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宝山曼托丰胸的价格上海玻尿酸注射隆鼻哪家医院好iPhone7最大的惊喜曝光:将改变苹果手机最大的缺陷 -- :: 来源: 今年晚些时候,苹果公司将发布iPhone 7据报道,苹果公司会解决标志性智能手机最普遍且长期存在的一个缺陷:内存不足虽然iPhone的功能一年比一年先进、一年比一年复杂,但每一代iPhone的起步内存却一直只有GB,这种停滞不前的内存确实令人沮丧 When Apple releases the iPhone 7 later this year, the company will reportedly address one of the most common and longstanding complaints about its iconic smartphone: a lack of sufficient storage. Indeed, even as the iPhone has become more advanced and sophisticated with each passing year, the entry-level storage capacity on each successive iPhone model has remained frustratingly stagnant at GB.今年晚些时候,苹果公司将发布iPhone 7据报道,苹果公司会解决标志性智能手机最普遍且长期存在的一个缺陷:内存不足虽然iPhone的功能一年比一年先进、一年比一年复杂,但每一代iPhone的起步内存却一直只有GB,这种停滞不前的内存确实令人沮丧 some perspective, consider this: every entry-level iPhone model has featured GB of storage since the iPhone s, a device released all the way back in . And while GB might have been adequate five years ago, it’s almost a joke in today’s smartphone era where apps can weigh in by the gig and devices can take high-res photos and record storage-hungry in full K.一些观点认为,我们要考虑到:自从年iPhone s上市以来,每代iPhone的起步内存都只有GB5年前,GB的内存足够用了;但是现在,GB的内存简直就是开玩笑人们手机里的应用程序占据很大空间,高清照片和K分辨率的超清视频使内存更加不足Well, now comes word via IHS Technology analyst Kevin Wang that Apple this year will, at long last, up the storage on its entry-level models iPhone from GB to 3GB.现在,信息管理务技术(IHS Technology)的中国研究总监王阳透露,今年苹果公司将iPhone 7的起步内存升级至3GB.Originally reported by MobiPicker, the publication claims that Wang has provided accurate inmation in the past, thereby leading them to conclude that this particular rumor carries more weight than most.iPhone 7内存升级的谣言最初来自于科技网站MobiPicker该网站称,王阳之前已经提供了精确的信息,所以他们才认为这一谣言非常靠谱If this rumor pans out, it would represent an interesting about-face from Apple. Remember, it was just about a year ago that Apple executive Phil Schiller sat down with John Gruber and defended Apple’s somewhat controversial decision to sell GB iPhones.如果谣言是真的,那么苹果公司前后的大逆转确实很有趣我们记得仅在一年之前,苹果公司高级副总裁Phil Schiller在John Gruber主持的访谈节目中反驳了那些对苹果公司出售GB手机持有争议的说法,并表示GB的手机内存足够用了All that notwithstanding, this is one Apple rumor that we really hope becomes a reality. Interestingly enough, one other iPhone 7 rumor we spotted just a few weeks ago suggests that Apple will make a 56GB storage option available.虽然3GB起步的内存只是一个谣言,但我们希望能够成为现实非常有趣的是,几周之前,我们还听说了另外一个关于iPhone 7的谣言:苹果公司将推出56GB内存的手机上海仁济医院做祛疤手术多少钱 中国公司就“种族歧视”广告道歉 -- :18:7 来源:chinadaily 因“上海雷尚化妆品有限公司”下属的“俏比洗衣溶珠”的一则视频广告涉嫌种族歧视,被西方媒体广泛报道和转载日前,该公司在新浪微发表声明,表示对于广告内容引发争议表示遗憾,称绝不会推卸责任请看相关报道:#0;还扒出这则广告创意并非原创,而是抄袭了意大利的一则广告#0;根据去年新修订的《广告法,任何包含或暗示有关国家、种族、宗教和性别歧视的内容都禁止在广告中出现(any content containing or implying national, racial, religious and gender discrimination is prohibited in adverts),否则将受到处罚“俏比洗衣溶珠”制造商在微声明中表示:“对于广告内容引发的争议我们表示遗憾,但绝不会推卸责任”(We express regret that the ad should have caused a controversy. But we will not shun responsibility controversial content.)“因广告的传播及舆论的过份渲染,对非洲裔人群造成的伤害,在此,我们表示歉意,也真诚希望广大网友和媒体不要过份解读”(We express our apology the harm caused to the African people because of the sp of the ad and the over-amplification by the media. We sincerely hope the public and the media will not over- it.)