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吉林省妇女儿童医院好不长春无痛人流安全医院Love's first blush fading? Lost that loving feeling? Love is not all around?没有了初次见面的怦然心动,没有了恋爱的感觉,你的爱情不复存在?Take heart, scientists have discovered that people can have a love that lasts a lifetime.振作一点!科学家已经发现真爱可以相伴人们一生。Using brain scans, researchers at Stony Brook University in New York have discovered a small number of couples respond with as much passion after 20 years together as most people only do during the early throes of romance, Britain's Sunday Times newspaper reported.本周日英国泰晤士报报道,纽约州立大学石溪分校的研究者采用大脑扫描发现,少数夫妇在共同生活20年后仍然热情不减,而这种热情多数人只在浪漫爱情的早期有所体会。The researchers scanned the brains of couples together for 20 years and compared them with results from new lovers, the Times said.泰晤士报称,研究者扫描了共同生活20年的夫妇的大脑,然后将结果与扫描新情侣的结果进行对比。About 10 percent of the mature couples had the same chemical reactions when shown photographs of their loved ones as those just starting out.当看到爱人照片的时候,大约有10%的成年夫妇产生的化学反应,与俩人当初相爱时一样。Previous research has suggested that the first stages of romantic love fade within 15 months and after 10 years it has gone completely, the newspaper said.文章表示,此前有研究表明,浪漫爱情的第一波在15个月内消褪,并在10年后完全消失。"The findings go against the traditional view of romance--that it drops off sharply in the first decade--but we are sure it's real," said Arthur Aron, a psychologist at Stony Brook, told the Times.石溪分校的心理学家阿瑟·阿隆告诉对泰晤士报称:“这个发现虽然与传统的爱情观念相悖——感情会在前十年间急剧降温——但我们确信这是真的。” /200906/74855长春做无痛人流那里好 到底美国总统Obama的中文名字是“奥巴马”(大陆译法)还是“欧巴马”(台湾、美国使馆的译法),本想就这个题目写篇客,不过《华盛顿邮报》11月16日就这个题目发表该报记者发自北京的报道,题为Diplomatic tussle: 'Aobama' or 'Oubama'?(外交角力:“奥巴马”还是“欧巴马”?),今天就转载一下(英语原文附后): /200912/934401. Flash photography emphasizes pink tones, so be sure to even out skin with a yellow toned foundation. Start around the nose and mouth where there's redness, then blend out to the rest of the face.  用闪光灯拍照会突出粉色调,所以务必涂黄色调粉底来均匀肤色。从鼻子和嘴部周围发红的地方涂起,然后再向脸部其他部位均匀涂开。  2. Set concealer and foundation with sheerfinish loose powder to make them longer-lasting and to ensure that skin doesn't shine in pictures.  扫上羽柔蜜粉来固定遮瑕膏和粉底以使它们效果持久,并确保照片中的皮肤不会泛油光。  3. If your dress has an open neckline, be sure to warm up your neck and chest with a dusting of bronzing powder.  如果你的礼有一个敞开的领口,在脖子和胸部扫上一层薄薄的古铜色散粉,使它们呈现出暖色调。  4. Even if you think you won't cry,chances are you will. Use a water-resistant eyeliner that can withstand tears. Try Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner applied with the Ultra Fine Liner Brush. If you prefer to line with shadow, make it longerlasting by applying it with a slightly damp eyeliner brush. Finish with a water-resistant mascara.  即使你觉得自己不会哭,到时候哭的可能性还是很大。使用可以抵住泪水的防水眼线笔,可以试试用精细眼线笔涂波比·布朗流云眼线膏。如果你喜欢用眼影来画眼线,用微湿的眼线笔来画可以保持得更久一些。最后可以涂上防水睫毛膏。  5.After applying all your eye makeup, finish with a highlighter shade on the browbone for a bright-eyed effect. Rub your finger in a light matte shade and pat lightly on the outer corner of the browbone.  画完眼妆后,在眉骨的地方涂上高光色,使眼睛明亮。在一根手指上沾上一种无光的浅色,轻轻地拍在眉骨的外侧。 /201108/150011长春市一院可以治疗漏尿症吗

