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Being Tidy and Messy 整洁和邋遢A:It is beyond me how you and Oscar can be roommates. You’re very tidy and he’s, well, a slob.我真不明白你和Oscar怎么能成为室友的。你如此整洁,而他那么邋遢。B:It’s not always easy, but we’re making it work.确实不容易,但是我们做到了。A:Isn’t Oscar really messy all the time? Whenever I see him, his clothes are rumpled and his hair is unkempt.难道Oscar不是一直很邋遢吗?我每次见到他,都是衣皱巴巴,头发乱蓬蓬的。B:His room is really cluttered, but he keeps the common areas in passable condition. I do have to straighten up fairly often, and I sometimes have to pick up after him, but that’s because I’m pretty nitpicky.他的房间确实乱七八糟,但是公共区域还是可以接受的。我确实需要经常清理,有时甚至跟在他后面收拾,但那是因为我很挑剔。A:That’s very tolerant of you.你太宽容了。B:Well, we have set up a system so that if things get too messy, I have some recourse.我们制定了规章制度,如果太乱了,我有追索权。A:Really, what’s your system?你们的规章制度是什么呢?B:Oscar and I agreed that every time he leaves a big mess, I can fine him.我和Oscar一致同意,每次他把房间弄得太乱,我可以罚款。A:That seems kind of drastic, but maybe it works for you guys.这听上去非常严厉,不过或许对你们男孩子来说管用。B:Yeah, it keeps the place pretty clean.是的,这样可以让我们的房间非常整洁。A:Still, knowing Oscar, you must have had to fine him a lot.不过,根据我对Oscar的了解,你肯定罚了他很多次。B:Let’s just say that my next vacation will be in Monte Carlo!我只想说,我下一次度假想去蒙特卡罗。 /201309/255505今天的每日一句是: Even the most boring times in life are limited.生命中再无聊的时光也是限量版。Notes:1.Even即使习惯用语:never even连...也不or even乃至, 以至even as正当...的时候;恰在...的时候even if即使, 尽管2.limited adj.有限的 limit v.限制 n.限制,界限习惯用语:be the limit[口]太过分了 go beyond [over] the limit超过限度set a limit to限制, 控制 without limit无限制地, 无限地 本节目为可可原创节目,。 /201304/237492

初级口语教程(MP3附字幕) Part28:Getting or Expressing Opinions征求表达意见本文暂无对应文本 /200909/85363微日前举办投票,名为“2015最新十大酷刑”,在短短7小时有超过1500名网民投票,投选心目中酷刑之最。当中,最多网民选的是“断网”(无法上网)。【新闻】请看《中国日报》的报道Disconnection from the Internet is No 1 on a top-10 list of ;tortures,; according to a survey on China#39;s Twitter-like microblogging site Sina Weibo.中国与推特类似的微网站新浪微进行了一项调查,结果表明“断网”成为最新十大酷刑之首。【讲解】top-10 list of ;tortures;是十大酷刑;disconnection from the Internet是断网。短短7小时有超过1500名网友投票,投选心目中最不能忍受的事情(the most unbearable thing)。微提供票选的10大酷刑分别是减肥(losing weight)、早起(getting up early)、断网、剧透(spoilers)、想一个人(missing someone)等。而最多网友选择的是断网(losing an Internet connection),有33%票数。网友表示,没网络的一天根本生不如死(being without Internet access is like being sentenced to death),绝不能接受没有网络世界的日子。随后最多票数的第二大酷刑(the second worst torture)是得到22%票数的早起,以及10%的想念一个人。排名第10位的是“和处女座相处(get along with a Virgo)”,更引起处女座网民激烈反响。一些网民表示贫穷(poverty)才是最大的酷刑(the biggest torture)。 /201505/373853

22 curiosity22 好奇Hey ,what#39;s going on here?喂,这儿怎么了?A:Hey,what#39;s going on here?A:喂,这儿怎么了?B:Well,Anny hurt her leg.We#39;re going to take her to the hospital.B:安妮伤了腿,我们要把她送医院.A:Let#39;s go together.A:咱们一起去吧!How on earth did...manage to...?......到底是怎么......的?A:Did you hear that National Bank was robbed last week?A:国家上周被抢,听说了吗?B:Yeah,How on earth did they manage to do that?B:听说了.他们到底是怎么抢的?A:God knows.A:天知道.I wouldn#39;t mind knowing about...我倒想知道......A:What did Uncle Green come here for?A:格林大叔来这儿干什么?B:Maybe just came by and drop in on us.B:也许就是路过顺便来看看.A:I wouldn#39;t mind knowing about his real intention.A:我倒想知道他来的真正意图.B:To borrow some money,most probably.B:很可能是来借钱.I#39;d give a lot to know about...