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PorcFest and the Free State Project豪猪自由节和自由州项目Anarchists get organised无政府主义者组织起来了The plot to liberate New Hampshire策划解放新罕布什尔州A YOUNG man in a leather loincloth saunters past a woman dressed like Alice in Wonderland. The tang of pot wafts through the air, and a small remote-operated drone buzzes overhead (“Bought it in China,” says the proud owner; “Id use it to follow chicks,” marvels one chap). Guns are everywhere; Bitcoin is the currency of choice. The Porcupine Freedom Festival, which ended on June 29th, saw more than 1,500 libertarians and anarchists descend on Lancaster, New Hampshire. The events mascot is a porcupine, which, though well-armed, only causes pain when attacked.一名身着皮革遮羞布的年轻男人漫步走过一个打扮得像梦游仙境的爱丽丝一样的女人。大烟的味道飘在风中,一家小型远程操控无人机在头顶嗡嗡作响(其所有者骄傲地说,“这是从中国带回来的,我用它来追踪我的小鸡们”,这让小伙子大感惊异)。在这里,无处不在,比特币是一种货币选择。于6月29日结束的豪猪自由节(Porcupine Freedom Festival)期间,有1500名自由主义者和无政府主义者屈尊来到了新罕布什尔州的兰卡斯特。节日的吉祥物是一只豪猪,尽管全副武装,但遇袭时仍会疼痛。New Hampshire is a natural stamping-ground for freedom-lovers. It has low taxes, lean bureaucracy and some of the loosest gun laws in America. Grown-ups can ride around without seat-belts or motorcycle helmets. The right to rebel when public liberty is “manifestly endangered” is enshrined in the state constitution.新罕布什尔州是自由爱好者的天然宝地。这里有着低廉的税收,稀薄的官僚意识和全美几乎最为宽松的管制。成年人可以不系安全带或不带头盔地兜风。在州立宪法中,当公共自由“明显岌岌可危时”反抗的权利被奉若神明。This is why it was chosen as the site for the Free State Project (FSP), which aims to lure at least 20,000 like-minded people to this small state (population 1.3m) and make it even more “liberty-loving”. Since 2002 nearly 16,000 have pledged to come and help slash state and local budgets, limit government meddling and legalise choices that do not harm others, such as drugs, gay marriage and maybe prostitution. It will be a “Yankee Hong Kong”, says Carla Gericke, FSPs president. “The one place in America that is economically free, like a beacon to the rest of the country—or even the world.”这也就是为什么,这里会被选作自由州项目(FSP)的地点,这个项目汇集了至少20,000名志同道合的人,他们来到了这个(人口仅有130万的)小州,使这里变得更加“热爱自由”。自2002年起,约16,000人承诺来到这里,帮助大幅度削减州和地区的预算,限制政府干预以及使不妨害他人的选择合法化,比如毒品、同性恋婚姻甚至性行业。FSP项目主席卡拉·格里克评价道,这里就像一个“美国版的香港”。她说:“这是全美唯一一个经济自由的地方,对于整个国家——甚至整个世界来说,这里就像一块熏肉一样诱人。”More than 1,600 “Free Staters” have aly made New Hampshire their home. They are beginning to have an effect. In 2012 the Granite State became the first to allow lawyers to tell juries they may acquit a defendant if they believe the law is unfair. In 2011 the state stripped away much of the red tape that kept home brewers from selling their wares, spawning a boom of “nanobreweries”. And in January the state House was the first legislative body in the country to vote to legalise marijuana for recreational use, although lawmakers backed down when Governor Maggie Hassan, a Democrat, proved reluctant.超过16,00名“自由州人”已经把新罕布什尔州看做自己的家。并且他们开始有影响力。2012年,花岗岩州成为首个允许律师在认为法律不公的情况下,告知陪审团他们已经宣判被告无罪的州。2011年,该州废除了禁止家庭酿酒者出售自家商品的大部分规定,带来了一批“纳米酿酒厂”的成长繁荣。1月份,州议会成为全国首个投票通过大麻用途合法化的法律机构,尽管当民主党州长玛吉·哈桑对此表示不情愿时,州议会又退缩了。