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With things reaching crisis point, Bohunt school has decided to intervene.由于中式教育的到达瓶颈,航特中学校方决定进行干预Stewart Vaughn is Bohunts Head of School and is in charge of enforcing discipline.斯图尔特·沃恩是航特中学的教导主任,主抓学校德育问题He believes its time to step in.他认为是时候进行介入了OK, sit down. Please.好了,都坐下。拜托,请坐These are well-behaved students.他们都是很守规矩的学生Even lovely students are being actually quite disrespectful,听说连那些好学生也都表现得很无礼and thats been quite a shock to us and quite disappointing to us.真的是让我们觉得非常震惊,非常失望And we think weve probably reached that point所以我们认为可能是时候where we need a little bit more additional Bohunt support alongside the Chinese teachers.让航特给中国教师多一些额外持了We thought, at this point,我们认为,这时候it would make sense for us to take a slightly bigger role in terms of behaviour management.让校方规范学生的行为作用更大,更有意义Now, what I dont want to do is come here today and just tell you what to do,今天我来到这不是为了告诉你们该做什么or impose an English behaviour management system on you,去强加给你们英式行为规范体系because I think that defeats the purpose of what were trying to look at with this experiment.因为我觉得,那样会阻碍我们尝试进行这项实验的真正目的But I think there is one thing that we have to work on together -但我觉得有一点,我们必须通力合作and that is, very simply, under no circumstances should they be talking when you are talking.很简单,就是无论什么情况,在你们讲话时他们不能说话So, what Im going to ask you to do is to stop所以,我想让你们做的就是停下来and to wait and to make it clear that youre not going to carry on等着让他们自己搞清楚,如果学生自己在下面私自交谈if students are carrying on with their own conversations and not showing you enough respect.没有给予你们足够的尊重,那么你们就不会继续讲授课程Ok. Ok?好吧。行吗If a student carries on, you give them a warning如果学生还是接着说话,你就给予他们警告and if they carry on after that, you refer them to a Bohunt member of staff.要是他们屡教不改,就把他们移交给航特的人员来处理And thats all designed to give you more space to do your Chinese teaching这样一来,你们就可以花更多时间进行重视教学了What I am going to do... is come in tomorrow morning ...我明天早上来...要做的就是and make that expectation very clear to the students.把这项计划明确地传达给学生们No matter how they say in a polite way, we havent done our job properly.不管他们怎样委婉地表达,我们都没有做好自己的本职工作We are here to bring them the unique Chinese style of teaching and try to enrich their experience.我们来这里是为了引入独特的中式教育,努力充实他们的阅历But all we are suffering is the class discipline.但我们遇到的全是课堂纪律问题I might feel... How to say?我感觉...怎么说呢A sense of disappointment.很失望Someones lost their mug.谁杯子丢了No job is easy... But I didnt expect teaching here to be so hard.工作本就不易...但我没想到这的教学如此艰难We cannot manage. Its a shame on us.我们没能好好管理,这是我们的遗憾It embarrass all of us.让我们都困窘不堪201603/433735The Dragon Boat Festival一分钟带你看端午节由来!Duanwu Festival, also known as the Dragon Boat Festival or the Double Fifth Festival, is a traditional Chinese holiday.端午节,也被称做龙舟节或重五节,是一个传统中国节日。Its celebrated on May 5 every year according to the lunar calendar.端午节每年依据农历在五月五日庆祝。It commemorates the life and death of the statesman and poet Qu Yuan.端午节纪念了一位政治家及诗人“屈原”的一生。Qu Yuan lived during the Warring States period over 2,300 years ago.屈原活在超过 2,300 年前的战国期间。According to legend, he was a descendant of the Chu royal house and served the king in high office.根据传说,他是楚国贵族的后裔,在朝廷为君王效命。During his time in exile, he traveled to the countryside rewriting local legends and writing poetry.在他流放的期间,他游历乡间改写当地传说还有作诗。