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青岛做无痛人流得多少钱青岛阳光医院妇产科怎么样Conversation A: Welcome to counter, madam. What can I do you?A:欢迎光临本柜,你想买什么?B: Im just looking around.B:我只是随便看看A: Please take your time. If anything you like,just let me know.A:请随意,如果看中什么,请告诉我B: OK, I will. Thank you.B:谢谢,好的 1889第一句:Show us our itineraries.请给我们看看旅游日程吧A:Show us our itineraries, please.请给我们看看旅游日程吧B:Well first go to Versailes, then well go to Saint Denis.我们首先去凡尔赛宫,然后去圣丹尼斯大教堂Can you show me a brochure tour courses?你能给我看一下线路手册吗?A:Can you show me a brochure tour courses?你能给我看一下线路手册吗?B:Here it is. Take your time.给您,慢慢看A:By the way, does the tour include meals?顺便问一下,这趟旅行供餐吗?B:Yes, we do.是的有关旅游日程的表达还有:According to our schedule, today were going to visit...根据我们的行程安排,我们今天要去参观……Do you have night tours?你们有夜间旅游项目吗?Where will we visit on the tour?这趟旅行我们将参观哪儿? 18783青岛四方区人工流产需要多少钱8.Modern Technology Aims to Make the Blind See8.可以让盲人重见光明的现代技术There have been some incredible breakthroughs in the field of medicine, which have helped to fight disease and extend survival rates. Thanks to advanced carbon-fiber and plastic composite prosthetics, amputees can have a variety of specialized limbs, all adapted specific tasks. Modern technology has even transmed the lives of the deaf and heart of hearing with cochlear implants.人类在医学领域已取得了一些令人难以置信的突破,这些突破有助于抗击疾病,且能增加存活率多亏了先进的炭纤维和塑料复合假肢技术,截肢者得以使用专门制作的假肢,来应对特定的事务现代技术甚至可以通过植入人工耳蜗,来改变失聪者的命运With the help of DARPA, the future is looking a little brighter blind and visually impaired individuals. The Defense Advanced Research Project, a research division within the Pentagon has unveiled plans to build a cortical modem. This device is based on the field of optogenetics, which studies cells within the living tissue and finds techniques to control them. The cortical modem will harness the power of our DNA to help the blind, , write, and see.在美国国防部先进研究项目局的帮助下,盲人和视力受损者的未来似乎更加光明国防先进研究项目是五角大楼内的一个研究部门,已经公布了建立皮质调制解调器的相关计划这种解调器基于光遗传学领域,该领域研究活体组织的细胞以及控制它们的技术皮质解调器将借助美国国防部先进研究项目局的力量,致力于帮助盲人恢复视力、阅读和书写This proposed device likened to “Terminator vision,” taps straight into the visual cortex to augment reality and could replace virtual reality completely. The modem utilizes a direct neural interface chip designed to display inmation without the use of glasses. Although this project is still in process and needs some work, it looks promising.皮质调制解调器类似于“视觉终结者”,直接进入视觉皮层,可以完全取代虚拟现实,增强现实的视感调制解调器运用了一种直接神经接口芯片,可以不用眼镜就能显示视觉信息尽管此项目仍在进行中,仍有许多工作要做,但前景可观Upon successful completion, the cortical modem will be the size of two nickel and would cost around $. Testing of the cortical modem hasn’t yet begun, and scientists are currently unaware of the health effects of the technology. DARPA has had success with the Atlas robot and biometric tracking technology in the past, which leaves scientists hopeful the cortical modem project in the future.皮质调制解调器完工后,仅有两个镍原子那么大,价格约在美元左右皮质调制解调器的使用测试尚未开始,目前,科学家还不知道这项技术对人体健康是否有影响之前,美国国防部先进研究项目局在Atlas机器人(Atlas是谷歌旗下波士顿动力公司研发的人形机器人)和生物识别技术方面已取得成功,这令科学家们对皮质调制解调器项目的前景充满希望7.Micro-satellites Will Sp the Internet World-wide7.谷歌的微型卫星将在世界各个角落覆盖互联网There is no denying that the internet is one of the most significant advances of the 1st century. Communication has come a long way in the thirty years since the creation of the world-wide-web. Some experts even say that the internet is revolutionizing our lives.毋庸置疑,在1世纪,互联网是人类最重要的进步之一自创建世界互联网以来的三十年里,通信技术有了很大的发展一些专家甚至说,是互联网正在改变我们的生活The internet is available everywhere we go across multiple devices including laptops, smartphones, tablets, and PCs. With wi-fi networks available wherever you go, we are always “plugged in.” Some futurists even believe the internet has replaced all ms of communication. Whether you depend on the technology or not, experts agree that the Internet of the future will be unrecognizable.