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浦东新区南汇中心医院开双眼皮手术价格费用上海人民医院祛疤多少钱Spanish women are the most flirtatious in the world online, according to a survey by a dating website which said the results belie lingering perceptions of a socially conservative country.根据一家约会网站的调查,西班牙女性是全世界最会网上调情的女性。该网站称,这一结果颠覆了西班牙一直以来在人们心目中的保守印象。Badoo.com found Spanish women are more likely to initiate nternet dating contact with a man than women from any other country in which the site operates.社交网站Badoo.com发现,在有该网站运营的国家中,西班牙女性比其他国家的女性更容易主动和男性在网上聊天。Badoo, which boasts 80 million registered users across more than 240 countries said it studied 90 million contacts made over a month.Badoo网站在240多个国家拥有8000万注册用户。网站称对一个月内的9000万组聊天记录进行了研究。It showed that the average Spanish woman initiates 1.33 contacts with a man per month -- almost double the figure for women in either Britain (0.78) or France (0.69) and more than double that for women in the ed States (0.63).调查显示,西班牙女性平均每个月在网上主动和一位男性发起聊天1.33次,几乎是英国女性(0.78次)和法国女性(0.69次)的两倍,而且是美国女性(0.63次)的两倍多。;First the (soccer) World Cup, now this,; Badoo marketing director Lloyd Price said in a statement. ;Another global win for Spain.;Badoo网站的销售主管罗伊德#8226;普莱斯在一项声明中说:“先是世界杯,现在又是这个。西班牙再次赢得了世界冠军。”The league table ranking the 20 top countries on the number of contacts with a man initiated per month by the average woman put Poland second, followed by the Dominican Republic, Italy and Argentina. Latin countries (Spanish, Italian, or Portuguese-speaking) occupied eight of the top 10 places.该榜单列出了平均每月主动同男性聊天次数最多的20个国家的女性,位居榜单第二的是波兰,随后是多米尼加共和国、意大利和阿根廷。拉丁语系国家(西班牙语、意大利语或葡萄牙语国家) 占据了前十名中的八个位置。Men however were still far more likely to initiate contact in Spain and elsewhere.尽管如此,不论是在西班牙还是在其它国家,男性网上聊天要比女性主动得多。British women ranked 14th in the list of Badoo#39;s top 20 countries, while US women ranked second-last, just ahead of Ecuador.英国女性在上榜的前20个国家中排名第14位,而美国女性在该榜单上的排名则是倒数第二,仅领先于厄瓜多尔。John Hooper, British author of a book on modern-day Spain, said the results of the analysis may surprise those who have an outdated notion of a Spanish society which has changed dramatically ince dictator Francisco Franco died 35 years ago.一部关于现代西班牙的书的英国作家约翰#8226;胡珀说,分析得出的这些结果可能会使那些对西班牙社会仍持有陈旧观念的人感到吃惊。自从西班牙独裁者弗朗西斯科#8226;佛朗哥在35年前去世后,西班牙社会已经发生了巨大的变化。;Until the mid-1970s, the status of women in Spain was lower than in any other European country, except Turkey. Spanish women couldn#39;t open a bank account without their husband#39;s permission,; said Hooper, author of ;The New Spaniards.;这位《新西班牙人》的作者说道:“直到20世纪70年代中期,西班牙女性的地位还比除土耳其以外的其它任何欧洲国家女性的地位都要低。当时,西班牙女性还不能在未经丈夫许可的情况下开立账户。”;Now, you have a country where the proportion of women directors on the boards of big companies is greater than in, for example, a northern European country like Belgium.;“在今天的西班牙,女性在许多大公司的董事会中所占比例已经超越了像比利时这样的北欧国家。” /201205/182877上海岳阳医院韩式三点双眼皮多少钱 Men are more likely than women to marry someone they feel is not quite right for them, debunking the myth that women will do anything for a ring ; and that men, on the other hand, will do anything to shun commitment.