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青岛市立医院绣眉多少钱菏泽市立医院胎记多少钱Todd: So what was the hardest thing about the trip?托德:你们这次骑行之旅中最难的事情是什么?Julia: The hardest thing was seeing this country which is so beautiful with such amazing people but struggling in so many different ways with so many different things. You know, historically the legacy of Pol Pot on the country and this huge discrepancy between the rich and the poor. So as were cycling along these unpaved roads beside farmers on carts that are being pulled by water buffalo, theres these huge four by fours screaming through not paying any attention to anybody. Theres no law, theres no road law, so they could drive whatever speeds they wanted, tearing up the earth, causing accidents. I witnessed an accident and that was particularly hard to deal with. The car that caused the accident didnt stop and the guy that was left in the dust didnt have much chance. You know the locals I guess tried to get him to a hospital or whatever but the medical conditions, theres not much going on in terms of rural hospitals. People are still dying from poor sanitation, water, malaria, these kind of things that we should be able to eradicate, you know, instantly. We have the knowledge and the know how to do but still struggling with that. And, you know, being aware that education is so important and that people arent getting it.朱莉娅:最难的就是看到这个风景如此漂亮、居民如此友好的国家,却因为很多事情苦苦挣扎。你知道,从历史上看,贫富差距悬殊是波尔布特留给这个国家的遗产。我们沿着土路骑行时,看到有农民坐着水牛拉的四轮车,这辆四轮车一直发出刺耳的声音,可是没有人在意。因为没有道路法,所以他们可以想开多快就开多快,然后会扰乱道路,引发交通事故。我目睹过一场很难应对的交通事故。肇事车辆撞人以后没有停车,被撞的人躺在泥土里,没有多少活命的机会。当地人有试图送伤者去医院,可是由于医疗条件有限,乡村医院没能救活那个人。那里的人们会因为恶劣的卫生条件、污水、疟疾而死亡,而这些都是我们可以根除的问题。我们有知识有技能,可是仍因为这些事情挣扎痛苦。虽然知道教育有多重要,可是人们无法接受教育。Todd: Yeah. What was the best thing about the journey?托德:对。那旅行中最棒的事情是什么?Julia: The best thing about the journey was going to this place that was so, that seemed so exotic and getting to see, you know, how people lived there and how they smile at everybody. You know, everybody in Cambodia was so friendly and so peaceful and so, I dont know, welcoming. It made me realize like how privileged I really am in life and things that I take for granted. You know my education and the choices I have and things like that. And the beauty and mystery of Angkor Wat is, I mean its an incredibly, its one of the worlds, its one of the seven wonders of the world I think these temples, these incredible temples, getting to go there and we took some of the kids from the school there. These kids who live in the area who never actually ever been there. We went on a school trip with them and took them and they got to go through, going through these temples and the jungle with these young kids and it was really awesome.朱莉娅: 这次骑行中最棒的就是能去那些充满异国情调的地方看看,了解那里人们的生活,他们会对所有人微笑。柬埔寨所有人都非常友好、非常安静,而且很热情。这让我意识到我的生活中有多少特权,还有我认为是理所当然的那些事。我接受了教育,我有选择权。吴哥窟的美和神秘非常不可思议,吴哥窟是世界七大奇迹之一,我认为那些寺庙非常神奇,我们带当地学校的一些孩子去了吴哥窟。