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As Emmanuel Macron savours his victory in the French presidential election, he might consider the words of John Maynard Keynes in an open letter, written to Franklin Roosevelt in December 1933. The British economist told the US president: “You have made yourself the Trustee for those in every country who seek to mend the evils of our condition by reasoned experiment within the framework of the existing social system. If you fail, rational change will be gravely prejudiced throughout the world, leaving orthodoxy and revolution to fight it out.”当埃马纽埃马克Emmanuel Macron)回味此次法国总统大选胜利时,他或许会思考约梅纳凯恩John Maynard Keynes)9332月写给富兰克罗斯Franklin Roosevelt)的一封公开信中的话。这位英国经济学家对美国总统说:“您已经使您自己成为各国有志于在现行社会制度的框架内进行合理的实验以改正我们所面临的弊端的受托人。如果您失败了,合乎理性的变革将在全世界蒙受严重的损失,而听任正统力量与革命去一决雌雄。”France does not have a global role comparable to the US. But it is certainly true that the success or failure of the new president will matter well beyond France and even well beyond Europe. If Mr Macron succeeds, the forces of nationalism and political extremism represented in France by his defeated opponent, Marine Le Pen will suffer a setback around the world. But if he fails, populism, nationalism and protectionism will soon be resurgent.法国在全球的角色无法与美国相提并论。但毫无疑问,法国新总统的成败带来的影响将远远超出法国,甚至远超出欧洲。如果马克龙成功了,各种民族主义、政治极端主义势力——在法国以被他打败的对手马琳?勒庞(Marine Le Pen)为代表人物——将在世界各地遭遇挫败。但如果他失败的话,民粹主义、民族主义和保护主义很快将再度泛起。For while Mr Macron can savour a crushing victory over Ms Le Pen, he also knows that 35 per cent of French voters have just voted for a far-right candidate. The cumulative vote for extremists of the far left and the far right in the first round of the presidential election was closer to 50 per cent. That means that almost half of French voters want to smash “the system因为,虽然马克龙可以得意于对勒庞的压倒性胜利,但他也深知,35%的法国选民刚刚把票投给了一位极右翼候选人。在首轮总统选举投票中,极左和极右翼候选人合计得票接近50%。这意味着,几乎一半的法国选民希望砸烂“体制”。It is Mr Macron’s job to show that the system can work better. If he fails, then, as Keynes put it in the 1930s, “rational change will be gravely prejudiced throughout the world马克龙肩负着如下责任:向民众明这一体制能够运行得更奀?如果他失败了,那么——正如凯恩斯在上世纪30年代所言——“合乎理性的变革将在全世界蒙受严重的损失”。The chances of failure are quite high. Mr Macron has simultaneously to reinvigorate the French economy and the “European project Both are notoriously difficult to reform and face deep structural challenges that might defeat even the most imaginative and dynamic politician.马克龙失败的可能性相当高。马克龙必须同时重振法国经济和“欧洲计European project)”。两者都是出了名的难以改革,还面临着深层结构性挑战,这些挑战甚至可能让最具想象力、最有活力的政治家没招。The tasks of reform at home and in Europe are linked. Unless he can demonstrate to the German government that France is genuinely changing, then the Germans are unlikely to take the risk on the much-deeper EU integration that Mr Macron thinks (probably correctly) is necessary to make the European single currency work.法国国内改革与欧洲改革的任务是相互关联的。除非马克龙能够向德国政府明法国真的正在变革,否则,德国人不大可能冒险推进更深层次的欧盟一体化,而马克龙认为(他很可能正确)只有这样做才能使欧洲单一货币成功。At home, the challenges he faces are pretty obvious. The French state is abnormally large, with government spending accounting for 56 per cent of gross domestic product. The private sector is over-regulated and the public finances are over-stretched. Reducing the size of the state and making the labour market more flexible should help to generate jobs and economic growth. But any efforts at neoliberal reforms will inevitably face passionate resistance from the far left, the far right, the unions and a large part of the political establishment. Street demonstrations have stopped previous efforts at economic reform in their tracks for 20 years and more.在国内,马克龙面临的挑战更显而易见。法国政府异常庞大,政府出占国内生产总GDP)6%。私营部门受到过度监管,公共财政不堪重负。缩小政府规模、让劳动力市场更具弹性应该有助于创造就业和推动经济增长。但是,任何新自由主义改革努力都将不可避免地遭到来自极左、极右、工会以及大部分政治建制力量的强烈抵制。在不止20年时间里,街头示威已经一次次扼杀此前的经济改革努力。Mr Macron’s domestic political base is also fragile. He is, in some ways, an accidental president whose victory was achieved partly because the traditional centre-right and centre-left parties chose unelectable candidates, hamstrung either by extremism or by personal scandal. There is a strong chance that Mr Macron’s new political movement, En Marche!, may not gain enough seats in parliamentary elections in June to allow the new president to get his agenda through, without forming an unstable coalition.马克龙在国内的政治基础也比较脆弱。在某些程度上,他是一位意外当选的总统,他的胜选部分是因为传统的中右翼和中左翼政党选出了不太可能当选的候选人——要么是因为秉持极端主义,要么是因为个人的丑闻。马克龙的新政治运动“前进En Marche!)很可能无法在6月的议会选举中赢得足够席位,除非他组建联合政府(联合政府是不稳定的),否则他将无法让议会通过他的议程。But Mr Macron’s position as a political newcomer could also be an advantage if he can carve out a new space in the political centre-ground. As a former minister in a Socialist government, Mr Macron could send a bold signal by appointing a prime minister from the opposite political tribe, the centre right. If he can pull in enough support from the right, while retaining the support of the reformist wing of the Socialist party, he could yet create the backing he needs to push through reforms for example to the country’s 35-hour working week.但如果马克龙可以为中间派开拓出一块新空间,他作为政治新手的角色可能也是一项优势。曾经在社会党政府担任部长的他,可能通过从对立的中右翼阵营中任命一位首相来发出一个大胆的信号。如果他可以从右翼获得足够持,同时依然拥有社会党改革派的持,他可能会赢得推动改革(比如改革法国的35个小时工作制)所必需的持。The problem of opposition on the streets will be real and will have to be faced down. An early pay increase for the police, many of whom will have voted for Ms Le Pen, might be advisable.反对者走上街头的问题是切实存在的,必须强硬面对。提早为警察加薪(很多警察可能把票投给了勒庞),或许是明智之举。If Mr Macron can demonstrate that he is really reforming France, he might then gain the credibility to go to Berlin and demand reforms to the EU. The government of Angela Merkel has been understandably wary of French calls for a loosening of austerity in Europe or for the issuing of common EU debt, believing that they ultimately come down to a desire that thrifty German taxpayers should fund the profligate French state. But there is also a growing awareness in some parts of the German government (the foreign ministry more than the finance ministry) that a failure to give some ground to France and Italy could ultimately prove disastrous for Germany itself, if it means that reformists like Mr Macron fail, and are replaced by radical populists such as Ms Le Pen.如果马克龙可以明他真的在改革法国,那他可能得到足够的可信度,能够前往柏林,要求对欧盟进行改革。出于可以理解的理由,安格拉?默克Angela Merkel)政府一直对法国的如下呼吁心存警惕:在欧洲放松紧缩;发行欧盟共同债务。默克尔政府认为,这些呼吁归根结底是希望节俭的德国纳税人来资助肆意挥霍的法国政府。但德国政府部分部门也日益认识到(外交部的体会比财政部更深),如果不向法国和意大利做出一些让步——如果这意味着像马克龙这样的改革派失败了,被勒庞这样的激进民粹主义者取而代之——可能最终对德国本身带来灾难性后果。The election of Mr Macron will also be greeted warily in London, where it is feared that his passionate defence of the EU will translate into a particularly tough line on Brexit. But a more confident France and a revived EU might be less inclined to see Brexit as a mortal threat, and so more willing to strike a win-win deal that keeps markets open and alliances intact.伦敦方面也将谨慎地欢迎马克龙的当选,前者担心马克龙保卫欧盟的热情可能转化为对英国退欧的强硬立场。但一个更自信的法国和一个复兴的欧盟,可能会不那么倾向于把英国退欧视为致命威胁,因而更愿意敲定一份双赢的协议,来保持市场的开放和联盟关系的完好无损。There really is a lot riding on the success of President Macron and not just in France.法国总统马克龙的胜利确实关系着很多事情——不只是在法囀?来 /201705/508699。

