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昆山/百达丽男科医院激光去痘多少钱昆山/市妇幼保健医院脱毛多少钱Rise of Confucianism as Main State Ideology独尊儒术Confucianism rose as the main state ideology during the time of Emperor Wudi in the Western Han Dynasty (206B.C.----8A.D.).儒家思想在西汉(公元前206年至公元8年)武帝时期成为了国家的主流意识。In the Qin Dynasty (221—206B.C.), Legalism served as the state ideology秦朝时(公元前221年至公元前206年),法家思想是国家的主流思想。and at the beginning of the Han Dynasty (206B.C.—220A.D.), Laozi’s theory that was more moderate and humane was put into practice.在汉朝(公元前206年至公元220年)初期,更为温和和仁慈的道家思想被实施。However, Laozi’s thoughts did not fit Wudi’s political ambition to consolidate his position and strengthen his power when he became the emperor.但是,在武帝执政时,道家思想与他渴望巩固个人地位和加强个人统治的政治野心不符。In 140 B.C, Confucian scholar Dong Zhongshu admonished the ruler to establish Taixue (an academy) to educate the crown prince and to produce elite for governmental offices.公元前140年,儒学学者董仲书劝武帝建立太学(一种机构)来教导皇家子弟并为政府机构提供精英人才。He did an excellent job in answering questions raised by Wudi.他完美地回答了武帝提出的问题。Wudi was deeply impressed and attached great importance to Confucians and some were even assigned to the high positions of minister.武帝对此印象深刻,因此重视儒学,有些儒学学者还被任命为高级官员。In Dong Zhongshu’s words, the ruler should pay supreme tribute to Confucianism while rejecting all other schools of thought.董仲书说,当权者应该独尊儒术,罢黜。From then on, all government officials were required to learn and study the Confucian Classics and laws were interpreted accordingly.从那时起,所有的政府官员都被要求学习儒家经典,法律也相应地作出解释和说明。The orthodox Confucianism helped to establish the ideological foundation in the feudal society of China.传统儒家思想帮助中国封建社会创建了思想基石。 /201510/397346昆山/祛疤整形 昆山/点痣哪个整形医院好

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周庄人民医院开双眼皮多少钱About 74 percent of Chinese people are confident the country#39;s culture will be globally popular, a survey has showed.近日一项调查显示,约有74%的中国人相信,未来中国文化在世界上会有很强号召力。According to a survey jointly conducted by the China Youth Daily and wenjuan.com, more than half of those surveyed believe Chinese characters and traditional costume, designs and patterns are the top representatives of Chinese culture. According to the newspaper, a total of 2,000 people were surveyed. Among them, about half are post-1980s generations, while those born after 1990 account for 23 percent.据中国青年报和问卷网联合进行的调查结果显示,超过一半的受访者认为中国的汉字、传统饰、纹样和图案是中国风的重要载体。据悉,共有2000人参与了这项调查,其中一半是80后,而90后占了23%。About 83 percent of the people surveyed said they have a strong interest in products that carry traditional Chinese elements, the China Youth Daily reported on Tuesday.据中国青年报2月16日的报道,83%的受访者表示他们对带有中国风元素的产品有浓厚的兴趣。The majority of respondents said Chinese culture is reserved and diversified, with more than 78 percent questioning the way in which international brands employ Chinese elements.多数受访者表示,中国文化是一个含蓄而又多元化的概念,有超过78%的受访者认为国际品牌追求的中国味儿不够地道。Meanwhile, only 33 percent of the respondents considered bright red and yellow as elements representing Chinese culture, though the two colors were promoted by many designers.然而,各大商家普遍认为“用了#39;大红、大黄等颜色#39;就是中国风”这一观点,仅有33%的受访者表示赞同。 /201602/427138 Song Dynasty宋朝Northern Song Dynasty北宋In 959, following the death of Emperor Shizong who had been a wise monarch, a seven year old child succeeded to the throne as Emperor Gong.959年,英明的宋世宗驾崩后,7岁的高宗继承了帝位。In the next year, Zhao Kuangyin seized power and forced Emperor Gong to abdicate in his favor.一年后,赵匡胤夺取政权,逼迫高宗退位。Zhao took the name Taizu and established his capital city in Dongjing (present city of Kaifeng).赵匡胤自立为“太祖”并定都东京(今开封)。His first task was to ensure that there would be no further military coups and he did this by establishing a professional army loyal to the dynasty with its military com-manders under the strict control of the central government.他登基后的第一个任务就是确保不会再有任何兵变,他为此建立了一专业的朝廷军队,这些军队的将领受到了中央政府的严格控制。For the remainder of his reign, Taizu concentrated his efforts upon whining over the southern states.之后,太祖一直专注于收复南部的国家。Such was his success that by the time of his death in 976 apart from Zhejiang, Shanxi, Nanzhao and the area ruled by the Khitan, the country had come under Song#39;s control.截至976年他去世时,宋朝已经收回了除浙江、山西、南诏和契丹人控制的地区以外的区域。The activities of the warlords had been brought to an end.群雄并据的时代结束了。Taizu was succeeded by his brother, Taizong who brought Zhejiang and Shanxi back into the fold.太祖驾崩后,他的弟弟宋太宗继承了帝位,收复了浙江和山西。He was unsuccessful in his two attempts to drive out the Khitan and was forced to deal with them on equal terms.他两次驱逐契丹人的尝试都已失败告终并被迫与契丹签订了平等条约。From then on the Song Dynasty sought to defend its borders against invasion and unlike the Tang never ruled a universal empire.从那时起,宋朝一直试图抵抗来自边境的侵略,这使得它没能像唐朝成为一个世界雄国。Important steps were taken to strengthen the administration under the autocratic control of the emperor.皇帝采取了重要的措施来加强中央集权和独裁统治。These developments were supported by important changes in the recruitment to the bureaucracy and the running of the examination system.这些变化来源于官僚聘用制度和科举制的改变。The control over the military and the replacement of aristocratic power with something akin to a meritocracy brought about a stability that allowed the country to enjoy a period of prosperity due to the expansion of industry,commerce and agriculture.军队的管理以及替代了贵族统治的精英政治带来了国家的稳定,使国家可以因为工业、商业和农业的扩展而繁荣发展。These factors in turn led to the development of new cities as centers of administration, trade, commerce and industry.这些因素反过来又促进了以政治、贸易、商业和工业为中心的新兴城市的发展。The period of reforms lasted until the death of Emperor Shenzong in 1086.改革的时代一直持续到宋神宗驾崩时也就是1086年。 /201511/406459昆山/百达丽整形美容医院开内眼角怎么样昆山/市第一人民医院友谊医院光子脱毛手术多少钱



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