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Though Ivy can look attractive, when it gets out of control, which it often does, it can look unkempt, damage brick work, and harm trees. Stella Fear, Head gardener at Holland Park, London, shows us the best ways to limit Ivy, or destroy it altogether.尽管常春藤看上去非常漂亮,然而却经常失去控制,一旦疯长起来,看上去非常蓬乱,而且会破坏砖墙,伤害树木。伦敦荷兰公园首席园艺师 Stella Fear向我们展示抑制或彻底毁坏常春藤的最佳方法。Step 1: You will need1.你需要Gloves手套Weed killer除草剂Secateurs剪枝夹A saw锯子A scraper刮刀A wire brush钢丝刷A fork叉子Step 2: Killing top growth2.喷洒除草剂You should always aim to keep ivy away from paint work and gutters, and ensure it isnt damaging the brickwork.应该让常春藤远离油漆表面和排水沟,确保不损害砖墙。Ivy is extremely resistant to weed killers due to the glossy nature of its leaves. Spray the offending plant with a weed killer containing glyphosate, this will speed up the death of the plant, making it easier to remove from the wall without damaging brickwork. Bear in mind it may require repeat applications.由于叶面平滑,常春藤对除草剂有抵抗力。用含有草甘膦的除草剂喷洒这种顽固的植物,可以加速其枯萎,更容易从墙上清除,不会毁坏砖墙。记住,可能需要多次喷洒。Once you have done this, severe the plant from its roots by cutting all stems as close to the base as possible.随后,尽可能从根部切断植株,最好连根拔起。Step 3: Removing top growth3.拔除Once the weed killer has done its job, you can start to remove the plant. The longer you leave it, the easier it should be to remove. Get your secateurs under each stem to dislodge the aerial roots, and then pull the ivy away, being careful not to pull any mortar with it.一旦除草剂产生作用,就可以开始除掉植株了。等待的时间越长,越容易拔除。用剪枝夹在每一条根茎处剪一下,剪掉气生根,然后把常春藤拔除。小心不要拔掉灰泥。Ariel roots attached to brick work are harder to remove. Scrap them off with a paint scraper at an angle of 30 degrees so as not to damage the brick. Go at any remaining pieces with a tough wire brush.附着在砖墙上的气生根非常难以拔除。用漆铲以30度的斜角将其刮掉,以免损坏砖墙。用钢丝刷刷掉剩余的部分。Step 4: Removing roots4.斩草除根You may about treating the severed stump with ammonium sulphamate, but it is worth noting that this, and any products containing it, is now banned.你或许看过有关用氨基磺酸铵处理顽固根系的内容,但是要提醒你的是,现在任何含有这种成分的产品都已经被禁止了。Instead, dig out the stump along with its major roots in one go. You must remove as much of the root system as possible, so dig as deep and wide as you reasonably can. It is unlikely you will remove everything, but alas there is no other answer.应该在主要根系周围按照一个方向把根系挖出来。移除尽可能多的根系,所以,尽可能挖的深一些,宽一些。要把所有根系都挖出来是不太现实的,但是除此之外没有其他办法。Digging up seedlings as soon as they appear will save you a lot of time in the future.在秧苗出现的时候立即挖出来可以为你将来节省很多时间。Step 5: Removing from trees5.从树上剥离When Ivy climbs a trunk it has the potential to strangle the tree and prevent the growth of buds, especially if it gets into the trees crown.当常春藤沿着树干向上攀爬的时候可能会使树木窒息,妨碍花蕾生长,尤其是如果到达树冠。Simply pulling the ivy from the tree is very messy, and can damage the bark. Cut the stems of the ivy to kill all of theplant above the cut. Leave the dying ivy for a month or so that it becomes dehydrated, it will then be much easier to pull from the tree with out removing bark and harming the tree.简单地把常春藤从树上拉下来非常麻烦,而且会损坏树皮。割断常春藤的主干,让切口以上的部分死亡。一个月之后,常春藤会慢慢枯死或者脱水,这样,清理起来就简单的多,而且不会造成树皮脱落或危害树木。Thanks for watching How To Get Rid Of Ivy.感谢收看“如何清除常春藤”视频节目。视频听力节目由。201309/257202。

Ten million fruit bats are drawn to this tiny forest,数以千万计的果蝠降落在这片on the edge of the eastern savannah.位于东部大草原边界的小森林上The bats flock here to gorge themselves on fruit.它们贪婪地啃食着水果Its what the crowned eagle and her chick have been waiting for.那正是冠鹰和她的幼崽等待的时刻But theyre not alone.但捕食者并不只此一家Other eagles have flown in from miles around...其他鹰类早已从数英里外奔赴此地Fish eagles,有鱼鹰martial eagles,猛雕and theyre all after the bats.都准备尽享蝙蝠盛宴The gamble the crowned eagle took months ago by nesting here冠鹰在数月前冒险一赌 筑巢于此has paid off.现在终于有了回报She is the only eagle to actually nest in this forest.事实上 她是唯一一只在此筑巢的鹰类201312/269659。

