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考研英语 考研英语: 写作亮点词汇 -- :8:18 来源:   1. By common consent 可译为:被公认,众望所归  . There is ;the democratizing unimity of dress and discourse, and the casualness and absence of deference; characteristic of popular cultue. 这是节选自年text1的一句话整句话可译为:大众文化的特点是;在饰和谈吐方面大众化的一致性,漫不经心和不拘小节;请大家注意当中 unimity和absence of deference的翻译方式,这是我们在写作中可以套用的亮点词(另外,补充的就是大家在做或练习题时,都可以积累很多可以在写作中出的词汇)  3. the third consecutive month 可译为:连续三个月  . Be called into question 可译为:;;受到质疑  5. Starting salary 可译为:起薪;emerging adult可译为:刚成年的孩子(这是o7年中的词汇,完全可以在写作当中运用)  6. Spell 可译为:拼写,意味着,招致  7. Look up to sb as 可译为:尊;;为;;  8. Shove the heavy load onto sb. 可译为:把重担推给;;  9. Shrug his low opinion of 可译为:对;;不屑一顾  . A sudden gust of cold wind 可译为:一股突然刮来的冷风  . Compelling work 可译为:杰出的作品  . Have no reference to 可译为:没有提及  . But the system is not infallible, and inernet users frequently find ways to skirt the censors. 可译为:但这套体系也非绝对可靠,互联网用户经常能找到办法绕开监管  . His firm is just on thin ice of bankruptcy. 可译为:他的商号正面临破产的危险  . Superior skills 可译为:高超技术

英语专业四级 年专业英语四级考试阅读理解练习(一) --6 :: 来源: As many as one thousand years ago in the Southwest, the Hopi and Zuni Indians of North America were building with adobe-sun baked brick plastered with mud. Their homes looked remarkably like modern apartment houses. Some were four stories high and contained quarters perhaps a thousand people, along with store rooms grain and other goods. These buildings were usually put up against cliffs, both to make construction easier and defense against enemies. They were really villages in themselves, as later Spanish explorers must have realized since they called them “pueblos”, which is Spanish town.The people of the pueblos raised what are called“the three sisters” - corn, beans, and squash. They made excellent pottery and wove marvelous baskets, some so fine that they could hold water. The Southwest has always been a dry country, where water is scarce. The Hopi and Zuni brought water from streams to their fields and gardens through irrigation ditches. Water was so important that it played a major role in their religion. They developed elaborate ceremonies and religious rituals to bring rain.The way of life of less settled groups was simpler and more strongly influenced by nature. Small tribes such as the Shoshone and Ute wandered the dry and mountainous lands between the Rocky Mountains and the Pacific Ocean. They gathered seeds and hunted small animals such as small rabbits and snakes. In the Far North the ancestors of today’s Inuit hunted seals, walruses, and the great whales. They lived right on the frozen seas in shelters called igloos built of blocks of packed snow. When summer came, they fished salmon and hunted the lordly caribou.The Cheyenne, Pawnee, and Sioux tribes, known as the Plains Indians, lived on the grasslands between the Rocky Mountains and the Mississippi River. They hunted bison, commonly called the buffalo. Its meat was the chief food of these tribes, and its hide was used to make their clothing and covering of their tents and tipis.1. What does the passage mainly discuss?A. The architecture of early American Indian buildings.B. The movement of American Indians across North America.C. Ceremonies and rituals of American Indians.D. The way of life of American Indian tribes in early North America.. It can be inferred from the passage that the dwellings of the Hopi and Zuni were______.A. very small?B. highly advanced?C. difficult to defend?D. quickly constructed1. D) 根据阅读短文可知,作者主要描述了北美地区不同印第安部落的不同的生活方式 故选项D为正确. B) 此题为推断题根据文章第一段可知,早在一千年前Hopi和Zuni两北美印第安部落就用一种砖坯“adobe”来建造房屋,高可达四层楼高,有居住室还有储藏室,颇像现代的公寓,故选项B(高度发达)为正确

  如:In general, the tests work most efficiently when the qualities to be measured can be most precisely defined…

英语能力>英语作文>初二英语作文 是人类最好的朋友(Dogs Are Peoples Friends) -- ::3 来源: Dogs Are Peoples Friends Nowadays there are so many animals out there make people in real life happier. Dog is the best example to identify. As many people believe dog is man's best freind, this is very true.It not just entertain us, however, sometimes dogs could actually help their owner do some work! When we are bored, we might take our dogs a walk, we could play with them. Mainly dogs listen to their owner all the time, they are most obedient pet out of all kinds of animals.Peeple like dogs simply because, they are cute, they make fun of us and most significantly, dogs make people happier. Theree, saying dogs are people's friend have nothing wrong, they actually obtain the most closest relationship with the human beings out of all animals.

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作文范文:大学毕业后 -- 00:1: 来源:   在英语六级备考过程中,六级作文部分是非常重要的,也是让考生最头疼的内容,作文除了需要我们有一定的词汇积累,也需要我们不间断的练习,练习多了才能熟能生巧,才能下笔成章下面为大家整理了大学英语六级作文范文,供广大考生备考使用  题目要求:  Big City or Small Town  1. 很多的大学生毕业后留在大城市工作;  . 也有人选择到小城镇开始自己的职业生涯;  3. 结合自己的实际情况谈谈自己的想法  参考范文:  Want to be a small fish in a big pond or the other way round? Every graduate faces this question when he starts his career. A large number of college graduates prefer to stay in the big cities. To them, big cities mean more experiences, more opporties to see the big world and more space career development. At the same time, higher salary is another temptation.  But some other graduates want to start in small towns. Even though there may not be many big companies, they can have a quieter and less competitive life. Another reason is that they can be a big fish in a small pond. They can easily get the management’s attention and may win promotion earlier.  As far as I am concerned, I prefer to start in a metropolis like Shanghai. A good begin is half the battle, and in Shanghai I can find a job in a big company where I can meet people from different places and cultures. I will learn from them what I can not get from textbooks.

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