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成都输卵管疏通费用金堂县做无痛人流医院Jim在走廊上遇到同事Claire,跟Claire打招呼。Jim:Hey Claire, youve been really quiet these last few days. Is something wrong?Claire:Ive been really stressed. Its the end of the year and Ive got so much stuff to do! I feel like Im drowning in work.J:Well, stress is a real thing. Its not an imaginary condition.C:Its seriously affecting my life! I cant sleep, I dont have much of an appetite and my husband says Ive been kind of short tempered. Other people seem to handle stress okay...why am I so weak?Claire最近一直不太说话,原来是因为到年底了,有做不完的事情,Ive been really stressed. 她感觉压力特别大。Claire说,I feel like Im drowning in work. Drown, d-r-o-w-n, drown 溺水,在这里是一种比喻的说法,drown in work 意思是自己快要被工作压垮了。Claire不仅睡眠不好,食欲差,而且还动不动就发脾气,short tempered。大家都有压力,是不是只有Claire承压能力差呢? Jim说,J:Youre not weak...youre stressed out! Stress has been a part of the human condition for millions of years. Back when we still lived in the trees we had to watch out for predators...and as you might imagine, that was pretty stressful.C:Yeah, but I dont see any tigers or leopards roaming around our office. My stress is just about silly paperwork!J:But youre actually having the same reaction as our tree-dwelling ancestors! Its called the ;flight or fight; response. Each time you feel like somethings threatening you, your body decides whether to run away or fight...it causes all sorts of chemical reactions in the body.Jim安慰Claire说,这是身体对过度压力所做出的反应,就好像原来住在树上的老祖宗,随时随地要watch out for predators警惕捕食者的来袭,虽然现代人压力的来源变了,但是Claire面对压力,身体做出的反应还是一样的,这种反应叫 flight or fight response,要在逃跑还是交战之间做出选择。Claire似懂非懂。C:So a deadline will cause that same reaction?J:It could. Modern humans actually have more ;flight or fight; responses than our ancestors did. They just had a couple of close calls every day, but today, we have dozens or even hundreds!C:So the life of a cave woman was less stressful than my life?Jim说,跟生活在树上的老祖宗相比,现代人每天面对的flight or fight的情况更多。他们以前每天可能只有几次遇到危险 close calls,a close call指险些发生的厄运,比如 I was almost run over by a car. It was a close call. 我差点没被车撞到,太悬了。如果真像Jim说的,现代人比史前人类 cave man或是cave woman 面对的压力还大了?我们下次继续听。 /201205/181562绵阳那里治疗不孕不育 This is the first in a series of Business English lessons on handling a crisis. 这是商务英语播客有关处理紧急事故的第一集。Imagine this: its four oclock in the morning and youre sound asleep. The phone rings. Its one of your managers. Theres been a terrible accident! What do you do? What do you say? 想象一下:现在是早晨4点,你还睡梦中。电话想起。你的经理电话你说有个很糟糕的事故,你该怎么做,你该说什么?At some point in your career, you will have to deal with a major crisis. It could be a labor strike or an environmental disaster. And there are minor crises, like missing an important delivery or running out of paper, that can happen every day. These events can certainly do damage, but how much? That depends on how you deal with them. 在你事业的某些关键时刻,你将不得不处理一些大的事故。它可能是工人罢工,或者环境方面的灾难。可能也有小的事故,比如错过重要的交货时间,或者纸用完了,这些可能每天都会发生。这些事故也确实会损害,但是无法确切地指导损失多少。这还得看你是怎么处理这样的事故。Good crisis management is the key. Your success and reputation depend on it. So in this lesson, well look at what happens when a crisis breaks, or begins. This is all about ;Taking Control in a Crisis.; Well cover some useful techniques and language to deal effectively with that early morning phone call about an accident. 有效的危机管理是关键。你的成功和你的名声取决于此。因此在这一节课中,我们将学习当危机爆发时会发生什么,还是危机是怎么引起的。这就是关于控制危机的全部。这个包含一些有用的技术和有效处理紧急事情的语言,比如清晨接到经理打来说有有紧急事故的电话。Well hear Sandy and Mike, who work at a factory in China that has just had an accident. Sandy is the plant manager, while Mike is the lead production engineer. A pipe has burst, releasing gas and injuring two workers.Now Sandy and Mike are calling their boss, Frank Menzies, in the U.S. Lets listen as Sandy and Mike deliver the bad news and Frank takes control of the crisis. 我们将听到山迪和麦克的对话,他们在中国的一个刚发生一起事故的工厂里工作。山迪是工厂经理,而麦克是总生产工程师。管道爆炸,泄露气体,两名工人受伤。现在山迪和麦克正在给他们在美国的老板弗兰克;孟打电话。让我们来听山迪和麦克是如何向他们的老板转达消息的。Listening Questions:1. Why isnt Mike on the call at the beginning?2. What information about the incident does Frank want to know?3. What does Frank instruct Mike to do at the end? /201111/162307prestige price 名望价格英文释义 A high price set on a product to imply that it is superior to other similar products.例句 The companys marketing director claims that adopting a prestige price strategy will increase sales among wealthier customers who are more concerned with high status than authentic high quality.这家公司的营销总监宣称,采用名望价格战略将增加在富裕顾客中的销售,他们更在乎高身份,而不是真正的高质量。 /201312/267730成都孕前八项检查