Some locals feel that the anti-government agitators have gone too far. A group in the small town of Keene tops up parking meters that have run out to stop traffic officers from issuing penalty tickets. The traffic officers complain that activists sometimes harass them; a charge the activists deny. Other protesters are accused of provoking cops into arresting them so they can film the resulting altercation. An anti-libertarian group called “Stop Free Keene” grumbles about the public pot-smoking and rude street art that the newcomers bring.然而,一些当地人觉得,反政府煽动者也许过火了。小镇基恩中的一个团体重新启动了废弃的停车收费器,来阻止交警开罚单。交警抱怨道,这些激进分子不时骚扰他们,而激进分子则否认这一指控。其他的抗议者则被责备激怒警察逮捕他们,以录下随之而来的争执过程。一个叫做“停止解放基恩”的反自由主义团体则对这些新来者带来的公众吸大麻行为和粗鲁的街道文化怨声不迭。In the jovial atmosphere of PorcFest, where idealists bond over their shared mistrust of rules and big institutions, the prospect of a future New Hampshire that can do without such things seems far-fetched. Tech geeks (who still dominate the Free State movement) enjoy home-made “bananarchy” ice cream while prattling on about the power of crypto-currencies. “Bitcoin can topple governments and end war,” gushes one fan.在节日的欢快氛围中,理想主义者因他们对规则和大机构的不信任感而团结,而没有这些内涵的新罕布什尔州未来似乎遥不可及。电脑怪客(仍主导着自由州运动的人们)一边闲扯着神秘货币的力量,一边享受着家庭自制的“香蕉自由”冰激凌。一名狂热粉夸张地赞美着:“比特币能够推翻政府,结束战争!”Others are more realistic. “Im an incrementalist,” explains Jason Sorens, the subdued intellectual who dreamed up the Free State Project while he was getting his PhD from Yale. Now a lecturer at Dartmouth College in Hanover, he is eager to use New Hampshire to test libertarian theories about enlightened self-interest and reciprocal altruism, small government and large networks of voluntary institutions. “We dont have all the answers,” he says, “but its worth the experiment.”但其他人则更为现实。在耶鲁大学读士时设想出自由州项目、如今因担心而日渐沉默寡言的学者杰森索朗解释道:“我是一名渐进主义者”。如今在汉诺威市达特茅斯学院任讲师的他,急切地想用新罕布什尔州测试自由主义中,关于开明利己主义、互利主义、小型政府和庞大志愿组织网络等理论。他说:“我们没有得到所有的,但这次试验做得很值得。”译者:杨雪 译文属译生译世 /201507/386749。

And everything you told me to do by the time I got there you have done it你叫我做的每件事情 在我去到的时候你都已经完成了Oh,yeah,well I like to do things.This,thiss Laura.恩 我喜欢做事情 这是LauraPorzak was the photographer that you recommended who was unbelievablePorzak 你推荐的摄影师 她真的非常不可思议she has done very beautiful picture you have ever seen shes done,just kind of all ways around us and we didnt know她拍下了许多你看过的非常好看的相片 她就在我们的身边拍着 我们却没发觉she was taking pictures,easy to be around you looked much better in the picture if you liked your photographer她一直帮我们照相 是的 如果你喜欢你的摄影师 那么你在拍片时会看起来更加漂亮I think its really important,cause shes kind of disappeared我觉得这非常重要 她好像一直都没在我们身边This is us running from Paparazi,we keep taking pictures这张 我们在躲开仔们 我们一直在照相everytime we go out to take a picture out in the garden,the parparazi would keep running back and forwards每次我们决定出花园照相时 那些仔们会前后跟着Three helicopters,yeah,they were kind of circling and taking chance他们一共有三架直升机 是的 他们一直在上面盘旋 试图找到拍照的机会So thats the one thing I did,do I picked out the linen in the table cloth这是我做的其中一件事 我选了铺桌子的麻布and have them made and designed all that and we should thank the bountiful loaners,suit bountiful loaners包含定做和设计 我们要感谢所有慷慨的赞助 合适而且慷慨的赞助者the beautiful dishes,all different that portia