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The venerable French crystal company Baccarat is venturing into hotel business for the first time with the Baccarat Hotel amp; Residences New York in a glass tower in Midtown Manhattan across the street from the Museum of Modern Art. While the 60 residences have been open since December, the hotel will make its debut in March.受人尊敬的法国水晶公司巴卡拉(Baccarat)首次进军酒店业,在曼哈顿中城现代艺术物馆(Museum of Modern Art)对面的一座玻璃大楼里开设了纽约巴卡拉酒店及公寓(Baccarat Hotel amp; Residences New York)。从去年12月起,它的60套公寓已经对外开放,但是酒店要到明年3月才亮相。The property will have crystal elements everywhere; chandeliers will be in the bar area and at the entrance, and there will be sconces throughout.水晶元素将在这家酒店里随处可见;酒吧区和入门处将装置枝形吊灯;壁灯也将遍及各处。The Paris-based Gilles amp; Bossier designed the 114 guestrooms, which have contemporary wood and steel furniture, cashmere throws and custom-made linens from the luxury Italian company Mascioni.114间客房由巴黎的Gilles amp; Bossier公司设计,包括现代风格的木制和钢制家具、羊绒床罩,以及从意大利奢侈品公司马肖尼(Mascioni)定制的织品。Other amenities include a 55-foot-long pool surrounded by a black-and-white woodland mural by the Brittany artist Fran Houtin, a modern French restaurant run by the chef Shea Gallante and Charles Masson, the former manager of La Grenouille, and a partnership with the Parisian tea house Mariage Frères.其他设施包括一个55英尺长(约合17米)的泳池,周围的墙上是布列塔尼艺术家弗朗索瓦·胡丁(Fran Houtin)绘制的黑白林地壁画;一个现代法式餐厅,由大厨谢伊·加朗(Shea Gallante)和查尔斯·马松(Charles Masson)主理,后者曾担任La Grenouille餐厅的经理;还有一个与巴黎的Mariage Frères茶舍合作的茶舍。The hotel will also have the first spa from La Mer, the well-known New York City-based skin-care company.这家酒店还将拥有纽约知名护肤公司La Mer开设的第一个美容中心。The 1,900-square-foot space, called Spa de La Mer, will have four treatment rooms and a of massages, body treatments and six facials using the brand’s products. Room rates from 9.这个占地1900平方英尺(约合176平方米)的美容中心名为Spa de La Mer,设有四个美容室,提供、身体理疗和六种面部护理,均使用该品牌产品。房价从899美元起。 /201510/404656樊城妇幼保健院中医院有哪些医生I made these photos throughout 2014 and plan to continue on this project with more animals of different kinds – I’m thinking lions, wolves, apes, walruses and pretty much anything else. Pandas are of course the ultimate dream, so if anybody has a panda who wouldn’t mind if I photographed it, you can drop me a line where I live in Amsterdam!  2014年一整年我都在制作这些照片,我计划后续拍摄更多的动物,比如狮子、狼、猩猩、海象等其他动物。当然熊猫是我的终极梦想了!如果有人不介意我给他的熊猫拍照的话,就请给我写信吧,我在阿姆斯特丹。  It’s not easy working with animals, especially when trying to get them to do the three things I need for a photo (mouth closed, sitting still, looking at at the lens).  要让这些小家伙们配合好那可不是件容易的事,尤其是让他们试着做三件事(需要拍照时摆的pose,闭着嘴,坐着不动,看镜头。)  Hurko, a deaf Dalmatian who responds to sign language.  上图是Hurko——他是只达尔马提亚,耳聋了,但能看懂手语。 /201603/433553宜城市中医院地址电话Now caffeine addicts are up in arms over Starbucks allegedly under filling its lattes.最近,一群咖啡爱好者们准备联合控告星巴克,原因是拿铁咖啡的分量明显不足。A class-action lawsuit filed last Wednesday in the U.S. district court of Northern California, claims that the coffee chain knowingly and systematically serves customers lattes that are 25 percent smaller than the claims.上周三,美国加利福尼亚州的地方法院受理了一起集体诉讼,原告声称星巴克咖啡连锁店蓄意、且多次出售分量比菜单标识上写的少了25%的拿铁咖啡。The plaintiffs allege that Starbucks not only uses too little liquid in its standard latte recipe but that its cups are not adequately large enough to contain the amount of beverage stated on their size . So if you ordered a grande (16 ounce), it#39;s really more like drinking a tall (12 ounce).原告还声称,星巴克不仅在配置标准拿铁咖啡时加入的咖啡量不够,而且该店盛咖啡的杯子体积太小,和菜单上面标注的饮品容量完全不能匹配。