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郴州看肾虚那家医院好得快郴州东方男科医院看男科怎么样Informed conversations about self-driving cars no longer are about feasibility. New key talking points are ;When?; and ;Which automakers first?; and ;Who will be responsible when an accident happens?;消息灵通人士关于自动驾驶汽车的深谈已经与可行性无关了,现在大家关注的焦点是“什么时候上市?”,“哪家汽车厂商会首先推出这种车?”以及“如果发生事故,责任到底在哪方?”Nissan has said it will sell a driverless car by 2020. IHS forecast several models available by 2025. Both of these are guesses -- but they indicate how fast the technology is progressing.日产汽车(Nissan)已经表示将于2020年销售无人驾驶汽车。IHS咨询公司预计,到2025年,市场将推出好几款此类车型。这两个消息都有猜测的性质——但它们表明,这项技术的发展是何等神速。What seemed unimaginable a decade ago becomes more practical, comprehensible, and real by the day. Google#39;s (GOOG) self-driving Toyota Prius (TM) has logged hundreds of thousands of miles without incident on California roads. Most automakers are testing self-driving cars on tracks and -- lately, as I experienced earlier this week in Las Vegas -- in traffic.十年前还显得那么不可思议的事情现在已经变得十分可行,可以理解,而且无比真实了。谷歌(Google)那辆自动驾驶丰田普锐斯(Toyota Prius)已经在加州的公路上安全行驶了上万英里,没有出过任何事故。大多数汽车厂商正在赛道上测试自动驾驶汽车,同时——最近,正如我本周初在体验的——也在真实路况中开展这种测试。The Audi A7 equipped with ;traffic jam assist; was programmed to drive itself slowly in heavy traffic at no more than 40 miles per hour. (Dr. Bjorn Giesler, head of Audi#39;s project team, was behind the wheel.) The car was loaded with cameras, sensors, and a special device that monitors a driver#39;s eyes to ensure he or she doesn#39;t fall asleep at the wheel. In that event, the car will safely slow down, stop, and call for help.奥迪A7搭载了一套“堵车辅助系统”,它能在严重拥堵的车流中以每小时不超过40英里的时速自动驾驶(测试时奥迪项目组组长比约恩?吉斯勒士就坐在驾驶席上)。这辆车上装了各种摄像头、传感器和一套特殊设备,能监测驾驶者眼睛的情况,以确保司机开车时不要睡着。如果司机真的睡着了,这辆车就会稳稳地减速、停止行驶,请求援助。Think of a driverless car as a robot. For Audi and other automakers, a key question is how much of the driving should be done by the robot, how much by the driver. The driver decides. Executives at Audi and other automakers say the driver, in any case, must remain engaged and attentive, y to take over in the event of the unexpected: a car travelling the wrong way or out of control, for example.大家不妨把无人驾驶汽车看成是机器人。对奥迪公司(Audi)和其他汽车厂商来说,关键问题是驾驶中到底有多少该由机器人来完成,多少该由驾驶者来完成。这其实最终还是取决于驾驶者自己。奥迪和其他品牌的高管都表示,驾驶者无论如何都必须保持介入和警觉,发生开错道或失控这类意外时要能随时重新接管车辆。Audi executives won#39;t use the word ;driverless;; instead they speak about ;piloted; driving. Other auto executives talk about ;autonomous; or ;assisted; driving. Only Google is adamant that it wants a driverless car, one that can help the elderly and the blind, as well as anyone who would rather be ing a book.奥迪的高管从来不用“无人驾驶”这个字眼,他们说的是“引导式”驾驶。其他品牌的高管说的则是“自动”或“辅助”驾驶。只有谷歌坚称自己要研发的就是无人驾驶汽车,也就是能帮助老年人和盲人,以及那些宁可在车上读书的人的自动驾驶汽车。Today#39;s Audis and many other brands aly may be equipped with features like adaptive cruise control that keeps a car a safe distance and constant speed behind cars ahead. Several have dynamic lane assist, which warn when a car is leaving a lane inadvertently -- and can gently steer the car back.