Years later, the Qin state conquered the Chu state, and in protest, Qu Yuan drowned himself in the Miluo River.几年后,秦国攻占楚国,以示抗议,屈原投身泪罗江自尽。Local people attempted to save him by paddling their boats out to the river.当地人试着划船到江上救屈原。But realizing it was too late, they dropped sticky rice wrapped in bamboo leaves into the river in order to both feed Qu Yuan in the afterlife但发现一切为时已晚,他们将包在竹叶里的糯米投入江中,为的是让屈原在来世有东西吃,and distract the fish away from eating his body.也引开鱼群不要去吃屈原的身体。Today, the Dragon Boat Festival is still celebrated by eating traditional Zongzi,如今,龙舟节仍以吃传统粽子来庆祝,which is sticky rice wrapped in leaves.粽子就是包在叶里的糯米。They also hold dragon boat races.人们也举行龙舟竞赛。201506/382345


在这个令人高涨的表演中,聋人打击乐演奏艺术家Evelyn Glennie 展示了,听音乐不仅仅是简单的声波振动耳膜的过程。201503/362128

  TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想201510/402542

  Trigonometry means...sine, cosine and tangent.三角函数就是正弦,余弦,正切Have you heard this before?你们之前听过吗In the maths classes, Mr. Zou is also running into trouble.数学课上,邹老师也遇到了麻烦That is one over square root of three.就是一比根号三Hes teaching at the Chinese pace.他在用中式节奏来授课The British students cant keep up and theyre quickly losing interest.英国学生跟不上,于是他们马上失去了兴趣Connor, stand up.康纳,起立Now you have a chance...现在你有机会Everyone, quiet!大家安静If you can have answer the question, OK, no problem.如果你知道问题的,那好,没问题Connor, answer the question.康纳,回答这个问题Can you answer? No?你能回答吗,回答不出来吗Ok.好吧Go, sit down.坐下We will talk.我们等会儿再说I didnt expect the level of students like this.我没想到学生的水平是这样的They dont take maths as serious as the students in China.他们对数学没有中国学生那么重视Well, lets do sin 30 degree...大家来算正弦三十度By the time theyre 15,到他们十五岁时some Chinese students are doing 11 hours of maths a week一些中国学生每周要做十一小时的数学练习and are up to three years ahead of their British counterparts.相当于多出了同龄英国学生三年时间Opposite side, divided by hypotenuse.对边除以斜边OK, I still dont get it.我还是不懂I find students here are not used to memorising formulas.我发现这里的学生不习惯去记公式Their level?他们的水平Erm, quite behind the Chinese students.落后中国学生很多That makes your teaching slow.这会让你的教学节奏变慢Whats trigonometry for?三角函数有什么用Like, why do we need to know these things? Triangles...stuff.我们为什么要学这些?三角形之类的Why not? I dont think wed need it in life,为什么不学?我们生活中又用不到I think they should be telling us how to pay our taxes and get jobs and stuff.他们应该教我们怎么缴税或者找工作之类的Get drunk. And live.醉生梦死X is the size of AB.X是AB段的长度I get what you do, but not why.我明白你在干什么,但不明白为什么201602/424930。


  Dear Food,Dear Food,I know you aly know this,but I need you,You bring my family together,you sweeten my celebrations,you make my deals,you satisfy my senses,and you keep me alive.亲爱的食物,亲爱的食物,我知道你明白,我需要你。你团聚了我的家庭,你甜蜜了我的庆典,你成就了我的事业,你满足了我的感官,你守护了我的生命。You work so hard to make all of this possible,spending your life growing in the field,the factory or the sea.I try to be good to you.I give you half of my land,two thirds of the water I consume,a tenth of my energy and one-sixth of my workforce.But I want to apologize.Because after all that,you deserve to be eaten.But instead,I throw away almost half of you enough calories to feed 150 million people.你拼命让一切成为可能,将一生倾注于生长在田间。工厂或是海洋。我试着对你好些,我给予你一半的土地,所消耗三分之二的水,十分之一的能量,以及六分之一的劳动力。但是,我想向你致歉。因为此后,你本应被吃掉。但是,我扔掉了将近一半的你,其能量足够喂养1.5亿人。