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A short while later I made a surprising judgement.过了一会 我做出了令人惊讶的评价If I compare this feeling to alcohol its quite hard to do.尽管比较难 但和喝酒比起来I#39;d have to say我不得不说that I#39;d vote for the three pills from Dr Nutt.我更会选择纳特医生的3个药片There#39;s something more... smooth and pleasurable有些感觉更... 缓和而且更舒适and...just relaxing and...非常放松 而且Yeah just nice.很美好Alcohol works on so many systems in the brain酒精对人脑的很多部分起作用so far this drug was successfully tranquilising me到目前为止这个药的确让我平静下来I felt emotionally calm and physicallytotally relaxed.我感觉情绪的安宁和身体的放松If you can stand on the red line.如果你能站在红线上The floors not level.地板不是水平的You#39;ve changed the floor.你们换了地板-Are you having to work harder? -Yes a lot harder!-你是不是觉得有点难 -是的 有点难Thats quite strange.这很奇怪I couldn#39;t walk but I didn#39;t care.我走不好 但我不介意重点解释:1.vote for 持…的一票例句:I#39;m going to vote for the candidate you are planning to vote for.我打算投票赞成你准备选举的那个候选人。2.so far 迄今为止;到某个程度例句:I have had no reply from her so far.我至今没有得到她的答复。 Article/201508/394908Hello fellow scientists!Thanks to your active collaboration,our study the world#39;s largest uncontrolled experiment.crossed a historic milestone on May 9,2013,Ahead of schedule,the concentration of carbon dioxide gas in the Earth#39;s atmosphere has reached 400 parts per million.This is a big change from a hundred years ago,when the concentration was just 300 ppm.below which it had stayed for more than 800,00 years.科学家们你们好!正由于你们的积极合作 我们的研究,世界上最大的不受控实验,在2013年5月9日跨过了一个新的里程碑,我们提前将地球大气中二氧化碳浓度,提高到了百万分之四百。和一百年前相比 这是个极大的变化,当时二氧化碳浓度仅为300ppm,80万年以来这个数字一直保持在300之下。We#39;ve used the most effective methods to increase the levels of CO2 in our atmosphere.burning coal,oil and natural gas,chopping down forests,and surprisingly making cement.In some respects 400 ppm is just an arbitrary figure.an attractively round number like the four-minute mile.or the 7 billion mark for world population.but it indicates that we have reached a new phase of our experiment.我们采用了最有效的方法来提高大气中的二氧化碳浓度:燃烧煤炭,油和天然气,砍伐森林,还有更令人惊讶的,制造水泥。在某些方面 400ppm只是一个任意设定的数字,一个吸引人的约整数。正如每英里四分钟(速度),或者是地球人口70亿大关。但这意味着我们已经达到了实验的新一个阶段。Each day forward,we go deeper into territory uncharted in human history!After 400ppm who knows what will happen?Actually,our preliminary results give us a pretty good idea.日复一日 我们向人类历史的未知地域探得越深!400ppm过后 谁知道会发生什么呢?实际上 我们的初步结果已带来了比较明确的思路。We#39;ve seen more and bigger floods,fires,droughts,and storms,Melting ice caps and rising sea levels.You may aly have experienced some of these yourself,and you can expect more in the future,Please publicize our experiment and tell your friends,family and politicians how important their contributions have been.我们已经目睹了更凶猛更频繁的洪水 大火和风暴。冰盖在融化 海平面在上升。你可能也已经亲身经历了当中的某些事情,在未来 你可以指望经历更多这样的事,请帮忙宣传我们的实验 并且告诉你的朋友 家人,以及政客们他们对实验的贡献有多重要。After all,it is people-like you and me and major corporations-with access to cars,air conditioning supermarkets,and so on who are responsible for the large majority of today#39;s greenhouse gas emissions.毕竟,是人类。如你我,还有那些大公司。通过开车,开空调,去超市购物等等,是这些人对今日排放的大部分温室气体负有责任。This global experiment can#39;t continue without your participation.So remember,the next time you let your car idle,leave the Ac on when you#39;re not home.or forget to eat the food you bought...yor#39;re part of something big.这项全球性的实验不能没有你的参与,所以请牢记,下次你让自己车闲置无用时,或是在不在家时开着空调,要么忘记吃自己带的食物,你就是那大计划的一部分。 Article/201501/353299