吉林中医院门诊怎么样Since 1789 the Debrett#39;s publishing house, which describes itself as ;Britain#39;s leading experts on manners and behaviour,; has been offering authoritative guides on how to handle life#39;s social curveballs with tact, breeding, and aplomb.自1789年以来,自诩为;英国顶级礼仪与举止专家;的德布雷特出版公司(Debrett#39;s)就一直出版各种权威礼仪指南,教导人们如何机智、有教养并沉着地处理各种社交问题。Now it has addressed one of life#39;s high, inside fastballs: divorce.现在,这家出版公司又瞄准了人生中一个重大的难题:离婚。Its volume on this unusually bellicose subject was authored by the family law department of Mishcon de Reya, a London-based, transatlantic law firm. The resulting collaboration, Debrett#39;s Guide to Civilised Separation, debuts February 29. (Though the book is never so indiscreet as to say so, Mishcon represented Diana, Princess of Wales, in connection with her divorce.)《德布雷特文明离婚指南》(Debrett#39;s Guide to Civilised Separation)一书将于2月29日问世。这本书由Mishcon de Reya律师事务所的家庭法律部编撰,探讨了离婚这个格外充满火药味的话题。这家律师事务所总部位于伦敦,是一家欧洲法律机构。(虽然这本新书并没有不知分寸地乱说,但Mishcon de Reya事务所确实在威尔士王妃离婚案中担任了戴安娜王妃的法律代表。)In this handsome, 61-page paperback;the cover shows a poker-faced lovebird taking flight from its poker-faced ex-mate;the Mishcon lawyers provide compassionate but clear-eyed advice about the emotional process they#39;ve observed so many times from a healthy distance. Though Americans may bridle at the notion of being taught manners, the book really just aims to give sound advice for getting through the ordeal with maximum dispatch and minimum damage to children. Following its advice could save you some billable hours, too, the solicitors point out, since, as Robert Louis Stevenson once observed, ;Compromise is the best and cheapest lawyer.;这本装帧精美的平装本共61页,封面是一只面无表情的爱情鸟正在飞离它那面无表情的前任;爱侣;。Mishcon de Reya事务所的律师们一直站在必要的距离之外观察离婚这个情绪化的过程。他们在书中根据大量的观察,给出了富有同情心但又异常冷静的建议。美国人或许会对这种教授礼仪的概念不屑一顾,不过这本书实际上只是试图提供一些合理的建议,帮助读者在这个让人倍感煎熬的过程中实现最高的效率,以及最大程度地降低对孩子的伤害。律师们指出,遵循书中的建议也可以让人们省下一笔钱,不用花冤枉钱去资讯按小时收费的律师;正如罗伯特bull;路易斯bull;斯蒂文森曾说过的:;体谅是最出色、最便宜的律师。;The book#39;s advice is, of course, ;aspirational,; says Sandra Davis, the head of Mishcon#39;s divorce unit, in an interview, ;because inevitably divorce is a very destructive event and people don#39;t always feel at their best nor can they react positively to every situation with a great degree of control. But certainly when there are children involved it#39;s important to be able to maintain a co-parenting relationship.;Mishcon de Reya事务所离婚部门的负责人桑德拉;戴维斯在一次采访中表示,书中的建议当然是;人们梦寐以求的;,;因为离婚必然具有非常巨大的破坏力。人们有时候难免情绪低落,也无法拿出极佳的自制力来积极应对所有的情况。但可以肯定的是,如果离婚牵扯到小孩,能否保持共同抚养的关系是非常重要的一点。;While safeguarding the children#39;s emotional health is its own reward, it happens to be sound financial policy, too, notes Mishcon#39;s New York-based family law partner, Michael Stutman, in an interview. Cooperation can save expenses on ;all the collaterals; of ;unwinding the mess that you#39;ve made,; he explains, like when ;you start trotting the children off to therapists and tutors because they#39;re not paying attention, because they#39;re distracted, because they#39;re anxious.;Mishcon de Reya事务所的纽约地区家庭法律合伙人迈克尔;斯塔特曼在一次采访中称,保障孩子们的情绪健康不仅是为了孩子们好,同时也是明智的理财策略。他解释道,事情搞得一团糟之后再做补救需要花钱,但合作却能省下这笔的费用。譬如下面这种情况:(因为处理不善);孩子开始出现注意力不集中、容易分心、焦虑等现象,(做父母的只得心急火燎地)带他们去看治疗师和心理辅导师。;。The book#39;s advice is wide-ranging and practical, including suggestions about how to tell the children; how to dress and behave in court; how and where to conduct visitational handovers; how to deal with post-divorce bar mitzvahs, weddings, and funerals; getting back on your feet romantically, and more.这本书的建议涉及范围很广,也很实用,包括:如何告诉孩子父母要离婚的消息;出席法庭时穿什么,在法庭上的行为举止应该注意什么问题;如何以及在哪里进行探视交接;如何处理离婚后男孩的受诫礼、婚礼以及葬礼;如何从头再来,投入新的恋情,等等。 /201202/171952吉林妇女儿童医院预定电话 As a new father, I quickly learned the true meaning of maternal instinct. Late one night, I was summoned to the hospital to attend to one of my patients. I quietly got up in the dark but tripped over a toy and crashed to the floor. As I lay there rubbing my sore leg, my wife slept on.   Then there was a faint cough from the nursery. Debra leaped out of bed, running past me down the hall to our baby's room. When she returned, she looked at me and said, "What on earth are you doing on the floor?" 刚刚作了父亲,我就很快体会到母性本能的涵义了。一个深夜,医院召我去照应一位病人。我悄悄地在黑暗中起了床,但一只脚绊在一个玩具上,扑通一声摔在地板上。我倒在那里,揉着疼痛的腿,妻子毫无反应地继续睡着。   突然,婴儿房传来轻微的咳嗽声。戴拉跃下床来,从我身边跑过,下了客厅到我们婴儿的房间。她返回来时,看了看我说:“你究竟在地板上干什么?” /201109/153072吉林省长春市妇女儿童医院图片