这些孩子虽然生活在那里,却并没有去过吴哥窟。我们和这些孩子一起去了几所学校,还带他们去了那些寺庙,和孩子们一起旅行,感觉真是太棒了。Todd: Thats a great experience.托德:这真是愉快的经历。Julia: Yeah.朱莉娅:没错。 译文属 /201609/464604在青岛曼托隆胸哪家医院好 昨天晚上,我和先生一起去他们公司的Party, 席间遇到一位女士,拉着我们聊个没完。我们跟她并不熟,可是她一直在大谈自己的孩子,向我们炫耀她儿子考上了好大学,又是游泳健将,又受女孩子欢迎,blah blah. To death.Death,大家都知道,是“死亡”,所以,把to death和某个形容词放在一起,就表示“到极点”、“如何如何得要命”。比如,我在party上遇到的这位女士没完没了地炫耀自己的孩子,她自己可能觉得很享受,可我简直bored to death - 快被烦死了! 不过,我宁愿无聊,也不想经历下面这段话描述的心惊胆战:例句-1:I remember walking late at night in New York City years ago. A stranger came up behind me and pointed a gun at my back. He told me to hand over my wallet. I said that I didnt have it on me, which was the truth. I was scared to death he was going to shoot. Id never been so afraid in my life! Fortunately, he ran and disappeared into a crowd.这段话意思是:我还记得,几年前的一个深夜,我在纽约的街上走路。一个陌生人出现在我身后,用一把顶着我的后腰。他让我把钱包交给他,可我真的没带钱包,只好实话实说。我当时真吓死了,怕他会开。我这辈子都没那么害怕过! 幸运的是,这个人跑掉了,消失在人群中。被人用指着! 好家伙,听着都害怕! 我没有过这种经历,不过倒是体会过什么叫scared to death, 怕得要死。上个周末,我带我侄女去看了场恐怖电影。在屏幕上,一个变态杀人狂血腥地杀戮。我侄女看得津津有味,可是我坐在电影院里直打冷战,I was frightened to death - 吓死了!******在生活中,总是会有一些“要命”的事儿。比如,意外收到大礼包,你会trilled to death, 高兴得要命;遇到暴风雪,天气, freezing to death, 冷得要命; 家人生病住院,你worried to death, 万分担心。再比如下面这位会计师,我们来听听他遇到了什么要命的事儿:例句-2:A lot of my friends like to get away when the weather starts warming up. But theres no way I can. Thats because Im an accountant. From February through April, Im busy preparing tax returns for my clients. Im expected to stay late at the office, come in on weekends...Im worked to death. Its unbelievably stressful, but thats my job.这段话的意思是:天气一转暖,我的好多朋友就都出去旅游了。可我却没法这样做,因为我是个会计师。每年二月到四月,我都忙着为客户报税,作退税的准备工作。我晚上得加班,周末也不能休息...简直是精疲力尽。压力之大别人难以想象,可没办法,这就是我的工作。美国的报税截至日期是4月15号,所以2月到4月是会计师们最忙的时候,他们的工作压力当然很大。不过,即使在自己家里,你也难免要承受一些压力。比如,我女儿前几天把她的几个同学带回家,在地下室里组了个乐队,她们叮当五四,吹拉弹唱,练个没完。我觉得,theyre rehearsing some of the songs to death, 她们已经把其中一些歌练得快烂了! 不过,我也不能说什么,不能打击她们的积极性,因为I love my daughter to death, 我女儿就是我的心头肉啊! /201509/400706街头艺人--busk大家好,欢迎来到小强英语。在城市里面,总能看到这样一群人,他们大多生活状况窘迫,但是却坚持用表演、用劳动来谋生,有些着实还真的是在追求艺术梦想。他们是街头艺人。在英语当中,街头卖艺我们可以用动词busk。B-U-S-K, busk. To busk is to make money by singing, dancing, acting, etc, in public places.也就是说在公共场合通过唱歌、跳舞、表演等等来赚钱。最近,小强的班级正在筹备毕业旅行,可是我木有钱怎么办呢?I plan to busk in some busy streets to make the money I need for the travel.我打算在一些繁忙的路段进行街头表演,筹钱去旅行。街头卖艺是busk,而在busk的后面加上名词后缀-er,我们就得到了busker,街头艺人。For buskers, the key to success is to be able to grab and hold a crowds attention.对于街头艺人来讲,成功的关键在于能够吸引并且保持人群的注意力。除了busker,我们还可以用street artist, street performer之类的说法来表示“街头艺人”。所谓“高手在民间”,有些街头艺人的表演水平还真的是颇高。比如,西单女孩任月丽唱的这首《天使的翅膀》……好了,这期的小强英语就到这里。你还可以在微、微信上搜索“小强英语”找到我。下期再见!本栏目由原创,。 /201505/374487在青岛青医附院光子嫩肤手术多少钱