wanted,all different things of dishes,fantastic,French dishes,beautiful那些漂亮的碟子 Porita想要的各种不同碟子 各种不同的碟子 非常棒 法国碟子 非常漂亮whats the biggest mistake that people make when they are planning wedding人们在计划婚礼时常犯的最大错误是什么I think one of the biggest mistake is planning the entire wedding the day after you get engaged我觉得最大的错误之一 就是他们在订婚后就马上计划自己的整个婚礼I mean i have bribes coming and says i hire the photogarpher,the bibliographer,the band 我意思是有一些新娘子说 我要请摄影师 乐队and thiss my budget and they spent all their entire budget on those three things那就是我的预算 他们会把这所有的预算放在这三项上So thats the big problem,they have to take a deep breath这会带来很大的麻烦 他们需要深呼吸 /201608/460323。

But there are now less than 2,000 living here, and they are becoming rarer all the time.但现在只有不到2000只食火鸟了,它们的数量一直不断减少。Before European settlers arrived, much of the coast here was covered in forest.早在欧洲殖民者到达之前,澳洲许多的海岸都被森林所覆盖。And a lot of that was jungle just like this.这样的丛林到处都是。This is a vibrant ecosystem in its own right.这是一个自得其利,充满活力的生态系统。Its full of reptiles, of birds, and you can hear all around me.这里是爬行动物和鸟类的天堂,你可以听到它们。But today, things have changed significantly.但是如今,这里荣耀不再。Much of the coastline that busts the Great Barrier Reef, 80 percent of it, in fact, has been cleaned for agriculture, and much of that has been totally cleaned for sugarcane.紧靠大堡礁的大部分海岸线,事实上80%的海岸线森林被砍伐,为农业让路,有很多地方干净得只剩下甘蔗农场。 201505/373585。

Business this week本周经济要闻HewlettPackard decided to hive off its PCandprinter business and create a new company, Hewlett-Packard Enterprise, to focus on servers, cloud computing and big data. It will be run by Meg Whitman, HPs boss. When she became chief executive three years ago Ms Whitman jettisoned the idea of spinning off the PC business. But with the rise of tablets HPs computer sales have suffered, falling 7% last year, according to Gartner, a consulting firm.惠普决定分出的个人电脑和打印机业务,创建一个专注于务器、云计算和处理大数据的新公司。这将由惠普的老板梅格·惠特曼亲自操刀,早在三年前惠特曼女士成为首席执行长的时候就有剥离个人电脑业务的想法。但据高德纳咨询公司的数据显示,随着平板电脑的兴起,惠普的电脑销量遭受重创,去年下降了7%。Samsungs announcement that profit in the third quarter had halved from the same period last year, its fourth consecutive quarterly drop, got some wondering how it would respond to the challenge of an increasingly saturated smartphone market. Squeezed between lowcost competitors and Apple, the South Korean companys share of that market has fallen further this year.三星宣布第三季度利润从去年同期减少了一半,这是它利润连续下降的第四个季度,众人都很疑惑它将如何应对智能手机市场日益饱和的挑战。低成本的竞争对手和苹果公司的夹缝中生存,这家韩国公司今年的市场份额再次下降。Back down to earth神话的破灭Rocket Internets stock continued to slide. The German company, which backs ecommerce startups, made a disappointing stockmarket debut on October 2nd, with its share price closing 13% down on the day after being priced at the top of the IPOs range. Still, Rocket raised 1.4 billion and said investors would be more interested in its long-term prospects.火箭网股价继续下滑。这家持电子商务的德国创业公司,在10月2日的首次上市就令人失望,在达到IPO价格区间的上限之后其股价在收盘时下跌13%。不过,火箭网依然筹资到了14亿欧元(约合18亿美元),并表示投资者对其长期前景更感兴趣。Facebook completed its takeover of WhatsApp. The deal is now valued at .8 billion, almost billion more than when it was announced in February, as the price of Facebooks shares, which are being paid out to WhatsApps investors, has risen since then. So has the number of people using WhatsApp, to 600m monthly active users.