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上海/隐形美鼻上海权威美容医院上海/切双眼皮恢复过程图 SEATTLE — This holiday season could be remembered as a digital watershed the games business, the moment when the old way of selling games — on discs in boxes — finally gave way to downloads.西雅图——这个圣诞假期可以被视为游戏行业的数码分水岭,以盒装光盘销售游戏的旧方式最终被下载取代The industry has been pointed in this direction years. But the signs of a sharp turning point have piled up in the last month, as new data points have painted conflicting pictures of the game industry.多年前就有人指出,这是行业未来的方向但深刻变革的转折点一直在酝酿当中,直至上个月才真正到来不过,新的数据为这一行业描绘了种种互相矛盾的画面On one hand, recent market research shows that physical game sales declined in November, and GameStop, a leading retailer, reported disappointing earnings that made its stock tumble.一方面,最近的市场研究显示,月,实体游戏的销量显著下降,顶尖零售商GameStop的盈利令人失望,导致其股价下跌On the other, game companies swear that things are going great. Big titles are setting sales records, and Sony, the leading maker of game consoles, says the latest PlayStation has been selling at a faster clip than any previous generation of the hardware.另一方面,游戏公司说他们的生意非常好大公司创下了销售记录,电视游戏设备的顶尖生产者索尼公司称,公司最新的PlayStation的发售比以往每一代的硬件都快Why the disparity?为什么会有这种落差?A number of factors are at play, but none as significant as the industry’s march toward a future of games downloaded over the Internet rather than bought in stores, analysts said. All mobile games are delivered over the Internet, as are nearly all PC games. But the transition console games — the biggest segment of the business — has been far slower. Large game files could take hours to download and quickly fill a console’s hard drive.分析师们说很多因素在起作用,但最重要的是行业的趋势是从互联网下载游戏,而不是从实体店购买游戏所有手机游戏都是从网上购买的,大多数电脑游戏也是如此但是电视游戏(这个行业最大的一块)的步伐一直较为缓慢大型游戏文件需要花好几个小时下载,会很快装满电视游戏设备的硬盘Now, faster broadband speeds and the bigger hard drives in the latest generation of consoles are reducing those obstructions.现在,有了更快的带宽,新一代的电视游戏设备也有了更大的硬盘,这些障碍就消除了“It finally feels like the inevitable is becoming the inevitable,” said Evan Wilson, an analyst who follows the game industry Pacific Crest Securities. “It feels like this is the holiday season where it’s finally having a big impact.”“最终,不可避免的变化好像真的变得不可避免了,”太平洋券(Pacific Crest Securities)负责游戏行业的分析师伊万·威尔逊(Evan Wilson)说“好像就是这个假期,变革终于产生了巨大影响”Electronic Arts, the big games publisher behind Madden and Need Speed, says about percent of its new console games are now downloaded, compared with around to percent last year. other publishers, the number may be 5 percent or more.游戏大厂艺电公司(Electronic Arts)曾经推出《Madden系列和《极品飞车(Need Speed),它声称,公司推出的电视游戏中,目前有%是通过下载购买,去年这个数字是%到%其他公司的下载销售比例则占5%或更多As a result, it is becoming harder to judge the health of the industry based on sales of physical game discs. NPD Group, a research firm that tracks retail sales in the ed States, showed a 7 percent decline in November game sales from the same month a year ago.,要根据实体游戏光碟销量来判断这个行业走势是否良好,就变得更加困难调查公司NPD集团研究了美国的零售数据,表明今年月,游戏销量比去年月下降了7%Mr. Wilson of Pacific Crest characterized the figures in the title of a research report: “Shockingly Bad NPD Data Shows Big Physical Challenges.”