如今奥迪和其他很多品牌可能都搭载了自适应巡航控制系统这类配置,能让汽车与前车保持安全距离,同时维持匀速行驶。还有几个品牌采用了动态车道辅助系统,车辆无意中偏离车道时能发出预警,同时轻轻地让车回到正确的车道上。Given a multitude of sensors, weather conditions, road changes, pedestrians, and other vehicles -- robotic logic must be able to decide safely and instantaneously whether to turn, accelerate, or brake. The software, hardware, and algorithms that sift all this information are getting cheaper, smaller, and faster. Last year, the control systems filled the trunk of an Audi vehicle; this year, custom chips that function as the brain sit on a board about the size of a book.在大量传感器、各种天气条件、路况变化、各种行人和其他车辆并存的情况下——机器人逻辑必须能安全及时地做出转弯、加速和刹车的决定。而相关的软硬件,以及处理所有这些信息的算法现在都日益便宜、小型化并且运算速度更快。去年奥迪试验车辆的后备箱里还塞满了控制系统;而今年,作为车辆大脑、位于仪表板上的定制芯片只有一本书那么大。State and federal regulators still must decide under what circumstances to permit so-called autonomous systems or, perhaps, whether to mandate features like adaptive cruise control or lane assist, if they are deemed to make automobile travel more safe.现在,美国各州和联邦政府的监管者还是得决定在什么情况下可以允许采用这些所谓的自动系统。或者说,如果这些系统确实被认为可使汽车更安全的话,是否应要求厂商都标配自适应巡航控制或车道辅助系统。Auto insurance today is a very straightforward process. But what about when a piloted car hits a pedestrian? Or when a truck hits a piloted car? Once piloted driving becomes more common, real-world experience will show how many accidents happen. Actuaries have statistical tools for assessing how much accidents will cost and, therefore, how much everyone will pay in insurance premiums.如今的汽车保险流程非常简单。但是,如果自动驾驶汽车撞了行人怎么办?或者说,如果卡车撞了自动驾驶汽车又怎么办?一旦自动驾驶汽车变得日益普及,实际情况就会告诉我们到底会发生多少事故。保险精算师手里有统计工具,能算出这些事故会造成多大损失,也能算出每个人要付多少保险费。As for legal responsibility, a question at an Audi press conference summed it up this way: ;If a car without a driver has an accident, who is responsible: the driver? The owner of the car? Audi?; No one has answered the questions definitively, but it#39;s a good bet that driverless cars will be involved in far fewer accidents than ones with -- otherwise, why have them?至于说法律责任,奥迪新闻发布会的一个问题是这么概括的:“如果一辆没有驾驶者的车出了事故,到底该谁负责:司机?车主?还是奥迪?”没人有确切。但可以肯定的是,无人驾驶汽车出事的概率会比传统汽车要低——否则干嘛要研发它们呢? /201509/396581郴州市区医院 郴州市第一医院男性专科

郴州东方医院在线咨询British and Chinese motor industry co-operation — best known for Shanghai Auto’s ownership of the Longbridge plant in Birmingham — will advance this week to include projects from red London buses to Aston Martin sports cars, but with a common th: electric power.英中两国汽车业的合作以上海汽车(Shanghai Auto)对伯明翰长桥(Longbridge)汽车厂的收购最为知名。而在本周,这一合作将取得很大进展,这其中包括了从红色伦敦公交车到阿斯顿氠丁(Aston Martin)运动型轿车在内的多个项目,它们的共同点在于:都和电动力有关。Chinese car and battery maker BYD will show off the world’s first electric double-decker bus on Wednesday after signing a 10-year joint venture with Scottish manufacturer Alexander Dennis (ADL) to produce a zero-emissions fleet for the UK.周三,中国汽车和电池制造商比亚迪(BYD)将展示全球第一款电动双层巴士。此前,该公司与苏格兰制造商亚历山大·丹尼斯有限公司(ADL)签署了一份为期十年的合资协议,为英国打造零排放的公交车队。The two companies will together build 2,000, 12-metre single-decker electric buses in Falkirk for the British market over 10 years, in a deal generating 660m in total revenues.