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It is a bn org chart. If Googleexecutives mapped out their new corporate structure on something as antediluvian as a white board, they could stick a gold frame around it.这是一张价值290亿美元的组织架构图。如果谷歌(Google)高管在传统的白板上画出新的企业架构,他们可以裱一个金框。Google’s shares rose by that amount, or 7 per cent, in after-hours trading on Monday when the company revealed it was creating a new holding company called Alphabet, with subsidiaries ranging from the core search and advertising business to Nest, which makes thermostats, Fiber, the high-speed internet provider, and Calico, the biotech company.谷歌的市值在周一盘后交易期间上涨了上述金额,股价涨幅为7%,此前谷歌宣布将创建一家名为Alphabet的全新控股公司,其子公司包括核心的搜索和广告业务(即谷歌)、调温器制造商Nest、高速互联网提供商Fiber以及生物技术公司Calico。At first sight, this is absurd. The balance sheet and cash flows will be unchanged. Larry Page, chief executive, calls it “cleaner”. The risk is it creates a mess, particularly in human resources. Even the top team is not exactly streamlined. Mr Page, Sergey Brin and Eric Schmidt move from Google to Alphabet, but Sundar Pichai moves from head of Google products to become chief executive of Google, and Ruth Porat, chief financial officer, will be CFO of both Alphabet and Google.乍一看,此举非常荒谬。资产负债表以及现金流都不会改变。首席执行官拉里椠吉(Larry Page)称其“更干净”。风险在于,此举制造了混乱,特别是在人力资源方面。就连最高层团队也并未真的精简。佩吉、谢尔盖布林(Sergey Brin)以及埃里克施密特(Eric Schmidt)从谷歌移至Alphabet,但是桑德尔皮查伊(Sundar Pichai)从谷歌产品主管升任谷歌首席执行官,而首席财务官露丝波拉特(Ruth Porat)将成为Alphabet和谷歌两家的CFO。Further down the organisation, life gets more compartmentalised. It is not obvious that working in a silo at Company XYZ, “an Alphabet subsidiary”, is as attractive as working on complex issues across today’s Google.在组织的中下层,日子变得更加部门化。尚不清楚在某家“Alphabet子公司”的小天地工作会不会像在眼下的谷歌解决复杂问题一样具有吸引力。There could be benefits to disclosures. At the moment, Google’s are paltry for a 7bn company, with barely any breakdown between lines of business. But the board has stopped short of giving each independent company its own public financials. Each apart from Google, will be contained in the same “non-Google” revenue line. That is hardly a revolution in transparency.此举可能对披露有好处。目前,对于一家市值4870亿美元的公司,谷歌披露的内容实在不算多,基本上没有按业务部门划分的具体细节。但董事会并没有授权每一家独立公司公开财务。除谷歌以外,各子公司都将被纳入“非谷歌”营收线。这很难说是透明度方面的一场革命。There is one big advantage. The core Google business may have been relegated to just another subsidiary and it may have lost Mr Page as day-to-day chief executive. But he has seemed more interested in new projects for some time. With a more dedicated management team, the performance of Google could improve. And with separated financials, the market can finally see what are aly reputed to be fearsome margins.此次重组有个重大优势。核心的谷歌业务或许已被降格为又一家子公司,其日常CEO或许可能不再是佩奇。但他貌似对新项目更感兴趣已经有一段时间了。有了一个更专注的管理团队,谷歌的表现可能会有起色。同时,借助分立的财报,市场有望终于看到据称非常高的利润率。 /201508/392303More than 82 millions phones are damaged each year after being dropped down the toilet, into swimming pools or lost at the beach.每年都有超过8200万部手机因为掉进厕所、泳池或在海滩上丢失而损坏。A number of waterproof handsets have been released to solve this problem, but Comet takes it to the next level.手机厂商发布了多款防水手机来解决此类问题,但Comet则在这个基础上将防水功能升级。Not only is the Android handset IPx7 water-resistant, it has been designed to float meaning owners don#39;t have to fish it out from the bottom of the sea, or stick their hand into a toilet basin.