This is Orkney to live here is to know the importance of the sun.这是奥克尼,住在这里的人对太阳的重要性了然于心In the summer the days are long and full of light.夏季时,这里的白昼漫长明亮In December it#39;s a different story.但到了12月就完全变了样It#39;s midwinter.现在时值隆冬It#39;s about 11 in the morning and it#39;s still not light completely.已经上午十一点了,天还只是濛濛亮There#39;s a strong wind coming in off the Atlantic.大西洋上吹来阵阵强风And it#39;s cold and it#39;s wet and天气又冷又湿that#39;s pretty much typical of this time of the year up here.这里每年一到这个时节,就会这样Yet despite the cold,in the stone age,尽管寒冷,五千年前的石器时代5000 years ago a civilisation thrived here.曾有文明在这里兴盛发展The island is covered in the remains of their society.岛上遍布那个社会留下来的遗迹The ruins are full of mystery.废墟弥漫着神秘的气息We know little about the people who lived here.我们对住在这里的人所知甚少But they did leave evidence of the important role但由他们留下的线索可以判断the sun played in their lives.太阳在他们生活中所扮演的重要角色MaesHowe - a thousand years older than the pyramids年代比金字塔还早一千年的梅萧韦古墓葬is one of finest examples of stone age architecture.是最杰出的石器时代建筑典范之一On entering MaesHowe you have to crouch right down进梅萧韦古墓葬时,得要拱背弯腰and you#39;re confronted with a passage眼前的通道which seems to actually go on and on and on,似乎没完没了slightly, feel an impression of going uphill, up a slope.你有种走上坡路的感觉And coming through clearly another doorway.穿过另一道门Suddenly the whole thing opens out into the most amazing chamber.然后眼前豁然开朗,看到一座惊人的石室This alone is probably the highest and largest enclosed space这可能是新石器时代,奥克尼人看过the Neolithic Orkadians would have experienced.最大、最高的室内空间When it was excavated,十九世纪when it was first entered back in the 19th century the clay floor这里刚被人发现的时候,这里的黏土地板上was littered with broken pieces of human skull.布满了人类颅骨的碎片This is a place of the dead.这是个属于死者的地方This is a house of the dead.是亡灵之屋Most of the time the occupants of墓穴中的死者多半处于the tomb were left in complete darkness.伸手不见五指的黑暗中Then at sunset on the Winter Solstice但是到了冬至…the shortest day of the year即一年中最短的一天在落日时分something amazing happens.会发生一件惊人的事The light of the setting sun shines straight up落日的余晖射进入口隧道the entrance tunnel and illuminates the interior.照亮墓穴内部Well the significance is that it#39;s marking其重要性是标示了一年中the shortest time of the year,白昼最短、日照最少的一天with the least light,and from that point on,从这天开始slowly and gradually,the light is going to increase,日照会渐渐增加the days are going to grow longer.白昼会越来越长So what#39;s happening here,is that the dead,也就是说他们在一年中the ancestors, are being awoken on that shortest day.白昼最短的一天,唤醒往生的祖先 Article/201503/366740


  在接下来的50年里,人口会增长到九十亿--而且只有在提升最穷人的生活水准的情况下,我们才能控制人口增长。这个看似矛盾的是Hans Rosling在戛纳的TED会议上用新颖多的数据展示科技所揭示的。 Article/201508/395325。

  栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghai#39;s English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。 Article/201506/379215