我很想知道......A:Elizabeth II sank in the deep sea,you know that?A:伊丽莎白二世号沉入海底,你知道吗?B:Yes,I#39;ve heard about it .B:听说了.A:I#39;d give a lot to know about that.A:我很想听听这事的原委.B:They said she ran into an iceberg.B:人们说船撞上了冰山.I#39;d love to know about...我想知道......A:Did they find a way at last?A:他们最后找到办法了吗?B:Yes,they worked out a plan.B:是的,他们制定了一项计划.A:I#39;d love to know about it.A:我想了解了解.B:But they wanted to keep it a secret.B:但是他们想保密.What#39;s in your mind?你在想什么呢?A:What#39;s in your mind,Cindy?A:辛迪,你在想什么呢?You haven#39;t moved a bit for a long time.你好长时间没动了.B:I#39;m homesick.B:我想家.A:Oh,come on.The holiday will start in only a month and a half.A:别想了,还有一个半月就放假了.Can someone tell me about谁能告诉我......的情况吗?A:Can someone tell me about the strange man?A:那个陌生人的情况谁能告诉我吗?B:We only know he#39;s a relative of Dr White.B:我们只知道他是怀特大夫的亲戚.A:But he#39;s not kind to Dr White.And they quarreled just now.You know why?A:可他对怀特大夫并不好,刚才还吵架,你知道原因吗?Did they...at last?他们最终怎么样了?A:The criminal who had killed three cops escaped last night.A:杀死三个警察的那个罪犯昨天晚上逃跑了.B:Yeah.We knew this from the newspaper.B:是啊,我从报纸上了解到的.A:Did they catch him at last ?A:他们抓到了他了吗?B:No,they didn#39;t.B:没有.Does anyone know...?有谁知道...吗?A:Does anyone know why that country is so poor?A:有谁知道那个国家为什么那么穷?B:It#39;s short of natural resourcesB:国家缺乏资源.But I#39;d rather say it is because of the systemA:可我倒认为是体制的问题.What I#39;d really like to find out is ...我想知道的是......A:The teacher said that four of us had failed the geography examA:老师说我们中有四人地理考试没及格.B: Yeah.Don#39;t worry.You#39;re not one of them.B:不错,别担心,没有你.A:But what I#39;d really like to find out is who had failedA:可我想弄清楚到底是谁没过.I suppose it was ...,wasn#39;t it?我想......,是吗?A:I suppose it was dangerous to fly in a spaceship,wasn#39;t it?A:我想驾驶宇宙飞船很危险,是吧?B:I don#39;t think so.They have very complete safely systems.B:我可不那么认为.他们有很完备的安全系统.A:No wonder I seldom hear of the death of astronauts.A:我懂了,难怪很少听说宇航员死亡的事.I wish I knew more about......真希望能多了解...一些.A:You seem to like Rose very much,don#39;t you?A:你好像很喜欢罗斯,是吗?B:I can#39;t deny that.I wish I knew more about her.B:我不否认.真希望多了解了解她.A:Maybe she#39;s not the kind of girl you dreamed of .A:或许她不是你想象中的那种女孩.B:How can you say that?B:你怎么这么说呢?I wish someone would tell me about......真希望有人能告诉我......A:Why did he leave without telling anybody?A:他为什么不辞而别呢?B:We#39;re also curious about that.B:我们也想知道.A:I wish someone would tell me something about it.A:真希望有人能对我讲讲此事.B:Only God knows.B:只有天知道.It must be...,mustn#39;t it?一定......,是不是?A:It must be wonderful being married,isn#39;t it?A:结婚很好,是不是?B:It#39;s not that wonderful as you think.A:Why?B:不像你想象的那么好.A:为什么?B:You#39;ll know that once you get married.B:结了婚你就知道了.I wonder if...不知道你是否......A:I wonder if you could tell me why the teacher kept him in the office after schoolA:老师为什么放学后把他留在办公室,能告诉我吗?B:It might be that he broke a window while playing football.B:有可能是踢球时打破窗子的事吧.A:Will he have to pay for that.B:I guess so.A:他一定要赔吗? B:我猜是吧.What happened then?后来怎么样了?A:The bear followed her to the house.A:大熊跟着她走到家.B:What happened then?B:后来呢?A:Power was cut off,so none of us saw the ending.A:断电了,我们谁也没有看到结尾.B:Oh,that was too bad!B:呀,太糟糕了.I#39;m most curious about...