这款安卓手机的防水等级为IPx7,更能浮在水面,这意味着手机用户再也不用从海底或是将手伸进马桶的便盆里捞手机了。Comet was designed by California-based Prashanth Raj Urs who has launched an Indiegogo campaign to fund production of the device.Comet手机由加利福尼亚州的普拉桑特·拉杰·乌尔斯设计,他在Indiegogo网站发起了众筹活动,来筹集生产该设备的资金。Comet has a 4.7-inch screen, 16MP camera and runs Android. It additionally has LED notification lights, similar to those on the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge.Comet手机采用安卓系统,搭载了4.7英寸的显示屏,1600万像素的摄像头。此外还配有与三星Galaxy S6 Edge手机类似的LED通知灯。Other features include 4GB of RAM, a Qualcomm Snapdragon 810, 2GHZ octa-core Processor and a 2800 mAh battery said to last a #39;full day of work, party and excitement.#39;这款手机拥有 4GB 的运行内存,配置了主频2GHz 的高通骁龙 810的八核处理器,2800毫安时的电池容量,据称能满足“全天工作和”的需求。While a #39;mood recogniser#39; uses biometric sensors to detect a person#39;s body temperature to gauge how happy they are.此外,该手机的“情绪识别器”能利用生物传感器来检测用户的体温,衡量他们的快乐程度。The LED lights will then display different colours to suit these different moods.LED灯将相应地改变颜色,来适配他们的心情。Comet additionally features an encryption tool called Qlock.除此之外,Comet手机还配置有加密工具Qlock。The campaign describes it as #39;military grade encryption to protect your privacy when you call or text your friends who also uses a Comet smartphone.#39;众筹活动的页面称,“Qlock是军用级别的加密工具,如果你朋友也用此款手机,Qlock能在你给对方打电话、发信息的时候保护你的个人隐私。”It is designed to shield calls and texts between Comet handsets to make it difficult for anyone to track or spy on users.它的功能还包括保护Comet手机用户间的电话和信息,令任何想追踪和监听的人难以得逞。Early Bird prices for the phone start at 9 for a 32GB handset, and the first devices are expected to ship to campaign backers in April.先行购买的优惠价为32G的版本279美元,第一批手机预计明年四月向众筹持者发货。A 64GB model is available for 9.64G版本的定价则为289美元。Both models are available in black, white and gold.两种机型都有黑、白、金三色可选。Mr Urs is hoping to raise 0,000 and the campaign has currently received more than ,300.乌尔斯先生希望众筹款项能达到10万美元,目前已筹得超过13300美元。 /201509/401217

Uber France and two of its top executives in Europe are to stand trial on September 30 on charges of “misleading commercial practices” and “complicity in the illegal exercise of the taxi profession”, the Paris prosecutor’s office has confirmed.巴黎检方实,Uber法国公司及其在欧洲的两名顶级高管将于9月30日受审,罪名是“误导商业惯例”和“共谋非法出租车业务”。The charges come a day after police detained Pierre-Dimitri Gore-Coty, Uber’s general manager in western Europe, and Thibaud Simphal, head of the company’s operations in France, in relation to a complaint filed late last year by one of the country’s taxi unions.一天前,Uber负责西欧业务的总经理皮埃尔-迪米特里#8226;戈尔-科蒂(Pierre-Dimitri Gore-Coty)以及该公司在法国的业务主管蒂#8226;桑法尔(Thibaud Simphal,见上图)因去年底法国某出租车工会提交的申诉被警方拘留。The California-based ride-hailing company operates several services in France. But the charges relate to its UberPop service, which allows individuals to offer rides to the public without the standard 250 hours of training.总部位于加州的这家叫车务公司在法国运营多项务。但此案指控涉及UberPop务,该务允许个人在没有经过250小时标准培训的情况下向公众提供搭车务。The Paris prosecutor’s office described the investigations behind the charges as “numerous and complex”. It did not state the maximum sentences linked to the charges.巴黎检方称,上述指控背后的调查“众多且复杂”,但没有透露与这些罪名相关的最高刑期。