两家企业将在10年时间里在福尔柯克为英国市场制造2000辆12米长的单层电动公交车,协议总计会创造6.6亿英镑的营收。But BYD, which is backed by Warren Buffett, and ADL are in advanced talks to extend the deal to include double deckers. “When this happens there is potential to triple the scale of the current deal to almost 2bn,” the companies said.不过,曾获沃伦巴菲特(Warren Buffett)投资的比亚迪正在和ADL开展深入磋商,准备将该协议拓展至包括双层巴士在内。两家企业表示:“此事一旦达成,现有交易的规模可能会扩大两倍,达到近20亿英镑。”The bus will be unveiled outside Lancaster House on Wednesday alongside the new hybrid electric TX5 taxi from the Chinese-owned London Taxi Company and the Aston Martin DB10 sports car from the forthcoming James Bond film, Spectre.该款巴士将于周三在兰卡斯特宫(Lancaster House)外亮相。和该车一道亮相的,还有来自伦敦出租车公司(London Taxi Company)的新型混合电动TX5出租车,以及阿斯顿氠丁DB10运动型轿车。目前,伦敦出租车公司已由中国人全资持股。而阿斯顿氠丁DB10运动型轿车则会出现在即将上映的007电影《幽灵党》(Spectre)中。Aston Marton is expected to announce an agreement on fresh investment from China Equity, a buyout group, which will help the British carmaker produce an all-electric version of its Rapide luxury saloon.阿斯顿氠丁预计会公布一份有关收购集团信中利(China Equity)的新一轮投资的协议,这笔资金将帮助这家英国汽车制造商生产一款纯电动的Rapide豪华轿车。A battery-powered concept version of the car will be in the garden at Lancaster House on Wednesday, and Aston Martin will seek to bring the UK-made variant to market within two years.周三,兰卡斯特宫的花园里将展出该款车型的电池动力概念车,阿斯顿氠丁将寻求在两年内将这种英国制造的变种车型推向市场。The deals are part of a raft of Sino-British business being conducted under the auspices of a state visit by Chinese President Xi Jinping as the UK seeks to woo investment from the world’s second-largest economy.比亚迪的竞争对手、旗下拥有瑞士品牌沃尔沃(Volvo)的中国制造商吉利(Geely),也将首次展出TX5混合动力出租车。这款6个座位的出租车拥有一系列新特性,其中包括WiFi热点、玻璃全景天窗及1958年来首次出现的后铰链车门。China, which is grappling with well-documented air quality and congestion problems in its cities, is closing the gap on emissions standards with western peers and has provided incentives to encourage the production and sale of electric vehicles, such as reducing the purchase price and supporting infrastructure.这款以电池做动力的出租车拥有新的轻型铝制结构,这比目前的铁制底盘前进了一步。此外,该车还持一款汽油“増程器”。 /201510/405241郴州市妇幼保健医院尿科 郴州资兴市看男科好吗

郴州生殖器疱疹能根除吗Tang Tri-colored Glazed Pottery唐三Atype of glazed pottery with the dominant colors of yellow, brown and , green was very popular in the Tang Dynasty. It was later called the tri-colored glazed pottery of the Tang Dynasty, or Tangsancai.唐三是一种盛行于唐代的陶器,以黄、褐、绿为基本釉色,后来人们习惯地把这类陶器称为“唐三”。The Tang tri-colored glazed pottery is a low-melting glazed pottery. It was made by adding metallic oxides to the colored glaze and calcining the object to cre-ate different colors, namely the predominant yellow, brown and green. The chemi-cals in the glaze change gradually in the firing process, creating a variegated effect with a majestic and elegant artistic attraction. Tri-colored glazed pottery was usually used as burial objects.Its loose and brittle base and its low waterproofing proper-ties meant it was not as practical as the blue and white porcelain that had aly emerged at the time.唐三是一种低温釉陶器,在色釉中加入不同的金属氧化物,经过焙烧,便形成浅黄、赭黄、浅绿、深绿、天蓝、褐红、茄紫等多种色,但多以黄、褐、绿三色为主。