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川北医学院附属医院做宫腔镜的医生绵阳女性不孕症怎么办Scripts:On a windy night in 2005, 74-year-old Dolly Mohlis woke up smelling smoke, weaken by arthritis, she sent her husband Earl to find the source while she called 911. Earl looked into the garage and couldn't believe what he saw. Dolly's 1996 Ford F-150 truck was on fire in the garage attached to their home.This is where you saw flames, er?Well, it was more like, (right there), right down to... This hood was shut. The glass was in there yet. (right, right, yeah, yeah.)She was coming out here, right there. Right there is where she was coming out.You saw the front of that pickup truck burning. That's what you saw.You bet, yeah. She was burning.Earl opened the garage door to try to get the truck out, but the wind approaching 50 miles an hour fanned the flames and they quickly enveloped the house. Fire Department in their rural east Iowa town couldn't get there quickly enough. Dolly , on the phone inside, was suddenly trapped.It was burning so fast, the wind was blowing 50 miles an hour from the northwest. I said to Dolly , you gotta get out the house. She did, she came, she came around and then she never made it. What caused the fire? Earl Mohlis now believes it began inside his wife's pickup truck under the hood in a tiny switch that was part of the cruise control mechanism. After the fire, he learned Ford had been recalling cruise control switches in other vehicles for years. But he did not know that Ford's similar to his pickup truck were catching fire even when they were turned off and the engine was cold. Two years ago, CNN began airing a series of investigative reports on Ford cars and trucks suddenly erupting in flames. "(screaming)My house is on fire, please!" Our reports exposed what turned out to be a tiny electrical switch in the cruise control system that could burst into flame even hours after the car was turned off. "Here's the part." Ford had been recalling the parts in some cars and trucks back in 1999. But as we reported two years ago, as many as 3.7 million Ford cars and trucks were still on the road with similar cruise control switches inside, none under the recall. Earlier this month, a dramatic announcement from Ford, every single car and truck it built with the switches are being recalled. 3.6 million vehicles on the road will need to have their cruise control wiring replaced or repaired.Keeping them honest, we asked Ford for an interview about the recall. Instead, a spokesman told us by phone that Ford is voluntarily announcing this huge recall in part because Ford could not be confident about the long-term durability of the switches. He also says media reports like CNN's have created fear among Ford owners. And the spokesman said the newly recalled vehicles do not have a higher than normal fire incidence. CNN has also learned federal investigators were continuing to observe what one federal safety official confided were elevated levels of suspect fires in Ford cars and trucks that had not been recalled. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration had documented more than 600 fires since the cruise control switch was first introduced in 1992. The safety official also says investigators with NHTSA were in discussions with Ford about safety concerns when Ford suddenly announced the massive recall last week. Ford has denied and continues to deny its cruise control switch started the fire that killed Earl Mohlis's wife of 34 years. But this spring, Ford settled Mohlis's wrongful death lawsuit. Neither Mohlis nor Ford released terms of the settlement. But the hog farmer told the Des Moines register he still cries for his wife Dolly every day.Drew Griffin, CNN, Atlanta. 