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第一句:Our silk garments are made of super pure silk material and by traditional skills.我们的丝绸饰是用顶级纯丝根据传统工艺制成的。A:Our silk garments are made of super pure silk material and by traditional skills.我们的丝绸饰是用顶级纯丝根据传统工艺制成的。B:Foreigners do like this stuff.外国人很喜欢这种东西。A:Yes. So we can promise you a profitable business.是的,所以我们可以保这笔生意有的赚。B:Maybe.可能吧。第二句:The garments are magnificent and tasteful and have long enjoyed great fame both at home and abroad.这些装华丽而且有品位,一直以来在国外享有很高声誉。A: The garments are magnificent and tasteful and have long enjoyed great fame both at home and abroad.这些装华丽而且有品位,一直以来在国外享有很高声誉。B: Many foreigners only buy silk garments of this brand.很多外国人只买这个品牌的丝绸装。A: So why still hesitate?那还有什么可犹豫的呢? /201206/186309成都多囊治疗三甲医院Greeting Your Colleagues with Courtesy 陈豪在北京的A美国公司工作。他刚好遇到美国同事Amy.(Office ambience)C:Hi Amy, how are you?A:I am fine, thank you. And you?C:有件事一直让我摸不着头脑。A:About what?C:我的新同事Carol很奇怪。每天早上,如果我不主动跟她打招呼的话,她肯定不会主动理我。A:You mean she doesn't say, "Good Morning" unless you say it first?C:没错。我昨天就没主动跟她说早安,结果不出所料,她真的没有主动理我。A:Does she talk to you during the day?C:谈工作的时候她倒是跟我讲话,就是从来不主动问好,或是打招呼。A:She sounds rude. It must be difficult to work with someone like that.C:是啊,跟她相处让我觉得挺不自在。A:You need to talk to her. Otherwise things are going to get worse.C:其实现在已经影响到我的工作了。我们天天在一起工作,但她却好像没我这个人似的。A:An unfriendly co-worker is bad for morale and productivity.C:我今天得找机会跟她谈谈。******陈豪下班后在车站遇到了Amy,两人一起等车。A:Chen Hao, how did it go? Did you get a chance to talk to Carol today?C:我专门等周围没人的时候去找了她。A:That was good that you waited until no one else was present. You wouldn't want to talk about a sensitive issue in front of others.C:我记得你以前提醒过我,这种敏感的事情最好是等周围没人的时候谈。A:Tell me what happened? What did you say?C:我问她为什么早上从不主动跟我打招呼,是不是我有什么地方得罪她了。A:What did she say?C:她显得很吃惊。她说自己总是第一个来上班,因此后来的应该主动跟先来的打招呼。我不主动向她问好,会让她觉得受了冷落。A:You're kidding. That's the silliest thing I ever heard.C:我当时也是这么想,但是没敢直说,只是说谁主动跟别人打招呼跟先来后到没关系。A:You are absolutely right. No one should wait for anyone else to speak first, smile first or even make eye contact before acknowledging the other person.C:对呀,如果真那样的话,办公室里干脆谁也别理谁算了。我希望这次谈话能有助于改善跟Carol的关系。A:So how did you leave the situation?C:她最后向我赔礼道歉,说没想到会让我觉得不自在。我想,明天早上上班就知道今天的谈话有没有效果了。A:You were right to discuss it with her. You don't have to be best friends with all the people you work with, but you should treat each one of them with courtesy and respect.C:是啊,有的时候,一句“早上好”就能给一天带来一个好的开端。 /09/83856成都妇幼保健医院做不孕不育证明吗1.Request for absence 请假 A:I sent in my request for absence. Not sure if Bob will approve it.B:Bob is pretty good for this kind of things. Don't worry.A:我交了请假单,不知道鲍勃会不会批准。B:鲍勃在这种事上是很宽容的,别担心。 2. Sick day 病假A: Did Nancy take a sick day today?B: Yes, she did not feel good.A:南希今天请病假了吗?B:是的,她身体不舒。3.Take the day off 今天请假A: You look terrible, why don't you take the day off?B: I'm so busy.A:你看起来气色不好,为什么不请一天假呢?B:我太忙了。4.Time card 工时卡A: Do you need to punch time card?B: No,we fill in time sheet.A:你们上班要打卡吗?B:不用,我们填工时表。5.vacation day 带薪假期 A: How many vacation days do you have?B: I have two weeks paid vacation.A:你们有多少带薪假期?B:我有两周的带薪假。 /200807/44979Obscenity in the Office办公室里不文明的话陈豪在北京的A美国公司工作,今天他开完会出来,刚好遇到美国同事Amy.(Office ambience)C: Hi Amy, 你有时间吗?A: Sure. Come into my office and tell me whats on your mind.C: 刚才开会的时候,我们的老板Mr. Jones对年终报表上的数字大发雷霆,说财会部门没有好好追查公司的欠款。