无论你使用什么设备,笔记本电脑、智能手机、平板电脑和台式电脑,互联网都无处不在而随着无线网络的普及,无论你去到哪里,都能连上Wifi有些未来主义者甚至深信,互联网将取代通信的所有形式不管你是否依赖这种技术,专家们都认为未来的互联网技术不容忽视Tech giant Google plans to invest over one billion dollars in a project, which will send 180 satellites to provide the internet worldwide. This project was founded to provide internet access to areas of the world without connections. These satellites will orbit the Earth at low altitudes, after which they will expand with larger satellites. Also, Google is working on a project titled, “Project Loon,” this is aimed at providing high-altitude broadband balloons to remote parts of the world.科技巨头谷歌打算在某项目上投资至少亿美元,这个项目计划发射180颗卫星,让全世界各个角落都能提供互联网该项目的成立,旨在为世界上还未连上互联网的地区接入网络这些卫星将绕低海拔地球轨道而行,随后与大型卫星一同扩展此外,谷歌公司正在开展一个名为“Project Loon”的项目,希望高空热气球为偏远地区提供网络Together with Facebook, Google is trying to reach populations that were otherwise unreachable. Through their acquisition of the company, “Titan Aerospace,” Google is also working on solar-powered drones to help in their efts to expand internet access. If Google succeeds at this project, it could result in Internet access in third world countries, and other inaccessible areas of the world and the benefits of this are endless.谷歌正与脸书一起试图覆盖那些原本无法上网地区的互联网连接,通过收购无人机生产商Titan Aerospace而研究太阳能无人机,以便扩大互联网覆盖范围若谷歌在该项目上取得成功,可以向第三世界国家和其他无法上网的地区提供互联网,并为之带来无穷利益6.Self-driving Cars Will Become a Reality6.自驾车将不再是梦想An autonomous car, or self-driving car, is a vehicle that can navigate itself without human involvement. The first prototype of these cars dates to the early 19s, but it wasn’t until the 1980s that the first self-sustained car appeared. Since that time, many companies have developed working prototypes of these vehicles, which are still in the testing phases today.自动驾驶汽车,是一种无需人类操作而自行驾驶的汽车自驾车的首个原型可以追溯到二十世纪二十年代初,不过,直到二十世纪八十年代,第一辆自动驾驶汽车才问世自那时起,很多公司便开发出了自驾车的雏形,然而,这些车至今仍处于测试阶段The benefits of these cars are astounding and include a reduction in traffic accidents, injuries, deaths, less traffic, and much more. Despite these advantages, there have been some legal and technical obstacles when trying to get these vehicles manufactured to the mass market.自驾车的优点令人震惊,比如,减少交通事故及伤亡、缓解交通压力以及其他数不尽的好处尽管优点很多,但是自驾车想要进入到大众市场,还需要面临一些法律和技术障碍There are, however, hopes self-driving cars in the future. With companies like Google, Tesla, BMW, and Mercedes releasing or planning to release autonomous cars, the automobile industry is about to change dramatically. Currently, Singapore aly has a driverless taxi service in place, and several large corporations have announced plans trials of their self-driving vehicles. The future with self-driving cars is much safer with an estimated 650,000 lives saved every year, and a financial savings of billion in auto insurance.然而,自驾车的前景还是十分乐观的,随着谷歌、特斯拉、宝马和梅赛德斯等公司发售或计划发售自驾车,汽车行业即将发生巨大变化目前,新加坡已有公司推出了无人驾驶出租车务,几家大公司已经宣布计划试用他们的自驾车自动驾驶汽车投入使用后,每年将会有约65万人保住性命,汽车保险的经济成本将节省300亿美元,社会将更加安全Additionally, self-driving cars are estimated to change the real estate market and how your vehicle is purchased and financed. Futurists are saying we should prepare the ride of our lives, as the transition to self-driving vehicles is comparable to the invention of the telephone. By the year 1, an average of five percent of vehicles in the ed States are expected to be driverless.另外,自驾车可能还会改变房地产市场以及购买车辆的方式未来学家们说,我们应当为未来的无人驾驶生活做好准备,因为自动驾驶汽车的出现可以与电话的发明相媲美到1年,预计美国平均5%的车辆都会是无人驾驶的5.Robotics and Artificial Intelligence Will Profoundly Change Our Lives5.机器人技术和人工智能将极大改变我们的生活When you hear artificial intelligence, you might think it only belongs in the science fiction arena, but it is used every day and has a huge effect on our lives. Artificial Intelligence perms human tasks, which normally require human function through the use of computer systems and developments.