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David Cameron has been warned by his chief fundraiser that he faces a backlash from grassroots Tories and donors over the Coalitions proposed high speed rail link.英国首相大卫bull;卡梅伦的主要筹款人警告他说,他将因为联合政府提出的高铁项目而遭到来自基层保守党成员以及捐资者的强烈反对。Lord Feldman, the Tory co-chairman, last week held a series of tense meetings with Conservative associations in areas which the planned link will pass through, after warnings that some were on the verge of mutiny.保守党联合主席费得曼勋爵上周与保守党联合会召开了一系列紧急会议,这些联合会来自计划中的高铁线路将通过的区域。此前,保守党接到警告称,有些区域的反抗一触即发。At one meeting with Buckingham Conservative Association, there was ;fury; from veteran Tory members who said their views on the pound;17billion HS2 line had been ignored, one member present claimed.一名与会成员称,在与白金汉宫保守党联合会的会议上,保守党的资深党员非常愤怒,他们表示针对这个耗资170亿英镑的HS2高铁项目所提出的意见被忽视了。Chesham amp; Amersham constituency association has told Conservative headquarters it will be ending its commitment to contribute pound;10,000 a year to central funds while Buckinghamshire Tory associations have indicated they might do the same.切舍阿默舍姆选民联合会告知保守党总部,该联合会将终止其每年为中央基金提供一万英镑的承诺,而白金汉郡保守党联合会暗示,他们可能也会这么做。One member present at the Buckingham meeting said: ;The message was loud and clear. We are deeply disillusioned. We put in all the hard work putting leaflets through doors and then Cameron rides roughshod over us. We are not Nimbys. We object to this on cost grounds. It is a complete waste of money.;在与白金汉宫保守党联合会的会议上,一位与会成员称;我们要传达的信息一清二楚。我们彻底的醒悟了。我们努力地为保守党助选,而卡梅伦却这样欺凌我们。我们并没有邻避情结,我们是出于开销的原因而反对该项目。这是彻底的浪费;;Lord Feldman told us he would take a very clear message back to Mr Cameron that we are not happy.;;费得曼勋爵告诉我们,他将明确告知卡梅伦先生,我们非常不满;Grassroots Tory members in areas affected by the plan say the proposed link between London and Birmingham has dented aly low morale in a number of Conservative strongholds which will be bisected by the line.来自受该高铁计划影响区域的基层保守党成员说,这一计划连接伦敦和伯明翰的高铁项目削弱了许多保守党大本营已低迷的士气,这些区域将被高铁线路分割开来。While some have threatened to withhold funds if the line goes ahead, others are saying they will adopt a go-slow attitude.一些选区威胁说,如果高铁项目继续,他们将停止资金援助,另一些则说他们将消极怠工。At the time of the next election, hundreds of normally loyal activists could refuse to help the party campaign if the line is going ahead, activists have warned.活动人士警告说,如果高铁项目继续下去,下一次选举时,成百上千名原本忠心的积极分子将拒绝帮助保守党竞选。The proposed railway slices through sixteen Conservative constituencies ; four of which are cabinet ministers ;seats and six more junior ministers;.联合政府提出的高铁项目将穿过十六个保守党选区,其中四个选区席位由内阁大臣占据,还有六个由次官占据。Up to 18 trains an hour will travel at 250mph through the English countryside, cutting through the Tory heartlands of the Chilterns, Buckinghamshire and Warwickshire.该项目计划每小时最多通行18列火车,列车将以每小50英里的速度行经英国乡间,穿过奇尔特恩斯、白金汉郡和沃里克郡等保守党最重要的区域。来 /201201/167553星级典句:第一句: I dont feel very well.我感觉身体不舒A: Hi, I dont feel very well. I may have caught a cold.您好,我感觉不舒,可能是感冒了B: How long have you been feeling like this?这种情况有几天了?A: 3 days aly.已经3天了第二句: I dont feel like eating anything.我什么也不想吃A: How do you feel?你感觉怎么样?B: I dont feel like eating anything. I feel like vomiting.我什么也不想吃,想吐A: How long has this been going on?你这样有多久了?B: one day.一天其他表达法:Im under the weather.我觉得不舒,生病了Both of my fet and hands ache all over.我双手双脚都很酸痛I began to feel usually tired.我感到异常疲倦. 350

Immigration照查验Kathy goes through immigration in Amsterdam. An immigration agent asks her some questions.凯西正要通过阿姆斯特丹的照查验处一名照查验官员询问她几个问题A:Good morning. Welcome to the Netherlands. May I see your passport and immigration m, please?官员:早安,欢迎来到荷兰麻烦让我看一下你的护照和入境表格,好吗?K:Of course. Here you are.凯西:没问题喏,在这儿A:Thank you. How long do you plan to stay in the Netherlands?官员:谢谢计划在荷兰停留多久?K:About three weeks. My boyfriend and I are touring Europe about two months. He has some relatives here.凯西:三个礼拜左右我和我男朋友大约要在欧洲旅行两个月他有亲戚住在这儿A:That nice. Where will you be staying?官员:那太好了你们要住在哪里呢?K:Well, were going to stay in hostels mostly in Amsterdam, but I think we may also stay in other hostels in the countryside.凯西:嗯,我们大部分的时间会住在阿姆斯特丹的青年旅社,但是我想我们也许也会住在其它乡间地区的青年旅社里A:That a good way to learn more about us Dutch here. Well, all your paperwork is in order. Would you like me to stamp a visa in your passport?官员:那倒是多了解我们荷兰人的好办法嗯,你们所有的文件都很齐全要不要我在你的护照里面盖个签章呢?K:Oh, please do! Then I can show it off when I go back.凯西:哦,欢迎之至!如此一来,我回去时就可以拿出来现一下了 571

How would you like your steak?您的牛排要几分熟?Im glad you enjoy it. Ill tell the chef.您爱吃我很高兴,我会转告厨师的Waiter, please bring me another k.务员,请再拿一只叉子给我It very delicious.它的味道很好Your main dish is y.Shall I serve it now or after a while?您的主菜已经好了,我是现在上,还是等会儿再上?What would you like to go with your steak?您的牛排配什么菜呢?Would you like steak or fish?您喜欢牛排还是鱼? the main course, Id like to have a veal cutlet with beans.我要的主菜是炸小牛排和青豆I like roast mutton more than the other dishes.我最喜欢烤羊肉Im on a diet. I dont want any meat, but vegetable salad instead.我正在节食不想吃肉,只要蔬菜色拉 15

Your Reservation is Late预订时间过晚Can I make a reservation now?我现在能预订吗?Sure.At what time?当然,什么时间呢?9:5,please. We want a table next to the window.9点5分,我们想要个靠窗户的座位I am sorry,Sir.We are booked until 9:.抱歉,先生最后的预订截止到9点分In that case. Please help us reserve a table at 9:00.那样的话,请帮我们预订个晚上9点的人桌

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