  And as soon as I was having that thought,bang, I hit him.正当我想着呢 嘣 就撞上了It felt like hitting a wall.I thought I#39;d killed him.就像撞上一堵墙 我以为他被我撞死了I remember the impact, and I remember screaming,and I remember my first emotion was,if that had hit my head, I#39;d be dead.那撞击 那惨叫都还记忆犹新 我第一感觉就是 要是撞上了脑袋 我就死定了I was just looking at him,he was just in tears holding his leg.我就站在一旁看着他 他忍着泪水 紧紧抓着腿And I just,it#39;s the worst, worst feeling I#39;ve ever had.于是我 那真是我一生中最糟糕的时刻It wasn#39;t the mountains that got us.It wasn#39;t the crevasses or snakes.高山困不住我们 裂缝毒蛇也无法羁绊我的脚步Just this rare, rare occasion,you know, it was the camera.万万没有想到 竟是摄像机 给了我几乎致命的一击But, you know, that#39;s part of the job.That#39;s part of fighting to get that camera close to the action.但这就是工作的风险 必须让摄像机近距离拍摄下这一过程You know, Simon looks like he#39;s been in a boxing match.西蒙就像是刚从拳击场下来的人But the sun#39;s shining, and, you know, we#39;re alive.但太阳依然灿烂 我们还活着Our expedition is over.我们的探险告一段落It#39;s time to leave this frozen land and head for home.是时候离开这冰天雪地 回温暖的家了The last two days have pushed me to the limit and beyond.最近两天的经历 令我超越了自己的极限Let#39;s get into this.I aly had a huge respect for the forces of nature.上吧 我一直对大自然的力量充满了敬畏But that respect has just grown dramatically.但此时 这种敬畏才达到了无与伦比的高度Okay, I#39;m wet, cold, and I#39;ve got to act fast.浑身又湿又冷 我必须迅速行动What I#39;ve learned is that even when you control the elements,它又教会了我 即便你掌握了各种要素You never have true control over the environment.也无法真正掌控周遭环境And the worst can happen at any time.悲剧随时都有可能发生 Article/201703/498517That#39;s roughly the equivalent of having a 20-watt light bulb这就相当于有一盏20瓦的灯泡on inside your head, all the time.装在你身体里 还一直点亮着Most other primates use多数其他灵长类生物only 10% of their energy to fuel their brain.脑部只消耗10%的能量Our huge, hungry brains make us the exception.我们更大 更耗能的脑袋使我们有别于它们Our best guess is that, in humans,最合理的猜测是 once cooking enabled the gut to become smaller,烹饪使人类的肠胃变小then the energy spared from looking after the gut多余的能量就不用供给胃部was made available to the brain...直接供给脑部了...a very expensive organ that这么耗能的器官certainly needs to be fuelled from somewhere.当然需要能源补给了So it seems likely that what cooking did was make those big brains possible.很可能正是烹饪 让人类大脑得以进化But the big brain which has served us so well...但是我们一向表现良好的大脑...is now causing us great problems in the 21st century.却为21世纪的我们带来了大麻烦 Article/201506/378487Not having much luck in the romance department? Try dating like a man -- it may be just the jolt your love life needs.在浪漫的恋情方面运气不足?尝试像男人一样约会——或许这正是你的爱情生活所需要作出的改变。You Will Need你需要Courage勇气Full playing field充分发挥的余地Relaxed attitude放松的态度Patience耐心Steps步骤STEP 1 Make the first move1.主动迈出第一步Don#39;t wait for a man you#39;re interested in to approach you -- strike up a conversation with him. Women who make the first move have up to a 90 percent success rate.不要等待你感兴趣的男子接近你——发起对话。采取主动的女性成功的几率高达90%。STEP 2 Play the field2.多方面交往Play the field, even if you#39;ve met someone you really like. To date like a man, you must operate on the assumption that there might be someone even better out there -- at least until you#39;ve had enough time to know for sure that there isn#39;t.多结交几个人,即使你遇到了真正喜欢的人。像男人一样约会,你必须以还有人比对方更好为前提——至少直到你有足够的时间了解没有人比他更好为止。STEP 3 Chill3.冷静Chill out! Don#39;t view every person you date as a potential life partner. Focus on having fun, not finding true love.冷静一点。不要把每个约会对象视为潜在的生活伴侣。集中在好玩,而不是寻找真爱方面。STEP 4 Don#39;t get too invested4.