From harvest to home,I waste half of all fruits,vegetables,seafood,and a third of all grains.Im better to meat and dairy,wwasting only 20 percent,but this is a double waste,because essentially Im also dumping the grain or grass the animals ate to make the muscle or milk.And I waste you in many ways:For example,sometimes I leave you in the field to die because it costs more to harvest you than youre worth.从收获到购买回家,我浪费了一半的水果,蔬菜,海鲜,以及三分之一的谷物。我更适于肉类和奶类,只浪费20%,但这又是双重浪费,本质上说,我排泄的是动物们吃下的谷物或草来产生肌肉或奶。我浪费的方式很多:比如,有时弃你于田中,任你死去,因为收割的花销大于你的价值。Other times,I mistakenly damage,contaminate,or spill you.Or,I reject you when youre imperfect,because I judge by appearance.But mostly I squander you in supermarkes,restaurants and homes,when you are so close to being eaten.I offer too much of you,so I take too much and I cant finish you,or I cant sell all of you before you go bad.At home I forget about you or I cook too much and dont know how to store you.有时,我不小心伤害,污染,或者落下你。或者,因不完美而抛弃你,因为我以貌取物。更多地,我在超市餐厅和家里将你浪费,而你离被消耗如此之近。我提供得太多,因此,我索取过多却无法吃完,或者,我没法在变质前将你卖尽。在家中,我将你抛之脑后或者做了太多却不知如何将你储藏。Or maybe I just dont like leftovers.Part of the problem is that on average,I spend a smaller fraction of my household budget on you than in any other country or any time in history,and my spending is sp out over days and weeks,so I dont notice the cost of wasting you.But my lack of noticing adds up:I devote four Californias worth of land and more water than all non-agricultural water consumption combined just do grow food that doesnt get eaten.也可能,我只是讨厌残羹剩饭。部分问题在于,平均而言,我在你身上的开销并不高相较于任何国家或任何时期,我的花销被平摊在数天数周内,因此,我并未留意浪费你的代价。而将我的忽视相加:我将四倍于加利福尼亚的土地以及超过所有非农业用水的总和用于种植不被吃下的食物。This is not your fault-its time.Only I can buy less of you and eat more of what I do buy.Only I can accept your imperfections,realize that ;best-before; doesnt mean ;use-by,;and store you better.这不是你的错,而是我的。我需买得更少,吃下更多自己所买的。我需接受你的不完美,明白“保持期”并非“可食用期,”并更好地将你储藏。In general,I need to learn more about you because this is about us and our relationship.I help you grow,and then I eat you.Anything else is a waste.总而言之,我需要更了解你,因为这关乎我们,以及我们的关系。我助你生长,之后将你吃下。除此之外的都属浪费。201503/364738You get some idea how powerful the Gulf Stream is你就会明白湾流多么强大了by travelling around the world on the same latitude as the Sallies.你就会明白湾流多么强大了Heat-sensitive cameras show the waters off southern Britain glowing a warm orange.热量敏感摄像机可以显示出英国南部水域 发着温暖的橘红色的光But on the other side of the Atlantic at the same latitude,但是在大西洋同样纬度的地方greens and blues reveal the icy waters off Canada.绿色和蓝色说明加拿大周围冰冷的水域The Gulf Stream is just one fascinating example湾流只是一个引人入胜的例子of how the atmosphere and the ocean interact to drive the climate.说明大气和海洋如何共同作用改变气候And this means that changes in the ocean currents这意味着如果海洋洋流发生变化can have big effects on the weather around the world.将对世界天气造成巨大影响The effects of a major current changing can be seen in the Pacific.在太平洋,每过几年就有一股温暖的洋流从西向东流Every few years a warm current seen here in red and white,moves from west to east.可以看到红色和白色区域指的就是这里 可以看到红色和白色区域指的就是这里This current is the infamous El Nino,这就是臭名昭著的厄尔尼诺现象and its responsible for transforming the weather across much of the globe.它就是造成全球气候变化的 罪魁祸首201511/411318How I recovered The Scream名画《呐喊》遭窃及寻回的故事The Scream was stolen by a bunch of Oslo no-hopers. I suppose you could say it was a Norwegian organized crime—two men and a ladder. I was one of a number of police officers that help recover it. There were both Norwegian and British police officers from London.