The case is the latest twist in a fight between the company and the French government, which has declared some of its activities illegal.此案是Uber与法国政府之间斗争的最新进展,法国政府将Uber的一些活动列为非法。Fran#231;ois Hollande, French president, declared UberPop’s presence a problem of “unfair competition” last week. His socialist government has also passed a law that in effect declared UberPop illegal. Mr Hollande added that such services needed to be challenged. “Non-compliance with tax and competition rules is illegal. UberPop should be dissolved and branded illegal, and cars should be seized,” he said.法国总统弗朗索瓦#8226;奥朗德(Fran#231;ois Hollande)上周宣布UberPop的存在带来“不公平竞争”问题。他领导的社会党政府还通过了一项法律,实际上将UberPop定性为非法。奥朗德补充称,需要对这些务提出异议。他表示:“不遵守税务和竞争规则是非法的。UberPop应当被解散,被界定为非法,相关汽车应当被没收。”His comments followed angry protests last week as thousands of taxi drivers across France declared a strike against Uber’s activities in the country.上周,法国数千名出租车司机举行罢工,愤怒抗议Uber在法国开展业务活动。 /201507/383838

Too hot? Some peaks offer climate migrants lots of land太热?许多高山为气候移居者提供居住地Pikas like it cool. That’s why, as Earth’s climate warms, these furry mountain creatures are heading uphill. They’re searching for the chillier environments they prefer. And pikas aren’t alone. A 2011 study found that many mountain species have been shifting their range. They’ve been moving uphill by an average of 11 meters (36 feet) every decade since the 1960s.兔鼠喜欢它的凉爽。这就是为什么随着地球气温升高,这些皮毛山地物种会选择更高的地方。他们探寻着自己喜爱的更加凉爽的环境。这样做的不仅仅只有鼠兔。2011年的一项研究发现许多高山物种正慢慢转移他们的栖居范围。自20世纪60年代起,他们每10年向更高处迁徙平均11米(36尺)。Explainer: Global warming and the greenhouse effect解说员:全球气候变暖和温室效应Scientists had assumed this would be bad news for the refugees. For one, the higher up a mountain they traveled, the less space that should be available to house them. After all, mountains are shaped like pyramids, right?科学家假定对于难民来说,这算是一个坏消息。一方面,他们向更高的地方搬迁,那么他们的居住面积就会变得越小。毕竟很多山的形状都是类似于金字塔式的。Not necessarily, a new study concludes.一项新研究总结:并不一定要这样In many mountain ranges, animals like pikas and birds may actually gain ground when they head uphill, the study shows. Paul Elsen is an ecologist at Princeton University in New Jersey. His team published its observations on May 18 in Nature Climate Change.研究表明,在许多山脉,像兔鼠类及鸟类动物向山上迁徙的过程中会争夺地盘。Paul Elsen是美国新泽西州普林斯顿大学生物学家。他的团队于5月18日在“自然气候变化”上发表了这一研究结果。Most researchers figured that the real estate available to migrating species would shrink the higher uphill they moved. If true, that would suggest that many global-warming migrants might run out of new sites to colonize — and face extinction.许多研究者假设可用来进行生物迁徙的土地会缩小他们搬到的更高的栖居地。如果这一情况属实,那么说明了许多全球气候变暖移居者和可能会用尽新的居住地,导致濒临灭绝。The American pika, a relative of rabbits, prefers to live in cool settings.美国鼠兔,兔子的一种,喜欢居住在较冷的地方。But Elsen started to have his doubts about this while he was studying birds in the Himalayas. That’s a massive mountain range in East Asia. “I would hike up and reach these broad plateaus,” he recalls. He realized that such land features might actually offer more usable real estate to some species than they had had available to them on the steep slopes below.但是当Elsen还在喜马拉雅山研究鸟类时她开始对此产生怀疑,那是亚洲的一个巨大山脉。“我会徒步登上去到达这些辽阔的高原”,他回忆道。他意识到这样的地貌很可能会为一些正居住在陡坡上的物种提供更合适栖居场所。译文属 /201506/378274

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