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责备1. 词组句型责备blame, find fault with..., reprovesentence patterns:Dont blame me.She blamed him for the failure of their marriage.She always finds faults with me.The president reproved people for not voting.2. 多种表达I blame you for being so careless.You should be more careful.Step on it.Be quick!Get a move on!Move it!Snap to it!Dont blame me.Dont put the blame on me.Dont accuse me.You are to blame.Its your fault.Its all your fault.Dont push me too hard.Dont push me too far.Dont take it out on me.Dont take your frustration out on me.Dont treat me badly just because you had a bad day.I didnt do anything wrong.Pay up!Pay your debt.Pay me back.Give me my money now.Shoot!Shit!Damn it!Damned!Dont lie to me.Dont tell me lies.What a shame!Shame on you!For shame.What a fool!What a drag!That wretch!Dont act stupid.Dont act silly.Dont act down.Dont be ridiculous.Dont talk silly.Dont be foolish.Dont pull my leg.Dont talk nonsense.Dont talk stupid.I dont want to hear any more about his lies.I dont want to hear his ball.I dont want to hear his lies to me any more.Does he make up a story?Is he telling lies? /201209/200133Negotiating Apartment Details洽谈租房David:Does that apartment come furnished?)那套房子里有家具吗?You:This apartment has all the furnitures that are necessary for daily liveing.常用的家具都有。David:Like a refrigerator?有冰箱吗?You:It doesn’t have a refrigerator. It just has a TV, which has cable.没有冰箱,但有有线电视。David:Oh, well. How about a patio? Does the apartment have a patio?有院子吗?我是说你这房子有没有院子?You:Yes, it has a patio. You can have a lot of fun on the patio. No problem. 有。你可以在那儿尽情享受。没问题。David:How big is it?有多大?You:The patio is quite spacious with a lot of sunshine. You will really enjoy it.很宽敞,阳光也很充足,你会喜欢的。David:Good.好的。You:Another thing I would mention is that it is very clean, as the apartment was recently renovated.再有,这间房子刚刚翻修过,很干净的。David:sure.how long at least this landlord wanta to rent.好极了。房东打算租多长时间?You:I am not sure, but according to my experience, one month is the period. You should pay the rent at the first of each month. 我不太清楚,但据我所知,一个月为一个租期,而且每月月初时付房租。David:I’ll take it. Thank you very much, I appreciate your help.好,我要了。非常感谢你的帮助。 /201208/194646

13. See what the wind blow in!看谁来了。还可说成:Look who is there!Look what the cat dragged in!应用:blow the gaff 泄露秘密;blow (sb.) a kiss 送某人飞吻。blow ones nose 擤鼻涕;blow hot and cold about something 对某事无主见,优柔寡断。14. How are you doing?你好吗?还可说成:Hows everything going?Whats up?15.Im doing good.挺好的。还可说成:Thats OK.Not bad.谚语:A good winter brings a good summer.瑞雪兆丰年。16.I can hardly know you.我几乎不认识你了。还可说成:Your name doesnt just comi to me.I dont even know you.应用:hardly any 几乎没有;hardly ever 很少;deal hardly with 虐待17. I have been thinking about you lately. Where have you been hiding?最近我一直在想你,你 躲哪儿去了?还可说成:I have been missing you recently.I have apathy to food for missing you.谚语:Cats hide their claws.知人知面不知心。 /201209/200225



  Bingo是谁?黑头发黄皮肤也能说道地美语?Bingo来了!让Bingo带你轻松拥有舌尖上的美语!每周二:场景的词汇和表达;每周四:美语口语小词;每周六:发音和语调。今天我们来学习cover日常用法。Review:coverbook covercover girlcover chargeHow much is this cover?cover songThis is a cover song.a cover version ofcover mecover the newsWell cover that later.undercoverHe is undercover.cover an area of cover forCould you cover for me?I got you covered.Dont worry, I got you covered. /201402/275442