A: I can understand why Mr. Jones was upset. What did he say?C: 他说的不少词我都没听懂,后来Todd告诉我,这些都是American obscenities, 是不是就是英语里的脏话啊?A: Thats right. Obscenities are not nice words. They are curse words. When some people get mad, they resort to using bad language to express their anger.C: 在办公室里骂人可不怎么样,结果弄得大家特别不自在,低着头都不说话,特别是不敢看那个挨骂的人。A: Swearing, which is another word for cursing, is never effective. It only makes the person who is cursing look badly and is awkward for everyone else.C: 我们下午还要开会,希望Mr. Jones能冷静下来。陈豪下午在走廊上又遇到Amy。A: How did it go this afternoon at your meeting?C: Mr. Jones不仅冷静了下来,而且还跟我们所有人道歉。他承认自己上午开会时非常失态。A: What did he say?C: 他说自己这么做很不得体,冒犯了大家。A: Did he say anything else?C: 说啦。他说,在任何情况下,所以他也不准备为自己的错误提出什么辩解。A: Cursing has become all too common these days. So much so that some people think nothing of it.They dont realize the negative effect it can have on their careers or business relationships.C: 那如果不是骂人,能用这些字眼吗?我上次去看球,那些球迷都是满嘴脏话,也没人介意。A: No, it is never appropriate to curse in public. You have no idea of the effect youll have on others. Besides you cant predict who may be present and will recognize you later as the foul-mouthed person at the baseball game.C: 如果别人当着我的面说脏字,我该怎么办呢?是表现得无所谓,还是表现得受了冒犯呢?A: If you are around total strangers whom you are not likely to see again, ignore them and move on. If you are with co-workers, suggest that you are willing to meet with them and discuss issues with them, but not when they use obscene language.C: 我可以让他们消了气再来找我。A: Thats a good idea. /201208/196537青白江区妇科医院

绵阳不孕不育医院有哪些四川省成都市十院在线咨询Shinzo Abe has for the first time laid out a clear timetable for revision of Japan’s pacifist constitution, scheduling the landmark change his most cherished ambition for the Tokyo Olympic year of 2020.安倍晋Shinzo Abe)首次为修订日本和平宪法提出了明确的时间表,把这项具有里程碑意义的改变——他最看重的雄心——安排在举行东京奥运会的2020年。In a signal of the prime minister’s resolve on an issue that splits Japan, his comments emerged yesterday on Constitution Memorial Day, the national holiday marking the promulgation of a document that has shaped Japan’s domestic and international politics since 1947.有一个信号突显了日本首相在这个导致国内分歧的问题上的决心,他在昨日宪法纪念日宣布修宪时间表;这个节日是为了纪947日施行、自那以来决定着日本国内和国际政治的和平宪法。“I want to make 2020 the year that a new constitution comes into effect,Mr Abe told a private symposium in a message, the contents of which were reported by Japanese media. “We have reached a point where we have to start discussions in more concrete terms in order to present the public with a proposal for revision to the constitution.”“我希望2020年成为新宪法施行的一年,”安倍在视频讲话中告诉一个私人研讨会;日本媒体报道了讲话内容。“我们已经到了必须展开更加具体的讨论的时候,以便向公众呈现修宪提案。”Earlier in the week, when he pointed to the gravity of escalating tensions over North Korea, Mr Abe told a cross-party group of parliamentarians that only a small minority of the public “think of the constitution as an immortal tome本周早些时候,在指出围绕朝鲜的紧张局势升级的严重性的时候,安倍对一个跨党派议员团体表示,只有一小部分公众“把宪法视为不朽的卷册”。In an interview with the Yomiuri newspaper published yesterday, Mr Abe described the 2017 anniversary of the constitution, a document written while Japan was still under US occupation, as a “ripe opportunityfor revision.在昨日发表的《读卖新闻Yomiuri)专访中,安倍形017年的宪法纪念日是一个推进修宪的“成熟机遇”。现行宪法是日本在美国占领时期制定的宪制文件。