脸书现在完成对WhatsApp的收购工作。这次的交易金额估价218亿美元,脸书股票的价格比它在2月宣布时增长了将近30亿美元,股票收益将被付给WhatsApp的投资者。这也难怪WhatsApp的使用人数不断增加,每月的活跃用户达到了6亿。The slow-growth movement增速缓慢The IMFs latest assessment of the world economy weighed heavily on stockmarkets. Although the downward revision to overall world output for this year was small, estimates for Germany, Japan and Brazil were reduced considerably. The debt hangover and recession “still cast a shadow”, the IMF said, and investment after the recovery has been weaker than expected. Underscoring this, new figures for August recorded the biggest drop in German exports and industrial production since January .国际货币基金组织的最新评估显示,世界经济主要依赖于股票市场。虽然今年全球总体产出的下调幅度很小,但德国、日本和巴西等国的产出都大大减少。国际货币基金组织认为,全球经济依然停留在遗留的债务问题和经济衰退“造成的阴影”之中,经济复苏后的投资力度也弱于预期。值得强调的是,8月份新数据记录了年1月以来最大的降幅发生在德国出口和工业生产。The Bank of England gave British banks less than three months to submit plans on how they will ringfence their retail operations from riskier parts of their business, which the Vickers commission recommended in 2011. But the banks will have to present their proposals without knowing how much capital they will be expected to hold, details that the central bank will provide later next year.根据2011年维克斯委员会的建议,英国央行要求英国在不到三个月的时间里,提交关于如何在业务风险较高的地区限制其零售业务的计划。不得不在不知晓其资金数量的情况下提交他们的计划,央行也将在明年晚些时候提供详细资料。Responding to speculation in the markets Rio Tinto confirmed that it had been approached by Glencore during the summer about a takeover, but had turned it down. A merger would create the worlds biggest mining group. Ivan Glasenberg, Glencores chief executive, submitted the proposal personally to Rio Tinto; he is not known to be one for giving up so easily.为了应对市场的投机行为,力拓矿业集团实它已在夏季与嘉能可国际集团接洽收购事宜,但被拒绝了。这次的合并将创建世界上最大的矿业集团。嘉能可的首席执行官伊万·格拉森格亲自向力拓矿业集团提交提案,他并不是一个会轻言放弃的人。No magic kingdom没有魔法的王国The operator of Disneyland Paris was thrown a 1 billion lifeline by Walt Disney Company, its biggest shareholder. The theme park, which opened in 1992, is burdened by debt and has not made a profit for years, as attendance and hoteloccupancy rates have tumbled after the financial crisis.巴黎迪斯尼乐园的运营商抓住了一根救命稻草,其最大的股东华特迪士尼公司提供了10亿欧元(约合13亿美元)的赞助。这个于1992年开业的主题公园,负债累累而多年未曾盈利,金融危机之后游客的到访率和酒店入住率持续下跌。The Waldorf Astoria hotel in Manhattan was sold to a Chinese insurance company for .95 billion, or nearly .4m a room. The hotel, which opened its doors to visitors in 1931, is to undergo a big renovation to restore it to its former glory. Some of its 1,413 rooms could possibly be turned into apartments.在曼哈顿的华尔道夫酒店以19.5亿美元的价格(每个房间的售价约140万美元)被卖给一家中国保险公司。酒店于1931年对游客开放,它正在进行一场大改造,以恢复它昔日的光。其中1413个房间可能会变成公寓。译者:徐牧之 校对:董思琪 译文属译生译世201410/336880。