不要太投入Don#39;t invest too much of yourself early in a relationship. Save the personal sacrifices and grand gestures for when he#39;s earned them.恋爱之初不要太投入。个人牺牲和较大的动作留到你赢得他的心之后。Don#39;t introduce a guy to your family until he#39;s taken you to meet his.在他带你见家人之前,不要把他介绍给你的家人。STEP 5 Keep your options open5.留出选择的余地Keep your options open. Resist making plans with a man too far in advance, and don#39;t try to book him for holidays or pin him down to vacations too early in the romance.给自己留有选择的余地。不要提前太早和一名男子制定计划,不要试图太早预订和他一起过假期。STEP 6 Don#39;t settle down too soon6.不要太早安定下来Don#39;t settle down until you have the education and experience to take care of yourself. Men often like to wait until their career is established and they#39;re financially stable before they get serious with someone, and that#39;s a good plan for women, too.不要太早安定下来,直到你接受了足够的教育,有照顾自己的经验。男性通常喜欢等到事业有成,经济状况稳定的时候才会认真对待一个人。对女性来说,这也是比较好的计划。40 percent of men date multiple women simultaneously, according to one poll. More than half of those men juggle at least 6 women.根据一项民意调查,40%的男性同时和几名女性约会。其中超过一半的人同时穿梭在至少6位女性中间。视频听力译文由。 Article/201503/366981

  The best place to see what effect global warming is having on the permafrost在永久冻土上是最好的观察全球变暖影响的地方is the many lakes found in this region.在这一地区有很多湖泊And that#39;s what#39;s brought ecologist Katey Walter to this frozen wasteland.这吸引了生态学家 凯蒂沃尔特 到来She believes she#39;s aly detected the first signs她相信她已经发现了第一个征兆that methane is being released from the permafrost.甲烷已经开始从永久冻土释放What#39;s happening is that the permafrost is melting and thawing永久冻土正在融化and slumping into the bottoms of the lakes.滑入湖泊的底部Those dead plants thaw out,这些死掉的植物解冻and they ferment at the bottom of the lake在湖底发酵and methane is the by-product. Methane comes out.甲烷同时产生,甲烷从湖里释出If Katey#39;s right, then we should be able to find methane almost everywhere.如果凯蒂是对的,我们应该能发现到处是甲烷Ah, this is the ice. I#39;ve got to the ice.啊,这是冰,我触到了冰Look at that, that#39;s beautiful! Oh, there#39;s bubbles.看那,真是漂亮噢,那是气泡The ice is over three feet thick这冰有一米厚and it#39;s full of bubbles trapped inside it.很明显冰里面截留大量的气泡The trouble is it won#39;t stay trapped in these bubbles for long.问题是冰不能截留这些气泡太久When the ice thaws in spring, the gas will escape.当冰在春天融化,气体会逃走 Article/201509/401497Are you tired of being liked, revered, respected, or admired? Spice things up by making a mortal enemy or two.你是否厌倦了被人喜爱,崇敬,尊重或羡慕?树立一两个死敌,为生命增添一点趣味。You Will Need你需要The desire to be disliked被人讨厌的渴望A computer电脑Persistence毅力Steps步骤STEP 1 Turn friends into enemies1.让朋友变成敌人Look around. You’ve got a potential army of enemies standing right in front of you. They’re called friends! Failing to repay large sums of money, sping rumors, and seducing their loved ones are great ways to give them the push they need towards enemy territory.四处看一下。你面前已经有很多潜在的敌人。那就是朋友!忘记偿还大笔欠款,到处散播谣言,引诱他们的爱人都是让把他们推向敌对的一面的好方法。STEP 2 Help your friends make enemies2.帮助朋友树立敌人Be proactive! Sp the gospel by helping your friends make a few enemies of their own! You’ll be on their st list in no time.先发制人!帮助朋友树立敌人,那你真是功德无量!不需要多少时间,你就会位于他们的拒绝往来名单上。STEP 3 Turn coworkers into enemies3.把同事变成敌人It’s time to convert your coworkers. They may not like you, but they’re not your enemies—yet. Make #39;office tattletale#39; your secret job description. Ask female coworkers how long they’ve been expecting. Start a personal boycott on flushing in the office bathroom.