Giving to a Charity捐助慈善公司开会,讨论慈善捐款的问题,Michael说:Michael: Ok, folks... Its been a tough year, but were going to stick with our tradition and give our usual yearly amount. Any suggestions?Frank: Perhaps we could donate to my churchs missionary group. I know a couple other good Christian organizations that could use some help.Jenny: Um....if I might interject. I dont have a problem with religious charities but I do object to any proselytizing.虽然公司不景气,但还是打算依惯例捐款。 Frank建议捐给基督教团体,但是Jenny反对向特定宗教色的团体捐助,避免持某一宗教之嫌。 Proselytize是劝人信教的意思。Ok, thats a good point to think about. We want the donations to reflect the entire company so we should avoid anything controversial.Gina: I was thinking perhaps we could give to more international causes. The victims of that horrible earthquake in China still need a lot of help.F: How about the Red Cross? They have a pretty good track record, right?G: Yeah, lets give them 10%.Mamp;Gamp;J: Agreed.Michael同意Jenny的看法,因为捐助代表整个公司,应该避免任何争议。 Gina提议捐给国际慈善事业,比如说中国地震灾民。 Frank提出,红十字会的记录就不错。大家同意把百分之十的钱捐给红十字会。J: I was doing some research before this meeting and I found a great website called CharityWatch.org. They have lots of tips about avoiding fraud and giving to the right organizations. Did you know that nearly 70,000 new American charity groups were founded just last year?F: Wow....thats a lot of choices. Its kind of daunting! So should we stick with the tried and proven groups or should we branch out?Jenny说,有个叫;charitywatch.org;的网站,上面有不少如何选择慈善团体的建议。去年一年,美国就成立了七万个慈善团体。G: A group called ;Water-4-Africa; sponsors water-purifying kits that can help eliminate serious diseases.I like it. All in favor?Gamp;F: Yes.J: It sounds good. But I think I should do a bit more research. The American Institute of Philanthropy suggests we check to see how much of the funds they use for direct charity work and how much goes to administration costs.F: You know, Jenny has a point. All these groups look good on paper, but you never know.Gina提到一个为非洲提供洁净水的团体。大家都觉得不错。但是Jenny表示,应该再调查一下,看看捐款有多少直接用于慈善项目,多少是给工作人员发工资的。 /201211/208738。