Tri-colored glazed pottery utensils of the Tang were usually rounded and full in shape in accordance with the aesthetic values of the time. The accurately propor-tioned human and ardmal figures have fluid lines, natural expressions and life-like movements. The soldier figures have strong muscles, big staring eyes and wield swords or arrows. The female figures have high hair buns and full sleeves; they stand gracefully erect, looking natural and elegant. The animal figures are mainly of horses and camels.唐三的色釉有浓淡变化、互相浸润、斑驳淋漓的效果。在色的相互辉映中,显出堂皇富丽的艺术魅力。唐三用于随葬,作为明器,因为它的胎质松脆,防水性能差,实用性远不如当时已经出现的青瓷和白瓷。唐三器物形体圆润、饱满,与唐代艺术的丰满、健美、阔硕的特征是一致的。它的种类繁多,主要有人物、动物和日常生活用具。三人物和动物的比例适度,形态自然,线条流畅,生动活泼。在人物俑中,武士肌肉发达,怒目圆睁,剑拔弩张;女俑则高髻广袖,亭亭立玉,悠然娴雅,十分丰满。动物以马和骆驼为多。A tri-colored glazed pottery of a camel and a dance group was unearthed in a Tang general’s tomb. The camel is brown and stands with its head raised high.The long hairs on its head, chest, s.omach and upper parts of its lwo front legs were carefully executed. On the camel’s back is a platform covered by a rug with two ethnic musicians seated on it with their backs to each other playing instru-ments. A third ethnic person dances between them. The three human figures have deep eyes, high-bridged noses and full beards; they are wearing long, green sweaters with turned-down collars and white boots. The figure in the front has a deep yellow coat. This piece of pottery is truly an exquisite handicraft.在唐右卫大将军墓中出土了一件骆驼载乐俑。这匹骆驼昂首伫立,通体棕黄色,从头顶到颈部,由下颔到腹间以及两前肢上部都有下垂长毛,柔丽漂亮。驼背上架有平台并铺有毛毯。平台上左右各坐胡乐俑二人,而且是背对背而坐,正在吹打乐器,有一俑站在中央,翩翩起舞。这三个乐俑个个深目高鼻,络腮胡须,身穿绿色翻领长衣,白色毡靴,只有前面一人穿黄色通肩大衣。这件高大的驼载乐舞俑精美绝伦,令人赞叹!Tri-colored glazed pottery of the Tang Dynasty was mostly produced in Xi’an,Luoyang and Yangzhou, which were important cities along the Silk Road. The cam-el was the major form of transport on the ancient trade route during the Tang,From these glazed potteries, we can imagine the travelers and camels making their hard journey across the desert, depending on one another for survival. The large figures and camels’ resolute expressions represent the hardships assoaated with traveling on the long road.唐三的产地西安、洛阳、扬州是陆上和海上丝绸古道的联接点。在古丝绸之路上,唐代的交通工具主要是骆驼。可以想见,在沙漠中,人和骆驼艰难跋涉,相依为命,所以人和骆驼有一种亲密感。它那高大的形态和坚毅负重的神情,似乎还带着丝绸古道的万里风尘。Tri-colored glazed pottery is the crest of Tang pottery and it flourished during the dynastys early and middle period. As the Tang Dynasty gradually lost power and its porcelain-producing technology developed, tri-colored glazed pottery de-clined. Though tri-colored glazed pottery was also produced during the Liao and Jin dynasties, it was not made in such great quantity and its quality was not as good as that of the Tang.唐三是唐代陶器中的精华,在初唐、盛唐时达到高峰。安史之乱以后,随着唐王朝的逐步衰弱,由于瓷器的迅速发展,三器制作逐步衰退。后来又产生了“辽三”、“金三”,但在数量、质量以及艺术性方面,都远不及唐三。Tri-colored glazed pottery was exported to foreign countries in the early Tang,winning great favor. It was always been famed for its bright colors and pleasing shapes. Tri-colored glazed pottery of the Tang Dynasty is a shining pearl among ancient Chinese pottery.