就好比你本来点的是大杯装(16盎司),但是实际呈上来也就只有中杯的分量(12盎司)。The ;fill to; lines etched on the pitchers used by baristas to heat milk result in drinks don#39;t measure up to the tall (12 ounce), grande (16 ounce), and venti (20 ounce) sizes listed on the . ;By underfilling its lattes, thereby shortchanging its customers, Starbucks has saved countless millions of dollars in the cost of goods sold and was unjustly enriched by taking payment for more product than it delivers.;所谓“量满”的刻度线一般被刻在咖啡调配师平时加热牛奶的瓦罐上,但是这一标准和现如今星巴克菜单中所推出的中杯(12盎司),大杯(16盎司)以及超大杯(20盎司)等标准并不相同。咖啡量不足,这从一定程度上已经欺骗了消费者。这样看来,星巴克在降低商品成本这一方面就节省了数百万美元,与此同时,星巴克向消费者提供的商品分量不足,但销售价格未减,属于不正当收益行为。If the lawsuit#39;s class action status is approved, it would be “open to all U.S. Class Members who purchased a Starbucks Latte;—potentially of millions of customers.据悉,如果这起集体诉讼案件得到法院的持,那么这次的原告集体将无比庞大,美国所有曾经买过星巴克不足量拿铁咖啡的消费者大概有百万人之多,都将会成为其中一员。A Starbucks company spokesperson told Eater that ;We are aware of the plaintiffs#39; claims, which we fully believe to be without merit. We are proud to serve our customers high-quality, handcrafted and customized beverages, and we inform customers of the likelihood of variations.;星巴克公司发言人在Eater网站上表示,“我们已经意识到了顾客对我们的控告和不满,但我们认为这些投诉缺乏法律依据。我们一直以向顾客提供优质美味、手工调制以及独家定制的饮品为荣,希望广大消费者能够考虑到出售过程中可能出现的变数和误差。” /201603/433467襄州妇幼保健院中医院在哪

襄阳老河口市人民中心医院属于几级襄阳第一人民医院网上挂号The Way into Crisis:That such a vast empire like Qing China would meet conflicts with neighboring people is a natural cause. Aly the occupation of the Yili Territory in the west has been without consequences for the loyalty of Muslim people of Chinese Turkestan. But expanding Russia also claimed these territories of In-ner Asia.走向危机:清朝时期的中国如此辽阔与周边国家发生擦是再自然不过的事情了。尽管清朝在西部拥有伊犁地区,但却不能使中国土耳其斯坦的穆斯林效忠 清朝。扩张中的俄罗斯也声称拥有中亚地区。Treaties with the Russian tsars helped to settle the border conflicts. Ch卜 nese troops proved the Qing sovereignty over Burma and Nepal. Chinese settlers in Yunnan, Guizhou, Sichuan and Taiwan met rebellions of the aboriginal tribes that could only be subdued by military force. Muslim people stood up against the Qing regime in Gansu and Xinjiang.清朝政府和沙皇俄国签订的条约有 助于解决边境争端。中国军队保了清朝对波尔玛和尼泊尔的统治,但是在云南、贵州、四川和台湾等地遇到了当地居民的强烈反抗,而这些只能用武力解决。穆斯 林也在甘肃、新疆起来抗击清朝统治。A Weakening China: The 19th century brought developments over China, which worsened the economical backwardness that was aly seen after the long and glorious reigns of the three emperors Kangxi, Yongzheng and Qianlong.逐步衰弱的中国:19世纪给中国带来了发展,也加剧了中国经济的倒退,这一 点在清朝长时期统治和繁荣的康熙、雍正和乾隆三位皇帝时期既有显现。The two main problems are the question of centralized or decentralized administration, and to what extent the state should control the economy for the sake of the population and to fill the state treasure. Both questions should also be crucial for the economical, technical and political backwardness of the 19th century China.清朝时 期两大主要问题是高度的中央集权制或者说高度分散的集权制以及为了国民和充 实国库应该如何控制国民经济的问题。这两大问题对19世纪的中国经济、技术、 政治的落后都起着决定性作用。A political ,economical and social system that had been proved effectively for two thousand years seemed to have no need for change or modernization. In the eyes of the Westerners, therefore, the political and social sphere of China had been unchanged for thousands of years. The economical sphere meanwhile seemed to have been influenced by Europeans, and at least experienced some modernization after Chinese mandarins became aware of China’s economical backwardness.2000年来明在中国行之有效的政治、经济、和 社会制度似乎无需改变或实现现代化。因此,在西方人的眼里,中国政治、经济已 经2000年没有任何变动。