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Jack and Grace were the most popular names given to babies in England and Wales this year, according to National Statistics, while Mohammed moved steadily up the rankings.Jack has been the top boys' name for the last 13 years, while Grace moved up one place from last year.Rising stars in 2007 were Jayden, Isaac and Finley for the boys, Ava and Summer for the girls.National Statistics noted that Ava's newfound popularity could be partly due to pop singer Myleene Klass giving that name to her daughter earlier this year.Fallers this year were Bradley, Rhys and Kyle among the boys and Anna and Paige among the girls.In the girls' top five, Ruby moves up to second. Last year's top name, Olivia, drops to number three while Emily is up at four and Jessica down at five.The boys' top five looks almost the same as last year.Thomas remains at number two, Oliver rises one place to three, Joshua drops to four and there is no change for Harry at number five.Mohammed continued its long-term increasing popularity this year, moving up five places to number 17, while another spelling, Muhammad, also gained ground.Boys' top namesin descending order: Jack, Thomas, Oliver, Joshua, Harry, Charlie, Daniel, William, James, Alfie.Girls' names: Grace, Ruby, Olivia, Emily, Jessica, Sophie, Chloe, Lily, Ella, Amelia. 据英国国家统计署公布的统计结果,“杰克”和“格蕾丝”是今年英格兰和威尔士人给孩子取名时用得最多的名字,此外,“默罕穆德”的排位稳步上升。在过去十三年中,“杰克”一直是最受青睐的男孩名,而“格蕾丝”则比去年上升了一个榜位。今年的人气新名包括:男孩名杰登、艾塞克和芬利;女孩名艾瓦和萨梅尔。英国国家统计署指出,“艾瓦”之所以人气大增,一部分是因为今年年初流行歌星玛琳#8226;克拉斯给她的女儿起了这个名字。今年人气下滑的名字包括:男孩名布拉德利、莱斯和凯利;女孩名安娜和佩吉。在五大最受欢迎的女孩名中,“璐比”升至第二位,去年的排行榜冠军“奥莉维亚”跌至第三位,“艾米莉”升至第四,“杰西卡”跌至第五。今年五大最受欢迎的男孩名与去年大致相同。“托马斯”仍位居第二;“奥立弗”上升一位,名列第三;“约瑟华”跌至第四;“哈里”仍排在第五。今年,“默罕穆德”的人气继续攀升,连升五位,名列第17;而另一种拼写形式“Muhammad” (穆罕默德)也开始受到人们的青睐。最受欢迎的男孩名(按降序排列):杰克、托马斯、奥立弗、约瑟华、哈里、查理、丹尼尔、威廉、詹姆斯、埃尔弗。最受欢迎的女孩名:格蕾丝、璐比、奥莉维亚、艾米莉、杰西卡、索菲亚、克洛伊、莉莉、艾拉、艾米莉娅。 /200803/29701A New study by the British government has discovered the mental well-being of the country#39;s teenage girls has deteriorated.英国政府最近的一项研究发现,英国青春期女孩的心理健康已经严重恶化。The survey, which included 30,000 14-year-old students in 2005 and 2014, showed 37 percent of girls with psychological stress, up from 34 percent in 2005. British boys#39; stress level was actually seen to fall over the same time period, from 17 percent to 15 percent.该调查分别调查了2005年和2014年的总计3万名14岁学生,结果显示,37%的女生存在心理压力,比2005年的34%上升了3个点。英国男孩的压力水平在同期实际上降低了,从17%降到15%。 The report’s authors pointed out the “advent of the social media age” could be a major contributing factor for increased stress among teenage British girls.报告的作者指出“社交媒体时代的到来”可能是导致英国青春期女孩压力水平剧增的主要因素。“The adolescent years are a time of rapid physical, cognitive and emotional development,” Pam Ramsden, a lecturer in psychology at the University of Bradford in the ed Kingdom, wrote in a recent blog post. “Teenagers interact with people in order to learn how to become competent adults. “青春期是一个充满了身体、认知和情绪发展的时期,”布拉德福德大学心理学讲师帕姆·拉姆斯登在最近的客中写道。“青少年跟周围的人产生互动,从学会如何成为合格的大人。In the past, they would engage with parents, teachers and other adults in their community as well as extended family members and friends. Now we can also add social media to that list of social and emotional development.”在过去,他们会跟父母,老师,社区里的其他大人以及亲戚朋友交流。现在,社会与情绪发展清单中又多了一项社交媒体。”