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山东省青岛临沂做双眼皮去哪家医院好青岛黄岛开发区整形医院青岛地区去眼袋手术哪家医院好 In their quest to build profitable and more far-reaching digital audiences, publishers in the US and Europe have turned to the world’s largest social network for help.为了发展有利可图和更广的数字受众,美国和欧洲的出版商向全球最大的社交网络寻求帮助。Nine media organisations, including the B through its youth-oriented Newsbeat service, the Guardian and the New York Times, have struck a deal with Facebook to publish some of their content directly through the social network rather than simply hosting it on their own sites as part of a trial.包括英国广播公司(B)、《卫报》(Guardian)和《纽约时报》(New York Times)在内的9家媒体机构与Facebook签署了一项协议,尝试通过后者直接发布它们的部分内容,而非只是发布在自己的网站上。B是通过其面向年轻人的Newsbeat务参与该项目的。Facebook says the publishers will be able to keep 100 per cent of any revenue from advertising they sold directly. Publishers will also be able to sell remaining ad space via Facebook, which would take a 30 per cent cut.Facebook表示,出版商将能够保留他们直接销售的所有广告收入。出版商也可以通过Facebook出售剩余的广告空间,后者将会抽取30%的收入。The nine publishers initially participating in Instant Articles are the New York Times, National Geographic, BuzzFeed, N News, The Atlantic, The Guardian, B News, Spiegel and Bild, the German tabloid newspaper.首批参与Instant Articles项目的9家出版商是《纽约时报》、《国家地理》(National Geographic)、BuzzFeed、N新闻(N News)、《大西洋月刊》(The Atlantic)、《卫报》、B新闻(B News)、《明镜周刊》(Der Spiegel)以及德国小报《图片报》(Bild)。The move comes as increasing numbers of ers rely on the social network as the main portal through which they receive news. Facebook wants not only to point users to news sites but to be the place where they stay and consume it, too.在Facebook与这些出版商合作之际,越来越多的读者将社交网络作为他们获取新闻的主要渠道。Facebook希望不仅仅是将用户导向新闻网站,而且还能让用户留在Facebook进行新闻消费。Facebook aly accounts for nearly 20 per cent of the Guardian’s web traffic, excluding visits to its own apps, and about 15 per cent of traffic to the New York Times site.Facebook已经为《卫报》网站贡献了近20%的流量(不包括其自身应用的访问量),为《纽约时报》网站贡献了约15%的流量。The B and Bild declined to reveal their figures.B和《图片报》拒绝披露它们的数据。Mark Thompson, the chief executive of the New York Times, says it made sense to tap into Facebook’s audience. “History suggests that judicious engagement with other platforms makes sense,” he told the Financial Times, adding that the newspaper will have complete control over which stories appear as “Instant Articles” in the Facebook feed.《纽约时报》首席执行官马克#8226;汤普森(Mark Thompson)表示,开发Facebook的受众非常有意义。他向英国《金融时报》表示:“历史表明,明智地与其他平台合作很有意义。”他补充称,《纽约时报》将对出现在Facebook信息流上的“Instant Articles”文章有完全的控制权。The deal would give the company “access to new pools of users, people discovering your journalism and monetising through advertising”, he says.汤普森说,该协议将让《纽约时报》“获得大量的新用户,他们通过广告发现新闻和商业机会”。The Facebook deal follows complaints by some publishers that internet groups such as Google and Facebook undermine their own online businesses.在Facebook与出版商合作之前,一些出版商抱怨称,谷歌(Google)和Facebook等互联网集团侵蚀了他们自己的在线业务。Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp, for example, a critic of Google and Facebook, is not participating.例如,鲁珀特#8226;默多克(Rupert Murdoch)的新闻集团(News Corp)就对谷歌和Facebook持批评态度,没有参与此次协议。Others have expressed concern that Facebook would have too much power over which stories appear and where they are placed.其他出版商则担心,Facebook将对新闻内容和版面拥有太多的权力。Facebook said the scheme would give publishers “control over their stories, brand experience and monetisation opportunities”, including access to some user data.Facebook表示,该项目将给予出版商“对内容、品牌体验和商业机会的控制权”,包括可以获得部分用户数据。Online sharing of news articles has aly lured some ers away from publishers’ home pages towards social media sites.在线新闻分享已经让部分读者离开出版商的网站,转向社交媒体网站。