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新东方口语词汇一招鲜 22 新东方口语词汇一招鲜文本下载 /200709/18003Doing anything special this weekend?这个周末有什么特别打算吗? /09/85744职业教育和社会进步 Vocational Education and Social Progress参加职业培训在中国已经逐渐成为普遍的现象。Listen Read Learn The use of vocational schools is a growing phenomenon in China. Despite the large number of university graduates in China, the universities are not able to meet all the growing needs of the society for future development. Vocational schools have arisen to fill these needs by providing a more detailed knowledge than that provided by universities. This has led to weak base of theory for many workers. Their focus, practical application, is much more detailed than the theory provided at college. Many students choose to go to vocational schools instead of universities. This has led many college graduates to question the value of their degrees. They should not, as the levels of education offered by different vocational schools are unequal. Some of these schools are private and offer a flexible schedule for students who may be working or are even in school at university. On the other hand, because they are run by individuals, the teaching quality and the teaching resources offered by many vocational schools maybe of low quality. This is countered by the fact that those with excellent facilities and teachers sign up more students than others. Yet, this is no consolation to those who are cheated of their hard-earned money by poor quality schools in the pursuit of knowledge. To counter this, many employers have established relationships with certain vocational schools in order to raise the quality of worker education.听看学参加职业培训在中国已经逐渐成为普遍的现象。在中国,尽管有很多大学毕业生,但大学仍不能满足社会深入发展所带来的不断增长的所有需求。职业学校通过提供比大学更为细致的知识而满足了这些需求。但这也导致了很多员工理论基础薄弱。然而,相比大学教授的理论,它们所注重的实践教育要具体得多。许多学生放弃大学而选择上职业学校。这使得很多大学毕业生质疑他们所获学位的价值。他们不应如此,因为不同职业学校提供的教育水平是不等的。这些学校有些是私立的,为学生提供灵活的课程安排,这里的学生可能是在职的,甚至还是在校大学生。另一方面,由于是私人经营,许多职业学校提供的教学质量和教学资源可能会比较差,与之相对的是,那些拥有先进教学设备和雄厚师资的学校比其他学校招收到更多的学生。然而,这并不能安慰那些为追求知识而被教学质量很低的学校骗走辛苦钱的学生。为防止这种情况的发生,许多用人单位已经与特定的职业学校建立了合作关系,以提高员工教育质量。Grammar 语法小结完全倒装完全倒装即把整个谓语放到主语之前(是整个谓语动词,而非助动词),在以下两种情况中常用完全倒装。1.there be 句型以及there接appear, exist, lie, remain, seem to be, stand等,表示“有”,用完全倒装There appeared to be a man in black in the distance.远处有个穿黑色衣的人。2.由地点和时间副词引出的完全倒装句Under that tree sits a beautiful girl. 那棵树下坐着一位美丽的姑娘。In came an old man with white beard. 进来了一个白胡子老头儿。家庭总动员 Do it together找出下面句子中的语法错误并改正。 1. In the palace live an old king. 2. Here come a bus. 3. There lie a big snake. 4. In the middle stand a big statue. 5. Under the tree lie a little boy. 1. live → lives 2. come → comes3. lie → lies4. stand → stands5. lie → lies /200807/44274

A: I do beg your pardon for the mistake I’ve made.B: It’s OK. That can happen to the rest of us.A:请您一定原谅我所犯的错误。B:没关系,谁都会发生这种事情。A: Please excuse my careless words.B: It doesn’t matter at all.A:请原谅我那些无心的话B:一点也没有关系 A: Forgive me, I didn’t mean to offend you.B: Never mind about that.A:对不起。我不是有意要冒犯你的。B:没关系。A: I’m sorry to have given you so much trouble.B: It’s easy to say sorry, but who will make up for the loss?A:很抱歉给您带来这么大的麻烦。B:说声对不起容易,但谁来补偿损失?A: I’m awfully sorry. I didn’t realize.B: To tell the truth, your apology can’t be accepted.A:我真是抱歉没有意识到。B:说实话,你的道歉不被接受。 /201003/98892

学校又给丹尼尔他们年级加了几门课程,其中,丹尼尔最喜欢科学这门课,这使得汤姆非常的惊讶。看看究竟怎么回事吧! Listen Read LearnDaniel: School has added several new courses to our grade this semester. I have more homework to do now.Tom: What's your favorite course, Daniel?Daniel: I like science most.Tom: Science? That's a surprise.Daniel: Surprise?Tom: I thought you would like PE.Daniel: I do like PE, but I am interested in science.Tom: Are you interested in science? I can't believe it.Daniel: Through this course, I can learn more about the world around us clearly.Tom: Your parents would be happy if they knew that. Because you are always a naughty boy.Daniel: Naughty? I'm naughty? I'm just clever. So I only do the things I am interested in.Tom: Hope so.听看学丹尼尔:这个学期学校给我们年级又加了几门课。现在我有更多的家庭作业要做了。汤姆:丹尼尔,你最喜欢的课程是哪门啊?丹尼尔:我最喜欢科学。汤姆:科学?太惊讶了。丹尼尔:惊讶?汤姆:我还以为你会最喜欢体育呢。丹尼尔:我是喜欢体育啊,但是我对科学却非常感兴趣。汤姆:你对科学感兴趣?我不太相信。丹尼尔:通过这个课程,可以清楚地了解我们周围的世界。汤姆:你的爸爸妈妈如果听见你这样说的话,绝对会很高兴的。因为你总是很顽皮。丹尼尔:调皮?我很调皮吗?我只是聪明而已。我只做我感兴趣的事情。汤姆:希望如此。经典背诵 RecitationTom: We have many new courses this semester. Among them, Daniel told me his favorite course is science, which was a big surprise to me. He has always been very naughty and has no interest in studies. Now there would be no need for his parents to worry about their son's study any more.生词小结grade n. 年级semester n. 学期science n. 科学surprise n. 惊奇单词扩展 Vocabulary Builder学校课程的单词基础词汇science 科学biology 生物学mathematics 数学law 法学education 教育学history 历史Chinese 中文geography 地理提高词汇philosophy 哲学economics 经济学ethics 伦理学sociology 社会学psychology 心理学optics 光学literature 文学logic 逻辑学家庭总动员 Do it together两人一组,一方随机大声读出上面基础词汇的英文和中文,另一方用该词汇填入下面的句子,大声朗读出来,并用中文给出一个理由。I like ( )most.[例] 家长读science科学孩子读I like science most. 因为科学可以让我了解周围的世界。 /200804/36648

Zina: I'm not cheap.Vince: I'm prepared to increase your stake to three percent.Zina: I've sold more subscriptions to InfoKing in one week than you expected me to sell in a month.Vince: I know you're good, Zina. You know how much three percent could be worth, don't you?Zina: Vince, I'm better than good. I'm the best. I want four percent.Vince: Three-and-a-half.Zina: Done.

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