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璧山区手臂激光脱毛多少钱重庆医科大学附属二院网站沙坪坝区激光脱毛多少钱 parrot鹦鹉,beak(鸟类的)嘴,trim修剪,apt易于I Won’t Hurt YouOne day, a man brought in an African Grey Parrot to have its beak and wings trimmed. The owner warned that the bird disliked these procedures and was apt to bite. I donned thick gloves and cautiously opened the cage. The parrot stepped out and, looking up at me, said, “Don’t worry, I won’t hurt you.”我不会伤害你的有一天,一个男子带着一只非洲灰鹦鹉来修剪它的嘴和翅膀他警告说,这只鸟不喜欢这个过程,会咬人我戴上厚厚的手套,小心翼翼地打开鸟笼子的门这只鹦鹉走出来,抬头看看我说:“别担心,我不会伤害你的”1.parrot鹦鹉It is not a writer's job to play the parrot.作家绝不可鹦鹉学舌 .trim修剪/削减The gardener trimmed the hedge.那位园林工人修剪了树篱You must trim your costs if you want to make bigger profits.如果你想获得更大的利润, 就必须削减开3.procedure过程There is a set procedure making mal complaints.要正式提出投诉是有固定程序的也可以指“手续”:The procedure is standard.这一手续是正常的 .apt易于也可以指“适合”:The words are very apt to my case.这些话非常切合我的情况“天姿聪颖的人”: He is the most apt of all pupils.他是所有学生中最聪明的一个5.don披上,穿上He quickly donned a welcoming smile as his guests arrived.客人一到, 他立刻笑脸相迎6.cautious小心的,谨慎的 7769buddy老兄,ease泰然自若Your GrandfatherA well-dressed young man demanded as soon as he entered the restaurant. "Serve me, quick! Give me your best. I don't care the price."Not like the way he talked, the waiter said to him: "Hey Buddy, it doesn't matter you have a lot of money. You are still son of somebody, and grandson of somebody else."The young man raged: "Dare you! Tell me, who wants me to be his grandson?"The waiter replied with ease: "Nobody. Just your grandfather."你的爷爷一位衣冠楚楚的年青人一进饭店就大声嚷嚷:“喂,有什么好菜尽管端上来,钱多少我不在乎”务员听了很不是滋味:“哥儿们,钱多有什么用,你不照样得做别人的儿子,就是有人要你做孙子你也不敢不做!”年青人勃然大怒:“谁敢占w的便宜?你说,是谁不要命了,胆敢要我做他的孙子?”务员慢条斯理地答道:“你的爷爷!”1.demand强烈要求She demanded a room all to herself.她强烈要求自己一个人住一个房间 .as soon as一…就Come here as soon as you finish the work.工作一结束你就到这里来3. serve务也可以指“向…供应”:The restaurant serves nice food.这家饭馆供应的饭菜不错“度过(某段时间)”:She served two years in prison theft.她因偷窃了两年刑 . buddy老兄也可以指“伙伴”:We’re good buddies.我们是好朋友作动词是“亲近”的意思:She buddied up to Laura, hoping to get to know her brother.她和劳拉来往, 希望结识她的哥哥5.Dare you! 你敢/好大的胆子6.ease泰然自若作动词有“使安心”的意思:The news that her child was safe eased her mind.孩子平安的消息使她放心了 3重庆星辰整形医院双眼皮多少钱

重庆塑美极激光除皱Boy Falls into Cincinnati Gorilla Enclosure男孩掉进黑猩猩圈养区Harambe, a -year-old gorilla, was shot and killed by zoo officials on Saturday after a four-year-old boy slipped into the gorilla enclosure at the Cincinnati Zoo. The mother of the boy frantically called 9 as the 50-pound gorilla dragged her son through a moat. Zoo officials defended their decision to kill the animal, saying that tranquilizing him was not an option. The gorilla was aly agitated, and a tranquilizer would have resulted in certain death the boy.周六,岁男童坠入辛辛那提动物园猩猩圈养区,管理人员被迫将岁黑猩猩“哈兰贝”杀50磅黑猩猩将男孩拖进河沟中,男孩妈妈匆忙中报了警工作人员对杀义正词严,称当时情况不允许实施镇定剂猩猩已被激怒,使用镇定剂将导致男孩死亡译文属原创,,不得转载 86重庆哪家医院去除胎记好 重庆市十院门诊部营业时间