According to the Pew Research Center, 39 per cent of Americans use Facebook for political news — significantly more than the proportion who use Yahoo News, Google News or Twitter to do so.皮尤研究中心(Pew Research Center)的数据显示,39%的美国人使用Facebook来获取政治新闻,远远超过使用雅虎新闻(Yahoo News)、谷歌新闻(Google News)或者Twitter获取政治新闻的人数比例。 /201505/375052Two of Uber’s biggest competitors have formed a global alliance, presenting the San Francisco-based ride-hailing company with its most formidable competition to date.优步(Uber)的两大竞争对手已组建一个全球联盟,向这家总部位于旧金山的叫车公司发起迄今最严峻的挑战。Lyft and Didi Kuaidi, the biggest Uber competitors in the US and in China respectively, will allow each company’s customers to use the other’s services when travelling, as a part of a broader co-operation agreement.Lyft和滴滴快的分别是优步在美国市场和在中国市场的最大竞争对手。作为一项更广泛合作协议的一部分,这两家公司将让自己的顾客在对方国家旅行时能够使用对方的务。This year Didi also invested 0m in Lyft, in a financing round led by Rakuten that included Chinese internet groups Alibaba and Tencent.今年,滴滴快的还在Lyft的一轮融资中向后者投资1亿美元。那轮融资由乐天(Rakuten)主导,中国互联网集团阿里巴巴(Alibaba)和腾讯(Tencent)也参与了。Uber is the world’s largest ride-hailing company in number of countries served, but recently it has faced increasing competition from homegrown champions operating in specific markets.按务国家数量计算,优步是全球最大的叫车公司,但最近该公司在某些市场遭遇本土冠军企业构成的日益激烈的竞争。The tie-up is the first major co-operation between ride-hailing companies in different countries, and more are expected to emerge.Lyft与滴滴快的结盟是不同国家叫车公司间的首次重大合作,预计未来还将出现更多的合作。Didi is the largest ride-hailing company in China by number of daily rides, and has been strengthening ties with Uber’s competitors around the world. This year it invested in GrabTaxi, which is based in Southeast Asia. “Didi’s strategy is to work with local champions,” said Jean Liu, Didi president. “We do not rule out any possibilities.”按每日用车次数计算,滴滴快的是中国最大的叫车公司,而且一直在与优步在全球各地的竞争对手加强合作。今年,滴滴快的向总部位于东南亚的GrabTaxi注资。“滴滴的战略是与当地的冠军企业合作,”滴滴快的总裁柳青(Jean Liu)表示,“我们不排除任何可能性。”The threat posed by Uber’s rapid expansion and its well-funded war chest has raised the stakes for local competitors in markets ranging from China to India and Southeast Asia.优步的快速扩张及其雄厚的资金实力所构成的威胁,让从中国、印度到东南亚等市场的本土竞争对手不得不加大赌注。Lyft has been in talks with Indian ride-sharing company Ola about possible co-operation, a move that would further strengthen the global alliance, according to a person familiar with the matter.一名知情人士称,Lyft一直在与印度共乘公司Ola就可能的合作进行谈判,此举将进一步强化这个全球联盟。Competition between Uber and Didi in China is fierce, as they fight for market share among the 800m urban dwellers. Uber plans to invest bn in its Chinese services this year. Meanwhile, Didi reported losses of more than 0m in the first five months of this year, according to documents seen by the Financial Times, implying annualised losses of .4bn.优步与滴滴快的在中国的竞争很激烈,双方正努力在中国8亿城市居民中争夺市场份额。优步计划今年对其中国业务投资10亿美元。与此同时,英国《金融时报》看到的文件显示,滴滴快的报告称,今年头5个月公司亏损逾5亿美元,这意味着年化亏损为14亿美元。“Uber is a good competitor, but we feel really good about our position in China right now,” said Ms Liu, pointing out that Didi held greater market share than its US competitor.柳青表示:“优步是一个不错的竞争对手,但我们对我们目前在中国的地位感到相当满意。”她指出,滴滴快的在中国的市场份额大于优步。The Lyft and Didi partnership will include collaboration between their technology and product development teams, and cross-regional marketing efforts.Lyft与滴滴快的的合作,将包括各自技术和产品开发团队之间的合作,以及跨地区营销活动。Starting early next year, users of Lyft and Didi will be able to hail rides with the other company’s drivers when they travel to China and the US, respectively.从明年初开始,Lyft的用户在中国旅行以及滴滴的用户在美国旅行时,将分别可以叫到对方公司司机的车。This will give Lyft access to the growing number of Chinese tourists in the US — about 3m last year — and will give Didi access to the roughly 5m US tourists visiting China annually.这将让Lyft能够与人数不断增长的赴美中国游客(去年约为300万人)建立联系,并让滴滴快的与在华美国游客(每年约500万人)建立联系。 /201509/400010青岛美白针价格