Throughout adolescence, girls and boys develop characteristics like confidence and self-control. Since teenage brains have not completely developed, teens don#39;t have the cognitive awareness and impulse control to keep from posting inappropriate content. 贯穿整个青春期,女孩和男孩会发展出自信和自律这样的品质。因为青少年的大脑还没有完全发育,他们尚不具备足够的认知觉知和冲动控制水平,从而很容易在网上发布不适当的内容。Furthermore, this content can easily be circulated far and wide with disastrous implications.更重要的是,这些内容会很容易广为传播,并产生严重的影响。Social media can also feed into girls’ insecurities about their appearance, Ramsden said. These sites are often filled with images of people with body type unattainable to the normal person. However, these images and the messages tied to them creep into societal standards.社交媒体同样会加剧女孩们对外表的不安全感,拉姆斯登说。网络上充斥着各种完美身材的照片,而一般人很难拥有这样的身材。然而,这些照片和其中传递的信息却在不断渗入到社会标准中。 /201609/464173

If you listen closely, you might be able to hear something that sounds like the continents shifting and grinding together, deep under the earth’s crust. Is there an earthquake coming? No, that’s just the sound of massive piles of cash being moved—the vast sums of money that Uber and its Chinese rival Didi Chuxing are stockpiling for their battle to own the global ride-hailing market.如果仔细聆听,大家也许能听到地壳深处大陆板块漂移挤压的声音。是要地震了吗?非也。那不过是两大堆资金挪动的声音,更准确点说是优步及其中国竞争对手滴滴出行为争夺全球叫车务市场筹集巨款。Just a couple of weeks ago, Uber raised .5 billion in financing from the investment fund belonging to Saudi Arabia’s royal family as part of a total financing worth billion, one of the largest funding rounds ever raised by a venture-backed company. That investment brought the total raised by Uber to more than billion, and gave it a theoretical market value of about billion.就在几周前,沙特皇室旗下的投资基金向优步投资35亿美元,优步本轮融资规模已达50亿美元,成为风投持的公司有史以来筹集金额最大的一次。优步的总融资额也因此突破100亿美元,理论上市场价值达到约620亿美元。Now there are reports that Uber is raising as much as billion more, but this time it is doing so via the debt market, a somewhat more risky endeavor than the equity or venture-capital markets. One reason it may be doing so is to avoid diluting its existing equity value for existing investors, in advance of a possible initial public offering of stock next year. A debt issue of this kind also means it doesn’t have to publicly release its financial information.目前有报道称,优步还要再融资20亿美元,不过是从债券市场,债市融资比从股市或私募市场融资风险多少要大一些。优步之所以考虑这种方式,一个原因可能是为避免摊薄现有投资者手中的权益价值,因为明年该公司有可能上市。此外,优步采取的债务融资方式发债无需公布财务数据。Not to be outdone, Didi Chuxing just finished raising billion in funding from a group of investors that includes Apple and China’s top life insurance company. The round consisted of .5 billion in equity funding and .5 billion in debt, and gives the Uber competitor a theoretical market value of about billion.不甘落于下风的滴滴出行也刚刚向一群投资者筹集了70亿美元资金,包括苹果公司和中国最大的寿险公司。滴滴此轮融资包括45亿美元的股票和25亿美元的债券,其理论市场价值达到280亿美元左右。But Didi’s strongest card in this rapidly accelerating game of automotive chicken may not be its growing cash hoard. The company, which was created last year by the merger of two competing taxi-hailing apps, also has some extremely powerful local investors—including China’s e-commerce giant Alibaba and its social-networking behemoth Tencent. Both reportedly put money into the latest round, and they clearly have the resources to finance a significant battle. Start your engines.然而,在这场愈演愈烈的汽车界懦夫弈中,滴滴的王牌不见得是持续增长的资金储备。滴滴由两家曾相互竞争的叫车务商合并而成,背后的投资者有一些实力相当深厚,其中包括中国电子商务巨擘阿里巴巴和社交网络巨无霸腾讯。据报道,阿里和腾讯都参与了滴滴的最新一轮融资,而且两家的资源顶住一场大仗显然不成问题。号角已吹响,点火发动引擎吧。 /201606/450635

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