200807/44136成都看不孕不育的医院哪家好 The first official drive of a hydrogen fuel cell car in china. G.M boss Rick Wagoner telling CNN his company's ultimate financial viability depends on taking a lead in alternative fuel technology.I wouldn’t want to try to be the, the you know the highest volume guy in in,in the world without the significant capabilities in alternative propulsion. Hydrogen fueled cars emit only water but they remain largely experimental. No company has announced a general production date. Wagoner admits GM is playing catch-up with some green engine technology but claims the fight is only beginning. You know in the end it matters who can get them into customers' hands, make a business out of it, and make you know really make the significant changes in the energy demand and ,and the environment, and so I think the game is significantly going to be played much more over the next 10 to15 years than it has been played over the last you know 10 years.Wagoner says within a few years perhaps a little over 5 years, alternative fuel vehicles will account for half of all GM sales.In the next decade, china will overtake the ed States to become the NO.1 car market in the world. The challenge for china and other emerging markets is how to meet that demand without blowing out the oil budgets or further destroying the quality of the air.The priority at GM’s newly announced 250 million dollars science campus in Shang Hai will be studying automotive ethanol from non-food sources like grass and waste. GM started this years lagging TOYOTA in total sales it has squeaked back in front in the third quarter. But Wagoner says he can’t be certain GM won't end the year in second place, for the first time in more than 75 years.I will tell you whether we win or lose we are gonna be back next year trying to get every sale again and.Future growth will chiefly be outside the US, but Wagoner says the recent deal with the Unions shifting much of GM’s crippling health cost off the books will go a long way towards restoring GM's competitiveness at home in the domestic market.Hugh Riminton, CNN Beijing. Notes:Fuel Cell: An electrochemical cell in which the energy of a reaction between a fuel, such as liquid hydrogen, and an oxidant, such as liquid oxygen, is converted directly and continuously into electrical energy.200807/43635国家地理:Gator in the Backyard 后院的不速之客"The lady, she has two small dogs and she was worried because the alligator finds the back of her house and just gets up there and he sounds itself and lays out there. She tries to chase him off and he don't move, because he opens his mouth. So she's a little bit worried, which she has plenty of reasons to be."Rick finds the distressed homeowner: Debra Whine Simon and her dogs. As they played on the shore, they had a lucky escape from the gator.''Look at the face, he and he was away, almost by the skin of your teeth.''The local residents have taken pictures of the alligator sitting on the shore.''This guy was (Oh, he's a big one.) at the other yard(Is it big? This is a big one) and that's from faraway. (That's a good sight one, isn't it? Yeah.) That's from, now look at the next picture, which was like three trees over, so was far-away.''And he's not done it to have fun.Is it really?See!You think so?Debra's worried about her pets.''My direct concern is that they are not food: alligator food. They... I mean, they're my, my, my babies. And I..., it freaks me out that there's a predator, that actually because they must sense that there are dogs that live here and that's why they do come and hang out here. ''Because of the urgency of the situation, Rick and Scott are prepared for an all-nighter.''I, I have eggs for breakfast. Don't worry about it. (What time do you want me to be here?) There it goes. You are staying right here until that thing is gone.''The lake at the back of the property is massive. The gator could be anywhere.Simon was out on her bank, and she's got a couple of toy poodles that the gator will enter and harass them. Said she's sick and tired of living like this. Welcome to south Florida.''''Dogs are on the food chain for the alligator, there's no doubt about it.''At night, alligators are difficult to see, but their eyes gleam orange from reflected light. As Rick sweeps his spotlight across the lake, there's no sign of the deadly predator.''Plan is we're gonna go up around the