山东省青岛莱芜治疗胎记The London Taxi Company has set out its vision of the future for the black cab and it involves green technology, exports to cities across the world and dedicated taxi apps.伦敦出租车公司(London Taxi Company)已经为其黑色出租车规划了未来前景,包括绿色科技、出口到世界各地的城市以及专门的打车应用。The existing TX4 taxi is a cherished symbol of London but is seen by some as a noisy, smelly monstrosity with an iron-hard suspension. It sells for about #163;37,000, including value added tax — more than the on-the-road price of a Mercedes E-Class.现有的TX4出租车是伦敦珍视的标志,但在一些人看来,它是个发出巨大噪音、散发浓重臭气的怪物,悬挂系统也硬得要命。它的售价约为3.7万英镑(包含增值税),超过了梅赛德斯-奔驰(Mercedes-Benz)E级轿车的上路价。Geely, the Chinese owner of the London Taxi Company, wants the next-generation Hackney cab to turn that perception round by introducing electric taxis with aluminium bodies that will have sufficient battery power to travel from Piccadilly Circus to Piccadilly railway station in Manchester.伦敦出租车公司的中国东家吉利(Geely)希望下一代哈克尼(Hackney)出租车能扭转这种印象。新款车型为铝制车身电动车,拥有足够从伦敦皮卡迪利圆环(Piccadilly Circus)跑到曼彻斯特皮卡迪利火车站的电池续航能力。Li Shufu, chairman of Geely, said the latest cabs would be the “most technologically advanced taxis the world has ever seen and, crucially, they will be the greenest ever”.吉利董事长李书福称,最新款出租车将是“有史以来全世界技术最先进的出租车,而且关键的是,它们还将是最环保的”。The new taxi, called the TX5, will be built in Coventry after Geely announced on Thursday the largest Chinese automotive investment in the UK — a #163;250m factory on the outskirts of the city.上周,吉利宣布了中国汽车制造商在英国最大的一笔汽车业投资——在考文垂市郊投资2.5亿英镑建一家工厂——用于生产这款被称为TX5的新出租车。The TX5 will go into production in 2017 in time for new rules the year after limiting taxi emissions in London. The capital is introducing an ultra low emissions zone in the congestion charging area, which was also confirmed on Thursday.TX5将于2017年投产,恰好赶在伦敦限制出租车排放的新规次年实施之前。伦敦即将在拥堵收费区域划定一个超低排放区的消息,也在近日被实。The vehicle — yet to be unveiled but said to be “instantly recognisable” as a London taxi — will feature a 400kg battery that can be recharged on the move by a small petrol engine. The TX5 has been designed with Emerald Automotive, the Coventry-based electric van maker Geely acquired last year.这款车虽然尚未亮相,但据称将能让人“一眼看出来”它是伦敦出租车。车上将配置一块400公斤重的电池,可以在行驶中由一个小型汽油发动机充电。TX5由位于考文垂的电动货车生产商Emerald Automotive设计,吉利去年收购了这家公司。David Bailey, of Aston Business School, said this highlighted the region’s particular expertise in low-carbon vehicles and engineering. “It has emerged as something as a ‘phoenix industry’ from the ashes of mass manufacturing,” he said.阿斯顿大学商学院(Aston Business School)的戴维#8226;贝利(David Bailey)说,这突出了这一地区在低碳汽车和机械方面的专长。“这一行业已经从大规模制造业的废墟中‘涅槃而生’,”他说。The new investment is the latest in a string of triumphs for the Midlands. Aly this week HS has announced Birmingham as the home of its newly separated retail and commercial bank, while Jaguar Land Rover has laid out plans to expand its Coventry head-quarters and invest in a plant in Birmingham.这笔新投资是英格兰中部地区(Midlands)一连串成功的最新亮点。汇丰(HS)近日已宣布,将把新分离出来的那家零售和商业的总部设在伯明翰,而捷豹路虎(Jaguar Land Rover)已制定计划,将扩大在考文垂的总部并在伯明翰投资一家工厂。Geely said its investment would create 1,000 jobs by 2023, but it faces a fight to secure the engineers it needs. “We are scraping the barrel in terms of local talent because JLR is hiring like mad,” said Carl-Peter Forster, the former head of JLR who is now chairman of the London Taxi Company.吉利表示,它的投资到2023年将创造1000个就业岗位,但它面临一场招募所需工程师的“抢人大战”。“我们正在想尽一切办法招揽本地人才,因为捷豹路虎也在疯狂招人,”捷豹路虎前负责人、现任伦敦出租车公司董事长的卡尔-彼得#8226;福斯特(Carl-Peter Forster)说。Still, Geely’s announcement marks the beginnings of a turnround for the company, formerly known as Manganese Bronze. Hangzhou-based Geely, which also owns Swedish carmaker Volvo, bought the perennially loss-making taxi maker out of administration in 2013.