太平洋券的威尔逊在一份报告的标题中概括了一下:“极糟的NPD数据表明实体销售面临巨大挑战”A couple of weeks earlier, there was similarly grim news from GameStop, the big specialty retailer, which blamed a disappointing earnings report the period ending Oct. 31 on weak new game software and hardware sales.几周前,大型游戏业零售商GameStop也传来类似的严峻消息,它认为,盈利报表之所以令人失望,主要是由于截至月31日,新的游戏软件与硬件都销量不佳Executives at GameStop caused a further stir when they said one of the most anticipated games of the season, Star Wars: Battlefront, had missed their internal sales ecasts during the quarter. The stock of Electronic Arts, the game’s publisher, fell 5 percent the day of the remarks.GameStop的管理人员说,本季最受期待的游戏之一《星球大战:前线(Star Wars: Battlefront)在本季的网络销售没有达到预期,这番话更加令人震惊消息传出当日,该游戏的发行者艺电公司的股票就下跌了5%The numbers were particularly striking because if game sales are ever going to grow, the time is now. The biggest games of the year have just landed on store shelves — including Fallout , Call of Duty: Black Ops 3, and Star Wars: Battlefront — and demand them is running high among holiday gift buyers.这些数字之所以令人震惊是因为,如果说游戏销量有所增长,那么时间就是现在今年最大的几个游戏都已经上架,包括《辐射(Fallout )、《使命召唤: 黑色行动3(Call of Duty: Black Ops 3)和《星球大战:前线为假日购买礼物的人正好需要买游戏What is more, the industry is in the sweet spot of the hardware cycle, when the latest consoles from Sony and Microsoft are in plentiful supply and their prices have come down, and game publishers are cranking out titles that better exploit their capabilities.此外,在硬件更新的循环中,这个行业正处于有利阶段,索尼和微软最新的电视游戏设备供应充足,价格有所下降,游戏生产商正在推出能尽量利用游戏机新功能的游戏Sony, one, says its console sales have never been better. The company reported that it sold 30. million PlayStation s worldwide as of late November, just days after the second anniversary of the product. By comparison, it took around two years and two months Sony to ship about 30 million PlayStation s — the previous high-water mark Sony in the game business.比如,索尼说,公司的电视游戏机销量之好堪称前所未有月,公司在全球售出了30万台PlayStation S电视游戏机,要知道这款产品刚刚推出两年而已与之相对照,此前索尼花了两年另两个月时间,才售出了3000万台PlayStation S——而那是索尼在游戏行业内的上一次高峰One factor in NPD’s declining game sales is that the research firm does not include games that are bundled with consoles — an increasingly popular option buying the machines — in its software sales data. But a much bigger reason is that it does not include digital downloads of games in its monthly tallies of the industry.NPD统计出游戏销量下降还有另一个原因,那就是该调查公司没有把和电视游戏设备捆绑销售的游戏统计入软件销售数据,而这种捆绑销售方式已经日益为电视游戏机买家所青睐但是,还有一个更大的原因,那就是它没有把通过数字下载销售的游戏计入每月账目当中Liam Callahan, an analyst at NPD, said the firm includes digital sales in a game report that comes out every quarter. the first nine months of the year, game spending on physical mats was flat compared with the same period in . When digital sales were included, there was an 8 percent increase, he said.NPD分析师连姆·卡拉汉(Liam Callahan)说,公司把网络销售计入了另一份每季度发表的游戏业统计报告中他说,在今年的前9个月里,游戏业的实体光盘销售是和年同期持平的,如果把网络销售数据加进来,就有8%的增长“It’s clear digital downloading is becoming a bigger deal,” said Michael Pachter, an analyst at Wedbush Securities.