band and see if we see this guy. It's perfect night, perfect for hunting, but not seeing the alligator. So either he's moved on looking for a female, or he's in thick grass around the band up here.'' Rick drives around the lake. He's concerned that it's getting late and that his flashlight might be scaring local residents.''He started to shine a light like this and the back at these old people's house like what we've been doing. You get the law call every time. ''It's why you use that low light.''''Well, we've checked every inch of body of water out here in this community, haven't seen the alligator. So er, he was just for tonight.''alligator or gator: An alligator is a large reptile with short legs, a long tail and very powerful jaws. 【动】(产于美国及中国的)短吻鳄200708/17060四川成都市五院能用医保卡吗

大邑县结扎恢复South Korea Says North's Nuclear Compromise May Be Near韩国就北韩核问题提出妥协方案 South Korean officials are suggesting a compromise aimed at reviving efforts to get rid of North Korea's nuclear weapons may not be far off. The ed States and North Korea have been negotiating intensively on a means of confirming the accuracy of the nuclear declaration Pyongyang made earlier this year. The potential breakthrough comes at a moment of brinksmanship by the North.韩国官员提出妥协性方案,目的是不让恢复解除北韩核武器的努力落空。美国和北韩一直在进行密集的谈判,以核实北韩今年早些时候公开的核活动清单的准确性。在北韩采取边缘外交政策的同时,这个问题有可能取得突破。South Korean Foreign Minister Yu Myung-hwan told reporters in Seoul Friday the ed States will probably announce soon whether it intends to remove North Korea from a State Department list of nations suspected of sponsoring terrorism.韩国外长柳明桓星期五在首尔对记者说,美国有可能很快宣布是否把北韩从美国国务院涉嫌持恐怖主义国家的名单上删除。Washington promised last year to take the North off that list, as part of a broader international deal that committed Pyongyang to declare and disable its main nuclear programs.华盛顿去年承诺把北韩从这个名单上除名,作为一项广泛的国际协议的一部分。根据这项协议,平壤宣布废弃其主要的核设施。President Bush delayed the scheduled removal in August, because North Korea refused to agree on steps for verifying the declaration it submitted earlier in the year was accurate. The North responded by ejecting international inspectors from the reprocessing facility at its main nuclear plant in Yongbyon. The ed Nations said Friday Pyongyang had informed inspectors they will now be denied access to any part of the Yongbyon complex. North Korea threatened earlier this month to resume deriving material useable for weapons from spent nuclear fuel.今年8月,布什总统推迟了原定的除名计划,因为北韩不同意采取措施,核实它今年早些时候提交的核清单是准确的。对此,北韩作出的回应是把国际核查员从它在宁边的主要核工厂驱赶出去。联合国星期五表示,平壤通知核查人员,他们现在不得进入宁边设施的任何地方。本月早些时候,北韩还威胁将恢复从废弃的核燃料中提取制造武器所需的材料。The South's Minister Yu says diplomacy may produce some movement on the stalemate soon.韩国外长柳明桓表示,外交手段对解决目前的僵持局面有可能起到某种促进作用。He says the US government is expected to make a decision on the terrorism list in the near future, and that discussions on a verification protocol are still under way.柳明桓说,美国政府预计在不久的将来会决定是否把北韩从涉嫌持恐怖主义国家的名单上除名,而核实核清单的讨论仍在进行之中。Yu pointed out that even though international inspectors have been denied access to Yongbyon, they are still being housed in North Korean dormitories near the complex and not expelled from the country. He says a compromise deal would focus narrowly on the North's plutonium-related nuclear activities.柳明桓指出,尽管国际核查员被拒绝进入宁边核工厂,但是他们仍然住在靠近核工厂附近的宿舍里,并没有被赶出北韩。他说,妥协性协议的涉及面很窄,将主要集中在北韩与金属钸有关的核活动上面。He says other issues, particularly that of a suspected North Korean uranium enrichment program, will be handled later on, as it is impossible to deal with every issue at once.他说,其它议题,特别是北韩涉嫌提炼浓缩铀的计划将在以后处理,因为一次不可能解决所有的问题。Washington's chief envoy on the nuclear issue, Assistant Secretary of State Christopher Hill, met with senior North Korean officials last week in Pyongyang and is still conferring with his superiors in Washington. The Bush administration has not made any substantial details of the latest negotiations public.华盛顿核武器谈判特使,助理国务卿希尔上个星期同北韩官员在平壤举行了会晤,他仍在和华盛顿的上级进行商议。布什政府还没有把最新几轮谈判的实质性细节公布于众。Dan Pinkston, a Seoul-based analyst with the International Crisis Group, speculates Washington and Pyongyang may soon reach a verification compromise.