男人其实比女人更能接受不是很有感觉的人作为自己的结婚对象,这打破了女人愿为结婚做任何事,而男人会不惜一切逃避婚姻承诺的不实传言。The recent Singles in America survey by Match.com ; which also drew attention to the sexual differences between political persuasions ; delivered the surprising results.婚恋网站Match.com近日开展的美国单身人士调查发布了这一惊人的结果,该调查还关注了男女在政治信仰上的差异。Of the survey#39;s 5,000 respondents, 31 percent of men, compared to 23 percent of women, admitted they would consider marrying someone who has everything they are looking for in a partner but with whom they weren#39;t in love.调查涵盖的5000人中,31%的男性和23%的女性坦言他们会考虑和一个;符合自己对伴侣的所有要求;但自己不爱的人结婚。21 percent of men went even further, confessing that they would commit to someone they weren#39;t sexually attracted to.21%的男性甚至承认他们会和对自己没有性吸引力的女人结婚。Contrary to what popular culture suggests ; which lady hasn#39;t sympathised with Bridget Jones, or laughed at 27 Dresses? ; men, young men in particular, are only too happy to settle.这和流行文化传递的信息正相反。哪个女人不曾与布里吉特bull;琼斯产生过共鸣,又有哪个女人会嘲笑《27次伴娘》的主人公呢?受其影响,人们认为男人,特别是年轻男人,都很享受当前的快乐生活,不愿被婚姻绑住。Whether it is a resignation to believing there may never be the one or a case of domestic pragmatism, men are willing to commit and live a life with a woman they feel is not 100 percent ideal.不管是无奈地认为;真爱;也许根本不存在,还是对家庭所持的实用主义价值观,不少男人愿意和一个并非百分百理想对象的女人结婚并一起生活。Counter;intuitively, the urge to marry was even stronger for men in their twenties than for those in their thirties and rose again for men in their forties.和我们的直觉相反,二十多岁的男人比三十多岁的男人更想结婚,在男人过了四十以后,结婚愿望又重新变得强烈起来。The apparent resignation among men to marry for the sake of marrying ; and the company, support and security it offers ; rather than for love and true attraction does not come as news to some men.男人为结婚而结婚对某些男人来说并不是新闻,他们为了获得陪伴、持和安全感而结婚,而非为了爱情和吸引力而结婚,这显然也是无奈之举。Tom Fant, a healthcare consultant in New York, told the Daily Beast: ;The idea of being alone in life can be so overwhelming. Soul crushing for some.;纽约保健顾问汤姆bull;凡特告诉美国新闻网站;每日野兽;说:;孤独终老的念头让人受不了。甚至让某些人有灵魂破碎的感觉。;Men certainly aren#39;t immune to it, even if most of us like to pretend that we are too strong to be scared, lonely, or, even worse, insecure.;;虽然大多数男人都喜欢假装自己很坚强,坚强到无所畏惧,不会寂寞,也不会有不安全感,但男人对此确实没有免疫力。; /201202/172432The Duchess of Cambridge has been criticised for her love of Eighties-style sheer hosiery, which has sparked a bit of a following. In the following pictures, Kate looked perfect when it comes to designer frocks, but with almost every single outfit, she is wearing ageing shiny hosiery . 剑桥公爵夫人因为钟爱80年代样式的透明丝袜引发了一些追随者,但也曾遭到批评。下面的照片中,卡特穿着设计师专门设计的连衫裙,看起来非常完美,但是几乎每套套装都与老气的有光泽的丝袜搭配。 The look is said to have an aging effect on the young royal, but everyone from Pippa Middleton to Hayden Panettiere has picked up on the trend. And as the weather in the UK rapidly gets colder, the number of nude tight lovers is only going to increase. 看起来这对年轻的皇室成员造成老化效应,但是从皮帕·米德尔顿到海顿·潘妮蒂尔都重拾这一潮流趋势。随着英国的气温极速变冷,裸色连裤袜追随者也只会越来越多。 So we welcome Debenhams' announcement that it is launching a range of 'invisible hosiery for all skin tones. 