青白江区妇幼保健院的营业时间Narrator: Hello again!今天可是重要的一天, Mr Socrates 马上就要到 Tip Top 贸易公司的办公室了,他要正式的接见每位员工。他会说什么呢?还有他能不能喝到鲜榨橙汁?Tom: Quickly everyone… hes coming out of the lift with Paul.Denise: Anna quickly, get a glass of orange juice y.Paul: …and if we come though this door here we get to the office and… (coughs)… morning everyone. Im sure weve all met Mr Socrates on the day of the fire… but today everything is a bit calmer and well hes here to say hello.Mr S: Hi!Denise: Biscuit Mr Socrates?Mr S: Biscuit? You mean a goddamn cookie. Thanks.Anna: Err, Mr Socrates, Im Anna. Would you like some orange juice – freshly squeezed?Mr S: You betcha as long as its made from Florida oranges. Hey… Anna? Aint you the girl who booked my hotel room?Anna: Oh yes, sorry about the bed and…Mr S: Hey, you got me a new room, it was great. You did a good job there. Well done.Anna: Oh thanks.Tom: Hello. Its Tom. I recommended the hotel, it was a…Paul: Tom. Everyone, shall we gather round and hear what Mr Socrates has to say? Please.Mr S: Hey… errr… whats your name?Paul: Paul.Mr S: Yeah you. Dont you think I should be sitting in the big chair?Paul: Sorry. Yes of course. There you go.Mr S: Now. Tip Top Trading. Ive gotta give it to you straight. Things arent looking good, in fact the outlook is gloomy. The global recession has led to a meltdown in the plastic fruits sector. And Ive got to announce a profit warning. We just aint selling enough of these bananas, oranges and lemons to make any money.Paul: Theres a bit of an economic squeeze on lemons!Mr S: What?!Anna: (to herself) Oh dear. Im not sure what hes talking about but it sounds bad.Narrator: 情况不妙啊,Anna. 他带来的可是坏消息,他说Ive got to give it to you straight, 我必须很直接的告诉你,the outlook is gloomy, 未来行情看着不明朗,他还提到了盈利预警a profit warning, 公司利润会下滑。Anna: Crikey! That is bad. What does it mean?Narrator: 先听着吧!Mr S: …so, this calls for action. Im going to have to -Tom: Oh no, not me Mr Socrates, Ive been a loyal employee, I couldnt face being unemployed.Denise: Tom, calm down.Mr S: Im not talking about redundancies – yet.Paul: Gosh, well that calls for another biscuit.Mr S: My plan is… were going into Europe.SOUNDS OF SURPRISE AND INTEREST FROM THE TEAMAnna: You mean were moving to Europe?Paul: No, no Anna. I think he means were going to sell plastic fruit to the European market.Tom: Oh right! Great. Mr Socrates, Ive lots of experience with Europe. I had a holiday in Spain once… twice actually.Denise: Well, well have to make sure our phones can make international calls.Mr S: Hmm. Look everyone, I think youre gonna need some help with this so Im bringing in my best marketing executive, Rachel. What she doesnt know about selling to Europe, you dont wanna know. Shell be here in a few weeks time.Denise: Do you know if she prefers tea or coffee… or orange juice perhaps?Mr S: Look Diana…Denise: Denise.Mr S: Denise. Like Dennis right? Shell want the best – the best tea, coffee – and the best team. Ill expect improved results and profits. If not, your necks will be on the line – especially yours Paul.Paul: Oh, chop chop. Wed better get to work.Narrator: 真吓人!Your necks will be on the line 大家的脖子都要注意了,他的意思是如果公司效益不提高,那么大家都要被炒鱿鱼。 这可真让人担心啊!让我们再复习一下 Mr Socrates 发布坏消息时用到的一些表达方式:Ive got to give it to you straightThe outlook is gloomyIve got to announce a profit warning希望新的欧洲市场推销计划能提高销售额。How are you feeling Anna?Anna: A little nervous. But Im going to try my best to make sure this new strategy works.Narrator: 有信心,好样的!Paul: Right everyone. I think we need to take Mr Socrates down to the Rose and Crown after work for a pint or two and show him some true English hospitality. How about it?Mr S: I dont drink.Paul: Ah well, perhaps some lemonade?Narrator: Mr Socrates 不喝酒, 那就再看吧。好了,我们下期节目再会!听力挑战:Mr Socrates 想集中精力在哪个市场?