吉林大学第二医院网上咨询Picture a child of 8 or so. He wakes up and carefully makes his bed before going downstairs and emptying the dishwasher. He fixes himself a bowl of cereal and calmly eats it at the table, then clears his place, rinses the bowl and spoon, and places them both in the now-empty dishwasher. 想象一个八岁左右的孩子,早上醒来后先仔细整理好自己的床铺,然后下楼将洗碗机中的碗碟拿出来,接着给自己冲上一碗麦片,坐在桌边安静地吃完,接下来清理餐桌,将碗勺洗冲干净,放进已是空着的洗碗机内。 If this seems like some sort of mythical youngster from a faraway culture or a bygone age, you may be in the market for one of the parenting books smartly reviewed by Elizabeth Kolbert in this week#39;s New Yorker. Summing up the point of both the books and the review, she writes, #39;With the exception of the imperial offspring of the Ming dynasty and the dauphins of pre-Revolutionary France, contemporary American kids may represent the most indulged young people in the history of the world.#39; 如果在你看来,这个孩子虚幻得像一个来自远古文明或某个逝去年代的年轻人,那么伊丽莎白#8226;科尔伯特(Elizabeth Kolbert)这周为《纽约客》(New Yorker)就育儿书撰写的精书评中提到的那些书籍,你很可能会乐意读上一本。她在总结这些书籍和相关书评的要点时写道:“除了中国明朝的皇子皇孙和法国大革命前的王储,现在的美国小孩有可能是有史以来最娇生惯养的年轻人。” Kolbert describes an anthropologist#39;s encounter with 6-year-old Yanira, part of a remote Peruvian tribe. On a leaf-gathering expedition with another family, Yanira constantly makes herself useful she sweeps the sleeping mats twice a day; she fishes for crustaceans, cooks them up and serves them to the others. #39;Calm and self-possessed, Yanira #39;asked for nothing,#39; #39; Kolbert writes of the anthropologist#39;s impressions. 在书评中,科尔伯特描述了一名人类学家遇到的秘鲁一个遥远部落的孩子雅尼拉(Yanira)。六岁的雅尼拉在和另一个家庭一起外出收集树叶时,一直尽量使自己有用武之地──每天清扫睡觉的垫子两次;捕捉甲壳类动物并将它们煮熟给同行的其他人食用。科尔伯特描述了这个女孩留给这名人类学家的印象:沉着冷静,从不主动要求任何东西。 The same anthropologist was part of a family study in Los Angeles as well, with very different results. In those families, #39;no child routinely performed household chores without being instructed to. Often, the kids had to be begged to attempt the simplest tasks; often, they still refused. 瞰In [one] representative encounter, an eight-year-old girl sat down at the dining table. Finding that no silverware had been laid out for her, she demanded, #39;How am I supposed to eat?#39; Although the girl clearly knew where the silverware was kept, her father got up to get it for her.#39; 这名人类学家同时也参与了一个有关洛杉矶家庭的调查研究,但这些家庭的情况与秘鲁部落的截然不同。在这些家庭中,“没有孩子会在无人吩咐的情况下主动定期做家务。经常是你不得不求着他们去尝试一些最简单的活;更经常的是,他们还会拒绝。……一个很有代表性的案例:一个八岁的女孩坐在餐桌边,发现面前没有摆好银餐具,她要求道,‘没有餐具,我怎么吃呢?’尽管这个女孩很清楚它们放在哪里,但她父亲还是起身给她取了过来。” Madeline Levine#39;s #39;Teach Your Children Well: Parenting for Authentic Success#39; places much of the blame on parents#39; keen desire that their children be special in all things, Kolbert says. #39;Being special takes hard work and can#39;t be trusted to children,#39; writes Levine. #39;Hence the exhausting cycle of constantly monitoring their work and performance, which in turn makes children feel less competent and confident, so that they need even more oversight.#39; 科尔伯特说,玛德琳#8226;莱文(Madeline Levine)在《教好你的小孩:真正成功的育儿之道》(Teach Your Children Well: Parenting for Authentic Success)一书中,将主要原因归咎于父母认为他们的孩子与众不同这样一种热望。“特殊,意味着需要更多的精力去照顾,同时你也无法信赖他们。