  经典句型:Welcome to our company. 欢迎来到我们公司。A:Welcome to our company.甲:欢迎来到我们公司。B:Nice to meet you.乙:很高兴见到你。A:Hope you have a good time here.甲:希望您在这里过得愉快。经典句型:Im so glad to have dinner with you. 很高兴和您共进晚餐。A:Im so glad to have dinner with you.甲:很高兴和您共进晚餐。B:So am I.乙:我也一样。A:Its my pleasure to have the chance to cooperate with you.甲:能有机会与您合作非常荣幸。B:I hope our cooperation will be successful.乙:我希望我们的合作会成功。A:So do I.甲:我也希望如此。句型讲解:欢迎客人时,要说welcome欢迎。Nice to meet you是很高兴见到您。So glad to cooperate with you是很高兴与您合作。 /201401/274381For:正方辩词:Owning a private car should be encouraged应该鼓励拥有私家车I think everyone has the right to enjoy a better life. The private car gives us a much greater degree of comfort and mobility in our life. With a car of our own, we can avoid going to work by crowded buses or subways. Moreover, having a car also means that we can enjoy the weekends and holidays better. With a car we can go wherever we like, even to places where the regular buses and trains do not reach. Therefore, owning a private car should be encouraged by our society.每个人都有权利追求更高品质的生活。私家车给我们的生活带来了更大程度的舒适性和灵活性。如果拥有属于自己的车,我们就可以不必上班时去挤拥挤的公交车或者地铁。而且,车可以使我们的周末和假期过得更加愉快。你可以驾车去任何你喜欢的地方,尤其是那些不通公交车和火车的地方。因此,我们的社会应该鼓励拥有私家车。Against:反方辩词:Owniog a private car should not be encouraged不应鼓励拥有私家车Nowadays, the number of private cars is on the rise in our country, which has given rise to many serious problems. First of all, it is self-evident that the automobile contributes much to the air pollution. Secondly, private cars have a direct relationship with traffic jams in cities. Without an effective regulation on private cars , the traffic system will suffer more serious problems. Last but not the least , private cars consume a lot of energy , which will be a threat to the sustainable development of our country.如今,在我国,随着私家车数量的不断增加,各种问题层出不穷。首先,汽车污染空气的事实是不自明的。其次,私家车与城市的交通堵塞有着直接联系。如果不对私家车进行有效地管制,交通系统将会出现更多更严重的问题。最后一点也很重要,私家车耗费了大量的能源,这可能会威胁到国家的可持续发展。 /201412/348809