现在的贸易合作讲究迅速快捷,于是产生了电子商务,e-business。而电子商务的其中一个重要的实现途径就是电子邮件e-mail了。   相关词汇:   Attachment 附件   Junk mail 垃圾邮件   CC- Carbon Copy 抄送   C- Blind Carbon Copy 暗抄送   I want to set up an -mail account.   我想申请个电子邮件帐户。   What’s wrong with my e-mail? It can’t get through.   出什么问题了?我的邮件怎么发不出去了?   Could you please check the e-mail for me?   能帮我查收一下邮件么?   The e-mail you sent yesterday was returned as undeliverable. Maybe you should check the address.   你昨天发的邮件被退回来了。你是不是应当查查地址是否正确。 /11/90229。

An air ambulance regularly piloted by Prince William ;narrowly avoided; a collision with a remote-controlled drone, 1,900ft above north London last August, according to an official report.根据一份官方报告,去年8月,威廉王子经常驾驶的救护直升机在伦敦北900英尺的高空“勉强避开了”一架遥控无人机,未与其相撞。The royal was not on shift when the drone incident took place.事发时这位皇室成员不当班。Investigators found there had been a ;high; risk of the two aircraft coming into contact, ;endangering the EC145 and its crew; over a busy area.调查人员发现,当时两架飞行器相撞并在繁华区域上空“危及EC145直升机及机组人员安全”的风险“很高”。A report into the near-miss by the UK Airprox Board suggested the drone was flying above its permitted altitude.英国空中相遇委员会针对这起险些相撞事件发布的报告称,该无人机的飞行高度超出允许范围。The Eurocopter 145, which is used by the East Anglian Air Ambulance (EAAA), has been flown repeatedly by William during his work for the service. The drone pilot was never found.EC145直升机隶属于东安格利亚空中急救队,已经被威廉王子多次用于工作务当中。目前尚未找到这架无人机的操控者。A spokeswoman for EAAA said: ;We can confirm that, in accordance with aviation regulations and procedures, a pilot reported a drone in his proximity on August 26, 2016.;东安格利亚空中急救队的一名发言人表示:“我们可以实的是,依照航空规定和程序,一名飞行员确实0166日汇报了有一架无人机在他附近。”来 /201704/501865。