山东青岛诺德美容医院好不好?Ginger: So, what about you? Youre still in the same place right?金格:你呢?你还住在原来那个地方吗?Nabeel: Yeah, Im still there.纳比尔:对,我还住在那里。Ginger: Good. Hows it going?金格:好。你的房子怎么样?Nabeel: Oh, its great. Im actually quite satisfied with it now.纳比尔:哦,非常好。我非常满意。Ginger: Oh, good because I though you wanted to move at one point.金格:这很好,我曾经以为你想搬家呢。Nabeel: Yeah, I thought about it for awhile but then I decided to stay there. Theres a lot of good points there. Its a quiet neighborhood. Its not too far from the train, so I can get to work easily. For awhile I thought it might be a little too expensive, just slightly above my budget, but Ive gotten used to it, and my cats love it. Theyre really comfortable there, so I think Im going to stay.纳比尔:对,我是有考虑过一段时间,不过后来我决定还是继续住在那里。住在那里有很多好处。那是个安静的社区。离火车站很近,上班很方便。有一段时间我认为房租太贵了,有点超出我的预算,不过我已经习惯住在那里了,我的猫也喜欢那个房子。它们在那里生活得很舒适,所以我决定继续住下去。Ginger: Oh, great. I love your cats. Do they have a lot of room to roam around?金格:哦,很好。我喜欢你的猫。你的房子里房间多吗,足够让它们四处玩耍吗?Nabeel: They have enough room. Of course, theyre better off in the house. I was living there last year but theyve adapted pretty well, so theres a roof there. I can take them up and roam around. Theres plenty of places for them to hide.纳比尔:有足够的房间。当然,它们在房子里过得很好。我去年刚搬到那里去,不过它们已经非常适应了,那座大楼有个天台。我可以带它们上去玩。它们有很多可以躲起来的地方。Ginger: Now, what about your neighbors. Are you still living near Matt and Laura.金格:你的邻居呢?你还住在马特和劳拉附近吗?Nabeel: Matt and Laura.纳比尔:对,马特和劳拉。Ginger: Right, right.金格:好,很好。Nabeel: Actually, its really funny. Theyd been there for about four months, and last weekend they invited some people over, about five or six of their colleagues. They had a little party. They played poker, had lots of booze around, but unfortunately, the neighbors complained to the landlord, and the landlords were just really angry.纳比尔:其实这很有意思。他们大约在那里生活了四个月,上周末他们邀请了一些朋友去他们家,他们邀请了五六个同事。办了个小型派对。他们在派对上玩扑克牌,还喝了很多酒,不幸的是,邻居向房主投诉他们,房主非常生气。Ginger: Oh, no.金格:不是吧。Nabeel: And sent them this really harsh e-mail and said they wanted them out by the end of the week, so yeah, Matt and Laura have been kicked out of the building.纳比尔:房主给他们发了一封措辞严厉的电邮,让他们在这周末之前搬走,所以马特和劳拉被赶出了那座大楼。Ginger: You are kidding.金格:你开玩笑的吧。Nabeel: No.纳比尔:没有。Ginger: Wow, and just five people over.金格:哇哦,只有五个人过去玩就弄成这样。Nabeel: Yeah, it was like five or six people and apparently it was loud enough. I think it is because the neighborhood is kind of family-oriented, so people arent used to people having parties.纳比尔:对,只有五六个人,显然那已经非常吵了。我认为是因为那个社区基本都是以家庭为重的人,所以人们不习惯有人开派对。Ginger: Mm, right. Maybe the voices carry a lot.金格:嗯,也许是声音太大了。Nabeel: Yeah, theres a lot of echo in the building actually for some reason.纳比尔:对,不知道是什么原因,大楼里回声非常大。Ginger: Well, thats too bad for them. Where did they move?金格:那对他们来说太糟糕了。那他们搬去哪里了?Nabeel: They just moved down the street to another apartment building. Its smaller so I dont think theyre happy about it. Oh, well.纳比尔:他们搬到那条街上另一栋公寓大楼去了。他们搬到那条街上另一栋公寓大楼去了。那里要小一些,所以我认为他们并不开心。嗯。Ginger: Well, tell them I said Hey when you see them.金格:你看到他们时转告他们我的问候。Nabeel: I will.纳比尔:我会的。 译文属 /201608/457673莱西市妇幼保健医院该怎么走 Mike: Hey, Mari.迈克:嗨,马里。Mari: Hey.马里:嗨。Mike: So, I told you about Florida. How about you tell me something about New York?