声明中表示,已经终止广告投放(cancelled the distribution of the ad),删除了部分网上视频链接(deleted the links to the ),也希望网友及媒体不要再传播(中国日报网英语点津 Helen)谷歌上最热搜的5个健康问题揭晓 -- 3:: 来源:chinadaily According to data from the Pew Research Center, 7 percent of Internet users say they turn to the Web health inmation in a given year. I know it’s tempting, especially late at night when the doctor’s office is closed, but I’d urge you to step away from the keyboard. Some online resources can yield inaccurate, even dangerous, advice. I asked the analysts at Google to share some of the most commonly searched health questions. Here are answers you can trust—and some online advice you should disregard.根据美国皮尤研究中心的数据,在所给年份里,7%的互联网用户称自已曾在网上搜索过健康信息我明白网络搜索很有诱惑力,尤其是在诊所已经关门的深夜但我想劝你远离网络搜索一些网上资源给出的建议可能是错误的,甚至会带来危险我请谷歌的分析师分享了一些最热搜的健康问题以下是你可以信任的回答——和一些你应当丢弃的网络建议Is there any way to stop snoring? 怎样才能不打呼噜?Snoring happens when your airflow becomes partially blocked. Some easy fixes: Try sleeping on your side or stomach (research shows those positions may reduce snoring) and avoiding alcohol (liquor can relax throat muscles, making it more difficult air to get through). If the racket is heavy and accompanied by gasping or pauses in your breathing, you might have sleep apnea; your doctor may suggest a mouthpiece or a breathing machine to ease your nighttime breathing.当呼吸气流局部受阻,你就会打呼有些简单的应对方法:试着侧睡或者趴着睡(有研究表明这些姿势可能会缓解打呼症状),以及避免饮酒(酒精会松弛咽喉肌肉,使空气更难通过)如果鼾声很响且伴有呼吸困难或呼吸暂停,你可能患有睡眠呼吸暂停综合征医生或许会建议你使用口腔纠治器或呼吸机来改善夜间呼吸Reality check: You may have that throat sprays prevent snoring—not true. Snoring that arises in the throat happens because the muscles are too relaxed. There’s no reason lubricating or numbing your throat would have any effect.事实纠正:你可能读到过喉头喷雾可以防止打呼——这不是真的打呼是因为咽喉肌肉太松弛,润滑或者麻痹咽喉就会起作用的说法毫无道理Is coffee bad you? 咖啡有害健康吗?Just the opposite. Numerous studies have shown that coffee is associated with impressive health perks. It’s been linked to lower risk of heart disease, Parkinson’s, and liver cancer—and it might even help you live longer. In fact, a recent study in the American Journal of Epidemiology found that people who drank coffee had a lower risk of death over the course of years compared with those who skipped joe altogether.恰恰相反许多研究表明,咖啡对健康大有好处它能减少心脏病、帕金森症和肝癌的发病风险——甚至可能帮你活得更久实际上,美国流行病学期刊最近的一项研究发现,在年里,喝咖啡的人比完全不喝咖啡的人死亡风险更低Reality check: Some people believe that drinking coffee bee working out will leave you dehydrated. In actuality, one study found that java’s diuretic effects don’t exist with exercise.事实纠正:有人认为运动前喝咖啡会让你脱水事实上,有研究表明,咖啡的利尿作用并不会发生在运动中How many grams of sugar should I have per day? 每天应该摄入多少克糖?The Dietary Guidelines Americans recommends that less than percent of daily calories come from added sugars. That’s under 0 calories, or 50 grams, in a ,000-calorie diet.年《美国居民膳食指南建议,从添加糖中摄入的热量要控制在每日总热量的%以内对于00卡路里的饮食,就是少于0卡路里或者50克Reality check: If you’ve been avoiding fruits that are high in sugar, you can stop. The guidelines are only added sugars, not those naturally occurring in unprocessed food.