疑欧派法律与公正党或PiS,警告布鲁塞尔基于“偏见与政治参与报告”不要介入。This spokesperson for the Committee of Defence of Democracy said: We meet because the freedom of the media and democracy are in danger. If the media cannot see the hands of the authorities, the citizens will not know what they are doing.这位民主委员会发言人表示:我们在这里会面,因为媒体自由和民主处于危险之中。如果媒体不能报道当局所为,公民将不知道他们在做什么。Poland’s liberal opposition has accused the government of trying to silence criticism in an effort to weaken the state’s main democratic institutions.波兰自由派反对者指责政府试图压制批评,努力削弱国家主要的民主机构。The PiS has named a former MP, Jacek Kurski, to head the state television station, TVP.PIS任命前议员Jacek Kurski领导国家电视台TVP。The party had Earlier alluded to plans to “depoliticise” the state media, however it says the EC may have been given misleading information.该党曾提到计划“政治化”国家媒体,但表示欧洲委员会可能存在误导性信息。译文属。 /201601/420913After an hours-long standoff and siege in Burkina Faso, a terrorist attack by Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb has left at least 23 people dead and 56 injured. The countrys government says the victims were from 18 countries. 在布基纳法索长达一个小时的对峙和围攻后,由伊斯兰马格里布基地组织发动的恐怖袭击已造成至少23人死亡、56人受伤。该国政府称遇难者来自18个国家。At least four terrorists took over a hotel and restaurant near a popular tourist area in the countrys capital. Security forces, bolstered by French troops from nearby Mali, eventually stormed the area, releasing 126 hostages and killing the attackers. 首都一处受欢迎的旅游区附近,至少有四名恐怖分子占领了一家酒店和餐馆。最终来自附近马里法国持的安全部队猛攻该地区,释放出了126名人质并将袭击者击毙。Witnesses say they played dead in the restaurant as the terrorists fired their weapons; some witnesses reported hearing grenades and detonations. One woman told the press, ;they would come back and see if the white people were moving and then they would shoot them again.; No official motive has been named for the attack. 目击者称,恐怖分子开火时他们装死,一些目击者称听到手榴弹爆炸的声音。一位妇女告诉媒体,他们会回来的,如果看到还有人在动,他们会再次开射击。此次袭击事件没有官方动机。The U.S. State Department released a statement saying it was doing everything it could ;to account for U.S. citizens in the city.; The U.K. has warned its citizens to stay away from the area where the attack took place. 美国国务院发布了一份声明称,正在尽一切努力对该城市的美国公民负责。英国警告其公民远离袭击事件发生地。The same group who claimed responsibility for this attack also took credit for a very similar attack on a hotel in Mali last November that left at least 22 people dead. 声称对此次袭击事件负责的相同组织同样对去年马里一酒店造成22人死亡的袭击事件负责。Burkina Faso has announced a 72-hour mourning period in response to the attack.布基纳法索宣布哀悼72小时。译文属。201601/422405襄阳市中心医院北区割包皮手术价格

枣阳市男科挂号襄樊铁路医院治疗前列腺疾病怎么样 What makes iron better than bronze铁跟青铜相比 其优势在于is it holds an edge better.能更好地稳固船边If youre trying to work with wood,如果你是用木头工作the ability to keep a sharp edge meant如果想将船边牢固you could make thin planks,就要用很厚的木板you could shape beams, you could build better ships.如果能制造船梁 就能造成理想的大船Iron tools revolutionize shipbuilding铁具给造船业带来了新的春天And allow mankind to innovate as never before.也让人类发生了翻天覆地的变化A revolutionary invention:龙骨的诞生The keel.是一项具有划时代意义的发明Now ships can remain stable in the roughest waters,现在船可以在恶劣的海洋环境中航行The key to mankinds future at sea.而主宰人类未来的关键正是航海Hanno has sailed from the Mediterranean汉诺从地中海出发Into uncharted waters: the Atlantic Ocean.驶向未知的大西洋海域With 30,000 colonists,同三万名殖民地开拓者一道Hes looking for new lands, new opportunities.他在找寻新的大陆 新的契机For some of these early explorers,这些开拓者中的一部分人all theyve been told他们知道的只是is that the world drops off.陆地被分成很多部分Its a step into the unknown, its huge.这就像踏上了未知的旅途 意义重大201509/401042襄阳市中心医院北区检查能用医保卡吗

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