You know not to talk with your mouth full or slurp your soup. But pay attention to the expectations peculiar to the business lunch, and it may pay dividends later.你知道满嘴食物时不要说话,也知道喝汤时不要发出很大的声响。但是,注意一下商业午餐特有的礼仪,稍后你就会感觉到它带来的益处。You Will Need你需要Reading material读物Firm handshake坚定有力的握手Eye contact眼神交流Greeting问候Conversational skills对话技巧Focus集中注意力Thank you note感谢卡Small token礼券Steps步骤STEP 1 Arrive early1.早点到Arrive early. Take something to to pass the time. Its better to arrive first than to run late and rush in at the last minute.早点到达就餐地点。带点读物来打发时间。最先到达好过最后一刻匆匆忙忙地赶过去。STEP 2 Turn off phone2.关机Turn off your cellphone, or put it on vibrate, before going into the restaurant. Nothing is more obnoxious than a phone interrupting a meal -- or an intense business discussion.进入餐馆之前关机或静音。没有什么比电话打断就餐或认真的商务讨论更令人讨厌的了。STEP 3 Stand to shake hands3.站起来握手Stand to shake hands as people come in, regardless of your gender. Make it firm and friendly, and make eye contact.当对方走进来时,无论性别,都要站起来握手。握手要有力而友好,要有眼神交流。If you have come to a business lunch as a guest of your spouse, remain seated and let your spouse stand to greet everyone.如果你是作为你的配偶的宾客前去参加商业午餐,保持坐姿,让你的配偶站起来与每个人打招呼。STEP 4 Use utensils and napkin correctly4.正确使用餐具和餐巾Put your napkin in your lap right away. Pass salt and pepper together even if only one is requested. When youre done eating,lunch etiquette dictates that your knife and fork go on your plate, and your napkin goes to the left side of your plate.立刻把餐巾铺在大腿上。即使对方只让你递一下盐或者胡椒粉中的一种,也要两种一起递过去。吃完之后,商业午餐礼仪要求刀叉放在盘子上,餐巾放在盘子左侧。STEP 5 Choose your words5.选择措辞Prepare a genial greeting. Concentrate on making a favorable impression, and make your lunch companions feel comfortable by engaging in small talk.准备好亲切的问候。努力制造讨人喜欢的印象,闲聊一会儿,让对方觉得舒。STEP 6 Stay focused6.集中精力Control the urge to glance around the room, even when conversation is boring. Stay focused and look interested.不要四处打量餐厅,即使对话非常枯燥。集中注意力,表现得感兴趣一点。When your eyes wander, you give the impression that youre looking around for something more interesting.当你的眼神四处游荡时,会让人觉得你在寻找更有趣的事物。STEP 7 Follow the boss7.老板先来Follow the senior persons lead when ordering food by getting something in the same price range even if youre encouraged to order whatever you want.点菜时让级别较高的人先来,然后自己点一些同样的价格区间内的食物,即使你想点自己吃的东西。STEP 8 Split the check or pay it8.分担账单或自己买单Take the initiative to settle the check right away instead of waiting and looking like youre trying to dodge the issue.Others will appreciate your initiative.主动买单,而不是等待,看上去好像要逃避买单。STEP 9 Follow up with a note9.感谢卡Write your host a thank you note or e-mail. If you derived a business benefit, send a small token of appreciation.向主人寄送一张感谢卡或电子邮件。如果你得到了商业利益,寄送一份小小的礼券。Although business lunches were once 100 percent write-offs, a 1986 tax code change changed the rule to 80 percent, and in the90s, business could only write off half the expense of a business lunch.过去商业午餐是100%报销的,1986年的税务法则变更为报销80%,90年代,企业只报销商业午餐费用的一半。视频听力译文由。201406/307906。

When you grow up, you tend to get told当你渐渐长大,你会被教育说,That the world is the way it is这个世界是这样运行的,and your life Is just to live your life inside the world,而你的生活也要在这个世界里这样活着,Try not to bash into the walls too much,不要太多碰壁,Try to have a nice family life, have fun,\尽量拥有美满的家庭生活,开开心心,Save a little money.存一点小钱How amazing is it that we live in an era我们生活在一个多么神奇的时代,where his legacy Will transform peoples lives这个时代里他留下的技术遗产and experiences of technology For the foreseeable future?将承载我们的生活和体验到达可以预见到的未来This single individual gave us the original apple,这位独特的人给了我们最初的苹果公司,The macintosh, and pixar麦金塔电脑 ,皮克斯iPod ,iPhone ,iPad还有 ipod and the iphone, ipad.That is astonishing.这是让人惊讶的事情Steve jobs created the most respected brand in the world史蒂夫乔布斯创造了世界上最多的品牌,And shook up a whole industry,并且震撼了整个工业And he did it with a lot of panache and style,他用独特的风格完成了这些And, you know, great respect for him for it.他和他的事业值得尊敬Life can be much broader生命可以变得更加广阔Once you discover one simple fact,一旦你发现一个简单的事实And that is everything around you that you call life你身边的一切事物,Was made up by people that were no smarter than you.都是那些比你聪明不了多少的人所创造的The facts are the story of his life,这个事实是他人生的故事The story of his successes, the story of his achievements,是他成功的故事 也是他伟大成就的故事The stories of the great things he did For other people continue to go on because他为人们所做的那些伟大的事情还将继续Thats good for our country,因为这为我们的国家有着重大的贡献Its good for the nation, its good for the world,因为这对我们的民族、世界有着重大的贡献And its also good for the people.也对人类有着重大的贡献Of course, thats what its all about.当然,这就是所有的一切 /201310/259856。

China holds press conference on national economy.中国召开国民经济新闻发布会。201407/312287。