重庆全身脱毛得多少钱Part . New fashions.A. Keywordsrock climbers, climbing equipment, climbing course, physical conditioning, mental conditioning.Vocabularyrugged, spine, prairie, craggy, creek, accomplished, sedimentary limestone, grizzly, piton, spike, rafter, rappel, sling, crack, toe- and handhold, integral.Youre going to hear a radio program called ;Scaling the Rockface;.One of the Canada best climbers, Barry Blanchard will tell you something about his own experience with rock climbing.A1. Listen and consider the following questions.If you follow the rugged spine of the Rockies north from Colorado, the mountains take you into Canada.And there they rise out of the Canadian prairie like a huge craggy wall.In the province of Alberta, the Rockies reach heights of over ,000 feet.It not surprising that this area has become home to some of the best rock climbers in the world.Here at the head of Heart Creek, Barry Blanchard is making his way through an evergreen est alongside a rushing creek.He on his way to First Rock, a favourite practice spot accomplished rock climbers.Blanchard has climbed all over the world, but finds the Canadian Rockies very special.I guess the situation here is a lot different than a lot of other places. instance, the Italian Dolomites are very similar geologically to the Rockies, sedimentary limestone, but you know, the culture around the bottom is a lot different.Here, we have a lot of wilderness, and in Italy, there...there none.I live in Alberta largely because many of the other mountains places you can live in the world, there just isnt a lot of wilderness.I mean, here, in this valley, we can see a grizzly.In Europe, there hasnt been a bear that size in a long, long time.First Rock, were Blanchard stops to begin climbing, is about 5 meters high.It an afternoon workout a man who often climbs rockfaces 50 times that height.As he unloads his backpack, he explains that the purpose of climbing equipment is to attach the rock to the rope, and the rope to his body.Okay, there a piton hammer. We use that to drive the spikes into the rock. You had to trust those little things, pretty... pretty much, eh?Yeah, yeah, but I mean, with...with experience, putting them in and taking them out, you learn to judge them pretty well. Learning to judge them.In a sport as dangerous as rock climbing, a climbing course would seem to be the only way to begin.Blanchard explains how he learned his craft.Well, me, it was a lot of ing actually, and got some equipment and basically practiced around the house in the neighborhood on buildings.Around the house? Yeah, around the house, I used to...Literally climbing the walls.An, yeah, yeah, yeah, climbing the basement rafters and used to have my brother sit on my bed so there was enough weight that I could put the rope around the leg of my bed and rappel out of the second-story window.The I got th chance to go out, and one point, with a friend whod taken a climbing course,so yeah, climbing courses is a great thing, all kind of beginner climbers because it a risk sport, I mean, there... there heavy consequences to be paid a fall.He hammers the piton into the rock, loops his equipment and slings around his body, and begins to climb, a graceful exercise where he moves freely up and along the rock.Blanchard is thin and in peak physical condition.The muscles in his legs and arms each appear to operate independently as he uses the tiniest cracks in the rock toe- and handholds.It often looks as if he is magically sticking to the side of the smooth rock.Back at ground level, Blanchard explains that physical conditioning is just one part of the sport.Mental conditioning is every bit as important.You also have to learn to think, you know, as you get started to get scared because youre beginning to expose yourself to a fall, or maybe the holds are getting smaller.You have to think why youre afraid. I mean, you have a fear that coming up, and the nice thing about this sport is learning to control fear like learning to... to just use it rather than have it consume you. Barry Blanchard, rock climbing is an integral part of his life. It provides him with challenges and opporties that most people miss. 5556 Hi, I'm Sue Callaway, Car Column tune magazine, and I'm here in Barlia today to drive one of the rarest cars on Earth, the Maybach Exelero. It's a one of kinda hand-built eight-million-dollar 700 horse power monster. What does it feel like to sit in an eight-million-dollar car? Expensive, the leathers are amazing, everything, all the details are handcrafted and hand laid, carbon fiber in red and black to match my 6 point racing harness .And you may be able to see in back, that there are matching red carbon fiber helmets and that's because this bar was literally built the track speed. She is smooth, but she has a bite I can tell. Dispart at 0 to 60 in . seconds, listen to that engine. Exelero was originally commission by the Fulda Tire company. They wanted to build a car of this vast size and capability to prove that they can make extra large local fire tires that could carry 6 thousand pounds and go 18 miles an hour, no other sports car in the world has milled this large. Exelero was handcrafted in Italy, it took 8 million dollars of development money to get this car on the road in a surprisingly short 5 months, and in fact, the car was designed by students, by German designing transportation design students in time at the university there. They use some really tricot materials on the interior, this whole, central console surround is actually neoprene. The stuffing mat suit to make up of. I've get up a plod the tire company and the Mercedes Maybach building this. This is the kind of car that we did just don't get any more. In fact, this Exelero is spiritually based on another test car that was built by Fulda and Maybach back in 1939. Sadly in the war, that car was lost and no one has ever found it again. I can only hope that somebody opens up of some garage doors somewhere in the German countryside someday, and there it is. You know, everywhere you run the car, people not only like it, they wanna touch it, they wanna own it. They all wanna know how much it costs, I scantly park this car at the urban spectrum, in urban Calinia the other day, and there is a crowd of people like swarming mosquitoes that run it at all with their camera phones that one gentleman was so excited by the car, he had his camera backward to have taken pictures of themselves. OK, I'm spoiled life. I can't believe I have to go home and get into a real car again after this. Oh, Alas, the drive comes to an end too fast. 5重庆市医科大学附属一院网友评论重庆中医院什么时候建立



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