“显然,数字下载成了更大的交易,”韦德布拉什券(Wedbush Securities)的分析师迈克尔·帕奇塔(Michael Pachter)说After GameStop’s comments about Star Wars: Battlefront rattled investors, a senior executive at Electronic Arts, Peter Moore, said at a conference that there was “no weakness that is perceptible yet in the title.” He reiterated the company’s previous projection that it would sell million copies of the game during its fiscal year.GameStop对《星球大战:前线的评价令投资者深感不安,其后,艺电公司的资深执行官彼得·尔(Peter Moore)在一次会议上说,“迄今这个游戏没有什么明显的弱点,”他一再重申了公司之前的预测:这个游戏将在本财政年度售出00万份The bigger threat appears to be retailers that fail to adjust to the changing market. The list of retailers that have been vaporized by the Internet is long, including Blockbuster in movies, Tower Records in music and Virgin Megastores in both.对于零售商来说,更大的威胁在于它没有能够针对变化的市场进行调整受网络冲击而消失的零售商是个很长的名单,其中包括销售影碟的Blockbuster,销售唱片的Tower Records,以及二者兼顾的Virgin MegastoresGameStop has increased its own presence in Internet-delivered games, but those changes have not moved the needle much. The company’s digital revenue in its last quarter amounted to less than percent of its total revenue. There are limits to how much the company can sell digitally, though, since Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo operate the online portals from which the games are downloaded.GameStop也参与到网络销售游戏中来,但这个举措并没带来多大改变公司上季度在网络销售方面的业绩仅占总收入的不到%不过,公司的网络销售是受到限制的,因为微软、索尼和任天堂把持着游戏下载的门户GameStop has tried to diversify beyond games by acquiring one retail chain that offers wireless products and another that sells and repairs Apple devices. Joey Mooring, a spokesman GameStop, said the company’s in-store staff members provide guidance customers. And through its trade-in program used games, customers can get credits toward the purchase of new games.GameStop试图令商品多样化,跳出游戏光碟的范畴,它收购了一个出售无线产品的零售连锁,以及另一个出售和维修苹果设备的连锁店GameStop的发言人乔伊·莫宁(Joey Mooring)说,公司的店内职员会指导顾客购物而且,通过旧游戏的以旧换新务,顾客还可以得到信用点,换购新游戏“Customers cannot access that expertise downloading a game, nor can they trade in a digital game currency that can be applied to the purchase of their next game,” Mr. Mooring said in an email.“有的顾客不具备下载游戏的知识,而且顾客也不能把网络版本的游戏换成现金购买下一个游戏,”莫宁在电子邮件中说Eric Lempel, senior vice president marketing at Sony’s American games division, agreed with the idea that many gamers want to talk to store staff members bee making a purchase. The convenience of downloading a game directly to a console is appealing too, though.索尼美国游戏分部市场部门的资深副总裁埃里克·兰佩尔(Eric Lempel)说同意,很多玩家在购买游戏之前,都想先和店员聊聊不过直接下载游戏到电视游戏设备的便利性也很诱人“A lot of people are finding it easier to buy online,” Mr. Lempel said. “It’s open hours a day.”“很多人都觉得,还是在网上买更方便,”兰佩尔说,“它是一天小时开张的” 01935上海玫瑰医疗整形美容医院祛痘多少钱

上海玫瑰整形美容做双眼皮开眼角手术多少钱上海华山医院抽脂多少钱 Some of the most intriguing, dynamic, or just plain interesting TV series in the US and UK are usually launched in the fall of every year. But if you are a die-hard fan, you will know that it’s not the only season in which to expect good shows. Quite a few noteworthy series are heading to your TV screen this winter. Here, we round up a few new and returning television shows, from the intriguing to the sensational, that will keep you warm and entertained during the chilly winter months.