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乾安县中医医院的信誉吉林第一医院预约As China#39;s sex toy industry penetrates more and more people#39;s bedrooms, experts have again called for industrial standards to be established to better regulate the almost unsupervised sector.越来越多的国人喜欢买充气娃娃。专家再次强调,应当建立相关监管部门,妥善制定产业标准。More sex toys were sold on this year#39;s Singles#39; Day on November 11 - the country#39;s annual online shopping spree - than in previous years.双十一是一年一度的网上购物狂欢节。今年双十一,情趣玩具销量火爆。A search of online retail platform Taobao for sex dolls yielded 61,900 hits as of press time. The three most popular models on the site, which cost between 150 to 600 yuan (-92) each, have been ordered 10,900 times in November so far.网上销售平台淘宝的充气娃娃卖到了61900件。最火的三种娃娃在150-600元(23-92美元)之间,自11月以来已经卖出了10900件。According to the Guangzhou-based New Express newspaper, an online pharmacy sold 500 sex dolls on November 11 and another sex doll store owner claimed that 2,500 sex dolls were sold on the same day.根据广州《新快报》的消息,一家在线药店在双十一卖出了500件充气娃娃。另一家充气娃娃店主称一天卖出去了2500件。Citing Taobao data, the newspaper said that the number of sex toys being bought online has grown by 50 percent annually in recent years, with an estimated 30 million Chinese people buying sex toys online in 2015.根据淘宝的数据,该报纸称今年情趣玩具的销量比前几年上涨了50%。2015年,大概有3000万的中国人购买情趣玩具。Data released by market research firm Analysys International showed that the B2C market volume of sex toys in China topped 3.38 billion yuan in 2013, up 73.6 percent on the previous year. The figure will grow at 58 percent annually in the next three years, Analysys estimated.根据市场公司易观国际的数据显示,2013年中国电子商务市场的情趣玩具销售额达到了33.8亿元,比前一年上涨了73.6%。分析人员认为,销售额在未来三年以每年58%的速度持续增长。The production of sex-related products was overseen by the food and drug administration until 2012. Now, different products are managed by different government departments including the family planning department and the health authorities. However there is no specific department responsible for regulating the production of sex toys, said an Analysis report issued in February.二月份的一份分析报告称,2012年以前,性用品都是受到食品和药品监管的。现在,不同用品由不同的政府部门监管,包括家庭计生部门和健康机构。然而,没有一家单独的部门负责监管情趣用品。Chinese sexologists have called for a standardization of the industry since 2012, but little has been done.从2012年起,中国的性学家就呼吁将该产业标准化,但是几乎没什么效果。;As China produces 70 percent of the world#39;s sex toys, some big manufacturers that conduct international trade will use international standards such as a FDA certification, while the domestic market remains poorly-regulated,; Tony Tong, founder of New Kinsey, a Shanghai sexology research institute, told the Global Times.童托尼是上海性调查机构金赛研究所的创始人,他认为:“中国生产世界上70%的情趣玩具,就应该使用美国食品药品(FDA)书标准。但是,中国的市场让人没有得到妥善监管。”According to research conducted by Su Weiguo, chairman of the China Council on the Science of Sex, some vibrators are made from industrial silicone rather than materials designed for human contact.根据中国性科学理事会苏卫国发起的研究结果,许多震动棒都是由工业硅树脂做成,而非皮肤可接触的材料。Many comments on Taobao sex toy stores complain about the ;sour and sticky; plastic smell of the products as well as their dirty packages. Others wrote of feeling ;uncomfortable; after using the products, with some claiming their genitals became inflamed. A few sex doll users wrote that their shoddy inflatable lovers exploded during sex.淘宝上关于情趣用品商店的的评价很多都是抱怨塑料味“又酸又粘”和包裹太脏。其他人认为用完产品后“不舒”,或生殖器感染。有些充气娃娃使用者表示他们在使用过程中充气娃娃爆炸了。 /201511/412673长春朝阳区宽城区二道区绿园区南关区医院电话预约 长春哪家医院做无痛人流技术好

长岭县做无痛人流医院吉林妇幼保健院做彩超多少钱 India may have a selfie-loving prime minister, Narendra Modi, but Indians in general seem to be bad at selfie safety. Of at least 27 ;selfie related; deaths around the world last year, about half occurred in India, reports show.印度也许有个最热爱自拍的首相--纳伦德拉·莫迪,但是总体看来,印度人在自拍安全方面做得很差。一篇报道显示,在去年全世界27例与自拍相关的死亡事件当中,其中有一半发生在印度。In 2015, Indians taking selfies died while posing in front of an oncoming train, in a boat that tipped over at a picnic, and on the slippery edge of a scenic river canal. Also, in September, a Japanese tourist trying to take a selfie fell down steps at the Taj Mahal, suffering fatal head injuries.2015年,印度的自拍致死有的是因为在呼啸而来的火车面前摆姿势,有的是因为在船上野餐时净顾着自拍结果船翻了,还有则是因为在湿滑的河岸旁行走。去年九月,一位日本游客在自拍的时候从泰姬陵的台阶上摔了下来,造成了致命的头部伤害。A Mumbai police spokesman, Dhananjay Kulkarni, told the B that police would be asking city officials to take steps to reduce the risk of selfies at popular tourist spots such as the city#39;s famous Marine Drive, including deploying life guards and posting warning signs. Police would also be giving warnings, authorities said.孟买警方发言人告诉B,警方将要求城市官员采取措施,来降低包括孟买的海滨大道在内的著名景点的自拍风险。相关措施包括部署救生员和张贴警示标志。此外,当局表示,警方也会给出警示。Selfie-related deaths have continued in 2016 as well, with two people dying near the Bandra in Mumbai by drowning. Mumbai police then identified 16 #39;no-selfie zones#39; in the city to combat the menace.2016年,自拍死亡事件还在继续,有两个人在孟买的班德拉附近溺水而亡。为此,孟买警方在市区确认了16个;不许自拍区域;,以应对这种威胁。 /201601/423649长春打胎大约多少钱