迈克:我和你说了佛罗里达州的情况。你能和我说说纽约吗?Mari: New York, yeah. I was born in New York, and I lived there for a little bit over half of my life. Theres lots to do in New York.马里:纽约,好的。我出生在纽约,到目前为止,我人生中一半以上的时间都在纽约度过。纽约有很多可以做的事情。Mike: So, what part are you from?迈克:你来自纽约哪里?Mari: I was born in New York City and then I grew up in the suburbs about 40 minutes north of New York City.马里:我出生在纽约市,在纽约市以北40分钟车程的郊区长大。Mike: So, what did you do growing up?迈克:你怎么度过的成长阶段?Mari: When I was very young I used to go to museums with my parents or go to Broadway shows, and go shopping as well.马里:我小时候经常和父母一起参观物馆,看百老汇演出,还有购物。Mike: So, you like the city life?迈克:你喜欢城市生活吗?Mari: I do like the city life. Its very convenient. Its energetic. Theres lots to do, and New York City is really diverse so its fun to see the different communities and different people and tourists walking around.马里:我很喜欢城市生活,便利又充满活力。城市里有很多活动,纽约是个非常多样化的城市,有各种各样的社区,看着各种各样的人和游客在周围走动感觉很有趣。Mike: So if I was visiting New York, what should I do?迈克:如果我去纽约旅行,你会建议我做什么?Mari: It depends on which season went to visit, so I dont know if you went during the spring or summer time, I would suggest that you spend some time in Central Park. Go see sports. A lot of sporting events during the summer and there are a lot of events also in Central Park. Theres outdoor theater and music concerts and stuff but if you went maybe in the wintertime, you should go see all the windows on Fifth Avenue that are decorated with very holiday themed decorations and Rockefeller Center is know for their big Christmas tree, and you just get a really fun feeling in New York City. Everyones a little bit more nicer, and I dont know, I like all the seasons in New York City so it depends on which season you decide to visit.马里:这要取决于你在哪个季节去纽约旅行,如果是春季或夏季去纽约游玩,那我建议你去中央公园看体育比赛。夏季有许多体育赛事,纽约中央公园也会举行多种赛事。还可以去露天剧场或参加户外音乐节,不过如果你冬天去,那可以去第五大道上观赏用节日主题饰装饰的橱窗,还可以去看洛克菲勒中心那颗著名的圣诞树,在纽约市可以玩得很开心。纽约市民都很友善,我喜欢纽约市的所有季节,如何游玩要取决于旅行季节。Mike: Ah, sounds great, so theres a lot of things to do in New York.迈克:听起来太棒了,纽约有很多活动。Mari: Yeah.马里:对。 译文属 /201603/429267青岛月光脱毛哪里好

青岛莱州注射美白针价格多少钱《地道英文闲聊脱口秀》收录了经典的地道的英语口语内容,脱口秀中包含许多纯正的英语习惯用语及英语句型,是学习英语口语,练习英语发音的很好的英语学习材料。在轻松的氛围中,英语学习爱好者可以很快掌握英语口语知识,了解国外的风土人情,逐渐培养良好的英语语感,是提高英语水平的必备英语学习教程。 /201501/350647 20. Cleaning up the Room 20.打扫房间A: David! Clean your room. Its filthy!A:大卫!把你的房间打扫干净。太脏了!B: Its not so bad, mom.B:没那么糟糕,妈妈。A: I dont even remember what color the carpet is!A:我甚至都不记得地毯的颜色了!B: Its blue, I remember.B:是蓝色的,我记得。A: Have you no shame?A:你都不脸红吗?B: What should I be ashamed of?B:我为什么要羞愧呢?A: There are clothes all over the ground!A:地上到处都是衣!B: Its just easier to leave them there.B:很容易就能把它们打扫干净。A: Your floor is not a gigantic closet.A:你的地板不是一个巨大的衣柜。B: I never said it was.B:我从没说它是。A: Clean your room or you cant go out today.A:把房间打扫干净,否则你今天不能出去。B: Fine, fine. Ill clean it now. B:好的,好的。我现在就打扫。 /201510/403093在青岛地区青医附院狐臭青岛莱芜哪家医院比较好



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