现在,是时候把同事变成敌人了。他们或许不喜欢你,但暂时还不是你的敌人。将“在办公室内搬弄是非”作为你的秘密工作任务。问女同事一些私密的问题。拒绝冲洗办公室洗手间。STEP 4 CC everyone you know4.转发邮件It’s the 21st century. If you’re not CC’ing everyone you know on at least three or four joke forwards and chain letters every single day, you’re missing out on the opportunity to make LOTS of new enemies.现在是21世纪。如果你每天没有至少三次或四次给你认识的所有人转发笑话或群发邮件,那就就错过了树敌的好机会。Always respond to mass e-mails you receive by Replying All. This will help get your name out there, and sp the word that you’re a complete dipst at the exact same time!收到区分那邮件后回复所有人。这样会让你的名字广为人知,与此同时广泛传播你收到的信件。STEP 5 Reach out to the community5.向社区进发By now you probably don’t have anyone left in your life, so if you want to keep making enemies, you’ll need to reach out to the community. That’s the ticket!现在,你的生活中或许都是敌人了。如果你想继续树敌,你需要向社区发出行动了。这样绝对可以!STEP 6 Visit your local restaurant6.去当地餐馆You’ve had a long day. Reward yourself with a visit to your favorite local restaurant. But careful, don’t tip! For good measure, tell them your reasons. You’re making enemies like a champ.终于过完忙碌的一天。奖励自己,到当地你最喜欢的餐馆就餐。小心一点,不要给小费!而且要告诉他们理由。你会所向披靡,树敌无数!The term #39;public enemy number one#39; was first coined in 1924 to refer to convicted murder Gerald Chapman.“头号公敌”这个属于首先出现在1924年,用来指代谋杀犯Gerald Chapman。 Article/201503/363977

  Here#39;s your milk这是你的牛奶Wait a minute, Barry等等 BarryThat was my 15-dollar Cabernet我15美元的解百纳and it just turned into a glass of milk就这样变成一杯牛奶了So Dr. Dolhun wants milk for his cookiesDolhun士想用牛奶搭配饼干but all he has is wine但他只有葡萄酒So to go from wine to milk为了从葡萄酒得到牛奶Barry pours the wine into another glassBarry将葡萄酒倒入另一个玻璃杯This glass contains barium chloride这个杯子里装有氯化钡and barium chloride dissolves in water forming barium 2+ and 2Cl-氯化钡会溶解于水,形成Ba2+和2Cl-Now barium 2+ reacts with the carbonate ions in the original solutionBa2+会同原溶液中的碳酸根离子反应to produce barium carbonate生成碳酸钡which is a solid white precipitate这是一种白色固体沉淀And of course the solid white precipitate makes it look like milk正是这种白色固体沉淀让溶液看起来像牛奶but is Dr. Dolhun satisfied with milk?但Dolhun士满足于牛奶吗Let#39;s find out我们看看That was my 15-dollar Cabernet我15美元的解百纳and it just turned into a glass of milk就这样变成一杯牛奶了Oh, sorry about that, I thought you would want milk哦,抱歉,我以为你想要牛奶Barry, it#39;s a bad deal Barry这太不划算了Is this milk organic?这种牛奶是有机的吗Uh, no呃,不是Barry, come on, you have to do something Barry这可不行,你得做点什么OK, how about this? I#39;ll treat you...好,这个怎么样I#39;ll give you some beer. It#39;s on the house我为你提供一些免费啤酒Beer?啤酒吗Yeah, as a little substitute low-paid return for messing up your order对,作为之前过失的一点小小补偿So just take that from me here尝尝这个That is nice这很不错A beer with a frothy top on it一杯起泡的啤酒Very good, Barry很好 BarryEnjoy it慢用Finally, Barry turns the milk into beer最终 Barry将牛奶变成了啤酒To do this, he adds some hydrochloric acid to the mix为了做到这个,他往混合物中加了一些盐酸Now this dissolves the barium carbonate, the solid white precipitate盐酸会溶解碳酸钡这种白色沉淀And this is the reaction反应是这样的So he adds the hydrochloric acid which他加入了盐酸breaks apart the barium carbonate solid分解了碳酸钡沉淀This yields barium, water and carbon dioxide gases released这会生成钡离子,水和二氧化碳作为气体逸出And this H plus in the reaction comes from the hydrochloric acid而这里反应中的H+来自盐酸To get the yellow beer color为了得到黄色啤酒颜色Barry throws in some dye chromate which is yellowBarry还加入了黄色染料铬酸盐and he puts a lump of solid carbon dioxide他还加入了一块固体二氧化碳or dry ice in it to make it bubble也就是干冰,让溶液起泡So did Dr. Dolhun and Barry show us today?