事实纠正:如果你一直在避免高糖水果,你可以不用这么做了膳食指南只针对添加糖,不包括未经加工的食物里自然含有的糖How can I get rid of love handles? 如何摆脱腰间赘肉?An amped-up workout can help. A review in the Journal of Obesity found that women who did high-intensity interval workouts burned more of the subcutaneous belly fat that causes love handles than women who exercised longer at a lower-intensity, steady pace.高强度锻炼会有帮助《肥胖期刊的一篇指出,比起以较低强度持续锻炼更长时间的女性,做高强度间隔训练的女性燃烧的腹部皮下脂肪更多正是这些脂肪导致了腰间赘肉Reality check: It’s a myth—I repeat, a myth—that juice cleanses can whittle your waist good. Exercise and eating nutritious foods in reasonable portions will shrink love handles long-term.事实纠正:喝排毒果汁就能一劳永逸地瘦身——这是个神话我重复一遍,这是个神话长远来看,锻炼与营养膳食的合理搭配才能减少腰间赘肉What’s the secret to banishing cellulite? 如何消除脂肪团?Cellulite occurs when fat pushes against connective tissue, making the skin above it pucker. If you’re considering liposuction, don’t. (It can’t break up the connective tissues that cause dimples.) The best things you can do are exercise (cardio plus resistance training) and eat high-fiber foods while avoiding processed sugar and fat, which can contribute to cellulite.脂肪团的产生是由于脂肪推挤结缔组织,造成上层皮肤褶皱如果你在考虑抽脂,千万别去做(抽脂不能分解形成酒窝的结缔组织)最好的办法是锻炼(有氧运动加上阻力训练),吃高纤维食物,同时避免摄入加工过的糖和脂肪,那会促进脂肪团的生成Reality check: Heard the one about coffee grounds treating cellulite? Don’t believe it. No scientific studies have shown it works.事实纠正:听说过用咖啡渣消减脂肪团的方法吗?别信没有科学研究明它有效Good to Know 不可不知Online symptom trackers— including ones by WebMD, iTriage, and the Mayo Clinic—provided the correct diagnosis first in a list of possible outcomes in only percent of cases, according to a report.根据年的一份报告,在线的症状查询务只在%的案例中将正确的诊断列在了一连串可能结果的首位美国最大的医疗健康网站WebMD、医疗务应用iTriage和美国梅奥医学中心的在线务也不例外英文来源:赫芬顿邮报翻译:实习生徐晓彤审校#38;编辑:丹妮上海玫瑰整形美容医院去除狐臭多少钱

上海红玫瑰美容医院创意健身公交 上班锻炼两不误 --1 :5: 来源: 很多伦敦居民因太忙而无法时常去健身房,不过他们很快就有机会在上下班路上进行锻炼了这要感谢一个创意健身公交车队,他们在车上装满了固定单车以供乘客使用 London residents too busy to hit the gym every once in a while will soon get the chance to work out during their commute, thanks to a fleet of ingenious fitness buses packed full of stationary bikes.很多伦敦居民因太忙而无法时常去健身房,不过他们很快就有机会在上下班路上进行锻炼了这要感谢一个创意健身公交车队,他们在车上装满了固定单车以供乘客使用“The Wheels on the Bus” children’s song is going to have a whole new meaning once British fitness company 1Rebel launches its new RideRebel buses on the streets of London. The modified public transportation vehicles will feature stationary bikes instead of seats, allowing commuters to spin at their hearts’ content on their way to work. Buses will travel from four pick-up points in north, east, south and west London along the city’s most popular commute routes, all the way to the 1Ride studio where riders can come in a shower and a smoothie bee work.如果英国健身公司1Rebel的新型公交车RideRebel开始在伦敦运营,儿歌《公交车上的车轮将被赋予全新含义这些改良过的公共交通工具会以固定单车取代座椅,让乘客在上班途中尽情锻炼公交车将从伦敦东南西北四个方向的上客点出发,沿最热门的通勤路线开往1Ride中心下车之后,乘客们可以冲个澡,来杯奶昔,然后再去上班The idea these RideRebel fitness buses was developed by 1Rebel co-founders, James Balfour and Giles Dean. “It is an absolute no brainer us that we can create more efficiency in people’s routines by transming their commute,” Balfour said. “ those who want the components of a class, but perhaps don’t have the time to commit during the