Since Mr Abe came to power in December 2012, investors in Japan have been wary of his enthusiasm for constitutional reform. Despite some encouraging signals, there are fears the Abenomics project of economic revival will remain unfinished if he devotes his remaining years in office to securing the support for changing the constitution.自安倍晋三在20122月上台以来,日本投资者对他的宪法改革热情一直抱有戒心。尽管有一些令人鼓舞的信号,但人们担心,如果他在剩余的任期全力投入为修宪争取持,以重振经济为目标的安倍经济学(Abenomics)项目将会不了了之。Constitutional revision requires a two-thirds majority in both houses of parliament as well as a majority of public support in a national referendum.修订宪法需要在日本国会两院分别赢得三分之二多数持,并在全民公投中赢得多数公众的持。The amendment, which would mark the first change to the constitution in 70 years, will focus on Article 9, the so-called peace clause in which Japan renounces the threat or use of force in settling international disputes and vows that land, sea and air forces “will never be maintained70年来第一次修宪的焦点将放在第9条,即所谓的和平条款,即日本放弃威胁或使用武力来解决国际争端,并誓言“不保持”陆海空军及其他战争力量。Successive interpretations of the clause over the years have provided political cover for Japan to build its Self-Defence Forces into what some analysts rank as one of the world’s 10 best-equipped and funded militaries.多年来对这一条进行的多次解释,为日本发展其自卫队(Self-Defence Forces)提供了政治依据。一些分析人士认为,目前自卫队是世界上前十大装备精良、经费充足的军事力量之一。While the precise language of any proposed amendment has yet to be made public, a draft was produced in 2012 when Mr Abe was still in opposition, and he has since repeated his intention to add a clause giving the SDF the official right to exist. “In our generation we need to establish the constitutional standing of the Self-Defence Forces so that there is no room for debate,he told the symposium.虽然拟议中的修宪提案的准确措辞尚未公布,但有一份草案在2012年安倍所在政党仍是反对党的时候就已出炉,此后他重申有意在宪法中增补一条,赋予自卫队正式存在权利。“我希望至少在我们这一代在宪法中就自卫队的存在作出明确的定位,不给‘自卫队的存在可能属于违宪行为’之类的辩论留下余地,”他对上述研讨会表示。Despite Mr Abe’s solid levels of public support, his desire to revise the constitution is hugely divisive. The most recent polls on the issue, conducted by Nikkei, showed 46 per cent against change versus 45 per cent in favour.尽管安倍得到公众的强劲持,但是他的修宪愿望导致极大的意见分歧。日Nikkei)在这个问题上进行的最新民调显示,46%反对修宪5%赞成修宪。Two years ago, when Mr Abe pushed through a law that would allow Japanese troops to fight overseas for the first time since the second world war, the issue sparked mass protests.两年前,安倍推动通过一部法律,自二战以来首次允许自卫队在海外投入作战,此举引发了大规模抗议。来 /201705/507758成都市第五人民医院门诊在哪里81 I would like to ask you a favor.我可以提出一个要求吗? 82 Would you let me know your fax number?可以告诉我您的传真机号码吗? 83 Would it be too much to ask you to respond to my question by tomorrow?可以请你在明天以前回复吗? 84 Could you consider accepting our counterproposal?你能考虑接受我们的反对案吗? 85 I would really appreciate your persuading your management.如果你能说经营团队,我会很感激。 86 I would like to suggest that we take a coffee break.我建议我们休息一下喝杯咖啡。 87 Maybe we should hold off until we have covered item B on our agenda.也许我们应该先谈论完B项议题。 88 As a matter of fact, we would like to discuss internally regarding item B.事实上,我们希望可以先内部讨论B项议题。 89 May I propose that we break for coffee now?我可以提议休息一下,喝杯咖啡吗? 90 If you insist, I will comply with your request.如果你坚持,我们会遵照你的要求。 91 We must stress that these payment terms are very important to us.我们必须强调这些付款条件对我们很重要。 92 Please be aware that this is a crucial issue to us.请了解这一点对我们至关重要。 /05/69879金牛区儿童医院在线回答

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