  Neil: Hello, Li. Are you y?尼尔:你好,莉。你准备好了吗?Li: Yes, Neil! Were going to that event for the protection of turtles, arent we Neil? Where is it happening again?莉:是的,尼尔!我们要去参加一个保护海龟的活动,对吧,尼尔?在哪儿举办的来着?Neil: By the beach. Theyre going to make speeches and then release some small turtles into the sea.尼尔:在海滩旁边。他们要进行演讲,然后把一些小海龟放生大海。Li: How sweet! I love baby turtles!莉:真是太好了!我喜欢海龟宝宝!Neil: Yes, theyre lovely, arent they? Lets go and join all the scientists, animal lovers and campaigners and beat the drum for the cause!尼尔:是啊,它们很可爱,是不是?我们走吧,加入到那些科学家、动物爱好者和活动人士的行列中,为这个事业摇旗呐喊!Li: Beat the drum? Will there be drums there?莉:敲鼓?那里有鼓吗?Neil: No. I dont think so...尼尔:没有。我想没有。Li: But if you think we need to drum, I have one here. We can beat the drum, like this...莉:可是如果我们要敲鼓,我这里倒是有一个。我们可以像这样敲鼓……Neil: Youre a great drummer Li, but sadly no need for drums. It might scare the baby turtles.尼尔:李,你真是个很棒的鼓手,不过很遗憾,我们并不需要鼓。那可能会吓坏海龟宝宝的。Li: But why are you talking about drums then?!莉:那你刚才为什么要说敲鼓呢?Neil: Ill tell you. In English, when we say to beat the drum or to bang the drum we mean to speak with enthusiasm about an idea in order to persuade or convince other people to support it.尼尔:我来告诉你。在英语中,我们用to beat the drum或者to bang the drum来表示积极热烈地持一种观点,以便说更多的人也来持。Li: Ah! I see. No real drums, then...莉:啊!我明白了。其实并没有鼓,那……Neil: No. Beat the drum is our expression in this edition of The English We Speak. Now lets hear some examples of how its used.尼尔:嗯。Beat the drum就是今天地道英语节目要学的表达方式。现在我们来听一些例句,看看如何使用这个短语。Part of the job of a prime minister is to visit other nations and beat the drum for your country, to support business and jobs.首相工作的一部分是对其他国家进行国事访问,为你们国家摇旗呐喊,持商业和就业。Mary is shy but her colleagues keep telling her: ;If you dont beat the drum for your own ideas, who will?;玛丽很害羞,但是她的同事一直告诉她:“如果你不为自己的想法摇旗呐喊,那谁来做呢?”Li: OK, Neil. Im y to beat the drum for turtle conservation!莉:好的,尼尔。我准备好为保护海龟摇旗呐喊了!Neil: Great, wed better go. Well be late.尼尔:太好了,我们最好现在就出发。不然我们会迟到的。Li: OK. Ready? One, two, one, two...莉:好的。准备好了吗?一、二,一、二……Neil: You are quite keen on this instrument, arent you? Youre not taking it with you... are you?尼尔:你很喜欢这个乐器,是不是?你不会带着去吧?Li: Of course not. I dont want to frighten the animals. But I might end up forming a band. How about The Baby Turtles?莉:当然不会。我不想吓到那些动物。但是我可能会组个乐队。乐队名字就叫海龟宝宝怎么样?Neil: Yeah, thats a good name! Lets go. Bye.尼尔:好啊,这名字真不错!我们走吧。再见。Li: Bye.莉:再见。 译文属 /201409/326652

  今天我们要学习的两个新习惯用语和kiss这个词有关。Kiss意思是“亲吻。”下面来学习用kiss这个词组成的美国习惯用语:kissing cousin。 Kissing cousin这个用语的本意是:在大家庭团聚的时候,关系近到可以在见面时相互亲吻的任何亲戚。说起来,这个用语诞生在有大家庭传统的美国南部。在过去的美国南部,家庭结构有点像中国农村。人们都有记家谱的习惯,有的家庭第第四、五代人之后的亲戚仍然对他们同其他家庭成员的关系清清楚楚、明明白白。当然了,到了这个层次的亲戚仍然算得上是kissing cousin。但是从40年代开始,这个短语有了新的含义,人们用它来形容比较相近的事物。我们下面通过一个例句来进一步理解这个用语的用法。例句-1:These man-made fibers like rayon and nylon are kissing cousins - theyre made to look and feel like silk. But I have to tell you, I still prefer the feel of the real thing.这段话说:像人造丝和尼龙等人造纤维其实都是大同小异:看上去或者是用手摸很像是丝绸。不过我必须得说,我还是更喜欢真材实料的丝绸的那种感觉。下面我们再听一个例句,以便帮助听众朋友更好地掌握美国习惯用语kissing cousins的用法。这段话讲的是每年出产上千万辆汽车的几家美国汽车制造公司。例句-2:Each company puts out cars in different models with different names and prices. But inside they are really kissing cousins: most of the parts are the same no matter what the name.这段话说:每一家公司都生产很多种类型、牌名、以及价格各不相同的汽车。但是从内部基本结构上看,这些汽车大同小异。不管汽车是什么牌子,它们的大部分零部件完全一样。接下来我们学习今天要讲的第二个包含kiss这个词的习惯用语:kiss up。这个短语的意思是:通过各种方式从上司或其他重要人物那里获得恩惠和好处。比如说,常见的方式包括阿谀奉承、溜须拍马、当差跑腿、有呼必应、以及对上司唯唯诺诺。也许不少听众周围就有、或者至少以前见过符合以上描述的人。这种人通常和同事的关系不好。我们下面听的例句就是一个人讲他办公室里一位这样的同事。例句-3:Nobody liked Jake because he spent all his time trying to kiss up to our boss. So we were delighted when Jane Brown got the promotion Jake was after with all his kissing up and flattery.这段话说:没有人喜欢杰克,因为他无时无刻不在努力讨好上司。所以,当珍妮.布朗被提升到杰克一直希望通过讨好上司而得到的那个职位时,大家都非常高兴。我们刚才谈到,讨好上司的方法之一是唯命是从,即使上司错了也照样唯唯诺诺。下面我们再来听一段话,看看以这种方式取悦上司的人到底能走多远。例句-4:Pete goes further than anybody else in kissing up to the big boss. If the boss ever told us, ;No matter what everybody thinks, the world is flat.; Pete would say, ;Yes, sir. It sure looks flat to me!;要是说到奉承大老板,没有人能赛得过彼得。要是老板对我们说:;我不管别人怎么想,反正地球是平的。“彼得保准说:;您说的太对了。我看地球就是平的。”也许听众朋友已经注意到了,这段话里的if从句:if the boss told us以及主句:Peter would say,他们都使用了虚拟语气,表明这是假设,并不是真地发生了这样的事。 /201406/305746