上期:Mr Socrates 要什么样的房间?:一间双人房。 /201208/196523成都妇科体检哪家最好 TIFFANY: We have the capital y.Right now I am looking at three different companies to produce our products.And your company, Mr. Chen, seems to me to be the best for what we want.TOM: I appreciate your remarks. And we are always happy to do more business.But, you know, if we take on a contract to produce new products,we want to be confident the product is marketable.Because, to start producing new things requires a lot of preparation.It requires a lot of investment for us.TIFFANY: You have some doubts about our products, I understand.TOM: I would like to offer you a good price.But I won't be able to do that if I think this is a one-shot deal.So I would like to have some confidence in your idea.TIFFANY: Of course. Let me tell you in some detail about our idea.You know the popular "Hello Kitty" products.TOM: Yes, of course.TIFFANY: Well, the products in themselves are very simple.It is the logo that is successful.So, "Hello Kitty" is successful because of the logo, but the products are very simple.TOM: And I would say the logo is successful mainly because it comes from Japan.It is the Japanese that have made it a fad.TIFFANY: That might be true.But we have a logo concept that is great. It is really great.I think it will catch on in Taiwan at least. Young people will love it.It is because of our logo that our products will sell.We just need someone to produce the products for us.We have the backup and people to do the marketing.TOM: So what you are really trying to sell is a fad.TIFFANY: Yes, we would like to make things like key chains,plastic pencil sharpeners, plastic rulers, watches, wallets, things like that.Little accessories for young people. But the reason these will sell is the logo.Just like "Hello Kitty."TOM: I understand. But why won't you show me the logo?TIFFANY: Because it hasn't been copyrighted. We want to get some protection for it.But while we wait for copyright, we are investigating companies to produce the products.TOM: I see. The problem, however,is that I can't be confident in giving you a good priceunless I am confident your product will last.TIFFANY: I understand. For now, though, you could just give us an estimated price.We aren't going to sign a contract yet. We are just investigating.I only need to know that your company is capable of producing the products.And then, I only need a very rough idea of how much it might cost. TOM: Alright. I understand. Right now you just want estimates.TIFFANY: Yes. /200811/57501成都治疗子宫内膜息肉费用

蒲江县人流手术多少钱The political debate about the role of the internet in terrorism, following three attacks in the UK, has become confused. It is driven by frustration on one side that the ethics, values and legalities of the real world are not simply applied online. On the other, politicians of all parties do not always understand the technology or the economics of the internet and are portrayed as asking for the impossible.在英国发起恐怖袭击之后,围绕互联网在恐怖主义中所扮演角色的政治辩论变得令人困惑。一方面,人们由于对真实世界的道德、价值观和法律并未简单地适用于网上而倍感挫折。另一方面,所有政党的政客们并不总是理解互联网技术或者互联网经济学,他们被描述为要求完成不可能完成的任务。But it is in the interests of both sides and all of us that the internet is not a values-free zone. Technology is morally neutral, but providers and consumers are not. The digital and “realworlds are not separate, they are the same. If we are to preserve the freedom of the internet, the greatest achievement of this age, we need to meet this challenge. How to do so is complex and needs untangling.但互联网不是价值观中立区域,这符合辩论双方(以及我们所有人)的利益。技术在道德上是中性的,但提供者和消费者并非如此。数字世界和“真实”世界并非是分开的,他们是一体的。如果我们要维护互联网上的自由——互联网是当今时代最伟大的成就——我们就需要解决这种挑战。如何做到这一点是非常复杂的,而且需要解开困惑。There are two separate complaints about the internet: that it facilitates covert communication between terrorists through encrypted messaging, and that it enables the sp of radicalising propaganda by hosting extremist material.人们对互联网有两种不同的抱怨:一个是它通过加密信息方便了恐怖分子的秘密交流,另一个是它通过托管极端主义内容使激进宣传得以传播。