上班朝九晚五的,非常辛苦。休假成为人们调整休息,处理私务的必要手段。那么如何开口向你的上司表示你需要休假呢?   I feel a little bit home sick. I want to take a home leave and be with my family for a week.   我有点想家了。我想休息一周与我的家人团聚。   I’m afraid I can’t come to work today. I’m not feeling well.   我恐怕今天不能上班了。我觉得很不舒。   I’ve been really busy for a long time. I need some rest.   我忙了好长一段时间,我需要休息。   I’m asking for a week’s leave to prepare for my wedding.   我要请一周假,因为我要结婚了。 /10/87537。

Making Appointments商务约会A: Good morning, Green Motorcars. Can I help you?A:早上好,格林汽车公司,请问你有什么事需要我帮助吗?B: May I speak to Mr. Green, please?B:我想跟格林先生讲话。A: Who is that speaking?A:请问你是谁?B: Zhang Luo from Beijing.B:北京的张骆。A: Im sorry; Mr. Green is in meeting now. Mr. Zhang., Would you like to speak to someone else in the office?A:张先生,很抱歉,格林先生现在正在开会。你想找办公室的其他人谈谈吗?B: Well, Id like to fix an appointment to meet Mr. Green next week while Im in Shanghai.B:哦,我想跟格林先生约一下下周我在上海时与他会面的时间。A: Ill check Mr. Greens diary and see if I could arrange an appointment for you. Moment please. Yes, Mr. Green has some time on Monday morning, Wednesday morning and Thursday afternoon.A:我来查一下格林先生的记事本后再给你预约。请稍等一下。是的,目前看来格林先生下周星期一和星期三上午,星期四下午都有空。B: May I fix an appointment for Monday morning?B:那我能约在星期一上午吗?A: Would 10:00 be convenient?A:1O点行吗?B: Yes, thatll be fine.B:行。A: Ill make a note of that. Would you like me to confirm the appointment?A:我记一下。要我确认这次约见吗?B: Yes, please. You can contact me any day at Beijing 010-81234567 extension 383.B:好的。你可以在任何时间打电话到北京跟我联系。( 010) 81234567转383。A: Beijing. 010-81234567 extension 383. Ill confirm your appointment as soon as possible, Mr. Zhang.A:北京,(010) 81234567转383。张先生,我会尽快给你确认。B: Thank you very much. Good-bye.B:非常感谢,再见。A: Good-bye.A:再见。 /201503/366792。

67.致谢与道歉常用应急场景范例一:Thank youI’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for everything you did for me.It’s my pleasure. I enjoyed working with you.I wouldn’t be able to make it without your help.Then keep up the good work.范例二:SorryI think you should look over these figures again. There are some calculations that are a bit off.I apologize. This should not have to be this way.Apology is accepted. Try to do better next time.Of course, I should have been more careful. I’m sorry. /201003/98387。

公司这段时间正在讨论吸纳股东、新建项目事宜。大家就一个不知名小公司的吸纳问题产生了分歧。这时Catherine的一个助手站起来提出了中肯的建议。当他坐下后,大家一片啧啧声。老板笑着说:He is a smart money. He is a smart money.他是一个经验丰富的投资者。smart意为“聪敏的,伶俐的”;smart money是个惯用语,意为”经验丰富的投资者“。因为money不仅可以表示钱,还可以表示和钱有关的人的概念。当我们形容某些人投资能力强、十分有经验时,就可以说:He is a smart money. Benjamin: Your director should get most of the credit for the reform plan.本杰明:改革方案应主要归功于你们的主管Todd: Yeah, he is a smart money.托德:是的,他是个经验丰富的投资者。背景音乐:All about Loving You◎大家如果觉得不错,请不要吝惜自己的持,在栏写下你们的感受,有大家的持,相信我们会做的更好◎ /201011/117454。