  Robs bought a new washing machine and instead of cleaning his best shirt, it has actually made it dirtier. Hes very angry and wants to sue the company that made the machine. He meets Helen in a laundrette and she has some advice for him. Listen to the programme to find out what it is.罗布新买了台洗衣机,但是这台洗衣机不但没有把他最好的衬衫洗干净,反而让衬衫变得更脏了。他非常生气,想起诉洗衣机生产商。他在一家自助洗衣店遇到了海伦,她给了他一些建议。请收听本期节目,看看海伦提了哪些建议。(Helen bumps into Rob in her local laundrette.)(海伦在一家自助洗衣店遇到了罗布。)Helen: Hello Rob. I didnt know I would find you here. I love this launderette. The washing machines are very efficient.海伦:你好,罗布。我没想到会在这里遇到你。我喜欢这个自助洗衣店。这里的洗衣机非常好用。Rob: I hope so. I bought a very expensive washing machine for my house but when I put my clothes in, they ended up dirtier!罗布:希望如此。我家里刚买了一台非常贵的洗衣机,可是我把衣放进去以后,它们却变得更脏了!Helen: What do you mean?海伦:你是什么意思?Rob: Well, apparently theres some oil leaking in the motor and it stained all the washing! So Im trying to wash them again here in this launderette!罗布:显然是因为洗衣机的发动机漏油,把所有要洗的衣都弄脏了!所以我只能在这个自助洗衣店再洗一遍这些衣!Helen: Oh, I can see all the yellowish stains … This white shirt … its an expensive, designer one …海伦:哦,我能看到这些黄色的污渍……这件白色衬衫很贵吧,是不是设计师品牌的?Rob: Yes, it is. That was my best shirt. Its probably ruined now! If this stain doesnt come out, Ill sue the washing machine manufacturers! Ill take them to the cleaners!罗布:没错。这是我最好的衬衫。现在可能已经毁了!如果这个污渍洗不下去,我会起诉这家洗衣机制造商!我要让他们倾家荡产!Helen: Calm down, Rob! Its the shirt that has to be taken to the cleaners!海伦:罗布,冷静!是要把这件衬衫拿去洗衣店!Rob: Not exactly, Helen. In English, when we say were going to take someone to the cleaners, we mean were going to take a lot of money from them.罗布:海伦,并不是这样。在英语中,我们说take someone to the cleaners的意思是我们要从他们那里拿走一大笔钱。Helen: So you want to ask the company to give you a lot of money — maybe all theyve got — to compensate you for the loss of your very expensive shirt.海伦:所以你想让这家公司赔你一大笔钱,可能是得到他们所有的财产,用来赔偿你这件昂贵衬衫的损失。Rob: Yes! Im very angry with them. Anyway, you can use the phrase in a sports context, too, when one team defeats another one by a large number of points.Take to the cleaners is todays expression in The English We Speak. It used to mean getting money from someone else in a dishonest way but now it can just mean getting a lot of money from someone else.罗布:对!我对他们感到非常生气。话说回来,在体育赛事中如果一个队以大比分击败了另一个队,也可以用这个短语来表达。Take to the cleaners就是今天地道英语节目要学的表达方式。这个短语以前指用欺骗的手段从别人那里得到一大笔钱财,但是现在可以仅指从别人那里得到一大笔钱。Helen: Shall we listen to some examples of how this phrase is used?海伦:我们来听一些例句,看看这个短语的用法吧?Rob: Yes.罗布:好的。Examples例句My husband cheated on me with my best friend! Im going to get the best divorce lawyer in town and take him to the cleaners!我丈夫背着我和我最好的朋友搞在了一起!我要请全城最棒的离婚律师,我要得到他所有的钱!My team has the best players and well take you to the cleaners in this Sundays match!我们队拥有最棒的球员,我们会在这周日的比赛中大胜你们队!Helen: No need to sue the company, Rob. Call your washing machine manufacturer and ask them to replace it.海伦:罗布,没必要起诉那家公司。给洗衣机制造商打电话,让他们给你换一台新的。Rob: But Im angry!罗布:可是我很生气!Helen: Dont be. I can take you to the cleaners, but not in the sense of this idiom. I can take you to the cleaners next door — the people who remove stains from clothes. Theyre very good.海伦:别生气。我可以带你去洗衣店,我说的不是习语用法。我可以带你去隔壁的洗衣店,他们可以去掉衣上的污渍。他们非常不错。Rob: Okay. Well, do you think they might be able to remove this stain?罗布:好。你认为他们能去掉这些污渍?Helen: Of course they can. Come on, Rob.海伦:他们当然可以。走吧,罗布。Rob: Okay. Come on, take me to the cleaners! Thanks, Helen.罗布:哦,好的,带我去洗衣吧!谢谢,海伦。Helen: Youre welcome. Bye.海伦:不客气。再见。Rob: Bye.罗布:再见。 译文属 /201411/343231。