《呐喊》被奥斯陆一群一事无成的人给偷走。我想你可以说它是个挪威人组织的犯罪--两个男人和一把梯子。我是帮忙寻回画作的几个警察其中一人。有挪威的警察,也有从伦敦来的英国警方。This particular, original version of The Scream was painted in 1893. Central figure, riven by angst, thinking that this blood-red sky was coming through his brain. And Munch was mad enough to paint it.《呐喊》这幅特殊、最初的版本是在1893年所画。中间的人物,受到不安所撕裂,认为这片血红色的天空要穿过他的脑袋。而孟克也够疯狂才会去画它。That particular version, the original version—he blew out a candle on it. I made a particular point of memorizing exactly how these candle wax and drops looked.那特别的版本、最初的版本--他在它上头吹熄一根蜡烛。我特别努力的去记起来这些蜡油和烛泪确切看起来是什么样子。One of the worlds most famous modern paintings, The Scream by Edvard Munch, has been stolen from...世界最知名的现代画作之一,孟克的《呐喊》,遭窃...They went up the ladder and fell off, and then went up again and broke the window and went in to collect the painting. At Scotland Yard, on the Monday we came up with a plan: just pose as the representatives of the J. Paul Getty Museum in California, and tell these guys theres money to be handed if theyll give us the picture back.他们爬上梯子,跌了下来,然后他们再次爬上去,打破玻璃,并进去拿画。在苏格兰场(伦敦警察局),星期一我们想出了一个计画:就假装是加州盖提美术馆的代表,并告诉这些家伙如果他们把画拿回来给我们,就有钱可以给他们。The character I came up with, Chris Roberts, he was a slightly dodgy, Mid-Atlantic accented art dealer, whos doing some buying for the Getty Museum in Europe. So I had a minder, who we portrayed as an English gangster living in Amsterdam.我想出的角色, Chris Roberts,他是个有点狡猾,带有大西洋中部口音的艺术商,他在欧洲为盖提美术馆做些收购。所以我有个保镖,我们将他扮成住在阿姆斯特丹的英国黑道。What we did in this particular case was to go from a person who knew someone who knew someone else, and just follow that chain until we eventually got to the people who control the painting.我们在这次特殊案件中做的是,从一个认识某个认识另外一个人的人开始,并就跟着那串人脉直到我们最终抵达握有那幅画的人。When I finally met the bad guys, I had to convince them that the Getty Museum would pay to recover the painting. The Norwegian criminals were on tenterhooks, and I spent entire time trying to calm them down.当我终于见到那些坏人时,我必须要说他们盖提美术馆会出钱赎回那幅画。那些挪威罪犯胆颤心惊,我花了所有时间试着让他们冷静下来。And eventually they rang me quite late about 11:30, I would guess, or close, that night in my room and said, ;Right, were gonna do it now.; And I told them I was...no way I was going out in the midnight to walk in the wildwoods with them to get this thing back. We have to do in the morning.最后他们在颇晚的时候打给我,大约十一点半,我猜,或接近那时,那一晚在我的房间内,并说:“好的,我们要现在交易。”我告诉他们我...我不可能在半夜出去,和他们走到丛林里去拿回这东西。我们必须在早上交易。In the morning, we went down to where the dodgy art dealer had a summer house. In the summer house, the painting was downstairs. Underneath the carpet in the kitchen, there was a set of stairs down to the basement. And they then asked me did I want to get in that cellar.在早上,我们到了那个狡猾的艺术商有个避暑小屋的地方。在避暑小屋中,那幅画在楼下。在厨房的地毯下方,有道楼梯通往地下室。他们接着问我想不想下去,去那个地窖。I could do it without being on their next Christmas, so I told them that in, you know, whats called Anglo-Saxon vernacular which he understood. So he went down and got the picture, brought it up, and he laid it on the dining room table. And, bang, there was the picture.我下去的话,在他们的下一次圣诞节之前才能搞定,所以我这样告诉他们,你知道,用他们了解的所谓盎格鲁萨克逊方言。所以他下去拿了那幅画,带上楼,他将它放在餐桌上。然后,嘭,就是那幅画。