这会形成一个让父母精疲力竭的循环:你必须一直监督他们的工作和表现,这样也会反过来使孩子们觉得自己并不怎么能干,没有什么自信,从而导致他们需要更多的监督。” Also reviewed in the piece are Sally Koslow#39;s #39;Slouching Toward Adulthood: Observations from the Not-So-Empty Nest,#39; Hara Estroff Marano#39;s #39;A Nation of Wimps: The High Cost of Invasive Parenting,#39; Melvin Konner#39;s #39;The Evolution of Childhood#39; and Pamela Druckerman#39;s #39;Bringing Up Bebe,#39; which was excerpted in the Journal and discussed here at the Juggle. 科尔伯特在文章中还了萨利#8226;科斯洛(Sally Koslow)的《迈向成年:非空巢家庭之观察》(Slouching Toward Adulthood: Observations from the Not-So-Empty Nest)、哈拉#8226;埃斯特洛夫#8226;马拉诺(Hara Estroff Marano)的《弱者之族:入侵式家庭教育的高昂代价》(A Nation of Wimps: The High Cost of Invasive Parenting)、梅尔文#8226;康纳(Melvin Konner)《儿童的成长》(The Evolution of Childhood)、帕米拉#8226;德拉科曼(Pamela Druckerman)的《养育孩子》(Bringing Up Bebe,此书节选曾刊登在《华尔街日报》上,并曾在“工作#8226;家”(Juggle)栏目中讨论)。 Our 7-year-old son and 10-year-old daughter aren#39;t at the nasty level of Miss #39;How Am I Supposed to Eat?#39; above, but my wife and I do get frustrated at their frequent unhelpfulness. They seem to think of simple household tasks as something they#39;ll occasionally do as a favor or even for fun our son loves assisting with big housecleaning jobs, even as he never wipes his place at the table after dinner but thoughts/statements? like #39;the garbage is full; I should take the bag out#39; have never, ever occurred to them independently. It#39;s hard to know how to drill it into them now, but it#39;s definitely something on our minds. I joke every now and then that we need to start giving the kids an allowance so we#39;ll have something to take away from them if they misbehave. 我们家有一个七岁的儿子和一个10岁的女儿。他们虽然没有那位“没有餐具,我怎么吃”那么糟糕,但我和妻子的确为他们经常袖手旁观感到沮丧。他们会偶尔做做简单家务,但似乎认为那是在给我们帮忙,或是好玩──我们儿子喜欢在房屋大扫除时搭把手,但他晚饭后从不会将他自己面前的餐桌清理干净──他们从未主动想到或说到如“垃圾袋满了,我应该把它拎出去扔了”之类的话。现在我们对如何将这样的想法植入他们的脑袋束手无策,但无疑这是我们一直在思考的事情。我时不时地开玩笑说,我们应该开始给孩子零用钱了,这样当他们行为不当时,我们就有可以从他们身边拿走的东西了。 /201207/190973 Dame Helen Mirren has labelled British actors 'lazy', saying they are less hard-working and take longer to learn their lines than American performers.  Dame Helen, 64, described British actors as "struggling", saying rehearsals had to be cut short so that they could learn the script.  Her comments related to a 1994 London production of A Month In The Country, in which she starred along with Joseph Fiennes and John Hurt, although she made no mention of individual members of the cast.  The Oscar winner, speaking in Los Angeles at the Brit Week Film amp; TV Summit last week, said there had been no such problem with the American ensemble when the play moved to New York several months later.  She said: "They were two wonderful casts and great productions. But in England, at the first rehearsal a lot of the cast were still not on top of their lines.  "We used to finish at two in the afternoon so everyone could learn lines. In America, by the second week the whole cast had their lines down.  "And they did a full day's rehearsal, which we didn't do in England. There were no complaints, they just took that as being what you do. I've always loved American actors for their work ethic, their absolute commitment."  In July Dame Helen will team up with British comedian Russell Brand to begin filming a new version of the 1981 comedy Arthur, which originally starred Dudley Moore and John Gielgud.  Dame Helen and Brand have also finished filming a new version of The Tempest, which is to be released in the autumn, the Mail on Sunday reported. /201004/102457长春二道河子区中医院打掉孩子多少钱吉林妇幼保健价格



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