长春三院做无痛人流要多少钱Surprise! Your Dog Can Tell If You Are Happy Or Angry家犬可以分辨人类喜怒哀乐While every dog owner knows that their pooch can discern their moods perfectly, scientists have always been a little skeptical. Now thanks to some researchers at the University of Veterinary Medicine in Vienna, Austria, we finally have some tangible evidence.虽然每个的主人都认为他们的宝贝可以察觉自己的心情,科学家总会对此产生质疑。现在,通过奥地利维也纳兽医大学的研究,我们终于找到了一些确凿据。For their study, biologist Corsin Müller and his team selected eleven dogs, including nine Border Collies, a Fox Terrier, and a Sheltie. They began by exposing the dogs to digital images of women that were either angry or happy. Half the dogs were rewarded for touching the screen when shown a happy face, while the other half got their treat for selecting those that appeared angry.在他们的研究中,生物学家Corsin Müller和他的研究小组挑选了11只,其中包括9只边境牧羊犬,一只猎狐梗和一只德国牧羊犬。最开始,他们给展示或悲或喜的女性电子版图像,然后把分成两组,一组成功触摸到开心表情的会获得奖励,而另一组选择愤怒表情的才会获得奖励。。What was interesting was the pooches were not provided with the entire face. Some dogs were shown only upper halves while others observed lower halves. That#39;s because the scientists who published their findings in the journal Current Biology on February 12th, believe that humans show their emotions on their entire face. Hence by exposing them to just partial expressions the researchers were teaching the dogs to recognize small nuances like the wrinkle between the eyes or the changes in their shape that accompany the happy or angry expressions.有趣的是,他们只给看一部分脸。有些只能看到上半边脸,而另一些则看到下半边。因为这项研究2月12日在《当代生物学》上发表的文章提过,人们整张脸都会流露出他们的感情。因此,给展示部分图像,意在训练它们察觉人面部表情的细节,比如眼角的褶皱或者眼睛形状的变化与开心或者愤怒的表情总相伴而来。While the dogs were able to grasp both emotions, the researchers found that those being trained to angry expressions took longer to learn. They speculate it may be because dogs find angry faces aversive, causing them to retreat quickly. 虽然最后受训的都能顺利分辨出人的表情,科学家们发现分辨愤怒的表情对来说还是要花些时间的。他们认为这可能是因为对生气的脸有负面联想。Given the close bond between dogs and their owners, most researchers are not surprised at the findings of the study. The one thing they are not sure of is how this expression discerning ability is affected if the dog does not have close human contact. And in case you are wondering, the team does plan on conducting similar studies on cats and even pigs and hand-raised wolves. So stay tuned to see if your beloved pet is as smart as dogs are!和它们的主人素来比较亲密,大多数科学家对此调查结果并没有大惊小怪。不过他们还是不确定那些与人类没有亲密接触的是否有这种能力。科学家和我们一样好奇,他们已经计划在猫、猪和人工饲养的狼身上进行类似实验了。所以,让我们关注后续实验,看看是否其他宠物跟一样聪明。译文属原创,仅供学习和交流使用,未经许可,。 /201510/397412 A store that sells sugar-roasted chestnuts is facing a fine of 200,000 yuan (,500) after advertising its products as ;the best; in Hangzhou, Zhejiang province.浙江杭州的一家糖炒栗子店因宣传自己为“杭州最优秀”,将面临20万元(约30500美金)的罚款。Law enforcement personnel said the store had violated the country#39;s Advertising Law and relevant regulations when it used ;the best; or ;the most; in its advertising.执法人员表示,该商铺号称“最优秀”,违反了国家广告法不得使用 “最高级”、“最佳”等用语的规定。Fang Linfu, boss of the Hangzhou Fanglinfu Sugar-Roasted Chestnut Store, said he was shocked when he received the fine on Jan 8. The ticket was written by the marketing supervision administration of the city#39;s Xihu district. Fang, 46, said he refused to accept it.杭州方林富糖炒板栗店的老板方林富说,1月8日当他收到这张由西湖区市场监督开出的罚款单时,感到很震惊。46岁的方老板表示,他拒绝接受处罚。Fang said he has been using ;the best products; in promotions and advertising for more than 15 years, and no one has questioned him or asked him to stop using such words in all that time.方老板说,他用“最好的产品”来促销和宣传,已经有15年的时间了,从没有人质疑过他,或是要求他停用这样的字眼。Fang said he used the words to promote his products because he thought they really were the best in the city. He has been roasting and selling sugar-roasted chestnuts for more than two decades and his products are well-known.他说,之所以用“最”这个字来宣传,是因为他觉得他的产品确实是杭州最好的。他已经炒栗子卖栗子20多年了,他的栗子远近闻名。When Fang refused to accept the fine, the marketing supervision administration agreed to hold a public hearing. ;But they didn#39;t tell me when the hearing will be held,; Fang said, adding that his business license would be revoked if he refused to pay the fine.因方老板拒绝接受罚款,市场监督管理部门同意举行公开听会。“但他们并没有告诉我何时举行听会。”方老板补充说。如果他拒不缴交罚款,那么他的营业执照将会被撤销。 /201601/423387长春市那里看妇科医院好长春市中医院概况



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