平克斯顿是“国际危机组织”驻首尔的分析人士。他推测,华盛顿和平壤很快会就核实核清单的问题达成一项妥协性协议。"And that gets very technical and very detailed as far as environmental samples, and when and where they can take those samples, access to individual scientists and engineers for interviews, and records, and which kind of sites are available," Pinkston said. "And the technical people will have to work that out, and I'm sure there's been some lengthy discussions about that."“这是一个技术性很强的问题,而且就环境样品而言,内容也非常繁琐,例如什么时候以及在什么地方可以得到这些样片,能否接触到科学家和工程师本人进行访问并查看记录,以及哪一类设施可以接受核查等。这些都是技术人员要解决的问题。我相信,双方已经就这些问题进行了长时间的谈判。”Pinkston believes it makes sense to delay issues unrelated to North Korea's plutonium programs like the one at Yongbyon. He says other matters can be handled after next month's U.S. presidential election."Wrapping up this second phase, disablement, would be a positive step - and we could move toward the dismantlement phase with the new administration in the U.S.," he said.North Korea conducted a nuclear test explosion in 2006. Several international media reports have reported possible suspicious activity at the site of that test, suggesting Pyongyang may be planning a followup.北韩在2006年进行过一次核试验。几家国际媒体的报道暗示,平壤有可能计划再进行一次核试验,因为那个试验场地发现有可疑活动。200810/52538锦江区不孕不育研究基地 成都华西不孕不育医院咨询

成都治疗不孕不育三甲医院Pinning the ants to the hot sand surface, the spiders first cook them to death before dragging them under. In the Namib, even the toughest animals struggle with the heat. Gemsbok trek to the crests of the highest dunes to seek relief in the breeze. With no cloud cover, solar radiation blasting the desert is intense. The mid-day sand is so hot. It's like a bed of burning coals. The Namib quickstep. Over millions of years, you learn to keep your claws cool. Pushed by the wind, the dunes avalanche. The Namib's residents can't fight the tide. Though the dunes are unstable, they provide a home for a remarkable creature. The trapdoor spider only builds its nest on the top of the steepest dunes. It's learned to do this because it has a very aggressive enemy, a wasp, which relentlessly scours the sand. Though its eyesight is poor, the wasp has very sensitive hairs on its legs which can pick up the slightest scent of a spider. When it finds a nest, the wasp quickly works out how deep the burrow is. If it's shallow, the wasp starts digging for up to two hours. It's hard work against the slipping sand. words:1.trek:艰辛跋涉eg:The old man treked through the moutains.2.quickstep:齐步,轻快步曲3.avalanche:雪崩4.scour:搜索,急速穿过eg:scour the forestscour the library for reference200807/44548 US Mourns Victims of 9/11 Terror Attacks美国各地悼念追思九一一遇难者   Across the ed States, Americans marked the seventh anniversary of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks with solemn memorial services and heartfelt tributes. 在美国纽约、华盛顿和全国各地,人们在2001年9月11日恐怖袭击七周年之际都举行了庄严的悼念活动追思遇难者。Seven years after the attacks, New Yorkers gathered at "ground zero," the site where the World Trade Center skyscrapers once stood. 在恐怖分子袭击纽约7年后,纽约人聚集在世贸双塔曾经矗立的地方。As in years past, the ceremony included four moments of silence, twice to mark the time that two hijacked airliners crashed into the twin towers and twice at the time of morning when each building collapsed in an inferno of flames and smoke. 在往年,纽约的悼念活动包括四次默哀--分别标志被劫持的客机与双塔相撞的时间,以及双塔倒塌的时间。This year, family members and students representing victims who came from scores of nations around the world aloud the names of more than 2,700 people who died in New York on September 11, 2001. 今年,遇难者家人和来自遇难者故国的学生们高声朗读2千7百多名纽约遇难者的名字。The children of John Salvatore, who worked at the World Trade Center, spoke about their father when their turn came to . Child 1: "My dad died on 9/11, but he is not gone. Just look at each of our faces and you will see him shine through us every day." Child 2: "We love you, Daddy.The city's mayor, Michael Bloomberg, the keynote speaker at the memorial ceremony, said Americans come together on this day to bear witness to a "day which began like any other, and ended as none ever has." "We return this morning as New Yorkers, Americans and global citizens remembering the innocent people from 95 nations and territories that lost their lives together that day," he said. 