唐三早在唐初就输出国外,深受异国人民的喜爱。这种多色釉的陶器以它斑斓釉,鲜丽明亮的光泽,优美精湛的造型著称于世,唐三是中国古代陶器中一颗璀璨的明珠。 /201512/410750 Jeff Bezos, chief executive of Amazon, has mounted a rapid defence of the online retailer he founded after a stinging attack on its management style.在亚马逊(Amazon)的管理风格遭到尖锐批评之后,这家网上零售商的首席执行官杰夫贝索斯(Jeff Bezos)迅速进行了辩驳。Facing a damaging threat to the company’s reputation, Mr Bezos sent an email to staff saying he would not tolerate “the shockingly callous management practices” depicted in an article on its workplace culture.面对公司声望可能受到的严重威胁,贝索斯向员工发了一封邮件称,他不会容忍一篇记述其工作场所文化的文章所描述的“无情得令人震惊的管理实践”。He wrote to all “Amazonians” after the New York Times described the group as a place where employees regularly weep, colleagues compete to criticise each other and serious health and family issues are ignored.贝索斯给全体“亚马逊人”写这封邮件之前,《纽约时报》(New York Times)将该集团描述为一个员工时常哭泣、同事间彼此竞相批评、员工面临的严重健康问题及家庭问题被忽视的工作场所。In the email, Mr Bezos encouraged employees to the article, published over the weekend, but said: “It doesn’t describe the Amazon I know or the caring Amazonians I work with every day”. He added employees should tell HR — or email him personally — if they had experienced anything like the examples in the article.邮件中,贝索斯鼓励员工去阅读这篇于上周末发表的文章,但是他称:“它所描述的并非我了解的亚马逊,亦非每天与我一起工作的有爱心的亚马逊人”。他补充道,如果员工曾体验过与文中所述的例子相似的经历,应该向人力资源部门反映,或者直接给他发邮件。“I strongly believe that anyone working in a company that really is like the one described in the NYT would be crazy to stay. I know I would leave such a company,” he said in the email. “But hopefully, you don’t recognise the company described. Hopefully, you’re having fun working with a bunch of brilliant teammates, helping invent the future, and laughing along the way.”“我坚信,任何在一家确实像《纽约时报》的文章中所描述的公司工作的人,只有疯了才会留下来。我知道自己会离开这种公司,”他在邮件中写道,“但希望你不觉得这种公司似曾相识。希望你在与一群优秀的队友共事、帮助创造未来时感到乐趣,一路走来充满欢笑。”Amazon has previously been criticised for how it treats warehouse staff whose movements are carefully tracked by computers and who are often on temporary contracts with few benefits. It has also been embroiled in conflicts with book publishers and small businesses over its market power. The New York Times story described how white-collar staff were affected by Amazon’s obsession with data and said it had a commitment to fire the lowest performers in each team every year.亚马逊之前曾被指责其对待仓库员工的方式,这些员工的行踪被电脑严密跟踪,他们签订的常常是临时合同,没有什么福利。它也曾因自己的市场实力而卷入与图书出版社和小企业的冲突。《纽约时报》的文章描述了白领员工如何受到亚马逊对数据的痴迷的影响,并称亚马逊每年会炒掉每个团队中表现最差的人。Mr Bezos pointed staff to a blogpost on LinkedIn by Amazon.com’s head of infrastructure for search, criticising the New York Times article. Nick Ciubotariu called it “horribly misinformed”, arguing that his team “works hard and has fun”, that he had never seen anyone crying and that it was not true that the company culled staff each year.贝索斯建议员工看一看亚马逊网站(Amazon.com)搜索结构主管在领英(LinkedIn)发表的批评《纽约时报》文章的文。尼克丘塔留(Nick Ciubotariu)在文中称该文受到“可怕的误导”,辩称他的团队“工作努力而且充满乐趣”,称自己从未见过有人哭,而且文中所称的公司每年炒掉员工的说法是不属实的。 /201508/393791郴州丰瑞可以做男科检查吗湘南学院附属医院尿科



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