回顾一下Dolhun士和Barry今天所演示的内容They took a clear solution with certain chemicals in it他们使用了一种无色透明液体,其中具有特定化学物质that turns color pink when another chemical is added加入另一种化学物质后,颜色变为粉红色then goes milky when another chemical is added之后加入另一种化学物质后,变为牛奶状then goes clear again when another is added and then之后加入另一种化学物质后,变得澄清goes yellow and bubbles when two more chemicals are added之后再加入两种化学物质后,溶液变成黄色并起泡This shows us how chemistry can be used to program a system这让我们了解到,化学能够被用于设计一个系统to take on different observable properties来得到不同的观测性质It#39;s truly magical真的很神奇That#39;s it for me. Hope you enjoyed the magic就到这里,但愿大家喜欢这种神奇的化学 Article/201502/358339

  The scientific community was transfixed.整个科学界惊呆了For decades the coelacanth had been touted as a possible transitional form between fish and tetrapods,几十年来,腔棘鱼一直被奉为鱼和四足动物之间的过渡型物种but no one had really known enough about it. It existed only as a fossil.不过,当时无人对它有足够了解,人们只把它当成是一种活化石Smith proclaimed the coelacanth a transitional formSmith声称腔棘鱼就是过渡型物种and as proof he announced that it would actually walk on the bottom of the sea.为了自圆其说,他提出它应该能在海底行走I have no doubt that this fish crawls about on the bottom quite easily.我完全肯定这种鱼能在海底轻松地爬行Yes, the Professor says the fish is a kind of ancestor of man. Poor fish.是的,教授说这种鱼就是人类的一个祖先,可怜的鱼But he knew he would have to find one alive and walking to prove the coelacanth was the elusive transitional form.可是他很清楚他必须找到另一条活着且能行走的腔棘鱼,以明腔棘鱼确实是难得一见的过渡型物种He looked for 13 years until another one was found, and it didn#39;t walk - it swam.他寻找了13年,最后终于找到了一条,但它不会行走,只会游泳It was just another fish.它只是一条鱼Well it was thrown out. There were quite a lot of nasty letters send to J.L.B. too它被完全否定了,J.L.B.Smith收到了很多写满污言秽语的信件to say that he was having a daydream.说他简直是白日做梦There were still no transitional forms,看来还是没有过渡型物种nothing to show that a fish with fins had walked over land and evolved into our first ancestor with legs,没有什么能说明长着鳍的鱼为何会爬到陆地上,进化成我们最早的长着腿的祖先nothing to silence the creationists and there it rested for 30 years.也没有什么能堵住神创论者们的嘴,这个问题搁置了30多年。 Article/201702/492682。

  Bacon and eggs for breakfast.早餐来一份培根加蛋Steaming roast beef for lunch.午饭来份烤蒸牛肉Followed by a helping of apple crumble接着再来点苹果酥and a dollop of fresh cream.加上一口新鲜奶油We all have our favourite food.人人都有自己最爱吃的食物It#39;s a feast for the eyes,那是视觉的盛筵a temptation for the nose是香味扑鼻的诱惑and pure pleasure for the mouth.是唇齿留香的享受But it might be that what we eat has done much more to make us what we are而饮食对于人类进化的影响之大than anyone could possibly have imagined.可能超乎所有人想象Food is absolutely critical to human evolution.饮食对人类进化 绝对有着举足轻重的作用What is on our plate is the most direct link we have with our ancestors.我们的盘中餐 就是我们和祖先最直接的联系We couldn#39;t have become the dominant creatures we are without it.没有它们 人类就不可能进化为优势物种From a single ingredient that transformed us forever.本节目将从奠定人类发展史的肉食开始 Article/201504/369316



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