day, this provides a great solution them to maximise time they would otherwise be spending just travelling to work.”RideRebel健身公交的想法来源于1Rebel的联合创始人詹姆斯巴尔弗和贾尔斯迪恩巴尔弗说:“我们可以改变通勤工具来提高人们日常生活的效率,这完全不用费什么脑筋有些人想利用健身房的器材健身,但一天下来挤不出时间健身公交车则为他们提供了一个充分利用时间的绝佳方案,否则这段时间就只是用来乘车去上班”RideRebel basically leave workaholics who claim to be too busy to work out with no more excuses, and 1Rebel, one of London’s most popular fitness companies, confirms that interest in their novel idea is through the roof. “This morning interest peaked so much that the registration website crashed and had to be moved to a separate server,” Balfour told CN, last month. According to the RideRebel website, there are currently 81 people in line tickets, and the service hasn’t even launched yet.RideRebel让那些声称自己太忙而无法锻炼的工作狂不再有借口作为伦敦最受欢迎的健身公司之一,1Rebel称人们对他们的新奇想法兴趣爆棚上个月巴尔弗对CV称:“今天早上人们的兴趣无比高涨,注册网站都崩溃了,我们只能将其移至一个独立的务器” RideRebel网站显示,现在已经有81人等着购票,而该公交务甚至都还没开通As when the fitness buses will actually launch, it all depends on whether the plans get signed off by the government, but 1Ride claims RideRebel will hit the city streets later this year. Apparently, safety concerns are the biggest obstacle in the way of this project becoming a reality. The bikes mounted in the buses do not currently include seatbelts, and Balfour made no mention of helmets, CN reports. “We are working with bus companies and the government to establish all health and safety conditions,” the co-founder said. “As this is such an innovative idea there are no established norms but due to the high levels of interest this is something that all our partners are focused on.”至于该健身公交何时真正运行,取决于政府是否批准该计划,不过1Rebel称RideRebel公交会在今年晚些时候开始运营显然,安全问题是实现该项目的最大障碍CN报道称,目前安装在公交上的自行车没有安全带,巴尔弗也未提到有头盔巴尔弗说:“我们正与公交公司和政府一起努力,创造完全健康、安全的条件由于这是一种创新理念,所以还没有既定的原则可遵循不过鉴于人们对此有极大的兴趣,所以各方都会关注这一问题”If, and when RideRebel launches, passengers can expect to pay to pound a 5-minute ride.如果RideRebel公交开始运营,预计5分钟的车程需要乘客付~英镑1Ride is not the first to come up with the idea of a fitness bus full of stationary bikes. Last year, Boston company Bike Bus made headlines with a similar service.在公交车里装满固定单车,改装成健身公交车这一想法并非1Ride首创去年,波士顿的Bike Bus公司就因提供类似的务而登上头条上海玫瑰几点上班 解读为何抗战胜利纪念日定在9月3日? -- ::0 来源: Now, let's take a look at why September 3rd was chosen andmade a national holiday.  现在我们一起来看看为何将9月3日定为全国性的纪念日  Japan's announcement of surrender actually happened onAugust th, 195. A little after noon, Japanese emperorHirohito announced his country's acceptance of the terms of thePotsdam Declaration, and its unconditional surrender. Themessage was broadcast across the nation over radio.  195年8月日,日本宣布投降当天中午时分,日本裕仁天皇宣布日本接受《波茨坦公告,无条件投降这一消息通过电台广播传遍全国  However, without the mal signing over the terms of the surrender, it didn't have any legalstanding. So, on September nd, representatives from Japan, China and eight other Allied powersgathered on the deck of the USS "Missouri" in Tokyo Bay. They signed on the Japaneseinstrument of surrender. The ceremony over minutes, and it was broadcast throughout theworld.  