中国经济似乎是受欧洲的影响,至少当清朝大臣们意识 到中国经济落后时中国还是体验了一下现代化。But in fact, economical changes aly took place since the mid of 18th century. The long period of peace and the introduction of new crops from the America(peanuts, corn, and taro) resulted in a steady rise in the population.事实上,18世纪中期中国经济就 发生了重大变化。长期和平和从美国引进的农作物(如花生、玉米、芋头)使中国人 口稳步上升。With an increasing population ,there was also the need for a widesp commerce and trade network covering whole China, especially along the waterways of the great rivers and channels. Merchants needed banks for their funds to finance their business.随着人口的增长,需要在中国广开商路和建立贸易网,尤其是要在长 江和运河地区开辟水路。商人需要为他们提供资金以资助企业发展。The industry of Qing China was a highly sophisticated system of division of labour. Chinaware, tea, brocades and cotton was produced greatly in specialized regions and cities. Merchants and producers formed non-governmental guilds with comprehensive administratorial functions. While in the west of the USA, a lack of labour force led to the development of industrial agriculture, the surplus of labour force in China was an impediment for technification.清朝时 期,中国手工业就有高度复杂的劳动分工。中国器具、茶叶、织锦和棉花生产在一 些专业生产地区高度发展。商人和生产商组成了非官方的具有广泛管理职能的行 业协会。在美国西部,因缺乏劳动力而促成了机械化农业发展的同时,中国劳动力 的剩余则阻碍了技术的发展。And moreover, the social groups making profit and living in wealth, like fhe salt traders of the lower Yangtze valley, did consume their income rather for luxury instead of investing in long-term business like a heavy industry. The lack of governmental interference into the sphere of the economy left this field a prey for the penetrating Western merchants.此外,那些挣了钱而生活奢靡的商人,如长江下游的 盐商们,大肆挥霍钱财,过着奢侈生活,而不是把资金投资到像重工业这样的长期 企业上去。政府也缺乏对经济的干预,这使得这一领域逐步为西方商人所渗透。The Opium Wars and the Unequal Treaties:China as a country with a highly developed manufacturing industry had no need for imported cotton fabrics or similar items produced in the West. The British merchants, especially the East India Company, saw their chance in the import of opium.鸦片战争和一系列不平等条约的签订:中国,作为一个有着高度发达的手工制 造业的国家,无须从西方进口棉纺织品或诸如此类的产品。于是英国商人,特别是 东印度公司,看准只有向中国进口鸦片。As the import of opium had been prohibited by the Chinese government aly during the 18th century, the only way to make profit by selling Indian opium was the smuggling business. Opium does not only mean a danger for health, but also has a deep impact on public moral. Moreover, the export of tea, silk and chinaware was not able to cover the costs for opium imports: the Chinese trade balance tended to become negative.由于中国政府在18世纪就曾下令禁止进 口鸦片,所以出售印度鸦片挣钱的唯一办法就是走私。鸦片不仅危害人身健康,并 且对社会公众道德也有极其深刻的影响。但是,茶叶、丝绸和瓷器的出口总额弥补 不了鸦片一项进口的差额:中国贸易出现逆差。The court in Beijing was divided between ministers proposing a forced barter (opium against Chinese products) ; allowance of opium import but imposing high taxes on the drug ; or confrontation with the British merchants.朝庭中的大臣分成两派,一派主张 强行物物交换(用鸦片换中国商品),主张鸦片可以进口,但是要征收高额关税;另 一派主张直接反对英国商人经营鸦片。A representative of the last group was Lin Zexu who acted as commissioner in Guangzhou (Canton) in 1839, the main import harbour of the south. He confiscated opium cases and tried to banish British merchants. However under the protection of their government, the Britain Captain Elliott attacked some small harbors, occupied islands and threatened the port of Tianjin with canon boats: the so-called Opium War began.后一派则以林则徐为代表。1839年他被 派到南方重要港口广州任两广总督,没收鸦片并极力驱逐英国商人。在英国政府 的庇护下,英国军队在伊里尔特上尉的统领下进攻几个小港口,占领了一些岛屿, 并直接用炮舰威胁天津港——鸦片战争开始。