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Yep, Philippa!好 菲利帕I hate this!我真讨厌这项Dont throw, push.别往下扔 要推出去I cant... I cant clear the yellow line.我做不到...我扔不到黄线那Three metres 70, so that gets you one mark.3.7米。你可以得一分You just need, you know, 30 more centimetres and youll be done.你只需要再多扔三十厘米就好了You know, a rulers length, and then youll be fine.就一把尺子那么长就行了She got 5.3 and shes really annoyed.她扔了5.3米 她很恼怒Howd you do in the run? I cant remember.你跑步成绩怎么样?我记不住了Howd you do in sit-ups?仰卧起坐的成绩呢Its the only one you havent passed.这是你唯一没及格的一项I know, but I dont even care about passing.我知道。但我不关心及不及格I just think its a really bad, like...我就是感觉太糟糕了 就是...Why? I just dont think comparing yourself to others is a good, healthy lifestyle.为什么?我不觉得把自己和别人比是一种健康向上的生活方式This is the experience, isnt it?这就是种经历 是不是And this is what its like. And I know youre supposed...就是这样的。我知道你应该...Theyre used to doing it.他们习惯这么做Its just a shock to us cos weve never done this sort of, like, competition every week.但我们觉得很震惊 因为我们从来没有每周都进行比赛这样Im a perfectionist, so I get really hard on myself and really self-critical.我是个完美主义者,我对自己的要求非常严格,我会怪自己不争气I just dont think competitions like this is my sort of thing.我觉得自己真的不擅长这样的竞争方式Right, you need to stop, OK? Stop.好了 别哭了 好吗 别哭了I cant stop. But you can. You can stop,我停不下来。你可以 别再想了because you have to concentrate on the things that you are good at.因为你得把注意力放在你擅长的事情上Theres nothing to hide, theres nothing to be ashamed of, OK?没什么要遮掩的,没什么可羞愧的 明白吗You need to hold your head up high.你要挺胸抬头Youve been trying so hard.你一直都很努力It doesnt work, though. But listen to me.但没成功。但听我说This is how it is.人生就是如此Lets go get a drink and calm down.我们去喝点东西冷静一下Youve taken onboard what Ive said?我说的你都听进去了吗Its really hit home to me why we set students in PE.为什么要让学生们上体育课,我觉得这个原因至关重要But effectively, this Chinese way,但其实这个中式方法this, theyre being told that their best isnt good enough.让学生们明白自己尽力做到的最好还是不够好It just puts so much pressure on them to pass这给学生们增加了巨大的考试压力and if they dont pass, they feel like a failure -如果他们挂科了 他们会感觉像个失败者and it just breaks my heart to see, to see students get so upset.看到学生们如此沮丧,这太让我伤心了201605/442391栏目简介:Illegal advertisements have been an issue bothering the citys subway network for quite some time. Metro operators today released a of a man being caught for sticking leaflets on a metro train. Cui Huiao tells us more.201701/486566Today were back in the mountains,and were gonna set off our own full-scale avalanche to see its deadly effects.今天 我们回到这片山区 准备制造一次真实的人造雪崩 亲眼目睹一番致命的后果If all goes to plan,the whole mountainside will come crashing down.如果一切依计而行 整个雪坡将排山倒海直冲下来To trigger the avalanche,the team will drop four 28-pound charges from a helicopter.为引发雪崩 我们将从直升机上抛下四枚二十八磅的炸弹Hello, Dave. This is Danny, over.Were aly heading up the mountain.你好戴夫 我是丹尼 完毕 我们正出发前往雪山And were hoping for a big one,but its way too dangerous for any human.我们本来想搞点大动作 但是这对血肉之躯太危险了Instead, well place a life-sized replica skier in the avalanche fall line.取而代之的是 把拟真滑雪者放在 雪崩行进的范围内Its fitted with a transceiver which is used by backcountry skiers.其上安装了无线收发器 是野外滑雪者常用的装备It sends out a signal which rescuers can track,even if its buried deep.即使深埋地底 它发射的信号 也能让救援者循踪而至Once the avalanche is triggered,well send in the search-and-rescue guys,see how long it actually takes them to reach the dummy.雪崩一旦发生 我们会派出搜寻救援队 看究竟要久才能找到假人And then the team are gonna bury me in the snow and see if I would have lasted long enough for them to reach me and make it out alive.而后 工作队会将我埋进雪中 看我是否能持到他们找到我 并成功的死里逃生Once the danger zone is cleared,we call in the helicopter.一旦此地危险解除 我们招来直升机All right, were gonna turn to the left there,right around there to the left.好了 我们将在此左转 就在此向左Okay, Nick, you y?Yeah. Yeah, go ahead and throw bombs.好了吗 尼克你准备好没 好了 开始 扔炸弹吧Hovering 20 feet above the summit,theyre taking their positions.直升机在山顶上方六米处盘旋 他们已各就各位Now they start their bombing run.Igniter on.Bombs away.现在要开始引爆了 点火 投弹The heli team will drop four charges,But the clocks aly ticking.直升机小组将投向四枚炸弹 计时已经开始These bombs have two-minute fuses.炸弹有延时两分钟的引线The chopper must be 500 yards away from the explosion,or the shock wave will knock them out of the sky.飞机必须距离爆炸点四百五十米远 否则冲击波会把他们从天上轰下来201702/492177