因此,Debenhams公司发出的公告广受欢迎,他们宣布将会发布一系列针对任何肤色的隐形丝袜。 The tights will be available in various different shades to ensure that those with olive, Indian, mixed race and black skin will also be able to try out the trend. 这种连裤袜有很多颜色,确保橄榄肤色人种、印度人、混血人种以及拥有黑色肌肤的女士都可以尝试这一趋势。 Debenhams has reduced shine of the leg-wear, meaning that you get the warmth offered by a pair of tights, but none else will notice you have got anything on your legs. Debenhams公司减少了丝袜的光泽,这意味着一双紧身丝袜不仅能够给你提供温暖,而且没有别人会注意到你的腿上穿了东西。 Colours available include olive, bronze and coffee along with fairer skin tones such as beige and honey. They are all available in three sizes and are priced at £3.50 a pair. 丝袜颜色包括橄榄色、青铜色以及咖啡色,还有更贴近肤色的浅褐色和蜂蜜色。这些颜色的丝袜各有三种不同的尺寸,每双3.5英镑。 Debenhams hosiery buyer, Joanna Townsend, said: "Nude hosiery is one of fashion's best kept secrets. It's a woman's weapon to fight the onset of winter, when wearing black opaque tights is just too depressing on a golden autumn's day." Debenhams丝袜买手乔安娜·汤森说:“裸色丝袜是最好的保持时尚的秘密武器。这是女性对抗冬天来临的一个武器,金秋时日穿着黑色不透明的连裤袜太沉闷了。” Traditional "natural" or "nude" tights made darker skin colours appear too light, and their shininess often distortes the natural shape of women's legs. 传统的“自然”或“裸色”丝袜让深肤色的腿显得太亮,这些光泽常使女性自然的腿型变形。 Townsend adds: "Our research identified a huge gap in the market for natural hosiery for darker skin tones." 汤森补充说:“我们的研究发现,市场上针对深肤色的自然丝袜有很大的缺口。” "Our aim is to be invisible when worn, no matter what your skin colour." “我们设计目的,无论您是什么肤色,丝袜穿起来都是隐形的。” /201110/157837交通大学医学院附属仁济医院去疤价格费用

上海腋下脱毛哪家好一个外宾想上厕所,便对翻译说:“I wonder if I can go somewhere?”(我可以方便一下吗?)而翻译却把somewhere误解为“某处”,因而回答道“Yes, you can go anywhere in China.”(行,中国你哪儿都可以去。)外宾不禁愕然。可见,如不了解英语中“厕所”的一些表达法是会误事的。    1.Public lavatory意为“公厕”, 在公共场所,厕所门上都标有Gent’s(男厕),或Ladies’(女厕),有时也标有Men’s, Men’s room, Gentleman’s, Women’s Women’s room.如:Where is the Gent’s?(厕所在哪儿?)If you would like a wash, the Gentleman’s is just over there.(如果要上厕所,男厕就在那边。)    2.toilet是最常用的一个词。可指“公厕”,也可指“私厕”。例如:I wonder where the toilet is.(我想知道厕所在哪儿。)    3.lavatory是个客气的词,但不如toilet常用。   4.bathroom是书面语。   5.loo是一个口语词,在英国用得很普通,主要指私人住宅中的厕所。如:Excuse me, would you like to tell me where the loo is?(请问,厕所在哪儿?)    6.powder room是美语,女士常用。如:I would like to powder my nose.就表现了美国人的幽默。   7.wash room, washing room, westroom常用于美国英语。   8.W.C.是water closet的缩写,常用于英国英语,表示“有抽水没有设备的厕所”,有时也可用手势表示,即拇指和食指圈成圆,其他三指向上,模仿成英文W和C的形态。   9.John是俚语。如:Last night I went to visit John twice.(昨晚我去了趟厕所。)    10.go and see one’s aunt是俚语,常用于英国英语,表示“上厕所”“去大便”。 /201003/99152上海仁济医院祛痘多少钱 上海市松江区方塔中医医院口腔美容中心

宝山区中西医结合医院口腔美容中心On June 7, 2011, Li Wei, at a height of only 1.2 meters, walking on his amputated shanks, with his head held high, and ;walked; on the red carpet to attend the 2011 national college entrance examination.2011年6月7日,一个身高只有1.2米的无脚考生踏着红毯,昂首;跪行;走向高考考场;;他的名字叫李卫。On June 7, 2011, a thousand students gathered outside the gate of Hanyin Middle School for the national college entrance examination. With the blow of a whistle, the gate opened and students entered the school grounds on a specifically-prepared red carpet.2011年6月7日,在汉阴中学考点门口聚集了千余名高考生。