The first is a technical issue: “end-to-endencryption where only the user has the key and neither service provider nor law enforcement can the content is here to stay. It cannot be uninvented and those of us focused on cyber security would not want encryption weakened even if it were possible. But there are things that can be done to tackle the abuse of encryption by terrorists and criminals, through private co-operation, under the law, between companies and government agencies. That co-operation has improved markedly, even if it has further to go.第一个是技术问题:“端对端”加密——只有用户拥有密钥,无论是务提供商还是执法者都无法阅读内容——已经被普遍接受。这种加密技术无法抹除,我们这些致力于网络安全的人不愿削弱加密技术,即便它是有可能的。但公司和政府机构可以采取一些措施,在合法的前提下私下合作以解决恐怖分子和犯罪分子对加密技术的滥用。这种合作如今已经明显改善,虽然它还有进一步改进的空间。The hosting of extremist material is a different issue and goes to the heart of the ideological struggle driving Islamist terrorism. We should be clear about what we are asking for. This is not about suppressing freedom of speech. The west did not win the ideological struggle against totalitarian communism by never discussing it. Islamism needs exposing and countering.极端主义内容托管的问题有所不同,它触及到了推动伊斯兰恐怖主义的意识形态斗争的核心。我们应该明确我们的要求。这不是说要遏制言论自由。西方没有因从未讨论过而赢得与极权共产主义的意识形态斗争。伊斯兰主义需要曝光和反击。But those trying to counter the ideas of terrorist groups often feel they are fighting against a wave of material produced by well-funded organisations that understand strategic communications better than the west. They feel that the very openness of the internet, and its economics, crudely based on the volume of “clickson sensational or grotesque material, are used against them.但那些试图反击恐怖主义组织的思想的人往往觉得,他们对抗的是由资金充足、比西方更明白战略交流的组织制作的一系列内容。他们觉得,被用来反对他们的正是互联网的开放性及其基本建立于对哗众取宠或荒诞内容“点击”量基础之上的经济性。The glory of the internet is that it creates networks and communities of interest; the downside is that it can rapidly validate extreme behaviour which in the past would have been moderated by real communities. We know from convicted terrorists the effect of watching brutal s of captives set on fire or drowned, of children crucified in front of their parents, or graphic images glorifying atrocities in London or Paris. While it is fashionable to blame technology companies, these images are more likely to be found on hosting sites that are not household names, on news sites or even academic services.互联网的优点在于,它创造了志趣相投的网络和社区;缺点是,它能够迅速实极端行为——过去通过实体社区实的效果会减弱。我们从已经伏法的恐怖分子那里知道了观看残忍视频的效果——烧死或淹死俘虏,在孩子父母面前将孩子钉死在十字架上,或者赞美伦敦或巴黎暴行的画面。尽管人们一般会谴责技术公司,但这些画面更可能在并非家喻户晓的视频托管网站或者新闻网站、乃至学术务网站上找到。There will of course always be dark spaces and hidden sites where fanatics will find this material. But that is why we have law enforcement and intelligence agencies.当然总是存在能让狂热分子发现这种内容的黑暗空间和隐藏网站。但这正是我们拥有执法和情报机构的原因。The rest of us should focus on driving material off the mainstream and seek to make the open internet a civilised space, reflecting the liberal democratic values that led to its creation in the first place. For the internet and the web would not have been invented and could not have flourished in Islamist or totalitarian regimes.我们其他人应该致力于将恐怖内容逐出主流网站之外,并设法让开放的互联网成为文明之地,反映出最初导致其诞生的自由民主价值观。这是因为在伊斯兰或极权政权下,互联网和网络不会被发明并蓬勃发展。How do we achieve this? We need a practical coalition, led and funded by Silicon Valley, which has been making progress but now needs to accelerate, and by global online advertisers, which have been too slow to look forensically at what their ads are supporting. This coalition should agree a code of what is acceptable, working with democratic governments and civil society. It should apply technology and human beings to the rapid removal of material and the isolation of offending sites. It should not be afraid to exercise judgment and it should not wait for legislation, the courts or proposed fines, which will inevitably be slow and blunt.我们如何才能做到这些?我们需要一个务实的联盟,由硅谷和全球网络广告主领导并提供资金,前者不断进步,但现在需要加快脚步,后者过于迟缓而无法看真切他们的广告在持什么内容。该联盟应该就可接受准则达成一致,并与民主政府和公民社会合作。它应该运用技术和人类快速消除恐怖主义内容并孤立违规网站。它不应害怕做出判断,也不应等待法律、法庭或者拟议的罚款,后者将会不可避免地反应迟钝。Finally, it should do all this in order to preserve the freedom of the internet, as well as our safety.最后,它应该为了维护互联网自由以及我们的安全而采取所有这些行动。The writer is a former director of GCHQ, a UK government intelligence and security organisation本文作者曾经担任英国政府情报和安全机构——英国政府通信总部(GCHQ)的主管来 /201706/512975 成都哪家医院看不孕不育好成都妇科三甲医院




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