I knew the picture was right straight away because I checked the wax, a little soggy. A masterpiece would tell you itself that its a masterpiece. It just jumps out at you.我马上就知道这幅画是对的,因为我检查了蜡油,有点点潮湿。一幅杰作会自己告诉你它是幅杰作。它就会一下子吸引住你。I rang back to Oslo, told them I had it, barricaded myself in the hotel. Sure enough after an hour or so, the central detective unit in Oslo turned up in where Im barricaded, the room, and there was the picture. And I walked down actually on to the pier. And I just thought to myself, Done it! Good!我打电话回奥斯陆,告诉他们我拿到它了,将我自己锁在旅馆里。果然在大约一小时后,奥斯陆的中央侦查中心出现在我藏身的地方、那房间,画就在那里。我实际上走下去来到那个码头。我就自己想着,做到了!很棒!Its exhilarating to get what youre going for back. I can actually recover these things, and it feels like that Im doing my bit of creation.能把你在寻找的东西找回来是很令人振奋的。我可以确实将这些东西找回来,这感觉就像我在做我自己的一点创作。201502/359246

  UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Time for the Shoutout.“大声喊出来”的时间到了!Which of these inventions was made during the Middle Ages?以下哪项发明是在中世纪出现的?If you think you know it, shout it out.如果你认为你知道,那么就大声喊出来吧!Was it the mechanical clock, eyeliner, Tesla coil or aqueduct?是机械钟、眼线膏、特斯拉线圈还是沟渠?Youve got three seconds. Go.你有三秒钟的时间,开始!UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The only one of these inventions made between the years 500 A.D. and the Renaissance was the mechanical clock.以上从公元500年到文艺复兴时间段内的发明只有机械钟。Thats your answer and thats your Shoutout.那就是你的,那就是你的“大喊”。AZUZ: Modern-day science might have just learned something from Middle Ages medicine. 现代科学可能从中世纪药物里学到了点儿什么。;Balds Leechbook,; a medical textbook dating back to the 900s, has a recipe for an eye ointment -- garlic, onion or leeks, wine and part of a cows stomach. 追溯到9世纪,一本名为Balds Leechbook的英国古籍记载了一种眼膏的做法,成分有蒜头、洋葱或葱头、红酒和牛胃的一部分。Researchers at the University of Nottingham in the U.K. recently decided to test this out as an antibiotic. 英国诺丁汉大学的研究者最近决定将其作为一种抗生素进行试验。They almost couldnt believe the results.他们几乎不敢相信这个结果。Youve heard us talk about super bugs lately -- bacteria that are hard to kill with modern antibiotics. 大家可能还记得我们曾谈论过超级细菌,一般的抗生素难以杀死这种细菌。MRSA is an example. 金黄色葡萄球菌就是其中一种。And shockingly, the 1,000-year-old eye remedy destroys MRSA.令人震惊的是,这种来自1000年前的古偏方杀死了金黄色葡萄球菌。 /201504/369275栏目简介:《趣味青春英语视频》是外语网络电台的精品节目,通过大讲堂的网络课堂形式,能够帮助英语学习者积累一些英语背景知识,并通过互动的教学形式,帮助有效记忆英语知识。本栏目是学习趣味青春英语的好材料。201602/419828

  This is a temple to modern science -这是现代科学的一座神殿the pharmaceutical labs at GSK.葛兰素史克公司的制药实验室But modern drug discovery relies但现代药品的发现more on an automated lottery than careful design.更依赖于运气而不是精心的设计This store of chemical compounds这个化合物仓库is the companys crown jewels.就是公司的核心所在This is where their new drugs come from.这就是新药物的来源地In here is a library of这里是超过两百万的over two million nameless chemical compounds.未命名化合物的仓库The scientists know very little about them.科学家们对它们了解甚少They could be highly toxic,它们可能有剧毒or they could be harbouring a life-saving drug.也可能是治病救人的良药It really is trying to find a needle in a haystack.这实际上是海底捞针It is about getting the samples out,我们需要取出样品processing them, screening them进行加工 筛选and hoping we find that that chemical compound希望能发现一种化合物that is active against those disease areas.能够对某种疾病有效201501/354663

  栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghais English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。201510/403921。




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