当你听到人工智能这个词时,你可能认为它只属于科幻领域,但我们每一天都在运用它,它对我们的生活有着巨大影响人工智能技术能执行人类的任务,这些任务通常需要人体功能,通过计算机系统的使用和发展There are currently several examples of AI that we use in our lives, the most recognizable would be the popular digital personal assistants, Siri, Cortana, or Google Now. These programs will find useful inmation in response to questions or prompts you ask. Another common instance of artificial intelligence involves the use of games, which are now designed with characters who can learn behavior and respond to stimulus. Additional examples include smart cars, fraud detection, smart home devices, and much more.举几个目前已经应用于我们生活的人工智能的例子,最普及的可能是掌上电脑(PDA)、Siri、微软小娜(Cortana)和谷歌语音(Google Now)为了回应你的问题和提示,这些程序会找到有用的信息人工智能的另一个常见实例是,有些游戏正在设计人物来学习人类行为和响应刺激其他例子包括智能汽车、欺诈检测、智能家居装置等等In the field of medicine, artificial intelligence is reducing mortality rates and providing quicker and more accurate diagnosis. The once invasive surgery techniques are now delivered with minimal medication, shortened hospital stays, and smaller incisions.在医学领域,人工智能可以降低死亡率,提供更快、更准确的诊断一次性手术现在只需最少的药物,更短的住院时间和更小的切口Artificial Intelligence has aly made a profound impact, but it is expected to change our lives in the future profoundly. With the help of AI robotics, we can respond quicker in dangerous situations, reducing, and possibly eliminating deaths in potential disasters. Scientists also predict that a combination of human and artificial intelligence could create a potential super human.人工智能技术已经产生了深远的影响,但它仍有望在未来更加深刻地改变我们的生活在人工智能机器人的帮助下,我们能对危险的情况作出更快的反应,并且,在潜在的灾难中,人工智能可能减少甚至消除死亡科学家也预测人类与人工智能的结合能创造出充满潜力的超人类It is believed that everything we hold of value can be changed with a future of artificial intelligence, including civilization and even central issues like climate change.要相信,我们现在一切有价值的东西都会随未来的人工智能而改变,包括文明,甚至像气候变化这样的重要问题.Science Will Improve Our Food System.科学将改善我们的食物系统The Earth’s food system is quickly running out of land, which is inhibiting the food production in the world’s growing population. According to agriculture maps, more than one-third of the Earth’s land is currently used to graze cattle or grow crops. Thus, the earth is running out of water and farmable land, this is partially due to our inadequate food system. It currently takes over 00 gallons of water to yield one pound of beef.地球的食物系统正迅速地消耗着土地,人口日益增长,这片土地也在抑制粮食生产Thankfully, there are several advances in the works, which promise to improve our food system in the future, and limit our dependence on the Earth’s precious resources. Innovators have aly developed alternative meat products that are environmentally friendly and use 7% water, 95% land, and 87% greenhouse emissions. Additional startup companies are working on replacements other common foods like milk and eggs.根据农业地图,地球上超过三分之一的陆地目前用于放牧或种植作物,地球正在不断耗尽水和可耕地,一部分原因是食物系统的不适当目前,生产一公斤牛肉需要超过00加仑的水Another development in the works involves the use of indoor farming, these are now a feasible option thanks to advances in solar energy, robotics, and artificial intelligence. These automated indoor farms will utilize nearly % less water and land in comparison with a traditional farm.值得庆幸的是,科学技术有了几项进展,有望在未来改善我们的食物系统,减少我们对地球宝贵资源的依赖发明家已经开发了可替代且环保的肉类产品,只需使用7%的水,占用95%的土地,排放87%温室气体其他新兴公司正致力于替换其他常见的食物,如牛奶和鸡蛋Over the next 0 years, the global population is expected to increase to nine billion people, to meet the needs of a growing population, science and technology will advance in several areas. In the future, we can expect to see investments in agriculture, biotification, and improved food security.另一项发展涉及室内养殖,由于太阳能、机器人技术和人工智能的进步,室内养殖才能成为一个可行的选择与传统农场相比,这些自动化的室内农场将减少使用近%的水和土地未来0年,全球人口预计将增至90亿人,为满足日益增长的人口的需求,科技将推动数个领域发展将来,会有更多的投资应用于农业、生物强化和提高粮食安全方面The most promising future development is the use of technology to address the growing number of people who go hungry every day.最具前途的未来发展就是利用技术让日益增多的饥饿人口填饱肚子 55青岛市四院等级

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