不过,投降协议尚未正式签署,日本的投降尚不具备法律效力,9月日,在停泊于东京湾的美国“密苏里号”战列舰上,日本代表同中国及其他八个同盟国的代表签署了日本降伏文书受降仪式时长多分钟,并以广播形式昭告世界  The next day, September 3rd, the Japanese army in China mally surrendered to the Chinesegovernment. The whole of China was in jubilation. Celebrations were held across the country. Itmarked the first outright victory over a eign invasion in Chinese modern history. Theree,September 3rd was chosen, at the time, as the official victory day.  次日,也就是9月3日,中国境内的日本军队正式向中国政府投降全国人民都沉浸在喜悦之中,举国欢庆这是近代以来中华民族反抗外敌入侵第一次取得的完全胜利,当时,9月3日就被定为抗战胜利纪念日  However, after the founding of New China in 199, the victory day was reset to August th, thedate Japan announced unconditional surrender. But two years later, the then-GovernmentAdministrative Council switched it back to September 3rd.  然而,199年新中国成立后,胜利日一度被改为8月日,即日本宣布无条件投降的日期两年后(1951年),当时的中央人民政府政务院重新将9月3日确定为抗战胜利纪念日  In , China's top legislative body ratified September 3rd as the "Victory Day of ChinesePeople's War of Resistance Against Japanese Aggression". It then officially became a nationalholiday when it was announced that memorial activities would be held every year going ward.It's hoped the ratification will help people reflect on the war; commemorate the heroic sacrifices;and express China's firm stance of safeguarding national sovereignty, territorial solidarity andworld peace.  年,全国人大通过决议,将9月3日确定为“中国人民抗日战争胜利纪念日”有关部门宣布,今后每年9月3日都将举行纪念活动,9月3日也正式成为全国性的纪念日批准设立抗战胜利纪念日有望帮助人们反思战争,缅怀先烈的牺牲,表达中国坚决维护国家主权、国土完整和世界和平的决心上海市曙光医院激光去红血丝多少钱

上海人民医院祛眼袋手术多少钱全球航空公司榜单:阿联酋航空再次摘得桂冠 -- 3::3 来源: 7月日,Skytrax在英国范堡罗国际航展期间公布了“年全球最佳航空公司奖”,总部位于迪拜的阿联酋国际航空摘得桂冠 Farnborough, England (CNN)The world’s best airline is Emirates, according to a survey of millions of airline passengers conducted by Skytrax.范堡罗 英国电(CNN)-据知名的航空公司务质量评级机构Skytrax对数百万旅客进行的投票结果,阿联酋航空被评选为年全球最佳航空公司The international airline, based in Dubai, won the top honors at Tuesday’s Skytrax World Airline Awards ceremony at the Farnborough International Airshow in England.7月日(星期二),Skytrax在英国范堡罗国际航展期间公布了“年全球最佳航空公司奖”,总部位于迪拜的阿联酋国际航空摘得桂冠As jet engines screamed from the Farnborough airfield and thousands of visiting aviation geeks explored the airshow, smiling flight attendants dressed in brightly colored unims stepped to the stage as each award was announced.伴随着范堡罗机场喷气式飞机的轰鸣声,成千上万的航空爱好者们出席了本次航空展,身着靓丽套装的空们微笑着走上台来为各奖项颁奖The survey underscores the consistency of the quality service among the world’s top carriers, said Edward Plaisted, Skytrax CEO.Skytrax CEO爱德华.普莱斯物德说,该调查主要强调的是世界各大航空公司务质量的一致性"The Middle East airlines have continued to dominate," Plaisted said after the ceremony. "Virgin America continues dominating on the customer side in North America. Turkish Airlines is a big favorite."在颁奖典礼结束后,爱德华说,“中东的航空公司持续占据主导地位维珍美国航空持续占领了北美客户市场土耳其航空也非常受欢迎”The awards run the gamut from 73 categories from best economy class onboard catering to best airline staff to best seats to best cabin cleanliness.该奖项涵盖范围非常广,包括最佳的经济舱体验、最贴心的空乘务体验、最舒适的座位体验和最好的机舱清洁度等73个类别The top best airlines were named as:Skytrax 年全球最佳航空公司前十名名单1. Emirates1.阿联酋航空. Qatar Airways1.阿联酋航空3. Singapore Airlines3.新加坡航空. Cathay Pacific.国泰航空5. ANA All Nippon Airways5.全日空航空6. Etihad Airways6.阿提哈德航空7. Turkish Airlines7.土耳其航空8. EVA Air8.长荣航空9. Qantas Airways9.