纽约市长布隆伯格主持了今年的周年纪念活动。他说,全国人民聚集在一起见一个“有著与往常一样的开端、却有前所未有的结尾的日子。”他说:“我们作为纽约人、美国人和地球公民在这个早晨缅怀来自95个国家和地区在这一天失去他们宝贵生命的无辜的人们。”In Washington, President Bush and first lady Laura Bush observed a moment of silence at the White House. The president then attended the dedication of a new September 11 memorial at the Pentagon, where 184 people died when another hijacked plane crashed into the building. 在华盛顿,布什总统和第一夫人劳拉在白宫举行了默哀。布什随后参加了在五角大楼建立的一个新的9/11纪念碑的落成仪式。2001年9月11日,另一架被劫持的客机撞向五角大楼,造成184人死亡。The Pentagon memorial is the first of three major September 11 memorials to be completed. It is made of stone benches, each engraved with a victim's name.  在五角大楼的纪念碑是三个纪念9/11的主要纪念碑中最早落成的一个。这个纪念碑由石凳组成,每一个石凳上都镌刻着一位遇难者的名字。The president says he hopes the memorial will provide some peace and comfort to the victims' friends and families. "People from across our nation will come here to remember friends and loved ones who never had the chance to say goodbye. A memorial can never replace what those of you mourning a loved one have lost." 布什总统说,他希望这个纪念碑可以为遇难者的朋友和家人带去一些平静和安慰。他说:“全国各地的人们将来到这里怀念他们未曾有机会道别的朋友和亲人。然而一座纪念碑永远也无法取代你们所悼念的亲人。”While the 9/11 structure in Washington is complete, the controversy over the New York memorial continues. Seven years after the attacks, "ground zero" is still a construction site. And many New Yorkers are frustrated by years of delays and disagreements about their monument's progress.The memorial and a new skyscraper should be complete by 2012, but construction work will alter anniversary ceremonies before then. This year, as they have in the past, the victims' family members walked down a ramp to the bottom of the site, at bedrock about 15 meters below ground, where they left wreaths, flowers and mementos of their loved ones. As construction progresses, this may no longer be possible. Henry Bustillo, whose brother died on September 11, hopes the ramp will remain. "Hopefully, they will continue on having the ceremony down at the pit, downstairs, because it [won't] feel the same if they have it up here."An official memorial in Shanksville, Pennsylvania, is also years away from being built. However, services were held there Thursday in the field where another passenger jet went down. Forty-four people died aboard the hijacked plane, which dove at full speed into a field, apparently as the passengers struggled with their captors, trying to regain control of the aircraft. 宾夕法尼亚州尚克斯维尔镇也举行了悼念活动。有44人在第四架被劫持的飞机撞向尚克斯维尔的野地时死亡。很显然这架飞机的乘客曾努力制劫机者。Republican presidential candidate John McCain took part in the ceremony in Pennsylvania before heading to New York. In Shanksville, McCain paid special tribute to those who died there because they are believed to have disrupted the hijackers' plan to attack another target in Washington. "I've had the great honor and privilege to witness great courage and sacrifice for America's sake, but none greater than the sacrifice of those good people who grasped the gravity of the moment, understood the threat and decided to fight back at the cost of their lives." 共和党总统候选人麦凯恩在赴纽约之前参加了在宾夕法尼亚举行的悼念活动。在尚克斯维尔,麦凯恩特别赞颂了这架飞机的乘客。据信,这些乘客挫败了劫机者进攻华盛顿另一目标的阴谋。麦凯恩说:“我曾有无比的荣幸和特权去见人们为国牺牲的非凡勇气。但没有什么能比这些善良的人们在生死关头当机立断、以自己的生命为代价的奋勇反抗更为伟大了。”McCain and his Democratic rival, Barack Obama, appeared together at "ground zero" late Thursday to pay their respects and speak with mourners, including police and firefighters who honored more than 300 of their comrades who died on September 11.  麦凯恩今天晚些时候和他的民主党总统竞选对手奥巴马一同在世贸遗址为遇难者致默哀。Laying politics aside for the day, the presidential candidates placed flowers at the World Trade Center site. They will speak Thursday at a forum on public service at Columbia University. 麦凯恩和奥巴马暂时把政治搁置一边,在世贸遗址敬献花圈。随后他们在哥伦比亚大学一个公众务论坛上演讲。As in years past, two bright blue beams of light will shine all night over New York City from the spot where the fallen towers stood. 与往年一样,两道蓝光将在世贸双塔曾经矗立的地方照亮纽约的夜空。200809/48372成都医学院附属医院治子宫偏小大概多少钱成都乳头疼



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