Im on the wild Atlantic coast of the Sahara desert.我正在撒哈拉沙漠边缘的大西洋海岸边Battling through currents,fighting to board the wreck of a fishing trawler,和海浪殊死搏斗 试图登上拖捞船的残骸but the rip currents here are vicious and Im at risk of being swept out to sea.但这里激流汹涌 我面临着被拖入深海的危险Going to have to ride the next wave.Ok, got that.得借助下一个海浪 好了 抓住了Stick on the metal bit,you want to watch out.All of it is rusty and sharp.站在有金属的地方 得很小心 它们都生了锈 还很尖利Id like to think the sailors from this got away with their lives,but not everyone is so lucky.我认为海员们都从船上逃生了 但幸运女神不会每次都降临There were some American sailors in the 1800s that got ship wrecked on this coast.19世纪初 一艘载满美国海员的船只 在这里失事You can imagine how terrifying it must have been just to be ship wrecked,and storm washed up here.你能想象 船只在海中 风雨飘摇的场景 是多么可怕They survived it and made it to shore.They thought their problems were over but they were wrong.他们活了下来 直到船靠岸 以为灾难已经过去 但他们错了They were taken as slaves by local tribes men and almost all of them died under the weight of the slave labor in this, the Sahara desert.他们被当地土著俘虏 在繁重的劳役下 几乎所有人都丧生于 撒哈拉大沙漠But to a desert survivor,discovering a wreck like this can mean hope, possibility and opportunity.但对一个沙漠幸存者来说 发现这样的船只 则意味着希望 机会和生存I want to get down to get into the hull.See whats down there.我要到船身里面去 一探究竟Thats good. Come on down.Something...Something just swam past me here.好了 下来吧 有东西 有东西刚从我身边游过去201611/479388

The person suspected of killing a French police officer and his partner was an ISIS fighter, according to the ISIS-affiliated Amaq Agency. 据ISIS附属机构,涉嫌杀害一名法国警察及其配偶的是一名ISIS战士。The suspect stabbed the policeman to death Monday night outside the officers home about 35 miles outside of Paris. He then took the policemans partner, who was also a police employee, and the couples 3-year-old son hostage. Police later killed the attacker and rescued the child but found the woman dead. 周一晚上,在巴黎城外35英里的警察家外,嫌疑人将警察刺死。然后他挟持同为警察的妻子和他们的3岁的儿子作人质。警方随后杀死袭击者,并救出了孩子,但发现该名女子已死亡。Shortly before the stabbing, the suspect reportedly posted a online pledging his allegiance to ISIS. Some reports also claim the man recorded the killings on Facebook Live. 据报道,行刺前不久犯罪嫌疑人在网上发布视频誓言效忠ISIS。同样有报道称,该男子在脸谱网现场拍摄杀人行为。The attack came a day after a man killed 49 people in an LGBT nightclub in Orlando, Florida. The same ISIS-linked news agency claimed the gunman was also one of its own.袭击前一天,在佛罗里达州奥兰多一同性恋夜总会,一名男子杀49人。同样ISIS关联新闻机构称手是他们中的一员。French President Francois Hollande said the attack on the couple was ;undeniably a terrorist act.; France has been on high alert since the November 2015 Paris terror attacks. 法国总统奥朗德表示,对这夫妇这的袭击是“不可否认的恐怖行为”。法国自2015年巴黎恐怖袭击以来一直处于高度警惕状态。The country is currently hosting the UEFA European Championship, a monthlong soccer tournament expected to draw millions. Ukraine recently said it thwarted terrorist plots to be carried out by a French national during the tournament. 该国目前正在举办欧洲杯,为期一月的足球赛预计将吸引数百万计的观众。锦标赛期间,乌克兰最近宣布挫败了一起由法国国民实施的恐怖阴谋。The U.S. State Department recently issued a Europe travel alert, saying the increased number of tourists makes the continent a greater target for terrorists. 美国国务院最近发布一项欧洲旅游警报,称游客数量的增加使欧洲大陆成为恐怖分子袭击的更大目标。译文属。201606/449628

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