一声哨响,校门打开,考生陆续踏上学校特意铺设的红地毯。Among them, Li Wei, a 1.2-meter-tall boy attracted the most attention. He is wearing shoes but actually having no feet. With unimaginable perseverance, Li Wei walked on his knees all the way to the examination room.在他们当中,一个只有1.2米高的考生引人注目。他叫李卫,穿着鞋子却没有脚,凭着我们难以想象的毅力,跪行走入考场。Twenty-one years ago, Li Wei was born to a poor rural family in Puxi Township, Hanyin County, Shaanxi Province. His birth brought great happiness to the family. However, their hopes were almost shattered by a brutal accident several years later.21年前,李卫出生在陕西省汉阴县蒲溪镇一个贫穷的农村家庭,他的降临为家庭带来了欢乐。然而,一切都被几年后的一场车祸无情地打碎了。On April 2, 1994, three-year-old Li Wei was having fun with friends by the road, when a speeding truck struck him. Caught under the wheel, his legs could not be saved, and were amputated in the hospital. His life has changed since then. Without feet, he had to spend most of his time getting around his hands and knees.1994年4月2日,3岁的李卫和伙伴在路边玩耍,在毫无征兆的情况下,一辆疾驰的卡车将李卫卷入车轮下。双腿被截肢,他的人生从此拐入另一个轨道。没有了双脚,李卫大部分时间都在地上爬着度过。At the age of seven, Li Wei was at first refused by primary schools. After repeated efforts of his parents and with the help of the county education bureau, Li Wei finally was admitted to the classroom, only two months after the beginning of a new semester.到了7岁,没有学校愿意接收李卫。父母不断求助,在县教育局的协调下,李卫终于坐进了教室,只是比别的孩子迟了近两个月。For the first three years, Li#39;s parents carried him on their back to school. However, one day, they were so busy with farm work that they left him at home. The unyielding 10-year-old insisted on crawling to school. He spent more than one hour making the one-kilometer journey crawling on his hands and knees. After several tries, he began to use his knees as feet and kneel to move.头三年里,都是父母轮流背着李卫上下学。有一次逢农忙抢收,父母实在没时间接送他,就让他呆在家里。当时10岁的李卫很倔强,硬是从家里爬到了学校,近千米的路途,他爬了一个多小时。这样几趟爬行后,他尝试用膝盖当脚,跪在地上向前走。Within days, Li#39;s trousers were worn out and both knees were scarred and bleeding. To aide his walking, Li#39;s father outfitted Li#39;s knees with rubber shoes tied around his thighs. From that day on, Li started walking to school every day.几天下来,裤子磨破了,双膝磨烂了。在父亲的帮助下,李卫找了双胶鞋将膝盖塞进去,用鞋带绑在大腿上。自那之后,李卫开始跪行求学之路。 /201112/166525 Woman who haven’t fallen in love beforegraduation大学毕业前还没谈过恋爱的女人Here "love" refers to interaction more than three months ratherthan a very short period of the lightning romance. Also it doesn’tmean a single party Love. Because there is no love experience, theskills with the opposite sex are lacked. On the other hand, the degree of understanding of the opposite sex is also very low。这里所说的“恋爱”是指男女双方超过三个月以上的交往,而非极短时间内开始并结束的闪电恋情,当然也不是指单相思。因为没有恋爱经验,故而缺乏跟异性交往的技巧。同时,这类女人对异性的了解度也相当低。Perfectionism woman完美主义的女人Everything, including love, life are inperfect art. Women whopursue a perfect life are often very unhappy, because they intendto see an imperfect place。生活里的每样事物,包括爱情在内,其实都是残缺的艺术。追求完美的女人往往生活得很不快乐,因为她们总能够看到不完美的地方。 /201106/140321上海九院治疗青春痘多少钱上海哪里纹眼线好



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