A British fleet, commanded by Henry Pottinger, proceeded until Nanjing, when the Chinese government finally gave in and signed the Nanjing Treaty in 1842, the first of a long line of shameful treaties for the Qing government, called 4tunequal treatiesFor twenty centuries, Chinese emperors had dealt in the same way with penetrating M barbarians : making concessions to them by granting them material presents like Chinese silk or sending them princesses.1842年,一英国舰队,在亨利? 鲍丁格尔的指挥下,一直打到南京,中国政府投降并签定了《南京条约》。这是中国 清政府所签署的丧权辱国的第一个不平等条约。2000多年来,中国的皇帝一直以 同样的方式来对应入侵的蛮夷,即以赏赐财物,如丝绸或送公主和亲的办法与他们 达成妥协。In 1842, nobody in China was aware that the danger coming from the West was much deeper than a few nomad barbarians attacking the Chinese frontiers.In the Nanjing Treaty, the Qing government granted the British free (opium)trade in the harbors of Xiamen (Amoy), Shanghai, Ningbo, Fuzhou and Guangzhou, abolishing the monopoly of the Chinese merchant guilds in these cities. British goods were imposed with a very low import tax, and British subjects were allowed to move freely inside China. As a trade base, the island of Hong Kong was handed over to Great Britain.1842年,中国没人意识到来自西方的危险远比几个游牧族侵扰边境深 远的多《南京条约》规定,清政府允许英国在厦门、上海、宁波、福州和广州进行鸦片自 由贸易,取消中国商会在这些城市的垄断。对英国商品征收很低的进口税,英国人 可以在中国自由往来。作为商埠,香港岛由英国管辖。The financial damages China had to pay for the war counted 21 million silver dollars. Great Britain was officially recognized by the Qing government as a foreign power with equal rights. In an additional treaty, the Humen Treaty, Great Britain was allowed to establish concessional settlement territories where British subjects were exempt of Chinese jurisdiction.中国赔偿战争损失费2 100 万两白银。大清政府承认英国和中国享有同等权利。在附加条约《虎门条约》里, 大英帝国允许在中国建立租界,租界内的英国公民不受中国司法管辖。But the most important item of this treaty was the Most Favorite Clausula, allowing Great Britain to obtain every contractual concession any other country should obtain. Following the British, France Treaty of Whampoa, the USA Treaty of Wangsha, and the minor European states forced treaties with the Chinese allowing them free trade inside a handful of harbor cities.该条约中 最重要的一条就是最惠国待遇,即英国享有所有和其他国家签定的条约中的一切 权利。继英国之后,法国签定了《黄埔条约》,美国鉴定《望厦条约》,其他几个欧洲 国家也强行和中国签定了允许在中国众多港口自由贸易的条约。In 1856, British and French saw their chance to revise the Nanjing Treaty. Unifying their armies, British and French occupied Guangzhou and forced the Qing government to sign the Tianjin Treaty in 1858 after their canon boats had bombarded the Tanggu Forts near Tianjin.1856年,英法联 军认为改写条约的时机成熟,于是英法联军炮轰天津附近的塘沽港。1858年,英 法联军占领广州强迫清政府签定《天津条约》。But the French army invaded Beijing and burned down and plundered the Qing emperors’ summer residence in the Yuanmingyuan Garden; the court had fled to Jehol. These military actions are called the Second Opium War. Signed in I860, the Beijing Treaty.但是,法国军队入侵北京,火烧和洗 劫了大清皇帝在圆明园的夏日行宫,清政府逃到了热河,这些军事行动称为第二次 鸦片战争。I860年签定《北京条约》。Meanwhile, Rus-sia also claimed rights on Chinese territory. The treaties of Nerchinsk was signed between Russia and Qing Government in 1689. In 1858 Russia occupied the territory north of the River Amur and claimed this territory as Russian, ensured in the Aihui Treaty.与此同时,俄罗斯也到处强占中国土地。 1689年签定《尼布楚条约》,1858年俄罗斯占领阿穆尔河以北的领地,并声称归己 所有,并在《瑷珲条约》中加以强调。 /201603/428573President Barack Obama didn#39;t act like a typical president when he took a break from running the country to hang out with Jerry Seinfeld, driving a Corvette and drinking coffee. And Obama admitted that he doesn#39;t always sound presidential either. The leader of the ed States, it seems, is a fan of swearing. He told Seinfeld:当美国总统巴拉克·奥巴马在不理国政的空档同杰瑞·宋飞开着游艇喝着咖啡的时候,他的言谈举止并不像一般的总统那样。