我很想知道......A:Mary and Peter finally got the award.A:玛丽和彼得最后获得了那份奖励.B:I#39;m most curious about how they achieved their success.B:我很想知道他们是如何获得了成功.A:It was perseverance and determination.A:是靠毅力和决心.I#39;d particularly like to know about ...我尤其想知道......A:You know something about the new employee? B:A littleA:你对那个新雇员有些了解,是吗?B:是的.A:I#39;d particularly like to know about her past.A:我尤其想了解她的过去.I#39;m told she dropped out of school very early.听说她很早就辍学了.I#39;d be most interested to discover...我很想弄清楚......A:Have you heard about travelling in a spaceship?A:听说过乘飞船旅行吗?B:Yeah,everyone knows it.B:当然,妇孺皆知.A:I#39;d be most interested to discover how fast a spaceship can travelA:我很想弄清楚飞船的飞行速度.B:Much faster than a Buick,I think.B:我想些别克车快多了. /200909/84870今天我们来看一看“潮人”用英语怎么说?fashionista潮人It#39;s cool,but it will cost you a lot to be a fashionista.当潮人很酷,但是会花掉你很多的钱 /201503/364354

今天上午,北京市发改委相关负责人在水价调整通气会上表示,5月1日起本市将实行第二套阶梯水价方案,第一阶梯水价居民用户(年用水量不超过180立方米)每立方米上调一元。【新闻】请看《中国日报》的报道:BEIJING - The cost of household water in China#39;s capital will rise next month after Beijing Municipal Commission of Development and Reform on Tuesday announced a new multi-tier pricing plan.北京消息,北京市发展和改革委员会周二宣布了新阶梯定价方案,中国首都的家庭用水将从下个月开始涨价。【讲解】household water是家庭用水;multi-tier pricing就阶梯定价。今天上午,北京市发改委发布《关于北京市居民用水实行阶梯水价的通知》,通知称自5月1日起本市将实行阶梯水价。按年度用水量(annual water consumption)计算,将居民家庭全年用水量划分为三档,水价(water price)分档递增。第一阶梯用水量不超过180立方米(less than 180 cubic meters),水价为每立方米5元;第二阶梯用水量在181-260立方米之间,水价为每立方米(per cubic meter)7元;第三阶梯用水量为260立方米以上,水价为每立方米9元。据有关部门表示,非居民水价(cost of non-residential water consumption)也将同步进行调整(be adjusted accordingly)。此前,北京市于4月17日举行听会(public hearing)讨论水价调整方案(discuss the change)。 /201404/293195公开拍卖大量公务车的消息成为媒体和民众谈论的焦点。据了解,五粮液公车拍卖前3天,共拍卖车辆257辆,流标6辆,成交总额2086万元。此前有媒体报道,五粮液拍卖前总计拥有公车500余辆,此番公务车拍卖,只保留必需的生产用车、生活用车、特种车和少数接待用车,合计200辆左右,削减幅度高达63%,从某种程度而言,五粮液在公车改革方面,为国企带了个好头。【新闻】请看《中国日报》的报道:Wuliangye Group, China#39;s leading liquor producer, will complete an auction on Tuesday that will have put 343 public vehicles under the hammer.中国领先白酒制造商五粮液将于周二完成343辆公车的拍卖。【讲解】public vehicles是公车;under the hammer是被拍卖。1月2日,总部位于四川宜宾的国企(State-owned enterprise)五粮液集团宣布,为配合(in accordance with)中央政府(central government)的指导方针(directives),将对旗下公车进行拍卖,对公车的用途(use of public vehicles)进行改革。1月13日,是拍卖会第三天,共拍卖车辆84台,流拍1台,获得(garner)668万元。周六及周日,五粮液共拍卖掉(aunction off)173辆车,成交总额(a total value)1418万元。此次五粮液拍卖公车引起了公众的广泛关注(attracted a great deal of public attention),拍卖吸引了1000余人报名(sign up)参加。低价抛售(selloff)后,五粮液将保留200辆车作为日常使用(daily use),并改变处理交通费用(transportation expenses)的方式。根据相关规定将向公司中层以上干部发放工作用车运行费(车贴,reimbursements)800元-2500元。这一补贴不会以现金形式发放,而是由有资格享受补贴的干部和销售人员根据交通票据(transportation receipts),在限额内实报实销。预计将节省1000万元。中国的公务车项目(public motor vehicle system)一直饱受指责,因公务车存在严重的滥用(misuse)现象,且缺乏监管(lack of supervision)。而2013年全国公务车数量已达200万辆。去年11月,国务院出台新规,旨在(be aimed at)改正(correct)公务车滥用的有关问题,专家称他们预计为了减少开(reduce expenses),2014年会有更多公务车进行拍卖(auction)。 /201401/272801每日一句口语:Don#39;t cry over the past, cry to get over the past. Don#39;t smile to hide the pain, smile to heal the pain. 不要为过去哭泣,含泪挥别过去。不要用微笑隐藏痛苦,要用微笑治愈痛苦。【知识点讲解】get over 克;(使)渡过例句:He#39;ll get over it—young people are amazingly resilient.他会克这些的—年轻人的适应力惊人。内容来自: /201406/305428

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