For the German officers and their men, it was a time for celebration.对于德国军官和百姓而言,是庆祝的时刻。For the Poles, it was the beginning of one of the most brutal occupations in history.对于波兰人而言,历史上最残酷的沦陷期开始了。Poland would suffer proportionately more than any other country in this war-nearly six million Poles would die.波兰在二战中遭受的损失比其他国家都严重,近6百万波兰人遇害。More than 16% of the population.超总人口的16%。For Hitler and the Nazis,this was an ideological war from the very beginning.对希特勒和纳粹而言从一开始就是意识形态上的战争。Hitler told Joseph Goebbels that autumn that he thought the Poles were more animals than human beings and that the filth of the Poles was unimaginable.希特勒在当年秋天对歌堡说,他觉得波兰人更像动物,而非人类,而且他们的肮脏难以想象。Hitlers judgment on the Poles, said Goebbels, was annihilatory.歌堡说,希特勒对波兰人的;判决;是彻底歼灭。Two million Polish Jews came under Nazi control in the autumn of 1939.939年秋,纳粹已控制200万波兰犹太人。Thousands were shot and the Nazis began to mark the rest,with Polish Jews made to wear special symbols on their clothes.毙数千人后,开始标记余下犹太人,强迫他们在衣上配戴特殊标志。They would shortly be imprisoned in ghettos.他们很快被送入犹太人聚集区。Later in the war, they would be sent to death camps.二战后期,被送往死亡集中营。The likelihood is that not one of these Polish Jews would have survived the war.战争结束时,这些犹太人很可能无一幸免。 译文属201605/445166。

Greece and Germany希腊与德国Angelas Athens安吉拉在希腊Greeks bearing grudges希腊怨声载道AS a stiff Aegean breeze fluttered the hair and lapels of Angela Merkel’s pale-green jacket, one Greek reporter thought the outfit looked familiar. The German chancellor, making a one-day working visit to Athens, seemed to have picked the same jacket she wore in July while watching Germany trounce Greece 4-2 at this year’s European football championship. Was Mrs Merkel planning to blast the Greeks again, this time for foot-dragging over economic reforms?德国总理正对希腊进行为期一日的工作访问,安吉拉·默克尔身着淡绿色夹克站立在爱琴海的微风中,头发和衣领随风翩翩起舞。此情此景令一名希腊记者觉得似曾相识。七月份的欧洲足球锦标赛决赛上她穿的也是这件衣。她似乎特意挑选过,难道默克尔打算再一次扇希腊一嘴巴吗?上次是因为希腊以2-4大败于德国,这次难道是因为停滞不前的经济改革?Antonis Samaras, the prime minister, need not have worried. The European Union’s toughest advocate of austerity gave a positive message, even if it was typically cautious. Mrs Merkel said she hoped and wished that Greece would remain a member of the euro zone, praised the country’s progress with cutting expenditure and offered “practical” assistance with structural reforms, such as German expertise on overhauling tax administration and modernising local government.希腊总理安东尼斯·萨马拉斯不必忧心忡忡。欧盟中态度最强硬的紧缩政策拥护者虽然仍保持谨慎态度,但其已向希腊传达了积极的信号。默克尔表示她希望希腊能维持其欧元区成员国的地位,她表扬了希腊在削减财政出方面所取得的进展,并切实为希腊提供结构改革方面的援助,其中包括为希腊税收管理大检修提供德国专家的指导,以及为当地政府现代化提供帮助。The chancellor’s efforts to empathise with ordinary Greeks suffering the pain of a five-year recession were less successful. Hostile protesters outside parliament waved banners declaring “Angela you are not welcome”. Alexis Tsipras, leader of the radical left-wing Syriza, now the main opposition party in parliament, joined the demonstration, railing against “barbarous” measures imposed by international lenders. Several municipal workers in full Nazi uniform, one of them with an Adolf Hitler moustache, drove a jeep flying swastika flags through a central boulevard as a tasteless reminder of the German occupation of Athens in the second world war.德国总理向5年经济衰退中受苦的希腊民众表示同情,但是却并不受待见。满怀怨恨的抗议者在国会大厦外面挥舞旗帜扬言“安吉拉,我们不欢迎你”。极左派联盟西里扎(Syriza)是议会中主要反对党,其领导人亚历克西斯·西普拉斯也参加了这次游行示威,斥责国际借贷者强制实行的政策“惨无人道”。更有些市政工作者穿上纳粹全套制,其中一人还留着阿道夫希特勒的八字须,开着吉普车,挥舞带有卍标志的旗帜,穿行于中央林荫大道,不痛不痒地提醒着人们二战时德国侵占希腊的罪行。