而且,奥巴马自己也承认自己有时说话并不像一个总统。貌似这位美国领导人喜欢咒骂。他这样对宋飞说:;I curse. I curse. …Bad stuff, or stupid stuff, is happening constantly, right? valuable.;;我就骂了!就骂了!但生活中常会有些糟糕的、愚蠢的事情发生,不是吗?值呀!;Though the prim and proper may frown upon this language from a head of state, profanities are a healthy part of our lexicon. And plenty of studies have found that the odd bit of swearing can in fact be very good for you.可能这话从一国元首口中说出来有失妥帖,但脏话是我们日常用语中司空见惯正常的一部分。而且,多项研究也发现:骂人实际上非常有益身心健康。In 2009, psychologists from Keele University in the UK found that swearing can even help relieve pain. Some 67 participants were asked to keep their hands submerged in ice cold water as along as possible, either repeating a swear word or a neutral word over and over. Those who were swearing were able to keep their hand submerged for longer, and also reported feeling less pain.2009年,一群英国基尔大学的心理学家发现:骂人甚至有助于减缓疼痛。研究中,67名调研者被要求在尽可能长的时间里将自己的手浸泡在冰水中,有些人要求一直重复骂人的话而另一部分人则要求重复平实的话语。研究结果显示,说脏话的人把手泡在水里的时间更长,且更不觉得痛。Timothy Jay, a psychologist at the Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts who has studied cursing for 35 years, says profanities are an irreplaceable form of expression.麻省理工学院心理学家蒂莫西·杰研究说脏话35年,他称:脏话是一种不可替代的表达形式。Monika Bednarek, senior lecturer in linguistics at the University of Sydney, has catalogued the number of profanities in the most popular US TV (there are a lot), and agrees that swearing is important in social situations.悉尼大学语言学高级讲师莫妮卡·贝德纳雷克在一档美国最受欢迎的电视节目中将脏话分类(多到想不到),并同意说脏话在社交中起重要作用这一观点。 /201601/423681襄阳看男性早泄Pope Francis has offered a rare, if vague, apology for scandals involving the Roman Catholic Church, after several high-profile gaffes that were linked to the church or its clergy.最近发生的若干起涉及罗马天主教教会或高级神职人员的事件引发了广泛的关注。罗马天主教宗方济各罕见地为与教会有关的丑闻道歉,尽管道歉比较模糊。Speaking in Rome at the beginning of his weekly general audience Wednesday, Pope Francis said he asks forgiveness in the name of the church ;for the scandals that have recently hit Rome and the Vatican.;教宗方济各星期三在罗马说,他以教会的名义要求对罗马和梵蒂冈最近的丑闻予以宽恕。He added, ;It is inevitable that scandal happens, but woe to the man who causes [them].; His last phrase was a e from the Bible.他说,“丑闻不可避免,(丑闻)制造者是不幸的。”这后半句来自《圣经》。The pope#39;s comments drew applause, but also confusion about which scandals he might have meant. The Vatican has not addressed questions about what the pope was referencing.教宗的赢得了掌声,同时也令人困惑,不知他说的是哪些丑闻。梵蒂冈也没有回答相关的问题。On October third, the day before Pope Francis opened a meeting on family issues, a Vatican monsignor publicly announced his homosexuality, introduced his male partner to the media, and denounced the Church#39;s stance on same-sex relationships.10月3日,在教宗主持召开家庭问题会议一天前,一位梵蒂冈主教公开宣布他是同性恋,当场把其男性伴侣介绍给媒体,并谴责教会在同性恋问题上的立场。A few days later, Rome#39;s mayor, Ignazio Marino, resigned in a scandal over his personal expenses and concerns that the financially strapped city would not be prepared to handle throngs of tourists expected to come to Rome for the pope#39;s Jubilee Year, which begins in December.几天后,意大利罗马市市长因个人花费丑闻而辞职。他辞职还因为人们担心罗马经济拮据,无力接待前去参加12月开始的教宗禧年大庆的大批游客。The pope has been openly scornful of Marino in recent weeks, suggesting to reporters that the mayor should not have traveled to the U.S. city of Philadelphia earlier this year when the pope visited the city.教宗方济各最近公开对罗马市市长圣马力诺表示蔑视。教皇还对记者说,他今年早些时候访问美国城市费城时,圣马力诺不应当随行前往。 /201510/404405襄阳老河口人民医院是大医院还是小医院

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