而且,吉利的声明标志着伦敦出租车公司开始扭亏为盈,该公司的前身是锰铜控股(Manganese Bronze)。总部位于中国杭州的吉利在2013年收购了这家常年亏损的出租车制造商。吉利还是瑞典汽车制造商沃尔沃(Volvo)的东家。The plan is for the new factory to be producing 36,000 vehicles a year by 2023, with about 80 per cent of the cabs to be exported. An existing plant in Coventry produces about 1,500 vehicles for the UK, with a facility in Shanghai producing a similar amount for export to countries including Australia, Azerbaijan and the Gulf states.新工厂计划到2023年实现年产3.6万辆汽车,其中约80%的出租车用于出口。考文垂现有的工厂每年仅能生产约1500辆汽车,全部供应英国市场,而位于上海的一家工厂每年也能生产类似这个数量的汽车,用于出口到澳大利亚、阿塞拜疆及海湾国家。Geely also said it was working with software developers to find ways of countering the threat posed by the likes of Uber, the fast-growing app that allows passengers to hail the company’s cabs from their smartphones.吉利还表示,它正在与软件开发公司合作,寻找方法应对优步(Uber)等叫车应用带来的威胁。优步是一款成长迅速的应用,可以让乘客通过自己的智能手机叫到该公司的出租车。“We regularly have discussions as to how to flexibly handle and deal with the impacts delivered by the emergence of so many cab-hailing apps,” said Mr Li.“我们经常讨论如何灵活处理并应对如此多打车应用的出现带来的冲击,”李书福说。Asked if Geely was interested in introducing a rival ride-hailing app, Mr Li said: “Yes indeed. Currently we are having some discussion as to whether we can work with some of the app developers for devising something that we will value very, very much.”当被问到吉利是否有兴趣引入一款打车应用参与竞争时,李书福说:“确实有。目前,我们正在讨论是否可以与一些应用开发公司合作,设计出一款能为我们带来巨大价值的应用”。 /201503/367259烟台毓璜顶医院整形美容中心 There are some people in this world who just can#39;t get enough of Kimye#39;s outfits and Kylie#39;s lips.这世上总有些人看不够金·卡戴珊的着装和凯莉的嘴唇。But if you#39;re tired of keeping up with the Kardashians, an ad blocker has been created that could rid them of your life entirely.不过,如果你不想看到关于卡戴珊家族的八卦,新出的一个广告屏蔽功能可以完全把他们从你的生活中清除掉。Named KardBlock, the browser extension promises to remove Kardashian-related updates from newsfeeds and websites, adding ominously: #39;We simply make it disappear.#39;一个叫KardBlock浏览器拓展功能可以在你上网的时候把与卡戴珊家族有关的消息从新闻和网站中剔除,可能不爱好听“我们就是让他们都消失了。”The program is currently in beta testing and was created by California-based social media firm Chameleon.la and James Shamsi.这个项目由位于加利福尼亚州的社交媒体公司Chameleon.la和詹姆斯·沙木思开发,目前正处于开放测试阶段。He says the time for Kardashian-rule is over and that Kardblock will make the internet #39;a better place for everyone.#39;詹姆斯表示,“卡戴珊主导”的时代已经过去,Kardblock将会把网络变成“一个对所有人来说更好的地方”。#39;We don#39;t care about how Kanye and Kim didn#39;t care when Amy Schumer ;fell over,;#39; s the mission statement on his website.该网站在一份声明中表示:“我们并不关心艾米舒默走红毯摔倒时,卡戴珊夫妇如何表现得无所谓。”#39;We don#39;t care about who the Kardashians are or aren#39;t sleeping with. We don#39;t care that Kim dyed her hair blonde. We don#39;t care about the Kardashians.#39;“我们不关心卡戴珊们跟谁或不跟谁睡觉,不关心卡戴珊把头发染成金色。我们不关心卡戴珊们。”The site, however, admits that there is important news that relates to the family, particularly Bruce Jenner#39;s interview about his gender identity.然而,这个站点承认这个家族仍然有一些比较重要的新闻,特别是关于布鲁斯·詹纳对于他自己性别的认定。#39;We do...care about raising awareness of transsexuality, the one benefit of the Kardashians,#39; KardBlock says.“我们确实关心变性意识的兴起,这是卡戴珊家族的一个优势。”KardBlock团队说。This isn#39;t the first time someone has tried to stop Kim Kardashian from breaking the internet.这已经不是第一次有人因为厌烦金·卡戴珊而想要把她的新闻从网上清除掉。A few years ago, a plug-in for Chrome browsers dubbed Silence of the Celebs promised to white-out celebrities you would rather not see online.几年前,Chrome浏览器一个名为“名人默声”(Silence of the Celebs)的插件承诺会把你不想看到的名人新闻从网上抹掉。The KardBlock team says its next project is to filter out Justin Bieber.KardBlock团队说,他们下一个项目将会把贾斯汀·比伯“拉黑”。 /201505/375037市北区治疗青春痘多少钱

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