At one point, as riot police briefly used tear gas and stun grenades to block protesters from approaching the parliament building, it looked as if the visit might backfire disastrously. Shortly afterwards Karolos Papoulias, the plain-speaking Greek president, told Mrs Merkel the Greeks could not endure much more austerity. At a business gathering, Greece’s senior industrialist complained about pressure on Athens to legislate a lower minimum monthly wage of 580 (7), aimed at making Greek companies more competitive, The chancellor said mildly she would consult the troika-the EU, European Central Bank, and IMF officials working with the Greek finance ministry on a new 13.5 billion austerity package.当防暴警察用烟雾弹闪光弹阻止游行者靠近国会大厦时,人们一度觉得此次访问会产生灾难性的反作用。此后不久,希腊总统卡罗洛斯·帕普利亚斯明确的告诉默克尔,希腊没法承受这么大幅度的紧缩。在商业聚会上,希腊资深企业家也抱怨紧缩给希腊的巨大压力,法定最低月工资降到了580 (7),尽管此举旨在提升企业竞争力。德国总理态度很柔和,表示将与“三头马车”商讨,即欧盟,欧中央行和国际货币基金组织,努力与希腊财政部长达成新的135亿的紧缩方案。Mr Samaras’s approval rating at home may benefit from having hosted Europe’s most powerful politician. Even so, he must wrap up the new economic package and persuade the socialist and left-wing party leaders, his coalition partners, to back it before the European summit on October 18th. He must also push the measures through parliament before Greece can draw down a long-overdue 31.2 billion loan disbursement. For as long as government suppliers continue to be unpaid and banks undercapitalised, the cash-starved economy has no prospect of moving again.萨马拉斯在国内的持率会因为接待欧洲这位最有实力的政治家而提升。尽管如此,他必须完成新经济计划,并在10月18日欧洲峰会前说其联合党派社会党和其他左翼党派领导人。他必须先在议会上通过紧缩方案,然后才能获得期盼已久的312亿的贷款援助。若政府资金提供方一直不提供贷款,便资金不足,亟待资金的希腊便没可能挪动步子向前走。All the measures for 2013, amounting to 9 billion of spending cuts, have been agreed on, including reductions in farmers’ modest pensions and a new tonnage tax that patriotic shipowners whose vessels fly the Greek flag have unexpectedly agreed to pay. The gap for 2014 is “fairly small” and could be closed within days, barring an upset in talks with the troika, negotiators say. Greece should be able to balance its budget next year (before interest repayments). Yet if reforms start falling behind, talk of a “Grexit” from the euro will quickly resurface.2013年的财政削减共达90亿,对此各方都已达成一致,其中包括削减农民适度养老金。另外插有希腊旗帜的爱国船商竟然出乎意料地答应交付巨额税款。2013与2014的差距已经相当小了,并且这个缺口将在数天内填补,但是与三头马车的协商却不是很顺利,谈判者如是说。希腊应能在明年平衡预算(不包括利息偿还),但是如果改革跟不上,“希腊退出欧元区”的议题又会被放到议桌上。Mr Samaras has come a long way since his centre-right New Democracy party scraped a narrow election victory in June. As opposition leader he denounced Greece’s first bail-out in 2010. Advisers recall that afterwards Mrs Merkel and the troika berated him as an irresponsible southern European politician. Mr Samaras says Greece has turned a page; he chose to make his first trip abroad as prime minister to Berlin. His efforts may be starting to show results, but Mr Samaras still has a long road ahead.自从萨马拉斯领导的中右翼新民主党在6月的选举中勉强获胜以来,他已经取得了很多突破。作为反对党领导人,他曾谴责2010年对希腊的救援行为。据回忆,那次救援行动后,默克尔和三头政治批评他为不负责任的南欧政治家。萨马拉斯则表示希腊已经改过自新,并且决定对柏林进行成为总理以来的第一次访问。萨马拉斯的努力将初显成效,但他还有很长的路要走。 翻译:郁炳睿译文属译生译世 /201608/458307。