澳洲航空. Lufthansa.汉莎航空 学者预警:中国人口本世纪末将减少一半 你被吓到了吗? -- :33: 来源: 社科院学者郑真真在年世界经济论坛上的发言引起了这场关于中国人口的激烈讨论她称,本世纪末中国人口将减少到1980年的水平,也就是亿人 What scholar Zheng Zhenzhen of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences said at the World Economic um has stirred aheated discussion about the Chinese population. According to Zheng, China’s population will reduce to 1 billion by the end ofthis century, just like the volume it had reached by 1980.社科院学者郑真真在年世界经济论坛上的发言引起了这场关于中国人口的激烈讨论她称,本世纪末中国人口将减少到1980年的水平,也就是亿人However, some experts think a 1 billion population is still a number too optimistic, considering the overestimate of fertilityrates, they point out that the Chinese population may possibly reach 600 million by .然而,一些专家认为亿人仍太过乐观,他们指出,考虑到对生育率的过高估计,中国人口在年可能低至6亿人左右A demography scholar Huang Wenzhen from the University of Wisconsin considers it is impossible that China could still have a 1 billion population by the end of the century. Even assuming with a total open birth policy, the birth rate can be percent higher than the one during to , and the average life expectancy also keeps increasing, Huang estimated the total population of China in would be 580 million, and decrease to 0 million by .无独有偶,美国威斯康星大学人口和统计学者黄文政称,到本世纪末,中国人口很难维持到亿水平即使大力鼓励生育,假设生育率比~年的实际生育率高出%,再假设中国未来人均预期寿命随社会发展水平上升而变化,他预测中国年的总人口为5.8亿,到年会降至.8亿Another Scholar Yi Fuxian predicts that with the universal two-child policy carried out in , the birth rate still only would rise from 1.5 in to 1. in . And based on the previous experience of South Korea and Taiwan, the birth rate would be down to 1.1 in 5, and then up to 1.30 in 6. Supposing that the birth rate can remain at 1.3 until , the population of China would be only 560 million.另一位学者易富贤预测,尽管年全面两孩政策放开,出生率仍然只会从年的1.5上升到1年的1.基于韩国和台湾的经验,出生率在5年会下降到1.1,到6年再上升到1.3假设到年出生率可以一直保持1.3不变,那时中国的人口将只有5.6亿左右According to the World Population Prospects released by ed Nations on July , China’s population will be 1.0 billion by the end of this century, which is based on its medium variant. Based on low variant, the prediction on population is 6 million.根据联合国年7月发布《年世界人口展望,预计中国人口到本世纪末将回落到.亿这是联合国的中预测值,其低预测值是6.亿Scholars think it is unreasonable the UN to assume such high a fertility rate of China based on the real situation. The report set the birth rates 1.55 from to , 1.59 from to , 1.66 from to ,1.7 from 5 to ,and 1.81 from 5 to . While China’s birth rates from to was 1.18, 1., 1.6, and 1..学者们认为,根据实际情况,联合国为中国假定如此高的生育率是不合理的联合国预测方案里,中国~年的生育率被假设为1.55、~年为1.59、~年为1.66、5~年为1.7、5~年为1.81,而中国年到年的生育率分别为1.18,1.,1.6,1.Huang explains that now there are only million new born babies every year. In the next years, the number of Chinese women aged from 3 to 30 would be down by 0 percent. Even if there are 8 million babies being born every year, the birthrate could reach the replacement level, and every one can live to one hundred years of age, Huang estimates the population would still only be 800 million by .黄文政解释说,现在每年只有00万名新生儿在未来年内,3到30岁的育龄女性人数将下降0%,即使每年出生800万名婴儿,生育率达到更替水平,每个人都活到一百岁,他估计中国人口也不过8亿左右上海五官科医院打瘦脸针多少钱上海仁济医院打瘦腿针多少钱



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