  1. The train is late for half an hour.火车晚点半个小时。还能这样说:The train is behind time for half an hour.The train is delayed for half an hour.谚语:Life is half spent before we know what it is.人过半百方知天命。2. The train is driving after 10 minutes.列车定于10分钟后发车。还能这样说:The train leaves after ten minutes.The train starts after ten minutes.应用:ten to one 十之八九,十拿九稳3. The train will arrive at the station at 6, being late 1 hour.火车将于6点到达火车站,晚了一小时。还能这样说:The train will get to station at 6, behind time 1 hour.The train is going to arrive at 6, 1 hour late.谚语:It is never too late to mend.亡羊补牢,犹未晚矣。4. It really makes my blood boil when the train is late.火车晚点让我很生气。还能这样说:The late train always makes me see red.I get irritated when train is late.应用:train on 练好,把……对准;train up 养育,培养、训练 /201408/323034

  经典句型:Lets eat out.我们出去吃饭吧。A:Im tired. I dont want to cook.甲:我累了,不想做饭。B:Lets eat out.乙:我们出去吃饭吧。A:What do you want to have?甲:你想吃什么?B:Id like to have some western food.乙:我想吃点儿西餐。经典句型:Id like to have some Sichuan dishes. 我想吃点儿四川菜。A:Id like to have some Sichuan dishes.甲:我想吃点儿四川菜。B:Is there any Sichuan restaurant nearby? 乙:附近有川菜馆吗?A:There is one at the corner of the street.甲:在街角有一家。B:Is it expensive?乙:贵不贵?A:I think the price there is rather reasonable.甲:我觉得那里的价格是很合理的。句型讲解:eat out表示“上饭馆吃饭”,也可以表示“咬断,吃光。” /201412/350510


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