每年秋季,一些最有趣、最活跃、或只是最好玩的英美剧集往往都会此时推出但是,如果身为一个铁杆剧迷,你就会知道并非只有秋季才有好剧上映今年冬季,电视荧屏上将会播出许多值得关注的剧集这里我们网罗了一些全新剧集以及回归之作,从有趣的到煽情的种类不一,让你在寒冷的冬季能够感到温暖、愉悦Girls (HBO)HBO电视网剧集:《都市女孩Return date: Jan 回归日期:1月日The second season of the biting HBO comedy–one of the most discussed shows in –finds Hannah (Lena Dunham, who also wrote, directed and produced the series) and her friends continuing to struggle with adulthood: Hannah and her gay ex-boyfriend Elijah become roommates; Marnie loses everything she’s worked ; Jessa comes to terms with her impulsive marriage, and Shoshanna discovers life post-virginity.作为年最火热的剧集之一,HBO的《都市女孩以犀利辛辣而著称,在该剧的第二季中,汉娜(莉娜#86;杜汉姆饰演,这部剧由她自编自导自演)和朋友们还在成长的路上奋斗着:汉娜和同性恋前男友伊利亚成了室友;玛尔妮失去了她辛苦获得的一切;杰莎最终接受了一时冲动的婚姻,休夏娜找到了“后处女时代”的生活In short, Girls is back and better than ever.简而言之,女孩们回来了而且前所未有的精Shameless (Showtime)时间电视网Showtime的剧集:《无耻之徒Return date: Jan 回归日期:1月日The Gallaghers are back a third season that promises to outdo the previous two in drama, heartache, and humor. Fiona and Jimmy are back together again and living in the Gallagher house, where Jimmy (merly “Steve”) has taken to being Mr Mom of the family. But issues from Steve’s past always show up to wreck the happiness he and Fiona have found… with bloody consequences.第三季中,盖拉格家族归来,而在剧本、苦情以及幽默桥段上第三季承诺定会胜过前两季菲奥娜和吉米重归于好,共同生活在盖拉格家中,吉米(此前的“史蒂夫”)俨然成为一位“家庭主夫”但是史蒂夫被揭露的往事总是破坏他和菲奥娜的幸福……落得个惨痛收场It seems impossible not to fall in love with Fiona, or to watch her struggles without cringing and crying.观众似乎很难不爱上菲奥娜,我们会目睹她奋力前行时毫无畏惧和泪水The Following (Fox)福克斯广播公司退出新剧:《杀手之王Launch date: Jan 31上映日期:1月31日Kevin Williamson, who created The Vampire Diaries, turns his attention to the violent world of serial killers with the psychological thriller The Following, which stars Kevin Bacon and James Purefoy. Bacon’s disgraced mer FBI agent Ryan Hardy and Purefoy’s sadistic serial killer Joe Carroll become enmeshed in a game of manipulation and murder, as a killing spree unfolds across the US.一手打造《吸血鬼日记的凯文#86;威廉姆森本次将关注点转移到连环杀手的暴力世界,推出心理惊悚片《杀手之王,由凯文#86;贝肯和詹姆斯#86;普尔弗伊主演贝肯饰演忍辱负重的前联邦调查局特工赖安#86;哈迪一场血腥屠杀在美国展开,詹姆斯#86;普尔弗伊在其中饰演连环杀手乔#86;卡罗尔,他嗜血成性,沉迷于控制欲和谋杀游戏中One big question about The Following, however, is how this violent show will test the boundaries of broadcast network standards and practices.然而,《杀手之王的一大问题在于,这样的暴力题材电视剧将如何考验电视台的播出标准和常规底线Commy (N)美国全国广播公司N剧集:《废柴联盟Return date: Feb 7回归日期:月7日Remember when Commy, N’s wildly inventive comedy, was on the air? Fans have been counting the days until the show’s return and that day is almost here, though creator Dan Harmon didn’t return the show’s fourth season.还记得N的搞怪喜剧——《废柴联盟播出的时候吗?剧迷们天天期盼着它的回归,而这一天终于快到了,但丹#86;哈萌将不再参与第四季的创作What is certain is that Commy–which focuses on a diverse study group at a commy college and their strange adventures–will be under intense scrutiny, as fans analyze how well the show is run by its new creators. Are they still planning on six seasons and a movie? Find out in February.可以确定的是,《废柴联盟这一关注社区大学兴趣小组及成员奇遇的剧集将受到大众的密切“检视”,因为粉丝们会对新制作人交上的成绩单有所评断他们还会拍摄第六季或是同名电影吗?将于二月揭晓 05上海市第六人民医院金山分院祛痘多少钱

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